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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

Les terroristes économiques sont en ville et sont les plus dangereux

Les terroristes économiques sont en ville et sont les plus dangereux

Voici l'excellent Max Keiser qui balance la sauce au visage des globalistes et terroristes financiers qui nous attaquent inlassablement, appauvrissent la planète entière et qui ne seront satisfaits que lorsque nous ne seront plus que d'abjects esclaves impuissants et pauvres, comme dans les temps féodaux.

Max Keiser: "Goldman Sachs Are Scum That's The Bottom Line" (Best Emotional Revenge Clip Of The Year)

I saved this clip all weekend so I could post it late Sunday night and it would sit at the top long into Monday. Whether it's 100% true is unimportant to me. It's unadulterated, emotional satisfaction. The opening 75 seconds of this clip could satisfy you for days if you ration it. I transcribed the entire opening salvo from Keiser:

"Goldman Sachs are scum. I mean that's the bottom line They have basically co-opted the U.S. Government, they have co-opted the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve functionality. They've co-opted the Obama administration. And Barack Obama dances to Goldman Sach's tune. They are really crooked and abominable in what they've done.

Just remember, Hank Paulson held Congress hostage, took them in the back room and said give us $700 billion or we're gonna crash the market. He's an arsonist; he's an outlaw. And yet he's given praise. If you go down the list, they're all Goldman Sachs scum, whether it's Hank Paulson, whether it's Geithner...you know Geithner has very strong ties to Goldman Sachs...and of course all these banking bonuses are paid out to all their cronies who are Goldman Sachs scum.

And America for some reason has allowed this coup d'etat to take place, this silent coup d'etat, where Goldman Sachs and their friends now control the US Government, and they are manipulating prices in the market." (He was then cut off to allow the other guest to speak.)

Max Keiser On Criminal Banking Syndicates, Moral Hazard, The Gold Standard & Goldman Sachs

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Max Keiser:

  • "I'm waiting for one of these banks to announce they're going to start commoditizing dog poop and trading dog poop futures, because that's all they have on their balance sheets."
  • "There's alot of competition for thieves out there. Thieves have alot of competition. That doesn't mean that they're not thieving. What about AIG!? AIG was point-blank theft. They bailed out AIG, AIG then put the money into these investment banks' pockets. That's theft by any definition."

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