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vendredi 31 octobre 2008

Alerte santé: nourriture de la Chine et le complexe militaro-médical US


Les alertes concernant la nourriture et ingrédients en provenance de la Chine se multiplient. On y retrouve des agents chimiques et toxiques et on ne sait pas vraiment jusqu'où cela va. Au États-Unis, c'est des tonnes de poudre de lait fabriqué en Chine qui sont entrés et se retrouvent maintenant dans la chaîne alimentaire, dont les bonbons et autres friandises.

Plusieurs enfants chinois en sont morts. Des alertes ont été émises au Canada et à Taiwan aussi. Le Japon a eu ses problèmes aussi avec les oeufs en poudre provenant de la Chine. En Europe, c'est dans les biscuits qu'on a retrouvé de la mélamine, ce déchet industriel qui n'est en aucune manière un additif alimentaire. Aucun seuil de sécurité n'existe. La Corée a retiré toute une gamme de produit des tablettes. La SuisseCeci est un problème mondial. Informez-vous et ne consommez pas de ces produits qui risquent d'être contaminés.

Dans un deuxième volet, je vous présente une vidéo concernant le complexe militaro-médical aux États-Unis qui a une portée mondiale et qui manipule les chiffres, la vérité et les informations à propos du HIV et le sida. Vous serez surpris d'apprendre vous aussi que plusieurs institutions de santé aux É-U paraissent être gouvernementales alors qu'elles sont militaires. C'est plutôt curieux et troublant.

Tainted food alert

Melamine may be in US food supply


Brasscheck TV has independently verified the claims made in this video.

If anything, this video understates the situation because melamine has been found in US and European food other than candy.

The only item in question is exactly how much Chinese manufactured milk powder was imported into the US before the contamination was finally admitted to by the Chinese government.

Also, Japan has found melamine in other widely used food ingredients manufactured in China like egg powder.

A link to additional background info is available at the bottom on this page.

Take this seriously and pass it along

In China, ANYTHING made with Chinese-manufactured milk powder before September 14th was PULLED from their store shelves.

In the US, this garbage is still being sold!

Note: Brasscheck TV has found independent verification of all the claims in this video.

Source: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/462.html

Foods at risk: ANY food manufactured in China and potentially any food containing milk powder. US food manufacturers imported millions of pounds of milk powder from China before September 14th. The FDA continues to allow to be sold.

This includes chocolate, cookies, cakes, and even things like packaged macaroni and cheese.


Mike Mozart is a product designer who also runs a video blog about new developments in the toy industry.

His reviews are normally light, cheerful affairs and completely apolitical.

If he appears distraught, it's because he is. This is serious.

Mozart has discovered that the US is the ONLY country that still permits potentially melamine-contaminated food on its shelves. Even China has removed these products from its stores.

That's right. This poison that killed and injured thousands of people, mainly children, may be in US food. We're the only country that hasn't pulled it from its shelves.

More info here:

Click here for more info

For example:

1. Melamine has been found in manufactured
cookies and cakes in Europe.

2. It has been found in manufactured food
products in the US that do not list powdered milk
as an ingredient.

3. It has been found in Snickers bars
and Nestle chocolate in Korea.

Bottom line:

Two million pounds of powdered milk was
imported from China into the US before
the Chinese government admitted to the
melamine contamination problem.


* The federal government knows EXACTLY what
companies imported these raw materials

* These importers know EXACTLY what food
manufacturers they sold these materials

* The manufacturers know EXACTLY what batches
they put this material in and EXACTLY what
stores they shipped these potentially
contaminated products too.

* If alerted, the retailers could pull
the products from their shelves today.

And none of them - not the FDA, not the
food manufacturers, not the retailers,
not the Bush administration - are doing
anything to protect the public.

In fact, they are deliberately NOT releasing
this public domain information - gathered
with tax payers dollars - to the public.

And, of course, US news media is completely

Today's update is here:


The Military-Medical Complex

What a tangled web they weave...

URGENT News Bulletin: 10/28/08

Melamine in US food supply - severe risk to children

Click here for details: Melamine contamination widespread

University of Professor Peter Duesberg is the pre-eminent virologist in the world today and one of the top, if not the top, molecular biologists.

Unfortunately, he has a political problem.

He doesn't accept the still-unproven (and some say dubious) theory that the group of diseases known as AIDS is caused by HIV.

If "science" is wrong about the cause of AIDS, then finding a cure is impossible.

This may explain why a cure has not been found in spite of billions of dollars that has been raised and spent on AIDS "research."

But the waste of time and effort is only the tip of the iceberg.

There may be something more sinister afoot.

With a little understanding, the AIDS "help" trumpeted for Africa (by George Bush no less) and low income, minority families in the US looks less like medicine and more like a genocide program.

Who's behind this scam?

The answer may surprise you.

Note: The t-shirted "surfer dude" at the end of the first video is Kary Mullis.

He won the Nobel Prize winner for developing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), one of the fundamental tools of biomedicine and hailed as one of the monumental scientific techniques of the 20th century.

Not everyone buys the AIDS story as told by the media, the US government and the pharmaceutical companies.

How this scam plays out in Africa:

African Genocide

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