Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

samedi 12 avril 2008

Vidéo: Ce que la TV devrait être / L'horreur des vaccins


Boston Legal Rant on the cost of the Iraq war.

THIS is what Edward R. Murrow said TV should be.


Vaccines in Sci-Fi Horror

Imagine an expensive and painful vaccine that...

* "treats" a minor disease that usually goes away without symptoms and is easily avoidable through simple precautions

* claims to prevent cancer - and doesn't

* actually increases risks of medical complications by nearly 50% in untested recipients who may already have this minor disease

And here's the punchline:

Politicians throughout the world would like to legally FORCE this vaccine on young girls against their parent's wishes.

This is not a science fiction nightmare.

It's the latest from the medical-military-media industrial complex and your daughters are the guinea pigs.



From Sci-Fi Horrors to Real-Life Horrors, vaccine programs that affect our health, our food supply, and even our reproductive systems are being implemented. Whether it is with reckless abandon or a malevolence of purpose, I will leave that for you to decide. However, with vaccine-caused outbreaks, viruses leaving laboratories on their own accord, and companies willing to overstate the need for their questionable vaccines, Sci-Fi Horror is getting a little too real.

Washington Post: Vaccine-Caused Outbreaks

BBC: Foot and Mouth

New York Times: HPV Vaccine

Renew America: FDA and HPV

Prison Planet: Virus Released From Government Lab

Watch this video, then READ THIS.

... then, READ THIS!

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