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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

jeudi 21 février 2008

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 21 février 2008: Afrique, Moyen-Orient et le Kosovo. Plus de détails sur le refroidissement climatique!

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 21 février 2008: Afrique, Moyen-Orient et le Kosovo. Plus de détails sur le refroidissement climatique!

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L'Autre Monde 21 février 2008
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- Tour du monde avec Les Nouvelles Internationales.

- On fait une revue de ce qui se passe en Afrique, au Moyen-Orient et au Kosovo.

- Plus de détail sur le refroidissement climatique!


Iran to launch oil and gas exchange on Feb. 27

Iran will launch a commodities exchange for oil, petrochemicals and natural gas on February 27, the Islamic Republic's oil minister said on Wednesday.

US secretly met Iran banking officials

The session was apparently called at Iran's request, and it amounted to a hearing for Iran's answer to international claims that it is complicit in money laundering and bankrolling terror. for groups the U.S. has designated as terrorist organizations, the official said.

The "good reason" for this meeting allegedly had to do with Iran's response to US charges that their banks were money laundering for organizations the US has deemed as "terrorists"

But is it possible that the "real reason" was to attempt to dissuade Iran from opening their oil Bourse, due to start business a little later this month?

U.S. strikes within Pakistan — without notice

Having requested the Pakistani government's official permission for such strikes on previous occasions, only to be put off or turned down, this time the U.S. spy agency did not seek approval. The government of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was notified only as the operation was underway, according to the officials, who insisted on anonymity because of diplomatic sensitivities.

So much for Pakistani "sovereignty".

It was just a matter of time before the US went in, with - or without - the approval of the Pakistani government.

One has to wonder; where else is this country bombing where the country they're bombing doesn't get some kind of advance notice (other than Afghanistan and Iraq)? - M. R.

US: Iran must confess to nuclear arms

The U.S. on Friday demanded that Iran confess to trying to make atomic weapons, suggesting that anything short of that would doom an International Atomic Energy Agency probe of Tehran's nuclear past.

In other words, the US is saying that Iran's refusal to confess to making nuclear weapons is proof that Iran is making nuclear weapons.

This is sort of like the witch trials where refusal to confess to being a witch was proof that the accused was a witch.

I am worried that as soon as the "This bomb was made in Iran (honest)" sign is glued to the warhead, we may get a big bang!

Russia to double Bushehr personnel: official

The company planned to bring in up to 300 specialists within the next few weeks, and a total of 1,000 before the year was out, nearly doubling the current 1,500 Atomstroiexport staff at the site, Shmatko said.

Translation: if the US and/or Israel bombs this facility after this staffing increase, they will very likely have created anywhere from three hundred to one thousand Russian victims involved in this project.

War with Russia, anyone??

Syria vows to strike back at Israel for Imad Mughniyeh’s killing in Damascus and "repeated encroachments"

Translation: Israel is getting ready to kick off a war with Syria.

Syria has a defense pact with Iran, so if this happens, it will draw Iran into the conflict as well.

Please remember: Bush has vowed the US will support Israel militarily, no matter whether or not they have begun the conflict.


After two weeks of delay, aid gathered by a coalition of Israeli groups passed into the Gaza Strip at the Sufa Border Crossing near Kibbutz Kisufim on Monday.

Ambulances in Gaza unable to run due to fuel shortage

Ambulances in the Gaza Strip ran out of fuel on Monday due to the reduction of fuel shipment from Israel to Gaza. The ambulance and emergency service in the Palestinian Health Ministry organized a 'sit-in' for the ambulance drivers in protest against the Israeli decision to further reduce fuel deliveries.

Even more Gazan Palestinian deaths without Israel even having to pull a trigger.

Israel reaches a new low for an already unbelievably barbaric nation

“We have completely a free hand to respond, to reach out and to attack everyone (who has) any kind of responsibility on behalf of Hamas,” Olmert told Jewish-American leaders in Jerusalem. “That applies to everyone, first and foremost Hamas.”

You know, the guys who actually WON the Palestinian elections.

Agha: The situation in Gaza portends real famine

Dr. Mohamed Al-Agha, the agriculture minister in the PA caretaker government, warned Sunday that the agricultural sector and food security in the Gaza Strip are facing a disaster after Israel decided to sever its economic ties with the Strip, adding that the situation in Gaza portends real famine.

Famine is one of the Israeli-intended outcomes of the siege of Gaza.

Report: Hizbullah goes on high alert

According to as-Safir, Hizbullah has ordered 50,000 of its fighters to be on high alert, and has also evacuated most structures used by the group for non-military purposes in south Lebanon, in order to prepare “to curb any Israeli aggression.”

Whoever assassinated Mugniyah knew full well what the consequences of this assassination would be.

Those consequences look like they are about to get seriously ugly.

Israel is itching to have an excuse to hit any country in the region where they think their chances of a big military "win" are at least decent.

Remember: President Bush has pledged to support Israel militarily, no matter whether it starts the next new regional conflict or not.

Report: North Korea provided technological assistance to Syria to build nuclear reactor

Notice the sudden "surge" of articles in the US press, tarring Syria.

Also, the US extended sanctions against certain members of the Syrian government not too long ago.

One has to wander: in advance.....of what??

Israel knows that Syria has a defense pact with Iran, and that an attack against Syria would be a "back-door" attack against Iran.


L'Afrique "utile" se résume à ses gisements d'hydrocarbures

L'Afrique "utile" se résume à ses gisements d'hydrocarbures

par Yacine B.

Mondialisation.ca, Le 6 fevrier 2008

Le Maghreb

Bush vows sustained US help for Africa

"I assured the president that our commitment remains strong," said Bush, who leaves Friday on a five-country trip to Africa -- likely his last before leaving office in January 2001 -- to promote the kinder, gentler face of US foreign policy.

Translation: this "kinder, gentler face of US foreign policy" is all about liberating as much of African's natural resources for the US as humanly possible.

In terms of untapped resources, Africa is the new Middle East.

African states oppose US presence

U.S. defers sensitive Africa HQ decision for now

A year after President George W. Bush approved its creation, the new U.S. military command for Africa is finding its feet but has quietly dropped talk of basing itself on the African continent.

"Defers"? How cute can one get with language?

Every African nation which has been approached has treated the offer as though it were kryptonite!

Pentagon's New Africa Command "Up And Running"

Late September, the Senate approved for AFRICOM's inaugural chief, Army Gen. William "Kip" Ward, and now the Pentagon confirms the command has reached "initial operating capacity."

"I see the establishment of AFRICOM as a wonderful opportunity to efficiently and effectively apply the elements of U.S. national power in ways that help the Africans develop and implement their solutions to African concerns," Ward said.

When it comes to national resources to exploit, Africa is the "new Middle East", and it's the resources this country wants.

Secret contacts to speed up the building of an American military base in Morocco

Looks as though AFRICOM has a home after all.

American AFRICOM initiative is not welcome in Africa

U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM, started functioning as the Pentagon's newest regionally focused headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, because Liberia was the only country to offer its territory for AFRICOM's headquarters.

The new command has extensive, even if a bit vague, tasks, such as promoting stability and civic development, improving living standards and preventing the spread of terrorism, training African servicemen and supplying weapons, and bringing medical aid to Africa.

It all sounds good and noble, but why then have the majority of African states, which hardly ever refuse humanitarian, economic and military aid, said "no" to the Americans? Washington was taken aback.

The explanation is simple: African nations fear that AFRICOM and its headquarters will attract the attention of terrorists and other enemies of the United States.

This is not only about African nations being concerned that an American presence will cause them grief from people who don't like the US: they understand that, in terms of resources to be exploited, Africa is the next Middle East.

African nations want a decent piece of the resources "pie" when foreign-national companies come calling, which is only reasonable.

allAfrica.com: Nigeria: Africom - We're Misunderstood, Says U.S.)

United States of America has said its decision to situate an African Command in the West African region of the continent is not out of a desire to be close to the oil rich African states, but a desire to help Africa establish its own security and support its leadership efforts.



It is not by chance that every African country which has been asked to allow its territory to be used for an AFRICOM base to date has rejected this out of hand.

African leaders are no fools, and fully understand the implications of having the Africom command headquartered on their soil.

UMA rejection frustrates US efforts to find a home for AFRICOM

The U.S. efforts to seek a home for the Africa Command (AFRICOM) have suffered one more blow as the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) stated strong opposition Tuesday to any foreign military establishments on the soil of African countries.

Well, that's got to be more than a bit of embarrassment!

The heads of state of the African countries who have rejected a permanent presence in their country for AFRRICOM are no fools: they know what the real agenda is.

Bush in Africa - oil, trade, security never far from surface

Oil, a heightened US military presence on the continent with AFRICOM and ever-tougher competition from China are all issues that will not be far from the surface during George W. Bush's latest Africa tour.

Washington also hopes to better its image by highlighting its Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) which has since 2000 enabled some 40 countries to have access to the US market until 2015 without paying customs duties.

However in 2007, more than 90 per cent of exports from sub-Saharan Africa to the US were petroleum products.

Africa has become the "New Middle East" in terms of resource exploitation.

Somalia: What the News Failed to Report

If you take a look at the natural resources of Somalia, (http://indexmundi.com/somalia/natural_resources.html), they include 'uranium and largely unexploited reserves of iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt, natural gas, likely oil reserves."

To large extent, it appears that Africa will be the "new Middle East" in terms of resources to exploit, and this is why the US has established its AFRICOMM division.

Invisible Empire: America's Unseen Atrocity in Somalia

As we have often noted here before, there is a third major military front in the "War on Terror": Somalia, where the Bush Administration and its proxies have spawned yet another living hell of chaos, corruption, mass death and displacement – while greatly exacerbating the very extremism and terrorism that the invasion was ostensibly designed to quell.

BBC NEWS | Africa | 'One million' homeless in Somalia

One million people are now living rough in Somalia, the UN refugee agency says.

The figure includes 60% of Mogadishu residents who have fled their homes - 200,000 in the past two weeks - leaving many districts empty, says UNHCR.

Who benefits?

It certainly isn't the displaced Somalis.

And who's supporting the Ethiopian-backed government forces militarily??

As reported in the article "More Blood For Oil" by Carl Bloise (http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Africa/MoreBloodOil_Somalia.html)

" As with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the immediate question is why was this proxy attack undertaken, in clear violation of international law and the UN Charter? And again, there is the official line, the excuse and the underlying impetus. The official line from Addis Ababa is that it was a defensive act in the face of a threat of attack from Somalia. There's nothing to support the claim and a lot of evidence to the contrary. As far as the Bush Administration is concerned, it was a chance to strike back at 'Islamists' as part of the on-going 'war on terror.' For progressive observers in the region and much of the media outside the U.S., the conflict smells of petroleum."

News | Africa - Reuters.com

Kenya's violent crisis threatens to destabilise one of the United States' key counter-terrorism partners in Africa and could influence Washington's decision on where to site its new military command for the continent.

The official death toll stood at 486 on Monday from clashes that have rocked the East African nation since a disputed election last month.

You just have to love the statement in the top paragraph of this article, where the comment is made that this "...could influence Washington's decision on where to site its new military command for the continent."

No country in Africa wants Africom on their soil, not even Lybia's Khadafi!

A loaf hits £78 as Zimbabwe's inflation rate soars to 66,000%

Some 80 per cent of Zimbabweans live below the poverty line. Food shortages are worsening. Up to four million people will need food aid by elections on 29 March, agencies say.

The $750,000 note that won't buy a loaf of bread

n a live TV broadcast, Dr Gono said he was introducing a Z$250,000 note, a Z$500,000 note and a Z$750,000 note. None of them is enough to buy a single loaf of bread.

"We need a Z$1 million note then we will not have to carry our money in big bags," complained a shopper in a Spar supermarket.

SA: Inflation: 12,000% - Collapse of Zim is near - Tsvangirai

Hopefully, there will be free and fair elections in March of 08: the real question is, can the Zimbabwean people wait that long, considering how horrendous conditions have become?

Zimbabwe On Verge Of Collapse

Analysts say that hyperinflation in Zimbabwe will bring about a complete economic collapse within the next six months. Such a standstill could lead to civil unrest that can paralyze President Robert Mugabe's government, according to a warning international aid agencies gave their staff members.

Inflation in Zimbabwe soared to a record 4,530 percent in May and the cost of living for an average family in an urban area rose by 66 percent last month.

The respected Heads of Agencies Contact Group representing a 34 aid organizations that include the United Nations, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Oxfam issued the warning in an internal memorandum. It is the first sign that aid groups are preparing for the nation's collapse.

Mugabe in poll setback as inflation hits 26,470%

The economy is estimated to have declined by about 6 per cent in 2007. This contraction in economic activity has been mirrored in output decline in all sectors of the economy, with the exception of a marginal increase in agricultural output."

Zimbabweans have over the past eight years grappled with shortages of food, fuel, water and electricity in a crisis many say has its roots in Mr Mugabe's seizure of white-owned commercial farms.

If election results go south for Mugabe in the next general election, look for him to declare martial law to attempt to cling to power.

The Zimbabwean people deserve leadership that will truly work for the benefit of all of the people of Zimbabwe, not just Mugabe's cronies.

What Mugabe has done with this country, was once called "the breadbasket of Africa" is a real crime.

Zimbabwe heads for economic meltdown

Zimbabwe's economic collapse is rapidly accelerating and is being blamed for an outbreak of cholera, strikes by doctors and nurses, and electricity blackouts.

Prices of meat, cooking oil and clothes increased by 223% in the last week alone, according to a survey by the central bank. The annual inflation rate is now racing at 1,200% and picking up speed.

When Mugabe loses the army, it's all over.

It is the army which has provided the "thug-power" to keep the population terrified.

Zimbabwe inflation nears 1,600%

The country has been hit by an unemployment rate of more than 80% and chronic shortages of food and fuel.

Political tensions are rising as urban workers have been hit by the soaring costs of consumer goods, public transport fares and medical fees.

There will have to come a point in time in the not too distant future where the Zimbabwean people will say "enough".

Ten Reasons Why "Save Darfur" is a PR Scam to Justify the Next US Oil and Resource Wars in Africa

The star-studded hue and cry to "Save Darfur" and "stop the genocide" has gained enormous traction in U.S. media along with bipartisan support in Congress and the White House. But the Congo, with ten to twenty times as many African dead over the same period is not called a "genocide" and passes almost unnoticed. Sudan sits atop lakes of oil. It has large supplies of uranium, and other minerals, significant water resources, and a strategic location near still more African oil and resources.

Congo-Kinshasa: Upsurge in Violent Clashes in Eastern DR Congo Alarms Secretary-General

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today that he was deeply concerned by the intense fighting engulfing North Kivu province in the far east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), especially its impact on local civilians, many of whom have been forced to flee to escape the renewed violence.

This area of the world has largely untapped resourses, including petroleum, timber, potash, lead, zinc, uranium, copper, phosphates, natural gas, and hydropower.

Controlling this area means controlling these resources, and who makes the money from it.

The Back Story Of Bush's Visit To Tanzania

Enter stage left, the leaking news that Bush has made secret agreements with Kikwete to build a huge American military base just north of Dar.

Ahh, it all makes sense now. $700 million 'to fight AIDS and malaria' ... and build a new strategic US military base. Why hasn't that part made the news?

If true, this would be a real, concrete place for Africom, the military's "softer gentler" side, to set up camp as a base for the exploitation of African resources, such as oil and natural gas.


South Africa, the official birthplace of Apartheid was the scene of a massive anti apartheid rally. ISRAELI APARTHEID!

50 die in blazing church as spectre of tribal war looms

A mob set fire to a church where dozens of people had sought refuge from violence in Kenya yesterday, killing at least 50 and raising new fears that one of Africa’s most stable countries would collapse into a bloody tribal war.

Cui Bono?

Who benefits?

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