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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mercredi 6 août 2008

Terrorisme au Canada; le climat; anniversaire de la bombe nucléaire d'Hiroshima

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 7 août 2008: Terrorisme au Canada; le climat; anniversaire de la bombe nucléaire d'Hiroshima

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L'Autre Monde 7 août 2008
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Cette semaine nous parlons de l'histoire de l`anthrax, du terrorisme au Canada, du climat et d'autres nouvelles de l'actualité mondiale.

L'Autre Monde, pour la plus importante information de la semaine et ce, sans détour. Cette émission est documentée. Nous menons la guerre à la désinformation!

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***Hyperliens vers les sources des informations discutées sur l'émission d'aujourd'hui:

Doubts about anthrax story

Survivors of the 2001 anthrax attacks and relatives of those killed by the deadly powder said yesterday that they want a full accounting from the FBI of its investigation to date, and they are not yet convinced that Bruce Ivins, the government scientist who killed himself last week, was responsible.

Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit

The FBI has not officially released information on why it focused on Ivins, and whether he was about to be charged or arrested. And when the FBI does release this information, we should all remember that the case needs to be firmly based on solid information that would conclusively prove that a lone scientist could make such a sophisticated product.

From what we know so far, Bruce Ivins, although potentially a brilliant scientist, was not that man.

The FBI knows of a man who was caught entering the lab where the Anthrax used in the letters was kept, after he had been fired for a racially motivated attack on a co-worker. So, why is the FBI wasting its time with Steven Hatfill?
News Story identifying Dr. Philip Zack as the man caught entering the Anthrax storage area at Fort Detrick without authorization.

In this story, it is reported that Dr. Zack was caught on a security tape making an unauthorized entry into the Anthrax storage area.

Foreign press picks up story that Anthrax letters were sent by American bio-war scientist ... and that the FBI is dragging its feet on the case.

FBI'S PRIME SUSPECT ON ANTHRAX LETTERS IS JEWISH! No wonder they were dragging their feet.

Salon's story of the attempt to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, an Egyptian, for the Anthrax letters

Chemical Traces of High Explosives in WTC Debris

In an article published this week in the journal Environmentalist, chemical engineer Kevin Ryan collects evidence from EPA documents that suggest there was both Thermate and high-explosives in the debris from the WTC collapse. Ryan was formerly employed by Environmental Health Labs, a division of Underwriters Labs, before he was fired for raising these and other questions.

Webmaster's Commentary:

France accused in Rwanda genocide


Rwanda has accused France of playing an active role in the genocide of 1994, in which about 800,000 people were killed.

An independent Rwandan commission said France was aware of preparations for the genocide and helped train the ethnic Hutu militia perpetrators.

Gitmo detainees subject to detention even if acquitted: Pentagon

Some detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba will likely never be released because of the danger they pose, and those tried and acquitted will still be subject to continued detention as enemy combatants, a Pentagon spokesman said Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary:


If these guys are acquitted, this means that they have been found innocent of any crime

Since when, in the history of American law and justice, have we continued to hold people who have been acquitted??

This boggles the mind, and makes you wonder what kinds of judicial "stretches" this government, right now, is willing to take against American citizens whose only "crime" is disagreeing with its positions.

Please don't think that just because this is happening at Gitmo, that it couldn't happen here.

High-tech Peeping Tom rigged laptop webcam to snap nude pics

Garcia then took her machine to another computer expert—a trusted friend this time—who discovered that Feigin had installed two pieces of software onto her machine: Log Me In and Web Cam Spy Hacker. Web Cam Spy Hacker may have been written by Feigin himself (the address on the site was the same as his home address), and it allowed him to upload the various photos taken on the machine to a remote server. Unfortunately for Garcia, that included 20,000 photos of her, her friends, and her boyfriend. Since the laptop mostly resided in her bedroom, some of them were taken while she was not clothed.

‘Fakeproof’ e-passport is cloned in minutes

New microchipped passports designed to be foolproof against identity theft can be cloned and manipulated in minutes and accepted as genuine by the computer software recommended for use at international airports.

Tests for The Times exposed security flaws in the microchips introduced to protect against terrorism and organised crime. The flaws also undermine claims that 3,000 blank passports stolen last week were worthless because they could not be forged.

In the tests, a computer researcher cloned the chips on two British passports and implanted digital images of Osama bin Laden and a suicide bomber. The altered chips were then passed as genuine by passport reader software used by the UN agency that sets standards for e-passports.

Tens of thousands mark 63rd anniversary of Hiroshima A-bombing

Thousands of Japanese people and foreign guests and activists gathered Wednesday in Hiroshima to mark the 63rd anniversary of the 1945 U.S. atomic bombing of the southwestern Japanese city.

At a memorial ceremony held in the morning at the city's peace park, attendees observed one minute of silence at 8:15 a.m. (2315 GMT), the time the atomic bomb detonated over Hiroshima 63 years ago, killing nearly 100,000 people in a blink.

Webmaster's Commentary:

We are taught that the dropping of the Atomic bombs was justified because it ended the war, but the historical reality was that as early as June 1945 Japan was already sending diplomatic signals that it wished to negotiate an end to the war. The United States signaled that Japan was to surrender unconditionally, and Japan insisted that while the military was prepared to do so, certain protections were required for the civilian non-combatants, and the Emperor was to be left untouched.

Truman decided to drop the bombs apparently to prove to the world not only that we had such weapons, but had the political will (i.e. were crazy enough) to use them.

Hiroshima was bombed 63 years ago today using the uranium-cannon bomb "Little Boy". Japan immediately sent a message of surrender. Two days later the plutonium-implosion bomb "Fat Man" was dropped on Nagasaki, apparently with the goal of reassuring the world that Hiroshima had not been some kind of one-time-only trick.

Japan surrendered, and as had originally been requested, protections were put in place for the civilian population, and Emperor Hirohito remained as titular head of Japan, spending his remaining years working to improve Japanese agricultural methods and rebuilding Japan's industrial base.

The Atomic Bombing of Japan

Historian Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, however, has recently challenged both points. Hasegawa argues that Truman and others demanded "unconditional" surrender on July 26 assuming that Japan would not accept the offer, allowing the US to then justify use of the atomic bombs ("unconditional surrender" was understood to include the removal of the emperor from Japanese society, a severe affront to Japanese traditions).

Americans Demand Action on the Economy

“We’re in a recession, and Washington is doing nothing about it.” According to recent survey research, that’s one of the most powerful arguments progressives can make right now. The White House says “we have avoided a recession.” [Market Watch] But Americans overwhelmingly disagree. They describe the economy as in recession and support an economic growth package—for good reason.

Webmaster's Commentary:

According to J.K. Harris, 1/5 of all households are in trouble with the IRS.

That does not tell us that 20% of Americans are deadbeats, but that taxes are and have been far too high for far too long, and a single $600 check does not redress that offense.

I am not going to get into whether the taxes are legal or not. In a government that simply does at it wishes regardless of the law such arguments are pointless. We have re-entered a barbaric stage of civilization where the strong take and the weak surrender. Current events will end one of only two possible ways. Either the US Government will simply collapse as did the USSR, or there will be a revolution hopefully as brief as that which occurred on Romania. There is no third alternative.

The reason the economy is in trouble is that we have been taxed into ruin by a government that viewed borrowing money and sticking future generations with the payments as a divine right, aided by banks who only needed print up the money and who understood that business is better when one spends what others are forced to earn.

The government won't fix the economy. They are too deep in debt to be able to do so. The banks won't fix the economy. The current state of the economy is a direct result of how the banks are set up to run, and they cannot fix the economy without first admitting that their core policies were at fault, and they will never do that.

You have heard the phrase "clash of civilizations." Well, it is not, contrary to the propaganda, about religion, but about competing and clashing economic systems. One one side you have monetary systems with currencies of fixed absolute intrinsic worth, such as how the US was first set up, and on the other you have a fiat monetary system of debt-instrument paper money whose value is whatever the issuing bank says it is from day to day.

Hitler revived Germany's post-WW1 economy by abandoning the reserve banking system and issuing new currency with a fixed value. That is when the bankers around the rest of the world declared a boycott to wreck Germany before the rest of the world's people saw how much better life was without a fractional reserve banking system running your country.

John F. Kennedy tried to do the same here in the US by issuing "United States Notes" backed by silver, but he was killed and his notes taken out of circulation. It is significant that one of the members of the Warren Commission investigating the assassination was John J. McCloy, Chairman of the Board of the Chase Manhattan Bank, an institution not known for its expertise in homicide investigations.

White House 'buried British intelligence on Iraq WMDs'

The book claimed that the former Prime Minister sent a top British spy to the Middle East in 2003 — three months before the invasion — to dig up enough intelligence to avoid war but that President Bush and Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, dismissed any claims or possible evidence that would stop military action.

A record July for planes over Afghanistan

Webmaster's Commentary:

If there have been a record number of bombing raids on Afghanistan, this means that the US and NATO have absolutely no control of what is going on on the ground.

Airdrops can do two things very well; further radicalize those left standing against the American-backed Karzai government, and kill a bunch of women, children, elderly and infirm.

Our options for success here are very narrow. The outgoing US Nato Command leader stated unequivocally that we need at least 400,000 troops to do this job. How many do we have there right now? Around 47,000 troops, just a little over 10% of what it would take to do the job.

So, we can continue doing what we have been doing (i.e., bomb the hell out of the country because we don't have enough ground troops), declare "victory", and go home.

Or, we can work to include the Taliban in the political discussions, rather than continue a military confrontation against them.

Of course, that would be logical. And this administration and logic have absolutely no relationship at this point whatsoever.


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