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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

jeudi 7 octobre 2010

L'Autre Monde 7 octobre 2010: Fonctionnement de la manipulation des masses, refroidissement climatique et actualité mondiale


L'Autre Monde 7 octobre 2010: Fonctionnement de la manipulation des masses, refroidissement climatique et actualité mondiale

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L'Autre Monde 7 octobre 2010

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Au programme cette semaine, 7 octobre 2010:

Actualité mondiale; revirement au Pakistan - les États-Unis sont dans le trouble, les derniers développements climatiques, le fonctionnement de la manipulation des masses, médias de masse qui parlent des OVNI - état de la situation

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Les dix stratégies de manipulation de masses

Noam Chomsky

Le linguiste nord-américain Noam Chomsky a élaboré une liste des « Dix Stratégies de Manipulation » à travers les média. Nous la reproduisons ici. Elle détaille l'éventail, depuis la stratégie de la distraction, en passant par la stratégie de la dégradation jusqu'à maintenir le public dans l'ignorance et la médiocrité.


Former Fed Chief Volcker Says Financial System is Insolvent and Broken

Paul Volcker, former head of the American central bank Federal Reserve, announced last Thursday at a conference of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago that the US financial system is largely insolvent and "broken".

Volcker indicated that not only the banks are to blame for this situation, but also the federal regulators. During the last few years, they could have tried a lot harder to stop the investment banks from turning the global markets into a casino. The investment banks were also responsible for attracting large parts of the former core business of the commercial banks, which consequently led to major problems, as everyone could now see.

Joseph Stiglitz: the euro may not survive

Joseph Stiglitz, one of the world's leading economists, has warned that the future of the euro is "looking bleak" and the fragile European economic recovery could be irreparably damaged by a "wave of austerity" sweeping the continent.

"The worry is that there is a wave of austerity building throughout Europe and even hitting America's shores," Mr Stiglitz said. "As so many countries cut back on spending prematurely, global aggregate demand will be lowered and growth will slow – even perhaps leading to a double-dip recession.

"America may have caused the global recession but Europe is now responding in kind."


Those European countries that dump the euro dollar, will be the ones that recover the quickest in the long run. Central governments such as the European Union, do not serve the people, they only banker interest control of governments. I have high hopes that this is the lesson that America learns also. -- kdtroxel

INSIDE JOB: New Documentary Exposes How 'Banksters' Continue To Steal Our Money

More than 7,000 complaints lodged against banks every day


More than 7,000 complaints are lodged against banks in Britain every day, according to a damning report by the Financial Services Authority, Britain's financial regulator.

Federal Reserve to Become Largest Holder of U.S. Debt in Just Over a Month?

Probably the most interesting thing in this week's Fed balance sheet update is that Treasurys held by the Fed are now $812 billion, an increase of $7 billion from the week before, which those who follow the FRBNY's almost daily POMO liquidity explosion know all too well.

Indicatively, Japan owns $821 billion and China, $847 billion.

We believe that within one week the Fed will surpass Japan as the second largest holder of Treasurys, and China, the current top holder, in just over a month.

The Road To World War III- The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left To Play


Based on early maneuvering it is evident that the masters of war have already drawn up sides.You may have missed it, but the U.S.,Israel and the NATO alliance have already put Iran,Lebanon,Syria, North Korea,Venezuela,Russia and China on notice.

Banks foreclose on homes that they don't own

Fraud Factories: Rep. Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

Foreclosure Fraud Crisis, Banks “Mishandle” Thousands of Home Foreclosures

Already fragile US financial firms are facing a raft of law suits and potential fines after three major mortgage lenders admitted to mishandling thousands of home foreclosures.

Major mortgage lenders Bank of American, JPMorgan Chase and GMAC have in recent days announced they were suspending tens of thousands of foreclosure processes across the country due to apparent improper handling of documents.

Attorney generals in six states are already investigating claims by borrowers that lenders have committed errors in the foreclosure documentations.

Bad News For Democrats: The Last Jobs Report Before Election Will Show Unemployment Rising

Bernanke may have already decided what kind of QE he plans to initiate come November, but voters are still making up their minds, and this Friday they'll get a headline that will push them further towards the GOP.

Recession Not Over, Double-Dip or Worse Coming

In his most recent report (it came out yesterday), economist John Williams of shadowstats.com says, “The official call of the recession’s end does not in any way alter the economic outlook, either as to existing underlying business activity or as to the course of likely future economic activity; only the nomenclature that will be used in describing current activity has been changed. The re-intensifying economic downturn — already underway — simply will be called the second-dip of a double-dip recession, at such time as the NBER gets around to recognizing the “new” contraction in economic activity.”

Massive Protest Across Europe

Spain: Ten million workers take part in general strike

Nearly 70 percent of Spanish workers—10 million—took part in Wednesday’s general strike. In some sectors, such as mining, metal, auto manufacture, electronic, fishing and other industries, participation was nearly 100 percent. The movement also encompassed many self-employed workers and small businesses.

Austerity Protests Rock Europe: Check Out Explosive Photos From Spain

Webmaster's Commentary:

Government and bankers created this mess without our permission; they can fix it without our help!

Study: Wars could cost $4 trillion to $6 trillion

The authors of the book "The $3 Trillion War" noted in a conference call on Wednesday that when they first released their findings two years ago, the estimates were widely criticized as being too high. Now, the researchers believe they may have been too low.

Joseph Stiglitz, who received the 2000 Nobel Prize for Economics, and Linda Bilmes, a public policy professor at Harvard University, said the number of veterans seeking post-combat medical care and the cost of treating those individuals is about 30 percent higher than they initially estimated. That, combined with increases in the cost of military medical care and the lagging economy, will likely push the true long-term cost of the war over the $4 trillion mark.

Man Who Listened To Fred Mishkin's Advice, Will Be First To Be Criminally Charged For Great Depression 2

The place where the global crisis, culminating as a result of 30 years of cheap money, began, Iceland, may well be the place which sees the first ever criminal conviction stemming from the Depression v2. Globe and Mail reports that Iceland's former prime minister has been referred to a special court, which could make him the first world leader to be charged in connection with the global financial crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Drop him into the volcano.


Really slowly!


Super-rich investors buy gold by ton

Full article:

The world's wealthiest people have responded to economic worries by buying gold by the bar -- and sometimes by the ton -- and by moving assets out of the financial system, bankers catering to the very rich said on Monday...

UNCONFIRMED AT THIS TIME - Federal Reserve Note to be Devalued in Next Few Days

In the last 24 hours I have had reports that the Government is about to devalue the Federal Reserve Note in the next several days. If the information I received is correct then the reduction is going to be major, approximately 10% of its present value.

If this happens there will be major increases in the cost of food, gasoline and almost everything that is real product, not paper. Therefore I recommend that you consider buying some food ahead of this change. That means that you need to do it today or at the latest tomorrow.

2,840 Millionaires Claimed Jobless Benefits in 2008


Obama: The Cancer Is In Pakistan


Looks like President Obama is following Brezinski's Grand Chessboard strategy to a T!

Not only did al-Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban operate from safe havens within Pakistan, but - as U.S. intelligence officials had repeatedly warned Obama - terrorist groups were recruiting Westerners whose passports would allow them to move freely in Europe and North America.

Safe havens would no longer be tolerated, Obama had decided. "We need to make clear to people that the cancer is in Pakistan," he declared during an Oval Office meeting on Nov. 25, 2009, near the end of the strategy review. The reason to create a secure, self-governing Afghanistan, he said, was "so the cancer doesn't spread there."

Jones and Panetta had gone to Pakistan to tell Zardari that Obama wanted four things to help prevent a terrorist attack on U.S. soil: full intelligence sharing, more reliable cooperation on counterterrorism, faster approval of visas for U.S. personnel traveling to Pakistan and, despite past refusals, access to airline passenger data.

If, God forbid, the SUV had blown up in Times Square, Jones told Zardari, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Should a future attempt be successful, Obama would be forced to do things that Pakistan would not like. "No one will be able to stop the response and consequences," the security adviser said. "This is not a threat, just a statement of political fact."

Pakistani authorities are holding the commander of the Mumbai attacks, Jones said, but he is not being adequately interrogated and "he continues to direct LeT operations from his detention center." Intelligence shows that Lashkar-e-Taiba is threatening attacks in the United States and that the possibility "is rising each day."

Zardari didn't seem to get it.

"Mr. President," said Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who was also at the meeting, "This is what they are saying. . . . They're saying that if, in fact, there is a successful attack in the United States, they will take steps to deal with that here, and that we have a responsibility to now cooperate with the United States."

"If something like that happens," Zardari said defensively, "it doesn't mean that somehow we're suddenly bad people or something. We're still partners."

No, both Jones and Panetta said. There might be no way to save the strategic partnership. Underscoring Jones's point, Panetta said, "If that happens, all bets are off."

Jones told Kayani that the clock was starting now on Obama's four requests. Obama wanted a progress report in 30 days, Jones said.

The United States needed some kind of ground forces to eliminate the safe havens, Panetta concluded. The CIA had its own forces, a 3,000-man secret army of Afghans known as Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams. Some of these pursuit teams were now conducting cross-border operations in Pakistan.

"We can't do this without some boots on the ground," Panetta said. "They could be Pakistani boots or they can be our boots, but we got to have some boots on the ground."

NPR Confirms 3,000 Man CIA Army Conducts Operations In Pakistan

As Mark laid out earlier and earlier than that, there's a lot to pick over in Bob Woodward's new book, Obama's Wars. But while most of the article's describing it (NPR doesn't have a copy yet, or at least I haven't seen one) concentrate on the internal battles among the administration, the part that set off alarm bells for me was this paragraph from the Washington Post piece:

The CIA created, controls and pays for a clandestine 3,000-man paramilitary army of local Afghans, known as Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams. Woodward describes these teams as elite, well-trained units that conduct highly sensitive covert operations into Pakistan as part of a stepped-up campaign against al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban havens there.

US drones are pounding Pakistan's North Waziristan. Here's why.

Webmaster's Commentary:

In a logical US foreign policy, whatever aid the US is giving to Pakistan wouldn't be used to cause its military and civilian leadership to look the other way as we continually slaughter its citizens with these drone attacks; it would actually be used to better the lives of ordinary Pakistanis, with a complete accountability for how the money is spent.

This would mean the Pakistan would investing in infrastructure, hospitals, clean water facilities, education, and encouraging foreign investment which brings jobs, and a better quality of life.

Poverty, illiteracy, lack of infrastructure and massive governmental corruption are the ingredients necessary for the creation of insurgency, which may look attractive to people who have nothing left to lose.

This is precisely what we have in Pakistan at the moment, a country literally on financial life support from the rest of the world. Add to that the recent horrendous flooding, an event of Biblical proportions, and you have a country which is on the brink of chaos.

While the people of Pakistan desperately need outreach in medical aid and equipment, the US is doing its level best to rev up the misery and instability here.

If the US has a military beachhead in Pakistan, it would limit Iran's ability to interdict oil shipping in the Gulf.

CIA Escalates in Pakistan


The U.S. military is secretly diverting aerial drones and weaponry from the Afghan battlefront to significantly expand the CIA's campaign against militants in their Pakistani havens.

The shift in strategic focus reflects the U.S. view that, with Pakistan's military unable or unwilling to do the job, more U.S. force against terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan is now needed to turn around the struggling Afghan war effort across the border.

The additional drones helped the CIA escalate the number of strikes in Pakistan in September. The agency averaged five strikes a week in September, up from an average of two to three per week. The Pentagon and CIA have ramped up their purchases of drones, but they aren't being built fast enough to meet the rapid rise in demand.

Pakistan has quietly cooperated with the CIA drone program which started under President George W. Bush. But the program is intensely unpopular in the country because of concerns about sovereignty and regular reports of civilian casualties. U.S. officials say the CIA's targeting of militants is precise, and that there have been a limited number of civilian casualties.

U.S. officials said there is now less concern about upsetting the Pakistanis than there was a few months ago, and that the U.S. is being more aggressive in its response to immediate threats from across the border.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Translation: the alleged "war on terror" is morphing into a war against nuclear-armed Pakistan here to get control of its nuclear weapons and its military infrastructure.

Maddow: US quietly testing ‘scary new war in Pakistan’

Don't get it twisted, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow essentially told her viewers Thursday night.

"Borders matter" and "AfPak" is not the name of a single country. Contrary to popular and media opinion, America is now fighting in three countries: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan has largely been silent about the unmanned airstrikes but that changed after reports said the US had started using manned aircraft. Pakistan reportedly closed down US supply lines leading into Afghanistan when they learned that a US helicopter had attacked inside Pakistan.

Pakistan halts NATO supplies to Afghanistan after attack

Pakistan shut down the main land route for NATO supplies into Afghanistan Thursday, accusing the alliance's helicopters of killing Pakistani soldiers in a fourth cross-border attack this week.

Pakistan shuts key Afghan War supply-route

Pakistan shut down a pivotal US-NATO Afghan War supply route yesterday following a NATO attack on a Pakistani border post that killed three Pakistan Frontier Corps troops and injured three others.

Militants set fire to NATO tankers in Pakistan

Reuters - KARACHI (Reuters) - Suspected militants in Pakistan set fire to three dozen tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan on Friday, officials said, a day after three soldiers were killed in a cross-border NATO air strike.

Gunmen burn two more NATO supply trucks

Gunmen attacked two more trucks carrying NATO supplies to Afghanistan, burning them and killing one driver, a Pakistani official said Monday. It was the fourth such attack since Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

You think maybe blowing up a lot of innocent people with those drones (with the software that shifted the targeting by 40 feet) might not have set too well with the Pakistani people?

28 More US Fuel Trucks Set Ablaze in Pakistan, 6 Killed, as Convoy Boycott Continues

The Taliban Movement of Pakistan (Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan or TTP) claimed on Monday that it was responsible for yet another attack on NATO fuel trucks, this time near Islamabad. Some twenty trucks were set ablaze and 6 people were killed. The trucks were parked in a poorly guarded area near the capital, awaiting permission to cross into Afghanistan at Torkham, the Pakistani checkpoint at the Khyber Pass.

Pakistan refuses to open Afghan route

Pakistan says it will not reopen a key supply route for foreign troops in Afghanistan until public anger over recent attacks by the US-led forces subsides.

US may abandon Pak-Afghan supply route

Upset over mounting terror attacks targeting the Nato/ISAF supply trucks travelling to Afghanistan via Pakistan, the high command of the US-led allied forces stationed in Afghanistan has warned the decision makers in Islamabad that their failure to prevent such assaults could force them to abandon Pakistan as the major supply route to Afghanistan.

According to highly-informed diplomatic sources in Islamabad, the rising number of terrorist attacks on the Nato-ISAF convoys, coupled with the sudden crisis brought about by the recent floods in Pakistan, which have washed away several key bridges and highways, have compelled the high ups of the US-led allied forces to seek alternative supply routes for the international forces stationed in Afghanistan.

Pakistan currently receives a huge reimbursement of economic and military assistance from the United States for providing these logistical facilities to the war-torn country. The Nato/ISAF convoys travelling through Pakistan are the principal source of logistical support for the US-led allied forces in Afghanistan. It being the shortest and most economical route, almost 75 per cent of ammunition, vehicles, foodstuff and around 50 per cent of fuel for the Nato-ISAF forces fighting against the Taliban militia in Afghanistan have been transported via Pakistan for the last many years.

Pakistan has already blocked a key supply route for the US-led Nato force in Afghanistan on September 30, 2010 after a cross-border helicopter attack in which three Pakistani troops were killed. The move came a day after Pakistan threatened to stop protecting the Nato/ISAF supply routes to Afghanistan after a series of cross border aerial attacks by the Afghanistan based international forces, killing several innocent Pakistanis, including three soldiers.

Around 100 Nato/ISAF vehicles have already been held up at Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan after these aerial attacks, following which 27 oil tankers carrying fuel for the Nato/ISAF forces were set ablaze by Taliban-linked militants in the Shikarpur district of the Sindh province on Thursday night. The oil tankers have been torched a few weeks after Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s statement that the Nato/ISAF authorities were themselves responsible for the safety of its supply lines, and that the Pakistan’s federal and provincial governments cannot provide security to the 4,000 trucks, which travel across Pakistan daily.

Available figures show that in a short span of just one month (from Sept 1 to Sept 30), as many as 22 Nato convoys were targeted by the militants, taking the total tally of such assaults for the year 2010 to 55. The convoys that were targeted included fuel tankers, each of which carries about 45,000 litres of oil, as well as containers with unspecified quantities of logistic material for the 120,000-strong Nato/ISAF forces, besides armoured transport for the allied forces, which were either torched or looted by the militants.

According to Islamabad-based diplomatic circles, the Americans are now trying to secure three different alternative supply routes for Afghanistan. The first one is the northern route, which starts in the Latvian port of Riga, the largest all-weather harbour on the Baltic Sea, where container ships offload their cargo onto Russian trains. The shipments roll south through Russia, then southeast around the Caspian Sea through Kazakhstan and finally south through Uzbekistan until they cross the frontier into north Afghanistan. The Russian train-lines were built to supply Russia’s own war in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and today Moscow’s cooperation is making them available for use by the US-led Nato/ISAF forces in their own Afghan campaign.

The second one is the southern route, which transits the Caucuses, completely bypassing Russia, from Georgia. Starting from the Black Sea port, Ponti, it travels north to Azerbaijan and its port, Baku, where goods are loaded onto ferries to cross the Caspian Sea. Landfall is Kazakhstan, where the goods are carried by trucks to Uzbekistan and finally Afghanistan. While shorter than the northern route, it is more expensive because of the on-and-off loading from trucks to ferries and back onto trucks.

A third route, which is actually a spur of the northern route, bypasses Uzbekistan and proceeds from Kazakhstan via Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which has a northeast border with Afghanistan. But this route is hampered by bad road conditions in Tajikistan.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The hole in the pocket of taxpayers which is the US/NATO war in Afghanistan is just about to get one heck of a lot bigger.

The three alternatives described here to shipping goods through Pakistan, if they are able to be implemented, will be extraordinarily more expensive than what we have been doing.

NATO Chief Apologizes For Pakistani Soldier Deaths

Too little,too late!

Suspected Militants Kill 3, Torch 20 NATO Oil Tankers

As the tankers awaited refueling at the Attock Refinery attackers opened fire and threw firebombs,police said.

Supply Route May Decide Outcome of Afgan War

Amateurs study tactics. Professionals study logistics. Petraeus is an amateur,Mullah Omar is a professional. God help us.


Eighty percent of the supplies of the US-led forces in Afghanistan come up this long, difficult route. Along the way, the US pays large bribes to Pakistani officials, local warlords, and to Taliban. The cost of a gallon of gas delivered to US units in Afghanistan has risen to $800.

Bin Laden uses Pakistani floods to drum up support

The audiotape was posted on Islamic militant websites, according to the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi forums and provided a copy of the message. Its authenticity could not be independently confirmed, though the voice resembled that of bin Laden in confirmed messages by him. The tape is aired over a still photograph of a smiling bin Laden superimposed over a picture of a man distributing aid.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Wagging the dead guy to drum up support for a new war in Pakistan.

Bin Laden urges climate action

(Reuters) - Osama bin Laden criticized relief efforts in Pakistan and called for action against climate change in what appeared to be a new audio tape from the al Qaeda leader issued on Friday in an Islamist forum.

The message marks the second time in a year that Bin Laden has departed from his usual calls for armed attacks on the West to make a global theme such a natural disasters or economic crisis the centerpiece of a message.

It follows a statement in mid-September by al Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahri also accusing the Pakistani government of reacting too slowly to the floods and a statement earlier this week by an al Qaeda spokesman, Adam Gadahn, on a similar theme.

The bin Laden message, about 11 minutes long, was broadcast with a video showing still images of Bin Laden and images of natural disasters, the Islamist website used by al Qaeda said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Desperation on the cusp of madness!

IMF demands blood from flood-ravaged Pakistan

Under conditions of such an acute social and economic crisis Pakistani officials hoped the IMF could be convinced to relax its criteria for extending the sixth tranche of the 2008 loan. But when they met with IMF leaders in Washington for ten days at the end of August and the beginning of this month they were curtly rebuffed.

According to an account published in the September 8 Dawn, IMF authorities took "a very strong position" during the talks, affirming "that the IMF executive board would not be interested in considering Pakistan’s request for more funds unless it made tangible progress" on implementing the IMF-dictated economic restructuring program.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Unflipping believable.


Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For the fourth straight year, the majority of Americans say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 57% who now say this is a record high by one percentage point.

The 43% of Americans who, in Gallup's annual Governance poll, conducted Sept. 13-16, 2010, express a great deal or fair amount of trust ties the record low, and is far worse than three prior Gallup readings on this measure from the 1970s.

Europe on alert after attacks warning

AFP - PARIS (AFP) - Japan on Monday became the latest country after Britain and the United States to issue a travel alert for its citizens amid growing fears of a major Al-Qaeda attack on landmark sites in Europe.

European politicians deny US claims of terror threat

A number of leading European politicians have publicly denied recent US claims of an imminent threat of terrorist attack somewhere in Europe.

Last Sunday, the US State Department issued a vague statement warning American citizens in Europe of the danger of attacks by terrorist organisations linked to Al Qaeda.

Webmaster's Commentary:

See "Fake Al Qaeda" and Osama bin Laden - a dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

ANOTHER @#$%ING PROPAGANDA HOAX! - British intelligence denies US terror warnings sparked by new info


Fresh warnings of possible terror attacks in Europe issued by the US were not sparked any new intelligence, counter-terrorism, security and intelligence officials said.

There seems no doubt there has been "chatter", or intercepted communications, between suspected jihadists and al-Qaida sympathisers plotting in the tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan.

The suggestion, first reported in the US press, was that they were planning a series of "commando-style" attacks, something European security agencies have feared since the co-ordinated killings in Mumbai two years ago in which 174 people died.

Attacks by gunmen, which could continue for some time, could provoke more terror than split-second suicide bomb attacks, officials say.

These reports coincided with a number of heavy, controversial attacks by US drones and helicopters on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan.

The US's warning to Americans to be vigilant in Europe added fresh impetus to the scares. The Foreign Office upgraded its threat warning to Britons going to France and Germany, although the terror threat level in Britain remained the same.

European officials again made it clear yesterday they were "irritated" with the US for leaking stories before they could gather more intelligence. There was no evidence that a plot was imminent, and intelligence was described by a well-placed Whitehall official as "ill-defined".

Webmaster's Commentary:

IN other words, this is another bogus "terror threat" warning by the US Government to keep everyone scared and off balance in the run-up to the elections.

U.S., UK raise terrorism threat level in Europe

Germany plays down terror warnings: No reason to be ‘alarmist’

The German government played down on Monday U.S. and British warnings about the heightened risk of terrorist attacks on Europe, with Berlin saying there were no immediate signs of a threat against Germany.

"There are currently no indications of any immediate threat of attacks planned against Germany," Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters. "There is no reason whatsoever to be alarmist at the moment."

Is AP deliberately fear-mongering Europe terror threat to sell body scanners?

It appears that the Associated Press is fear-mongering about recently heightened terror threats in Europe. They have turned one vague State Department warning into multiple headline stories, making it appear as though a terror threat is imminent. But the original report provides very flimsy information about a nonspecific threat apparently obtained from, "a Pakistani intelligence official said (that) eight Germans and two British brothers were at the heart of an al-Qaida-linked terror plot against European cities, but the plan was still in its early stages."

And finally, probably the most telling article quotes from former DHS chief Michael "buy my naked body scanners" Chertoff:

Chertoff was interviewed in the wake of the Obama administration's decision to release a travel alert Sunday in response to reports of a possible terrorist threat against Britain, France and Germany. He advises travelers to consider 'where would you take shelter if something happened.' And Chertoff also says: 'Don't walk around with the American flag on your back.'

It's worth noting that Chertoff admits Americans are the target and should now be bashful about appearing "American." The barrage of headlines of increased "threat" level to "public transport" comes only a week after Janet Napolitano announced trying to force full-body scanners into foreign countries. Conveniently, the Chertoff Group has a large financial stake in naked-body scanners that are now being proposed for all public transportation hubs, not just airports. Like any good businessman, Chertoff, with the help of Associated Press releases, is stoking the false demand for his product.

Army embeds active-duty PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations

The U.S. Army has used local television stations in the U.S. as training posts for some of its psychological-operations personnel, The Upshot has learned. Since at least 2001, both WRAL, a CBS affiliate in Raleigh, N.C., and WTOC, a CBS affiliate in Savannah, Ga., have regularly hosted active-duty soldiers from the Army's 4th Psychological Operations group as part of the Army's Training With Industry program. Training With Industry is designed to offer career soldiers a chance to pick up skills through internships and fellowships with private businesses. The PSYOPS soldiers used WRAL and WTOC to learn broadcasting and communications expertise that they could apply in their mission, as the Army describes it, of "influenc[ing] the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign audiences."

WRAL and WTOC were on a list of participants in the Army's Training With Industry program provided to The Upshot in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, and a spokeswoman with the Army's Human Resources Command confirmed that PSYOPS soldiers worked at the stations.

The relationship between PSYOPS, Training With Industry, and television news operations has stirred controversy in the past. In 2000, after a Dutch newspaper reported that PSYOPS troops had been placed in CNN's newsroom under the program, CNN discontinued the internships and admitted that they had been a mistake. "It was inappropriate for PSYOPS personnel to be at CNN, they are not here now, and they never again will be at CNN," a spokesperson said at the time.

WRAL and WTOC are not alone among media outlets that the U.S. military has sought to learn from through Training With Industry. The Upshot has previously reported that the Marine Corps placed public affairs officers with the Chicago Tribune for several years in order to better understand how to influence and work with the news media, and CNNMoney.com hosted an officer in 2007 and 2008, despite the network's embarrassment over the program in 2000.

First World War officially ends

The First World War will officially end on Sunday, 92 years after the guns fell silent, when Germany pays off the last chunk of reparations imposed on it by the Allies.

Germany was forced to pay the reparations at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as compensation to the war-ravaged nations of Belgium and France and to pay the Allies some of the costs of waging what was then the bloodiest conflict in history, leaving nearly ten million soldiers dead.

The initial sum agreed upon for war damages in 1919 was 226 billion Reichsmarks, a sum later reduced to 132 billion, £22 billion at the time.

"On Sunday the last bill is due and the First World War finally, financially at least, terminates for Germany," said Bild, the country's biggest selling newspaper.

Most of the money goes to private individuals, pension funds and corporations holding debenture bonds as agreed under the Treaty of Versailles, where Germany was made to sign the 'war guilt' clause, accepting blame for the war.

Why does Germany still owe money for the first world war?

Webmaster's Commentary:

That is the whole purpose of war; to plunge the warring nations deeply into debt to the bankers and keep them there for hundreds of years. And the bankers do not even care which sides wins or loses, because both sides go into debt and imposed debt is how the bankers enslave the people of the world!

And now that the bills for the previous World Wars are paid off, it is time to start a new one; to begin the cycle of debt-enslavement all over again!

"This is the very essence of the banking industry,; to make us all, whether we be nations or individuals, slaves to debt!" -- mp3 clip from the film "The International"

Back from the dead: One third of 'extinct' animals turn up again


Conservationists are overestimating the number of species that have been driven to extinction, scientists have said.

A study has found that a third of all mammal species declared extinct in the past few centuries have turned up alive and well.

Some of the more reclusive creatures managed to hide from sight for 80 years only to reappear within four years of being officially named extinct in the wild.

Toronto Judge ...Strikes Down Canada's Prostitution Laws

there are a few points i want to make while prostitution IS legal in Canada some aspects are not legal (Like pimping is not legal) another thing about about making prostitution illegal is like trying to make people stop drinking water it is the worlds oldest job, yet it is illegal almost everywhere in the US. In places that prostitution is legal it is safer, there are no pimps, everyone is tested for stds, and the prostitutes even pay taxes!

Ontario Court Of Appeals Strikes Down Key Provisions of Prostitution Law In Canada - Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson Considering Appeal

Susan Himel a Toronto judge with the Ontario Court of Appeal has effectively decriminalized prostitution in Ontario if not the rest of the country with a ruling Tuesday concerning Canada's prostitution laws.

The court declared unconstitutional portions of the law banning brothels and soliciting for prostitution.

Three Toronto women launched the legal challenge in October 2009, arguing that prohibiting solicitation endangers prostitutes by forcing them to seek customers on street corners.

They called for the decriminalization of prostitution and for the right to open brothels to provide a safer environment for prostitutes.

The court agreed.

"By increasing the risk of harm to street prostitutes, the communicating law is simply too high a price to pay for the alleviation of social nuisance," Superior Court Judge Susan Himel said in the decision.

"I find that the danger faced by prostitutes greatly outweighs any harm which may be faced by the public."

Source: google.com

However, Judge Himel imposed a 30 day stay on the decision providing time for crown prosecutors, lawyers, and other interested parties an opportunity to weigh in.

Himel said she is not persuaded that striking down the provisions without enacting something in its place would pose a danger to the public, as the federal government argued.

“I am mindful of the fact that legislating in response to prostitution raises difficult, contentious and serious policy issues and that it is for Parliament to fashion corrective legislation,” wrote Himel.

“This is wonderful,” dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford told reporters at the University Ave. courthouse.

Source: thestar.com

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says the federal government is seriously considering an appeal.


There then developed a sight which will remain with me for the rest of my life – with the frigate in the background, two gunboats, two landing craft and four high powered ribs spread out in a semi-circle speeding towards us at perhaps 35 knots, with their bow waves and wakes flashing in the sunshine. It was surreal, it was like an action movie, and entranced by the sight I had to remind myself this was actually happening – this overwhelming force for a 9.7 metre 40 yr. old boat, the majority of its Jewish occupants over 60 years old, with no weapons and a publicized policy of passive resistance.

Webmaster's Commentary:

When anyone displays that much force against such an obvious weak target (and this includes tasering a 60 year old man), it is a sign that the attacking force has some deep-seated insecurities they are compensating for.

Yonatan and Itamar Shapira tells what really happened on The “Jewish boat to Gaza”

This story needs to go around the world.

Itamar was in charge of communicating with the Navy, and responded by reading our own declaration in English and Hebrew:

“We are a boat of the European organisation Jews For Justice For Palestinians. We are unarmed and non-violent and determined to proceed to the port of Gaza. You are enforcing an illegal blockade and we do not recognise your right to do this. On this Jews For Justice for Palestinians boat are peace activists of all ages among us holocaust survivors, bereaved parents and Israelis who refuse to collaborate with the illegal occupation of Palestine.”

We waited for them to confirm that they had heard.

Cartoon draws ire of Jewish group

B'nai Brith Canada is asking an Ottawa-based newspaper to pull from its website a political cartoon that appears to depict the Star of David on the Parliament Buildings.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I don't know about the Canadians but we Americans have had @#%$ing enough of B'nai Brith's constant whining and crying. You don't get to attack and murder our citizens in international waters then come in here and tell us we have to live our lives to your convenience!

B'nai Brith: La Presse Cartoon Anti-Semitic Propaganda
Cartoon draws ire of Jewish group

L'étoile juive dessinée dans l'horloge du Parlement a choqué le B'nai Brith. Pourtant c'est juste la réalité, le parlement a bel et bien une étoile à 6 pointes...

B'nai Brith: La Presse Cartoon Anti-Semitic Propaganda

B’nai Brith has asked a Quebec newspaper to remove a political cartoon from its website that appears to have a Star of David drawn on the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

However, Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber rejected the idea that Badeaux’s cartoon is anti-Semitic.

“The cartoonist in question is a friend of the Jewish community,” Farber told Shalom Life. “He has, in fact, been part of a program that we sponsored a year or so ago called ‘Cartoons for Peace’ that had cartoonists involved in doing editorial cartoons showing the way for peace in the Middle East. He has spoken extensively at synagogues, [and is] very much a friend of the community.”

Israel makes meeting another Arab a crime

A vague security offence of “contact with a foreign agent” is being used by Israel’s secret police, the Shin Bet, to lock up Arab political activists in Israel without evidence that a crime has been committed, human rights lawyers alleged this week.

BREAKING: US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal

“It’s too late; it’ll just have to be stopped in the Senate,” Tom, the young male answering the phone in U.S. Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) Washington D.C. office, said about HR 3534 (CLEAR Act). This is the globalist bill designed to give away our land, oceans, adjacent land masses and Great Lakes to an international body, and makes us pay $900 million per year until 2040. HR 3534 is a thinly disguised permanent roadblock to American energy which drives American companies out of the Gulf, delays future drilling, increases dependency on foreign oil, implements climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate. Read more at LOST below

UFOs and the United Nations. A Last Ditch Desperate Measure To Make the People Afraid to accept World Government.

If you look at what many globalist like Henry Kissinger to H.G. Wells. Even the report from Iron Mountain. They all talked about the American people accepting troops on the streets from the UN to defend us against an Alien Threat. We hear about Project Blue Beam putting holographic images in the sky of an illusion of other life from outer space. Now the news is reporting UFOs tampering with nuclear weapons on Air Force bases. Something sounds very fishy. I see they are trying to make the people of the world afraid so we will accept a one world government as a solution against threat out of this world. Trying to play in the hands of the globalist as a recreation of the 1950s movie"The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "War of the Worlds".

BOZO PROPAGANDA ALERT! - Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots

The beings have repeated their efforts in the US and have been active since 1948, the men said, and accused the respective governments of trying to keep the information secret.

The unlikely claims were compiled by six former US airmen and another member of the military who interviewed or researched the evidence of 120 ex-military personnel.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The globalists must be in a real panic to try this stunt! But I guess now that Al Gore has failed to unite the planet against Carbon Dioxide, those who wish to rule the Earth (meaning to rule you) appear to have resurrected a plot line from the TV show "Outer Limits!" In an episode entitled "The Architects of Fear", which aired in 1963, a bunch of scientists create a phony alien visitor and alien spaceship with which to scare the people of planet Earth into abandoning nation-states and merging into a single planetary society.

The CIA, never one to pass up a really cool scifi idea, actually crafted a real plan to play such a hoax on the public, complete with phony UFOs!

The United Nations crafted a plan to bring about global government based on three hoaxes, the global financial melt-down, the "When Pigs Fly" Flu pandemic, and lastly, human-caused global warming. But the pandemic never materialized, we have had a very harsh winter as the Earth cools, plus exposure of the outright fraud of Climategate , and finally, the public realizes that government caused the current economic crisis, and has done nothing to lessen its impact on the general population, seeing the "noble" push for global government as just another excuse to loot the public and enrich themselves. With all three pillars of the foundation for global government showing rebar through the cracks, the globalists may be ready to try a hail-Mary pass to get their agenda back on course.

This it is that we see the above story, which was initially planted in Reuters' via a paid news release site. Once appearing under the Reuters' imprimatur, the story was picked up by other major newspapers, in the present case the Telegraph, and carried as straight news!

Adding further "credibility" to an already incredible story, the United Nations has appointed the first space ambassador to greet alien visitors from another world. This is the modern incarnation of the north American natives who ventured forth to greet Columbus and were promptly enslaved and sent back to Europe for their politeness.

For months now we have seen the so-called educational channels on TV flood the airwaves with nonsensical ravings about alien abduction and little green man with advanced technology and no clothing industry whatsoever who have traveled all this way to Earth slice up a few cows in the desert.

Do they really think the public is that gullible? After all, we did not fall for the flu scare, or the global warming scare, and knocking over the WTC did not galvanize fanatical public support for a century of unending war on the rest of the planet. Waving a space-scarecrow at us all may be the last card they have to play!

United Nations to appoint space ambassador to act as first contact for aliens visiting Earth


If aliens ever land on Earth there will no longer be any confusion over who will greet them with the news the United Nations is set to appoint an astrophysicist to be their first human contact.

Mazlan Othman is expected to be tasked with coordinating humanity's response to an extraterrestrial visit, if ever required.

The 58-year-old Malaysian will tell a conference next week that with the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting around other stars, the detection of alien life is becoming more and more likely.

...and I thought that the climate change secretary was a useless position...

UN denies appointing alien ambassador

The United Nations has denied speculation that it is to appoint an astrophysicist as Earth's representative to extraterrestrial life-forms.

Rumours had been circulating regarding the appointment of Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman - director of the UN's Office for Outer Space Affairs - to the role of 'first contact point for aliens'.

The story, which first appeared in The Sunday Times, suggested that Othman would be the "nearest thing we have to a 'take me to your leader' [person]".

However, in an email to The Guardian, Othman responded to the claims, saying: "It sounds really cool but I have to deny it."

Is the Establishment Preparing to Unveil Aliens?

UFOs and extraterrestrials have long been treated as the ultimate conspiracy theory by the establishment. Therefore, the growing chatter of mainstream news stories about UFOs and aliens seems very peculiar. Why the attention all of a sudden? Is the establishment conditioning us for the arrival of extraterrestrials? Could they have an agenda for doing so?

Recent reporting of genuine events such as the multiple UFOs that forced the closing of separate airports in China; stories covering the release of new UFO books written by credible ex-military; UFOs tampering with nuclear devices; the discovery of a "habitable" planet near Earth; a bizarre story about the Pope's astronomer saying he would gladly baptize an alien if asked; and the pending appointment of a U.N. space ambassador are bringing some legitimacy to the conspiracy.

Recent reporting of genuine events such as the multiple UFOs that forced the closing of separate airports in China; stories covering the release of new UFO books written by credible ex-military; UFOs tampering with nuclear devices; the discovery of a "habitable" planet near Earth; a bizarre story about the Pope's astronomer saying he would gladly baptize an alien if asked; and the pending appointment of a U.N. space ambassador are bringing some legitimacy to the conspiracy.

NASA's declassified Project Blue Beam proves that the Elite maintain highly developed plans to fabricate an alien invasion event for the end game of global control. "In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles) as space-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region. It deals with the religious aspect of the new world order and is deception and seduction on a massive scale." (Source) Advanced holographic technology now makes such a "movie" entirely plausible. In fact, it already has been researched by the U.S. Air Force to use in war, as was reported 11 years ago in The Washington Post.

The general public will likely be terrified and unite behind our leaders' manufactured storyline to confront and protect us from the aliens. Therein lies the motivation for the Globalists to engineer such an event. Simply by being aware that such a plan has been thought up by the controllers will make us less susceptible to potential fear tactics and propaganda should such an event occur.

Facebook suppressing stories about UFOS! (No, really, they ARE! Honest!)

Investigation has revealed that Facebook.com has denied its users access to critical extraterrestrial disclosure information...

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is another in an apparently unending series of not-as-subtle-as-they-think news stories to keep planting space aliens and UFOs in the public mind ahead of some nefarious "Hail Mary" stunt to scare us all back into willing slavery.

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." -- Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburgers meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

Study: Atheists Know the Most About Religion

A new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that most religious Americans don't know shit about their own religions. Sample fun finding: "A majority of Protestants, for instance, couldn't identify Martin Luther as the driving force behind the Protestant Reformation."

Webmaster's Commentary:

Of course we know more about religion. We studied it. That's why we are atheists!

When I was a small boy living in New Hampshire farming country, I attended the local congregational church and sang in the choir. As a gift for singing in the choir I was given a bible. That was their big mistake, because I read the thing, cover to cover. And I started asking questions. And that was when I was asked to leave!

Class-Action Lawsuit To Be Filed Against U.S. Government and Media Organizations Responsible For Creating Anti-Islamic Hysteria

“I am an American citizen” said Hesham Tillawi, president of the LaFayette Islamic Center, who has announced his decision to file a lawsuit against persons and entities responsible for creating the present state of anti-Islamic hysteria sweeping the nation. “My wife and children are American citizens. We came here to find freedom, not violence and hatred. This week it was an empty car set on fire. How long before it is my own home, or before someone slashes my throat, like took place last month to the cab driver in New York?”

Webmaster's Commentary:



Webmaster's Commentary:

The corporate media, after decades of lying to the American people, are realizing what a price they have paid now that the lies stand exposed. The TV news networks lost another 700,000 viewers in the last year and almost daily we hear of another newspaper having to lay people off or shut its doors.

The corporate media likes to whine and blame the bloggers but the truth is the bloggers would never have come to the fore had not corporate media become the willing paid lackeys of the government, corporations, and of course Israel. But time and evolution has caught up with the media, and the old-style bought-and-paid-for propagandists are now feeling what the monks in their scriptorium felt when Gutenberg's printing press stared to reshape the flow of information through out society. They are on the verge of extinction.

Now, the media could save itself, easily, if it really wanted to. All they have to do is start telling the people the truth about what has been going on, and bloggers would go away. I for one would be perfectly happy to shut down WRH and spend the remainder of my life chasing Claire around the house if I felt the media could be trusted to be truthful. But, the media will never do that. They cannot tell the truth now without admitting that they lied before. It is the classic rock and hard place scenario.

So the corporate media has turned to the governments they so ably served in the past and demanded financial support. They want their own taxpayer funded bailout. If the public will not volunteer to support the propagandists then by golly they will have the government force the public to support the propagandists!

The sheer cost aside, the problem with a bailout is that government will now move into total control of the media. What was once covert will now be overt and the corporate media will be irrelevant and irrevocably lost. More to the point, all the bailouts in the world will not restore the public trust in the corporate media. Quite the contrary, it will be the final nail on the coffin of the TV news and newspapers.

Seen any scriptoriums lately?

Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia

Bonnier (The Bonnier Group)

The TV Station LNK, is owned by the Jewish Bonnier family, based in Sweden.

Bonnier is a taken name; originally the family was named Hirschel.
Not only is the Bonnier family Jewish and not only do they own LNK, but they are the by far most influential media group in Sweden and in Finland. They are very influential in Denmark as well. They are also involved in the Baltic countries (LNK in Lithuania) the UK, Germany, Poland and other countries.

Of the seven largest daily newspapers in Sweden, the seven with a daily circulation of over 100,000, the Bonnier family owns four, Dagens Nyheter (the Daily News), Expressen (the Express), Sydsvenska Dagbladet (the Southern Swedish Daily News) and Dagens Industri (the Industry of Today).

The largest of the private TV channels in Sweden is TV4.

The Bonnier family directly holds 21,6% of TV4 and through their ownership of the Finnish based Alma media company they hold an additional 23,4%, totalling 45% which amounts to a virtual control.

As head of TV4 we find Jan Scherman (Jewish). Jan Scherman's daughter Clara Scherman is chief buyer for TV4. A man with an (Jewish?) Hungarian name Hans Isoz heads TV4 Vision.

Through Alma Media, Bonnier also controls MTV3, the most popular channel in Finland with 39,1% of the total viewing time (in 2001) and Subtv, the third largest commercial television channel in Finland, aiming mainly at young adults.

Bonnier also employs the Jews Sven Irving (now TV4 News), Artur Ringart (TV4) and Peter Sommerstein (Sydsvenska Dagbladet).

In Finland, Bonnier owns 23% of MTV in that country. In Finland, Bonnier controls the leading daily Iltalehti and Kauppalehti, Finland's largest business media with a circulation of 85.000 per day. Bonnier controls the printing house Lehdentekijät, that produces 40 regularly published magazines in Finland. In addition to that they own five regional papers, 15 local papers and nine free-distribution papers in Finland alone. They further control the Baltic News Service, the leading news bureau in the Baltic region, providing the world with news about the Baltic with a Bonnier touch.

Peter Hjörne (Jewish)

Beside the Bonnier family in Sweden there is the Peter Hjörne (real name Kaplan), owner and chief editor of Göteborgs-Posten (the Gothenburg Post; GP), the fourth largest newspaper in Sweden with a circulation of 253,700, reaching 600,000 readers daily. GP is furthermore the only newspaper in Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg. Hjörne is also the owner of two local newspapers, Bohuslänningen (32.400) and Strömstads tidning (5,200); both distributed in the Swedish north-west coast area. In addition he controls 22% of Liberala tidningars konsortium (the consortium of liberal newspapers) and thereby Nerike Allehanda (The eighth largest newspaper in Sweden with a circulation of 66,300), Motala Tidning/Vadstena Tidning (12,800), Bergslagsposten (10,600) and Nya Ludvika tidning (9,500). Finally he also holds 9% of Hallandsposten (31,000). Peter Hjörne is the son of a sister of another infuential Swedish Media Jew: Per Gyllenhammer (former top boss of Volvo).

Hjörne pays schoolchildren to watch Jewish propaganda

Hjörne is a part of the old Jewish establishment in Gothenburg and has his way to influence the Gentiles of that city. For instance, when the Jew Steven Spielberg's movie Schindler's List reached the screens Hjörne personally paid so all senior high school students would see it.
The Bonnier family owns 30% and Hjörne owns 10% of The Swedish News-agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (the Swedish Central News Agency), the main news source for the none-local news stories in most minor papers in Sweden.

Robert Aschberg (Jewish) owns the largest production company in Sweden called Strix Television and produces programs for every major channel, especially TV3 where almost all programs that aren't Hollywood produced sitcoms, talk shows (Ricky Lake and Jerry Springer [Both are Jewish]) or bad movies come from Strix. It was Strix, by the way, that first came up with the idea of the show Survivor, now broadcasted also in the USA.

himself is the head of several of these usually noisy and chaotic shows and has thus been called Sweden's Michel Friedman . His maternal grandfather is the banker Olof Aschberg who helped finance the Russian Revolution and his brother, Richard Aschberg, works at Aftonbladet (the Evening Post). Robert Aschberg is furthermore an important financer of eXpo, a Swedish version of the ADL, even if it is not an exclusively Jewish organization.

Swedish Labour Union & Norwegian Schibstedt Company:
Editor in Chief Helle Klein (Jewish)

The largest newspaper in Sweden is Aftonbladet (the Evening Post), jointly owned by the Swedish Labour Union and the Norwegian Schibstedt company. The chief editor, however, is the Jewess Helle Klein, great granddaughter of the former grand rabbi of Stockholm, Rabbi Gottlieb Klein. Her father, Ernst Klein, is influential in Swedish media as well. 1990-1999 he was the chief editor of Östgöta Correspondenten, the ninth largest newspaper in Sweden, and now he sits on its board. He furthermore is president of Svensk Presshistorisk Förening (Swedish association of press history).

Beside Klein there are several Jewish staffers working at Aftonbladet.

In other words, of the seven largest news papers in Sweden, six are either owned by or edited by Jews.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Obviously, this is a global problem.

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon


I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

Pro-Israel Biased Media Is a Threat to Our Security

EXPOSED This is how Israel controls your media EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS

Sanchez Fired After Stewart Remark

That didn't take long. By firing Mr. Sanchez they proved him right!

NEW YORK -- CNN fired news anchor Rick Sanchez on Friday, a day after he called Jon Stewart a bigot in a radio show interview where he also questioned whether Jews should be considered a minority.

Jews that run CNN fire Rick Sanchez for saying Jews run CNN.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I feel sorry for Rick's loss of his job, but he did bait the monster and the monster bit him! This is a good thing, because in the long run, the monster can only bite so many times before the world sees that it is indeed a monster!

Sur le contrôle de l’industrie du divertissement/médias, ne citant que des sources juives:

Syrian Jews, who have clustered in Brooklyn, New York, have also emerged as major force in the sportswear industry, particularly blue jeans lines such as Jordache and Gitano. In many ways, these newcomers constitute, if anything, a throwback to an even earlier tradition of transnational Jewish businessmen. Products of a community under constant siege, they travel the world like Bedouins on jets, with few loyalties beyond their immediate family operations. [Joel KOTKIN, Tribes, p. 51]

Although not in control of the media and the arts, as some anti-Semites suggest, Jews clearly possess a disproportionate influence in movies, publishing, advertising and theater. In the media, according to one survey in the 1970s, one quarter of the leading figures were Jewish, more than ten times their percentage in the general population. [Joel KOTKIN, Tribes, p. 61]

Jewish power in Hollywood no longer centers on those who own the studios but on the assorted agents, independent producers and writers who increasingly dominate the industry, including promoters such as Arnon Milchan, Michael Ovitz and David Geffen, a former [talent] agent and record producer whom Forbes in 1990 identified as “the richest man in Hollywood”. Traditional Jewish skills in selling, marketing, assembling the various “elements” needed for mounting a production remain critical. … Margo Bernay, a craft union business agent whose family first started commuting to Hollywood from the old Jewish neighborhoods of East Los Angeles in the 1930s, observes: “If you look at the real power in this town it’s the agents, the producers; it’s not with the studios. In the old days the studios owned the talent; now the talent owns the studios. So that’s where the Jews are, where the creativity is, the talent, the glamour, the power. It’s the sechel [reason] side of the business, the mentality. It’s the part of the business that doesn’t have boundaries that you get in big corporations—it gives you the space Jews have been brought up to push for.” [Joel KOTKIN, Tribes, pp. 61-62]

The content of Hollywood film and network TV under Jewish aegis in the 1980s differed significantly from the programmatic texture of the movies and radio networks that the Jewish film and broadcasting magnates of the previous generation had disseminated.

There was now virtual abandonment of the puritanical strictures derived from mainline Protestant culture. Now there was almost unlimited concession to market demands and common depiction of violence and sex in films and on television.

The Jewish entertainment entrepreneurs were now usually much better educated than their predecessors but the products they offered were frequently more vulgar in content, presented, however, [with] the greatest technical skill imaginable. [Norman F. CANTOR, The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews, p. 401]

Beginning in the early 1980s, Forbes magazine published an annual compilation of the four hundred richest Americans. Strictly based on their percentage of the general population, there should have been about twelve Jews on this list. Instead, there were over one hundred. Jews, who constituted less than 3 percent of the American people, made up over one-quarter of the richest Americans. They were over-represented by a factor of nine. By contrast, ethnic groups that greatly outnumbered Jews— Italians, Hispanics, blacks, and eastern Europeans— had few representatives on the list. The higher the category of assets listed by Forbes, the greater the percentage of Jews. Over 30 percent of American billionaires were Jewish. The same phenomenon was also found in Canada, where the three most prominent business families were all Jewish —the Belzbergs of Vancouver, the Bronfmans of Montreal, and the Reichmanns of Toronto. It was possible that Forbes even underestimated the number of America’s super-rich Jews, since many of them had become wealthy in real estate, the most difficult of fields to gauge assets and the easiest in which to hide wealth. An even more impressive list appeared in the [July 22] 1986 issue of Financial World. It numbered the one hundred Wall Street executives —investment bankers, money managers, arbitrageurs, buyout specialists, speculators, commodities traders, and brokers— who had earned at least $3 million in 1985. The list began with Ivan Boesky, who supposedly made $100 million … Boesky’s earnings were dwarfed by the $500 million Michael Milken earned in a following year … Milken and Boesky were Jewish, as were half of the people mentioned by the Financial World. Wall Street’s Jewish heavy hitters included George Soros ($93.5 million), Asher Edelman ($25 million), Morton Davis ($25 million), and Michael Steinhardt ($20 million). [Edward S. Shapiro, A Time For Healing: American Jewry Since World War II, p. 117]

Jewish billionaires in the 1990s demonstrated that they had arrived at the pinnacle of social prowess and cultural importance by buying professional sports teams, hitherto the proud preserve of WASP and Irish magnates. By 1993 the New York football Giants, the most honored name in professional sports, two other National Football League teams, and two of the major league baseball franchises were in Jewish hands.

One of these Jewish owners carried so much weight with the other owners that he engineered the firing of the baseball commissioner and took over as acting commissioner, representing the owners before a congressional committee.

In the 1930s American Jews had thought they were doing well when they produced a couple of boxing champions. The Jews did not have to show their sweaty bodies anymore; they owned the teams. [Norman F. Cantor, The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews, p. 405]

As in Berlin and Vienna before Hitler, the Jewish role in publishing was an important one. By 1950 Jewish families owned two of the three most influential newspapers in the United States, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Furthermore, both families were directly involved in the daily operation of the papers and in setting their editorial policies. [Norman F. Cantor, The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews, p. 405]

It is true that Jews are represented in the media business in numbers far out of proportion to their share of the population. Studies have shown that while Jews make up little more than 5 percent of the working press nationwide —hardly more than their share of the population— they make up one fourth or more of the writers, editors, and producers in America’s “elite media”, including network news divisions, the top newsweeklies and the four leading daily papers (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal). In the fast-evolving world of media mega-corporations, Jews are even more numerous.

In an October 1994 Vanity Fair feature profiling the kingpins of the new media elite, titled “The New Establishment”, just under half of the two-dozen entrepreneurs profiled were Jews. In the view of the magazine’s editors, these are America’s true power elite, “men and women from the entertainment, communications and computer industries, whose ambitions and influence have made America the one true superpower of the Information Age”.

And in a few key sectors of the media, notably among Hollywood studio executives, Jews are so numerically dominant that calling these businesses Jewish-controlled is little more than a statistical observation.

“If there is Jewish power, it’s the power of the word, the power of Jewish columnists and Jewish opinion makers,” says Eugene Fisher, director of Catholic-Jewish relations at the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, and one of the Jewish community’s staunchest defenders in religious Christian circles. “The Jewish community is a very literate community, and it has a lot to say. And if you can shape opinion, you can shape events.” [J.J. Goldberg. Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment, p. 280]

For all of the rank anti-Semitism lurking in the Jewish-conspiracy theories, the notion of Jewish influence in the media is not necessarily anti-Semitic in and of itself. The awkward fact is that, indeed, “the Jews invented Hollywood,” as historian Neal Gabler put it in the unfortunate subtitle of his 1988 historical study, An Empire of Their Own. The movie camera was invented by non-Jews, but the Hollywood dream factory was created by a handful of immigrant Jewish entrepreneurs. They saw the motion picture’s potential as a storytelling device, and they built the studios, distribution systems, and movie theaters to promote it nationwide.

These few … turned a technological curiosity into a multibillion-dollar industry.

A generation later, a young group of Jewish entrepreneurs did the same thing with the radio transmitter, the microphone, and the television camera. …

Hollywood at the end of the twentieth century is still an industry with a pronounced ethnic tinge. Virtually all the senior executives at the major studios are Jews. Writers, producers, and to a lesser degree directors are disproportionately Jewish—one recent study showed the figure as high as 59 percent among top-grossing films.

The combined weight of so many Jews in one of America’s most lucrative and important industries gives the Jews of Hollywood a great deal of political power. … But the same could be said, to a much greater degree, of other industries with significant concentrations of Jews: Wall Street, New York real estate, or the garment industry.

In each of those industries, Jews make up a significant bloc—an important minority on Wall Street, near majorities in clothing and commercial real estate—and have translated their clout into a visible presence on the political scene. [J.J. Goldberg. Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment, pp. 286-288]

All told, the once-scruffy vocation [of journalism] has become an intellectually exciting, reasonably well-paid, prestigious profession in which Jews play an increasingly important role. In 1982, for example, Jews made up a little less than 6 percent of the national press corps as a whole but 25 to 30 percent of the “media elite”—those working for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal; for Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report; and for the news divisions of CBS, NBC, ABC, and the Public Broadcasting System and its leading stations. (A 1971 study put the number of Jews in the media elite at 25 percent.) When one looks at the key decision-making positions, the Jewish role appears to be even larger. [Charles E. Silberman, A Certain People, pp.152-153]

Jews are equally influential, if less well known, in the management of television news. It is the network correspondents, of course, who have become household names, among them Jews … The greatest concentration of Jews, however, is at the producer level—and it is the producers who decide which stories will go on the air, and how long, and in what order they will run. In 1982, before a shift in assignments, the executive producers of all three evening newscasts were Jewish, as were the executive producers of CBS’s 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20.

And Jews are almost equally prominent at the “senior producer” and “broadcast producer” levels as well as in senior management. [Charles E. Silberman, A Certain People, pp.153-154]

[The Oct. 18, 1992 reviews section of The Washington Post] is full of books by or about Jews: on sports and the American Jewish experience; a biography of Bill Graham, a Holocaust survivor and leading rock & roll impresario; the story of an upper-class New York family infected by anti-Semitism; a South African woman’s group portrait of her set of Jewish friends; a Jewish couple’s volume on foreign investments in America, analyzing problems of multiple loyalties and foreign influence; parallel issues in assimilation; and a Jewish author’s book on politics in higher education, discussing multiculturalism in terms drawn from the integration of Jews into American society.


Writing on MSNBC.com on April 2, 2003, Jewish-American writer Eric Alterman provided a fascinating overview of the preponderance of pro-Israel commentary that appears amongst columnists and commentators in the American media, not all of whom (obviously) are Jewish, but who —in most cases— workfor media outlets that, in many cases, are either owned outright by Jewish financial interests or which are heavily influenced by the Jewish community. The list provided by Alterman follows, although a considerably smaller list of other columnists who are critical of Israel—including such obvious names as Pat Buchanan—has not been included. Please note that the prefatory descriptive material preceding the various lists of names is Alterman’s terminology, although we have noted those columnists who are not known to be Jewish by rendering their proper names in italics. In brackets we have also added additional material of our own, that is clearly noted as an editorial insertion.

Columnists and Commentators Who Can Be Counted Upon to Support Israel Reflexively and Without Qualification:
• George Will, The Washington Post, Newsweek and ABC News
• William Safire, The New York Times
• A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Daily News, formerly Executive Editor of and later columnist for, The New York Times
• Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, PBS, Time, and The Weekly Standard, formerly of The New Republic
• Michael Kelly, The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly, National Journal, and MSNBC.com, formerly of The New Republic and The New Yorker [Now deceased—killed during the Iraq war.—Ed.]
• Lally Weymouth, The Washington Post, Newsweek [Note: Ms. Weymouth is half-Jewish, being the daughter of late Washington Post Company chief Katharine Meyer Graham and her non-Jewish (and, ironically, reportedly anti-Semitic) husband, the late Philip Graham—Ed.]
• Martin Peretz, The New Republic
• Daniel Pipes, The New York Post [Note: Pipes has reportedly claimed to not be Jewish, but many sources say otherwise.—Ed.]
• Andrea Peyser, The New York Post
• Dick Morris, The New York Post
• Lawrence Kaplan, The New Republic
• William Bennett, CNN
• William Kristol, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, Fox News, formerly of ABC News
• Robert Kagan, The Washington Post and The Weekly Standard
• Mortimer Zuckerman, US News and World Report [Zuckerman recently served as Chairman of Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations—Ed.]
• David Gelernter, The Weekly Standard
• John Podhoretz, The New York Post and The Weekly Standard
• Mona Charen, The Washington Times
• Morton Kondracke, Roll Call, Fox News, formerly of The McLaughlin Group, The New Republic and PBS
• Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard, Fox News, formerly of The New Republic, The McLaughlin Group, and The Baltimore Sun
• Sid Zion, The New York Post, The New York Daily News
• Yossi Klein Halevi, The New Republic
• Norman Podhoretz, Commentary
• Jonah Goldberg, National Review
• Laura Ingraham, CNN, formerly of MSNBC and CBS News
• Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe
• Rich Lowry, National Review
• Andrew Sullivan, The New Republic
• Seth Lipsky, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Sun, formerly of the Jewish Forward
• Irving Kristol, The Public Interest, The National Interest and The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
• Allan Keyes, MSNBC, WorldNetDaily.com
• Brit Hume, Fox News
• John Leo, US News and World Report
• Robert Bartley, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
• John Fund, The Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal, formerly of The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page [Ethnic origins unknown—Ed.]
• Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page,
• Ben Wattenberg, The Washington Times, PBS
• Tony Snow, The Washington Times and Fox News
• Lawrence Kudlow, National Review and CNBC
• Alan Dershowitz, The Boston Herald, The Washington Times
• David Horowitz, Frontpage.com
• Jacob Heilbrun, The Los Angeles Times
• Thomas Sowell, The Washington Times
• Frank Gaffney Jr,, The Washington Times [Note: Gaffney’s ethnic antecedents are unknown, although there have been rumors that he was born to a gentile family but converted to Judaism.—Ed.]
• Emmett Tyrell, The American Spectator and The New York Sun
• Cal Thomas, The Washington Times
• Oliver North, The Washington Times and Fox News, formerly of MSNBC
• Michael Ledeen, Jewish World Review
• William F. Buckley, National Review
[Note: Although Buckley is widely recognized as an “Irish Catholic” and is known as a devout Catholic, his Roman Catholic antecedents are not, as widely believed, from his Scotch-Irish father’s side, but, instead from his mother’s side. Although Buckley’s mother was born to a German Catholic family based in New Orleans named Steiner, the late Chicago Tribune columnist, Walter Trohan, privately told intimates that it was his understanding that the Steiner family was originally Jewish and converted to Roman Catholicism, as did many Jewish families in New Orleans during the 18th and 19th centuries. This may well be the first time that Trohan’s revelation may have ever been committed to print. However, for expediency’s sake, we will list Buckley here as being “non-Jewish”, his reported ancestry notwithstanding—Ed.]
• Bill O’Reilly, Fox News
• Paul Greenberg, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
• L. Brent Bozell, The Washington Times
• Todd Lindberg, The Washington Times
• Michael Barone, US News and World Report and The McLaughlin Group
• Ann Coulter, Human Events
• Linda Chavez, Creators Syndicate [Note: Although Ms. Chavez was raised a Roman Catholic, her husband is Jewish and it has been rumored that she is a convert herself to Judaism.—Ed.]
• Cathy Young, Reason Magazine [Note: Ms. Young’s ethnic heritage is unknown to the editor.— Ed.]
• Uri Dan, New York Post
• Dr. Laura Schlessinger, radio host
• Rush Limbaugh, radio host

Publications That, For Reasons of Owner or Editorship, Can Be Counted Upon to Support Israel Reflexively and Without Qualification:
• The New Republic (Martin Peretz, Michael Steinhardt, Roger Hertog, Owners)
• Commentary (American Jewish Committee, Owner)
• US News and World Report (Mortimer Zuckerman, Owner)
• The New York Daily News (Mortimer Zuckerman, Owner)
• The New York Post (Rupert Murdoch, Owner)
[Note: Murdoch is of at least partial Jewish descent.—Ed.)
• The Weekly Standard (Rupert Murdoch, Owner)
• The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page (Peter Kann, Editor)
[Note: Alterman included The Atlantic Monthly in this list but since the magazine was sold by pro-Israel zealot Mortimer Zuckerman, its hard-line bias in favor of Israel seems to have softened.—Ed.]

Columnists Likely to Criticize Both Israel and the Palestinians, But View Themselves to be Supporters of Israel, and Ultimately, Would Support Israeli Security Over Palestinian Rights:
• Thomas Friedman, The New York Times
• Richard Cohen, The Washington Post and New York Daily News
• Avishai Margolit, The New York Review of Books
• David Remnick, The New Yorker
• Eric Alterman, The Nation and MSNBC.com
• The New York Times Editorial Board
• The Washington Post Editorial Board

Clearly, Alterman’s lists are very instructive indeed, demonstrating beyond any question that—when it comes to the issue of the media’s reportage of the Middle East question—a predominant Jewish and pro-Israel bias is in place.

The names on Alterman’s lists are virtually the “cream of the crop” of the elite media in America. Anyone who would suggest that there is not a pro-Israel bias on the part of the elite media commentators is speaking from an agenda and therefore to be dismissed.

Needless to say, not all of the names on Alterman’s lists are Jewish by any means, so it cannot be suggested that “Only Jewish columnists are pro-Israel.” In fact, there are many non-Jewish writers who have adopted a slavish, pro-Israel stance and, if truth be told, it’s been quite good for their careers.

And that, of course, might well be the best explanation as to why otherwise intelligent and balanced folks suddenly seem to lose all common sense on the sole issue of Israel. In short, promoting Israel is a lucrative business—even if the results are often bad for America!

Max Geltman, a reactionary identified with the National Review, revealed in his book, The Confrontation, that: “It’s by now an open secret that in 1957 the American Jewish Committee interceded with the Bureau of the Census in Washington and besought it not to ask questions about income related to national groupings in the 1960 census, for fear that the comparatively high income levels of the Jewish minority would lead to anti-Semitic outrages. The Bureau complied.”

What follows is list of wealthy American Jews, the sources of their wealth, and the estimated wealth (in 1986 dollars) as assembled by Jewish-American writer Lenni Brenner, based in part on the famous Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans. A more up-to-date listing (based on 2004 figures) follows later in these pages, but this listing itself is instructive:
• Leonard Abramson, U.S. Health Care Systems, Inc., $140 million;
• Charles, Herbert & Herbert A. Allen, stock market and real estate, $549 million;
• Walter Annenberg, TV Guide, publishing, $850 million;
• Enid Annenberg Haupt, $180 million;
• Esther Annenberg Simon, $180 million;
• Jeannette Annenberg Hooker, $180 million;
• Lita Annenberg Hazen, $180 million;
• Evelyn Annenberg Hall, $180 million;
• Edmund Ansin, Sunbeam TV Corp., $200 million;
• Ted Arison, Carnival cruises, real estate, casinos, $300 million;
• Robert Arnow, Jack & Alan Weiler share $450 million in real estate;
• Arthur Belfer, Peruvian oil, New York real estate, $475 million;
• Belz family of Memphis, Tennessee, real estate, $250
• Charles Benenson, real estate, $200 million;
• Blaustein family, $850 million;
• Paul Block and William Block, publishing, $300 million;
• Neil Bluhm, real estate/Chicago, $300 million;
• Judd Malkin, real estate/Chicago, $300 million;
• Ivan Boesky, $150 million;
• Edgar Bronfman, $665 million;
• Edward and Sherman Cohen, real estate and construction, $330 million;
• Seymour Cohn, $550 million;
• Henry and Lester Crown, $1.1 billion;
• Morton Davidowitz, (a.k.a. Morton Davis) D. H. Blair brokerage, $200 million;
• Leonard Davis, Colonial Penn Group, insurance, $230 million;
• Marvin Davis, Davis Oil Company, “still a billionaire” according to Forbes in 1985;
• C. Douglas Dillon, $150 million;
• Richard Dinner, In-Law of Swig family (San Francisco real estate), total family wealth: $450 million;
• Sherman Dreiseszun & Frank Morgan, Kansas City real estate, banks, shopping malls, $300 million;
• David, Roy and Seymour Durst, real estate, $550 million;
• Jane Engelhard, widow of “platinum king”, $365 million;
• Harold Farb, Houston real estate, $150 million;
• Larry and Zachary Fisher, New York real estate, $600 million;
• Max Fisher, U.S. and Israeli oil and petrochemical interests, $225 million;
• Michel Fribourg, controls 20% of world grain trade, $700 million;
• Alfred and Monte Goldman, real estate, father invented the shopping cart, $400 million;
• Sol Goldman, formerly New York’s biggest landlord, $450 million;
• Katharine Graham, Washington Post publishing empire, $350 million;
• Pincus Green and Marc Rich, commodities traders, $200 million each;
• Haas family, heirs to Levi Strauss empire, $775 million;
• Armand Hammer, $150 million;
• Leon Hess, Hess Oil, $360 million;
• Horvitz family, Florida real estate, cable television, $250 million;
• Peter Kalikow, real estate, $375 million;
• Paul Kalmanovitz, Falstaff and Pabst beers, real estate, $250 million;
• Howard Kaskel, real estate, $250 million;
• Edwin Marion Kauffman, Marion Labs, Kansas City Royals, $190 million;
• George Kozmetsky, Teledyne and other investments, $175 million;
• Carl and George Landegger, paper mills, $250 million;
• Leonard and Ronald Lauder, Heirs to Estee Lauder cosmetics, $700 million;
• Norman Lear, television producer, $175 million;
• Sam LeFrak, America’s largest apartment landlord, $800 million;
• Leon Levine, Family Dollar stores, $315 million;
• Leonard Litwin, real estate, $200 million;
• John Loeb, Shearson Lehman/American Express, $150 million;
• Robert Lurie, real estate, New York Giants baseball, $200 million;
• Mack family, construction demolition, $250 million;
• Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel, Premier Industrial Corp., $260 million;
• Leonard Marx, real estate, $300 million;
• Bernard Mendik, real estate, $180 million;
• Dominique de Menil, daughter of Conrad Schlumberger, $200 million;
• Sy Syms, Cut-rate clothing, $210 million;
• Paul and Seymour Millstein, real estate, $275 million;
• Stephen Muss, real estate, $200 million;
• S. I. Newhouse, media empire, $2.2 billion;
• Robert Olnick, real estate, $200 million;
• Max Palevsky, computers. $200 million;
• William Paley Family, CBS television fortune, $290 million;
• Jack Parker, real estate, clothing manufacturing, $300 million;
• Milton Petrie, Petrie Stores, shopping centers, $585 million;
• Victor Posner, Sharon Steel, National Can, $250 million;
• Sol Price, Merchandizer, $200 million;
• Pritzker Family, Hyatt Hotels, $1.5 billion;
• Pulitzer Family, St. Louis Post Dispatch fortune, $475 million;
• Resnick Family, real estate, construction, $250 million;
• Meshulum Riklis, Rapid American Corporation, $150 million;
• Rose Family, real estate, $250 million;
• Rosenwald Family, Sears & Roebuck fortune, $300 million;
• Jack and Lewis Rudin, real estate, $700 million;
• Arthur Sackler, medical publishing, advertising, $175 million;
• Schnitzer Family, steel, shipping, real estate, $250 million;
• Shapiro Family, cones, cups, disposable paper goods, $350 million (shared among 70 family members);
• Peter Sharp, real estate, $250 million;
• Leonard Shoen, U-Haul, $300 million;
• Walter Shorenstein, real estate, $300 million;
• Lawrence Silverstein, Chair New York Real Estate Board, $180 million [plus a double insurance payout from World Trade Center buildings collapse];
• Herbert and Melvin Simon, shopping centers, $385 million combined;
• Norton Simon, industrialist, $200 million;
• Sheldow Solow, real estate, $250 million;
• Stanley Stahl, real estate; $250 million;
• Ray Stark, motion pictures, $150 million;
• Saul Steinberg, financier/Reliance Insurance, $400 million;
• Leonard Stern, Hartz Mountain pet food, $550 million;
• Stone Family, Stone Container Co., $200 million;
• Sulzberger Family, New York Times media empire, $450 million;
• Swig family, real estate, $300 million;
• Sydney Taper, First Charter Financial Corporation, $300 million;
• Laszlo Tauber, real estate, (U.S. government’s largest landlord), $300 million;
• A. Alfred Taubman, real estate, fast food, $600 million;
• Lawrence and Preston Tisch, Loews Corporation, CBS, Bulova watches, Combined worth: $1.7 billion;
• Lew Wasserman, MCA talent agency, $220 million;
• Weiler Family, real estate, $240 million;
• Harry Weinberg, real estate, securities, bus company, $550 million;
• Leslie Wexner, owns 2,500 specialty clothing stores, family worth $1 billion;
• Lawrence Wien, real estate, $150 million;
• Wirtz Family, real estate, liquor distributorships, Chicago Black Hawks, Bulls, 350 million;
• Wolfson Family, movie theaters, television stations, $240 million;
• William Ziff Family, Ziff-Davis publishers, $650 million;
• Ezra Khedouri, Zilkha Investment Banking, Colt firearms, $150 million;
• William Zimmerman, Pic-n-Save bargain stores, $150 million;
• Mortimer Zuckerman, real estate, publishing, U.S. News & World Report, New York Daily News, $200 million.

Obviously, as we’ve noted, the names and dollar amounts are constantly subject to change, and later in these pages [next issue] we take a more up-to-date look (as of the Forbes 400 list for the year 2004) at those among the Zionist elite who have made the list of America’s —and indeed the world’s— wealthiest. What, of course, the Forbes 400 list does not include are those families and individuals who fall below the top 400 in ranking, and it should be pointed out that such a listing—of the top 1,000 richest, for example—would be quite revealing.

And since Forbes does not list the names in rank order, but only in alphabetical order, it is often hard to determine, at first glance, how predominant Jewish names —or Irish or Italian names for that matter— appear in the list.

Nonetheless, the Forbes rankings are most instructive and demonstrate beyond any question that Zionist families have achieved immense wealth in America today.

ABESS. Miami, Florida. Control the City National Bank of Florida. Members include Leonard Abess and Allan Abess, Jr.

ALTHEIM. New York City. Philip and Barbara Altheim control Forest Electric, a subsidiary of EMCOR and the largest electric construction company in the world. Sons and daughters include Marc, Jill and Gary.

ANNENBERG. Philadelphia. Long headed by the late Walter Annenberg, who served as U.S. Ambassador to England, appointed by Richard Nixon. Triangle Publications empire. Published TV Guide and Philadelphia Inquirer.

ARISON. Miami. Israeli-born Theodore “Ted” Arison founded the Carnival Cruise Lines. Ted’s son Micky now controls the family empire which includes the cruise line, hotels, resorts and Miami Heat basketball team. Ted Arison returned to Israel.

ARNOW-WEILER. Boston. Russian-born Jack Weiler partnered with Benjamin Swig in commercial development, grabbing more than seven million square feet. Daughter Joan and husband Robert Arnow and their son David now rule the empire. They have a son, Noah.

BARNETT. Fort Worth, Texas. Operated Hilton Hotels in Israel. Louis Barnett and his wife Madlyn (nee Brachman: See BRACHMAN) have son Eliot who is involved in shopping center development. Family also involved in real estate, pharmaceuticals and oil. Family funds Barnett Institute of Biotechnology at Northeastern University.

BELFER. New York. Refugees from Poland, Arthur and Rochelle Belfer founded the family now headed by Robert Belfer and daughters Selma Ruben and Anita Saltz. Arthur Belfer was involved in oil and natural gas which later evolved into the infamous Enron corporation. Son Robert was on Enron executive committee but escaped mediaattention.

BELZ. Memphis. Belz Enterprises and the Peabody Hotel (Memphis) Group are part of the family’s holdings established by Philip Belz who dabbled in real estate and management. His son Jack Belz and wife Marilyn maintain the family’s affairs. Their daughter Jan, married to Andrew Groveman, is coming into her own, active in Soviet Jewish emigration.

BELZBERG. Canada-New York-Israel. Sam Belzberg heads Gibralter Capital corporation. Wife: Frances. Daughter Wendy (an editor at the influential Jewish newspaper, Forward, is married to Strauss Zelnick, head of BMG Records. Daughter Lisa is married to Matthew Bronfman (See BRONFMAN). The family [members] are original financial backers of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Their former rabbi, Marvin Heir, left Canada to go to Los Angeles where Heir set up the Center.

BENARD-CUTLER. Boston. Along with his partners —Sheldon Adelson, Irwin Chafetz and Dr. Jordan Shapiro— Ted Benard-Cutler runs the Interface Group, developer of Comdex, a global trade show for computers and communications industries. Comdex was sold to the Japanese Softbank Corporation in 1995. Benard-Cutler and Chafetz now are heading GWV International which sets up tour packages for New England. Benard-Cutler and his wife Joan have sons Joel and Robert and daughter Ellen Colmas.

BERNHEIM. New York. Stockbroker Leonard Bernheim was outshone socially by his wife Elinor Kridel Bernheim who was active in New York Jewish affairs. Their sons Charles and Leonard are following in their mother’s footsteps.

BINSWANGER. Philadelphia. Isidore Binswanger was founder of Maimonides College, the first rabbinical college on American shores. Son Frank established a giant international real estate company with 20 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Also active in Japan and elsewhere in Asia and Europe. Frank Jr. and John Binswanger are active in the family company. Son Robert heads the graduate school of education at Dartmouth.

BLACK. New York. Leon Black is a former managing director of Drexel Burnham Lambert and now president of Apollo Advisors LP and its affiliate Lion Advisor, LP. Wife Debra is prominent in Jewish affairs.

BLAUSTEIN. Baltimore. Louis Blaustein started off as a kerosene peddler, branching out to found American Oil Company (AMOCO). Son and heir Jacob was once called “the titular head of the American Jewish community” and was a major player in the early years of the United Nations. Sisters Fanny Thalheimer and Ruth Rosenberg. Other family members include David Hirschhorn, Barbara Hirschhorn, Mary Jane Blaustein, Arthur Roswell, Elizabeth Roswell, Jeanne Blaustein Borko, Susan Blaustein Berlow.

BLOCK. New York. Alexander Block founded Block Drugs that came to manufacture Polident, Nytol and Sensodyne. His son Leonard, grandson Thomas, and granddaughter Peggy Danziger (wife of Richard Danziger) are active in the family’s corporation.

BLOOMBERG. New York. Elected mayor of New York City in 2001, Michael Bloomberg started out at Salomon Brothers and went on to establish a multimedia empire providing stories to newspapers and a 24-hour direct satellite television network.

BLUMENTHAL. Charlotte, North Carolina. Herman Blumenthal heads the Radiator Specialty Company than produces some 4,000 automotive products. With wife Anita, has three sons Alan, Philip and Samuel who are active in family’s corporate and “philanthropic” affairs.

BRACHMAN. Fort Worth. Family founder Leon Brachman launched chemical manufacturing business and branched out to set up Computerized Business Systems, designing programs for small businesses. Son Marshall is associated with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington. Daughter Wendy lives in Israel. Family member Madlyn married into Barnett family of Ft. Worth (See BARNETT).

BRAMAN. Miami. Norman Braman started off in Philadelphia where he established the Keystone Discount Stores (38 locations). He and wife Irma retired to Miami where he operates a chain of automobile dealerships. A former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles team.

BROAD. Los Angeles. Eli Broad founded SunAmerica, Inc., a financial services firm. A co-owner of the Sacramento Kings and well known as a collector of contemporary art.

BUTTENWIESER. New York. The late Benjamin Buttenwieser was a partner in the Kuhn-Loeb banking empire and served as assistant U.S. high commissioner in Germany following World War II. His wife, Helen, was a member of the Lehman Brothers banking family. Their son Lawrence is a partner at the New York law firm of Rosenman & Colin. Son Peter was a high school principal in Philadelphia and is connected to the activities of the (non-Jewish) Ford and Danforth foundations. Son Paul is a psychiatrist and novelist in Belmont, Massachusetts.

CARDIN.The wealth of Israeli-born Shoshana Cardin’s late husband, real estate tycoon Jerome Cardin, made it possible for her to rise to high prominence in the American Jewish community as the first female president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and as chair of the United Israel Appeal. His daughter Nina is one of the first women admitted as a Conservative rabbi. Son Sandy Cardin runs the Schusterman Foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

CARTER. Victor Carter is said to have “specialized in the turnaround of ailing companies” but is best known for heading the United Way, City of Hope and Israel Bonds. His wife Andrea has been involved in—of all things—the Country Music Commission.

CHANIN. New York. Irwin and Henry Chanin, brothers, were major real estate developers in early 20th century New York. Irwin’s son, Marcy, and wife Leona Feifer Chanin (senior vice president of the American Jewish Congress) have children: two of whom are attorneys, James Chanin of Oakland California and Ann Glazer of Los Angeles. Another daughter, Nancy Sneider, resides in Boca Raton, Florida. Irwin’s son, Paul Chanin, is based in Aspen, Colorado, where the family foundation operates. He runs the famous Pinon’s restaurant as a sideline.

COHEN. New Orleans. Rosalie Palter Cohen, daughter of Universal Furniture founder Leon Palter, has been a major player in the powerful Jewish community in the Crescent City.

CONE. A large Southern Jewish family (descended from 13 original children of Herman Cone) which gained its wealth through the Cone Mills, the largest manufacturer of denim in the world.

CORWIN. Los Angeles. Bruce C. Corwin is president of the Metropolitan Theatres Corporation which owns movie theaters and popcorn concessions. Funders of “conservative” Pepperdine University in fashionable Malibu.

CROWN. Chicago. The late Henry Crown was closely connected to organized crime in Chicago and built up a major real estate empire based in the Material Service Corp. a building supply firm. In 1959 the family gained control of major defense contractor General Dynamics. The Crown family were major players in helping finance Israel’s secret nuclear arms development program. Son Lester now heads the family. Son Dan operates Crown theaters.

CUMMINGS. Chicago. Nathan Cummings founded the food production conglomerate best known for “Sara Lee” products. His three children and ten grandchildren are maintaining the family foundation.

DAVIDSON. Detroit. William Davidson took over his uncle’s windshield business which evolved into Guardian Industries, the fifth largest glass manufacturer in the world. Owner of the Detroit Pistons team. The Davidson-funded William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan’s School of Business Administration has been interfering in the newly developing economies of Eastern Europe.

DEUTSCH. Santa Monica. Carl Deutsch operates the family’s real estate and management services.

DURST. New York. Joseph Durst and his three sons, Seymour, David and Royal, and
grandchildren Douglas, Robert, Jonathan and Joshua have developed large areas of Third Avenue and New York’s West Side.

EISNER. Los Angeles. Michael Eisner engineered the merger between Capital Cities, owner of ABC and other properties. Took over Walt Disney Company in 1984. The grandson of the co-founder of the American Safety Razor Co.

EPPLER. Cleveland-Palm Beach. German-born Heinz Eppler took over Miller-Whol and expanded the company to 420 women’s apparel stores sold in 1984 to Petrie Stores Corporation. Son David is based in Washington, D.C.

EVERETT. Described as “successful private investors”, Henry and Edith Everett are active in a variety of Jewish philanthropies. Son David is also active in Jewish affairs.

FEINBERG. Chicago. Rueben Feinberg is president of Jefferson State Bank in Chicago.

FELDBERG. Boston. Sumner and Stanley Feinberg, cousins, founded the T.J. Maxx stores (with more than 500 outlets), Hit or Miss stores (with 500 outlets) and the Chadwick’s catalog operation.

FELDMAN. Dallas. The late Jacob “Jake” Feldman founded Commercial Metals, a major New York stock exchange company. His son and heir Robert has been active in the Dallas Jewish community.

FEUERSTEIN. Westport, Connecticut-Newport Beach, California-Los Angeles-New York City. Heirs of Aaron Feurstein of the Malden Mills textile empire which produced Polartec fabric from the recycling of plastic bottles. Aaron’s brother, Moses, was a leading figure in U.S. Orthodox Judaism. Moses’s son, Morty, leads the Orthodox community in Vancouver, Canada.

FISHER. New York. Founded by Zachary and Lawrence Fisher, this is a major New York real estate development family.

MAX FISHER.Detroit. A major oil industrialist and top-level player in Republican Party affairs, Max Fisher maintained long-standing business ties to Israel and to Israeli intelligence. Once described by the National Police Gazette (December 1974) as one of the powerful “mystery men” who told Michigan-based Republican politician Gerald Ford (later U.S. president) “what to do and when to do it”. (In Final Judgment, this author’s study of the JFK assassination conspiracy, we outlined the Ford-Fisher connection —and Fisher’s ties to Israeli intelligence— in light of Ford’s role on the Warren Commission which ostensibly “investigated” the JFK assassination, but which effectively functioned as a cover-up of the long-secret Israeli link to the president’s murder.)

FRIEDMAN. Mill Valley, California. Eleanor Friedman—one of several heirs to the Levi Strauss billions—and her husband, Jonathan Cohen, are founders of the New Israel Fund, which is considered one of the “liberal” foundations advancing left-wing causes in Israel, including women’s rights, religious pluralism and better relations with native Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

GERBER. Chicago. Max Gerber established the Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Company which is now controlled by daughter Harriet Gerber Lewis and her children, Alan and Ila.

GIDWITZ. Chicago. Gerald Gidwitz chairs Helene Curtis, the personal-care products company. His son Ronald is president of the firm, which was acquired by Unilever in 1996. The family also owns Continental Materials Corporation, producers of heating and cooling equipment.

GODCHAUX. New Orleans. Heirs to Godchaux Sugar, once Louisiana’s largest sugar producer, and to the famous Godchaux’s department store of New Orleans. Family members are spread throughout the United States.

GOLD. Los Angeles. Stanley Gold heads Shamrock Holdings, a diversified investment company associated with the Disney heirs. A major investor in Koor Industries, Israel’s largest industrial company. Gold has son Charles and daughter Jennifer.

GOLDSMITH. New York. Several children of stock broker Horace Goldsmith’s wife Grace —James, William and Thomas Slaughter— control the foundation established with Goldsmith’s largess. Richard and Robert Menschel —both Goldman Sachs bankers who are cousins— are also involved in the family’s enterprises.

GOLDENBERG. Philadelphia. Heirs to confectionery and candy bar fortune which
produces the Goldenberg Peanut Chew —the firm’s only product. Family members include Carl and Ed and David.

GOTTSTEIN. Alaska. Barney Gottstein. Heads Anchorage-based Carr-Gottstein Foods, the largest Alaska-based company, involved in supermarkets, wholesale groceries and real estate. Served as national vice president of the Israeli lobby group, AIPAC, and on the Democratic National Committee. Son Robert has been working closely with pro-Israel Christian evangelist Pat Robertson in promoting Jewish causes.

GRASS. Scranton, Pennsylvania. Alex Grass took the Thrift Discount Center of small Keystone City state big time and established more than 2,700 Rite Aid Pharmacies in 23 states, with subsidiaries including Auto Palace auto parts, Concord Custom Cleaners, Encore Books and Sera-Tec Biologicals. Served as chairman of Israel’s Hebrew University. Children include sons Martin and Roger.

ALAN GREENBERG. New York. Alan “Ace” Greenberg chaired Bear Stearns and has been active in numerous Jewish causes.

MAURICE GREENBERG. New York. Known as “Hank” Greenberg, this insurance
baron took over American International Group (AIG) and has been active in the Far East. Plays a prominent role in the influential Council on Foreign Relations. Children include Jeffrey, Evan, Lawrence “Scott”, and daughter Cathleen.

GRUSS. New York. Joseph Gruss was active in oil and gas exploration in Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming and founded Gruss & Company, involved in oil and gas mergers and acquisitions. Daughter Evelyn’s husband, Kenneth Lipper, an attorney, is an investment banker and former New York City deputy mayor for finance. His son Martin is involved in horse racing.

GUMENICK. Miami. Nathan Gumenick built and owned 10,000 apartments and 500 houses in Miami, the first high-rise apartment developer in the Jewish retirement mecca. He was among the major supporters of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in its developmental period. Son Jerome is active in the Jewish community in Richmond, Virginia.

HAAS. The combined members of this immensely wealthy family are the heirs to the Levi-Strauss garment fortune. Altogether the combined wealth of the various members of the family places them beyond any question in the highest ranks of the nation’s wealthiest families.

HALPERN. Sam Halpern and his brother Arie —Polish-born immigrants who came to America— have been heavily involved in construction of resort hotels in Israel. Evidently the Halperns accumulated their wealth in the black market in the Soviet Union and later in the construction industry in the United States.

HASSENFELD. New York-Rhode Island. Heirs to the Hasbro toy manufacturing empire (producer of Mr. Potato Head and GI Joe), the world’s largest toy company. Family members include Alan and Harold.

HASTEN. Indianapolis, Indiana. Hart and Mark Hasten developed a chain of 1,500 convalescent centers and have been involved in banking and real estate, including the family holding company, Hasten Bancshares, Inc. Hart is close to the Likud bloc in Israel.

HECHINGER/ENGLAND. Washington, D.C. Spawned from the Hechinger hardware store chain in the nation’s capital region, founded by John Hechinger and Ross Hechinger. Richard England married into the Hechinger family. His son Richard has served on the executive committee of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

GOTTESFELD HELLER. Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, widow of investor Joseph Heller, claims her fame by virtue of not only her husband’s largess, which she distributes to Jewish causes, but also as a result of having written a widely touted memoir of her years as a Ukraine-born “Holocaust survivor”.

HEYMAN. New York-Connecticut. Sam Heyman and his wife Ronnie (both graduates of Yale and Harvard) won their riches through Sam’s involvement with the GAF Corporation, a major building materials and chemicals manufacturing company. In 1991 Sam spun off the chemicals division which is now a publicly-traded corporation known as International Specialty Products. Mrs. Heyman (nee Feuerstein: See FEUERSTEIN) was a law school classmate of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

HOCHBERG. New York and Chicago. Heirs of Joseph Hochberg who ran Children’s Bargaintown USA. Son Larry is chairman of Sportmart, a sporting goods chain.

HOFFMAN. Dallas, Texas. Edmund Hoffman made his fortune as the leading (Dallas-based) Coca-Cola bottler and distributor in Southwest Texas. Son Richard is a well-known physician in Colorado. Son Robert was one of the founders of the National Lampoon humor magazine.

JESSELSON. New York. Michael, Daniel and Benjamin are the heirs of Ludwig Jesselson, who had risen to become CEO of the Philipp Brothers firm, one of the world’s largest markets of more than 150 raw materials including steel, crude oil, chemicals and cement. The firm was later acquired by Salomon Brothers, Inc., the international banking house.

KAPLAN. New York. Stanley Kaplan is the “educational” wizard who spawned the popular SAT-training courses that high school students use to study for the college entrance examinations. Stanley says he is particularly concerned with grooming “leaders” in the Black and Hispanic communities, which means —to grassroots Black and Hispanic leaders— grooming Black and Hispanic figures who will do the bidding of America’s Jewish elite.

KEKST. New York. Gershon Kekst is the head of the corporate and financial communications firm, Kekst and Company. Has son, David, and wife Carol.

KLINGENSTEIN. New York. Heirs of Dr. Percy Klingenstein who was chief of surgery of the Third General Hospital of the United States Army, include Frederick Klingenstein, an investment banker, and John Klingenstein.

KRAFT. Boston. An owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft made his fortune as founder of International Forest Products, one of the largest privately held paper and packaging companies in the country.

KRAVIS. Tulsa. The family fortune was spawned by Raymond Kravis, an oil and gas consultant who included Joseph P. Kennedy and the Rockefeller-controlled Chase Bank among his clients. His sons Henry and George teamed up with their cousin, George Roberts, and brought international fame and fortune to their firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company in the leveraged buyout racket of the 1980s. They acquired some 36 companies including RJR Nabisco. The Kohlberg-Kravis team were closely identified with Republican politics during the era.

KRIPKE. Omaha. Talk about good connections! Myer Kripke was a rabbi in Omaha, Nebraska whose wife, Dorothy, wrote children’s books. The wife of legendary (non-Jewish) Omaha-based billionaire investor Warren Buffet liked Mrs. Kripke’s books, and the two women became friends. As a result, the Kripkes were invited to become “modest investors” in Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company and made a bundle. Son Paul is a philosophy professor at Yale.

LAUDER. New York. Leonard and Ronald Lauder are the heirs to the Estee Lauder cosmetics fortune. Ronald also served as U.S. ambassador to Austria and as president of the Jewish National Fund and made a bid for mayor of New York on the Republican ticket in 1989.

THOMAS H. LEE. Boston. A leveraged buyout operator, Thomas H. Lee, made a mint when he sold his Snapple soft drink company to Quaker Oats. Now, like all Jewish boys made good, he’s a philanthropist.

LEHMAN. Skokie, Illinois. Not to be confused with the German-Jewish “Our Crowd”
international banking family of New York, this Lehman family —headed by Kenneth Lehman— made their money through a family business, Fel-Pro Incorporated, an automotive supply manufacturer. To his credit, Lehman is no slave driver. His company offers vast benefits to its employees and all manner of financial gifts and scholarships.

LENDER. Connecticut. Marvin and Murray Lender are bagel tycoons. They sold their frozen bagel enterprise to Kraft Foods in 1984 and are now devoting their wealth to Jewish causes.

LEVENTHAL & SIDMAN. Boston. Partners in Beacon Properties, the largest real estate investment trust in the United States, Edwin Sidman and Alan Leventhal took their company public in 1994 and have expanded their interests on a national scale. Leventhal has been closely associated with the political endeavors of Bill Clinton.

LEVIN. New York. Gerald Levin, who rose to become CEO of the Bronfman family-controlled Time Warner empire, started out as a lieutenant of Lewis Strauss, the Jewish chief of the Atomic Energy Commission. Although there’s nothing in the public record to suggest it, it’s a good bet that Levin and Strauss had a hand in “helping” Israel achieve atomic weapons. Today Levin is a member of the Rockefeller-funded Council on Foreign Relations. A major media figure indeed.

LEVINSON. New York. Morris Levinson’s widow, Barbara, has become a leading Jewish community figure through the distribution of the largess of Morris’s wealth accumulated as a food and cosmetics conglomerate that merged with Nabisco. Morris was also a founder of the Center for Democratic Studies which has been described as “the first ‘think’ tank”. Son Adam is based in Tallahassee, Florida but active in Jewish affairs nationwide. Son Joshua is a professor at Hebrew University. Daughter Judy is married to one John Oppenheimer.

LEVY. Dallas, Texas. Irving, Milton and Lester Levy—brothers—control the NCH Corp., which produces and distributes maintenance products to hotels, government agencies and industrial corporations. Their four sons are also in the family business.

LEON LEVY. New York. A leader of America’s Sephardic Jewish elite (commemorated by Stephen Birmingham in his book, The Grandees, Leon Levy made a fortune as CEO of Urban Substructures, Inc. which was involved in the construction and engineering of many leading properties in New York City. Levy also served as chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Children include Mark, Mimi, Judy and Janet. His wife Elsi is a professional musician.

LIPPERT. New York. Albert and Felice Lippert made their millions helping millions of people lose weight. Teaming up with Jean Nidetch, a stout Jewish homemaker who had set up dieting support groups, they formed Weight Watchers International and sold the thriving enterprise to Heinz foods in 1978. Sons Keith and Randy.

LIST. New York. Albert List made a success in distributing appliances and then branched out and grabbed control of Hudson Coal Company, assembling a conglomerate that included the RKO theater chain.

LOEB. New York. The late Carl Morris Loeb made his millions with American Metal Co. and later went on to found Loeb Rhoades (which is now Shearson Lehman/American Express). Carl’s son John married the daughter of Arthur Lehman of the Lehman Brothers banking house. John Loeb has two sons, Arthur and John Jr. (who was a U.S. ambassador to Denmark), and his daughter Ann was married to Edgar Bronfman and produced Edgar Bronfman, Jr. This intermarriage of Jewish family fortunes illustrates the manner in which the Jewish elite have kept their wealth “in the tribe”, so to speak. Incidentally, this Loeb family is not to be confused with the Loeb family of the Kuhn Loeb banking empire—another major Jewish fortune altogether.

LOWENBERG. San Francisco. Holocaust survivor William Lowenberg, head of the Lowenberg Corporation, is a major San Francisco real estate developer. Son David carries on the family name and involvement in Jewish affairs.

MACK. New York. H. Bert Mack started out in demolition and was responsible for major operations at the sites where the United Nations, the New York World’s Fair and the Triboro Bridge were built. The Mack Company is now a major real estate developer. Sons include Earl, Bill, David and Fred.

MANDEL. Cleveland. Morton, Jack and Joseph Mandel launched Premier Industrial Corporation which is today a major player in the production of rare electronic products. They merged Premier with Farnell Electronics, a British firm, to form Premier Farnell PLC.

MARCUS. Dallas. This is the family of the famed Nieman-Marcus Department Store. Although the company was sold in 1969, Stanley Marcus remained on the board for several years. He also served as chairman of the American Retail Federation.

BERNARD MARCUS. Atlanta. The Home Depot home supply empire —the largest in the country— is the brainchild of Bernard Marcus whose children, Fred, Morris and Suzanne are the heirs to the fortune.

MERKIN. New York. Hermann Merkin set up the Merkin & Co. investment banking firm that includes his son Sol and his son-in-law Andrew Mendes. Daughter Daphne has been a New York Times columnist and a novelist.

MEYERHOFF. Baltimore. Construction and shopping center tycoon Harvey Meyerhoff was first chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and also chairman of the United Way. His son Joseph Meyerhoff II is a major Baltimore figure as are his daughters Terry Rubenstein and Zoh Hieronimus, a radio talk show host of some repute.

MEYERSON. Dallas. Mort Meyerson’s claim to fame is his association with Ross Perot, and is said to be Perot’s “right hand man” serving as president of Electronic Data Systems and then as CEO of Perot Systems Corporation.

MILKEN. New York-Los Angeles. The infamous Milken brothers —Michael and Lowell— came to prominence in the financial trading scandals in the 1980s but they nonetheless remain major figures in the worldwide Jewish community and particularly respected among “conservatives” who admire Milken-style piracy and hyper-capitalism.

MILLSTEIN. New York. Ira Millstein is a partner in the influential New York law firm of Weil Gotshal & Menges and has taught at the Yale School of Management and the New York University School of Law. He has served on numerous government commissions and on the National Association of Corporate Directors.

MILSTEIN. New York. The Circle Floor Company, founded by Morris Milstein, laid the floors in Rockefeller Center and the United Nations, but Morris’s sons Seymour and Paul developed the family firm, Milstein Properties, into a major real estate enterprise, owning hotels, offices and apartments. They also controlled the international United Brands empire for a period and in 1986 bought the Emigrant Savings Bank. Family members Howard and Edward control Douglas Elliman, a building management and brokerage concern, and the Liberty Cable Television Company.

MUSHER. New York. Sidney Musher was a pharmaceuticals executive who was a major player in opening the American market for Israeli products. His sons David and Daniel are doctors.

NAGEL. Los Angeles. The Nagel Construction Company funds the affairs of Jack and Gitta Nagal —both Holocaust survivors. Their children include Ronnie, David, Careena —based in Los Angeles. Daughter Esther lives in Englewood, New Jersey.

NASH. New York. With his partner, Leon Levy (See LEON LEVY), Jack Nash was a founder of the hotly successful private money fund, Odyssey Partners. His son-in-law is investor George Rohr. Jack’s wife, Helen, is the sophisticated author of kosher cookbooks.

NASHER. Dallas. Another of the elite Jewish rulers of Texas, Raymond Nasher was a major mall developer, including the famous North Park, among his success stories.

OFFIT. New York. A former manager at Solomon Brothers, Morris Offit went on to launch his own investment bank, Offitbank, and his own investment advisory firm, Offit Associates.

PEARLE. Dallas. Dr. Stanley Pearle, an optometrist, made his fortune in the famous Pearle Vision Centers, the world’s largest eyeglass dealers.

PECK. New York. Stephen and Judith Stern Peck are Jewish socialites of the highest order. Stephen has been chairman of the board of famed Mt. Sinai Hospital and Judith has been chair of the board of the United Jewish Appeal-Federation. Their daughter-in-law, Stephanie Rein, and their son, Emmanuel, are also big names in New York Jewish affairs.

PERELMAN. New York. Born in Philadelphia, the heir to Belmont Industries, a metal fabricating enterprise that became a holding company for several other businesses in the region, Ronald Perelman now controls more than 44 companies through the MacAndrew & Forbes empire. Among his holdings are his best known, Revlon, the cosmetics giant, the Coleman Co. (which makes camping equipment), California Federal Bank, and Consolidated Cigar (which produces multiple cigar brands). His son Steven is involved in the family’s business affairs. POLK. Chicago. Sam and Sol Polk created the Polk Brothers department stores which were a major force in the Chicago metropolitan area until they closed up in 1992, but the family remains wealthy. Family members include Howard Polk, a stockbroker, Roberta Lewis and Bruce Bachmann, a real estate executive.

PRITZKER. Chicago. Hyatt hotels, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Continental and Braniff Airlines, McCall’s magazine, and the Ticketmaster entertainment octopus have all been part of the Pritzker family’s gigantic fortune. The family founder Nicholas was an immigrant from Kiev who established a law firm that he used to launch the climb to wealth and power. His sons Harry, Jack and Abraham and the latter’s sons, Jay, Robert and Donald, have been the “big” names in the family. Their Marmon Group “specializes in buying and restructuring troubled companies”.

RATNER. Cleveland-New York. The Ratner family’s Cleveland-based Buckeye Material Company evolved into Forest City Enterprises (now Forest City Ratner Companies), which is a major real estate developer in their hometown and in New York. They were involved in the 42nd Street redevelopment. Family members include Charles, James, Ronald, Albert, Leonard and Max, who was the founder of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce. Mark Ratner is a professor of chemistry at Northwestern University.

REDSTONE. New York. Born “Rothstein”, Sumner Redstone took over his father’s movie theater chain and expanded it to nearly 900 affiliates. In 1987 he orchestrated the leveraged buyout of Viacom, Inc., which is one of the major global media enterprises, controlling Paramount Studios, Blockbuster Video, Simon & Schuster, Nickelodeon and MTV. His daughter Shari Redstone is increasingly involved in her father’s empire.

RESNICK. New York. Jack and Pearl Resnick and their son Burton have made a vast fortune in New York real estate, dealing in office property purchase and renovation. Daughter Marilyn is married to Stanley Katz and active in Jewish affairs both in the U.S. and Israel.

RIFKIND.New York. A well-known attorney and a partner in the well-known elite firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, Simon Rifkind was an “advisor” to General Dwight Eisenhower on issues such as the disposition of uprooted Holocaust survivors and was a major player in lobbying on behalf of the formation of Israel. His son Robert, a partner in the equally elite law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, was president of the American Jewish Committee.

ROSE. New York. Born in Jerusalem, David Rose came to New York and set up a wide-ranging and powerful real estate firm, Rose Associates, that has built, owned and/or managed properties in New York as well as Washington, D.C., Boston, Florida and Connecticut. His sons Frederick, Daniel and Elihu and grandchildren Adam and Jonathan are now in charge of the Rose empire’s affairs.

ROSENWALD. Chicago-New Orleans. Julius Rosenwald made his fortune by grabbing control of Sears & Roebuck, the catalog giant. His son Lessing, however, upset many in the American Jewish community by being a major supporter of anti-Zionist causes. Daughter Edith, who was a major supporter of “civil rights” causes in the South, operating out of a fabulous mansion in New Orleans modeled after “Tara” in Gone With the Wind, married into the Stern family. Her family ran the WDSU media empire in New Orleans and were close personal friends of Clay Shaw, prosecuted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, for involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (See Final Judgment by this author, Michael Collins Piper, for further details about the strange role of the Stern family in the affairs surrounding Shaw and accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.) The family is quite large and remains active in real estate and cable television.

RUDIN. New York. Jack and Lewis Rudin and their children, including sons William and Eric, are the rulers of Rudin Management which operates New York-based office and residential buildings.

SAFRA. NewYork-Monte Carlo. Although Syrian-born Jew Edmond Safra died several years in Monte Carlo in a mysterious fire (with allegations of involvement by Russian Jewish organized crime in his death), there is no mystery about the fact that his global banking empire, based in the Republic New York Corp. and the Swiss-based Trade Development (which merged with American Express), were quite powerful in the shadowy world of international finance. The family empire is now controlled by his brothers Joseph and Moise and their heirs.

SAUL. New York. Joseph Saul founded the Brooks Fashion chain which he sold to great profit in 1984. He is now churning his p

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SAUL. New York. Joseph Saul founded the Brooks Fashion chain which he sold to great profit in 1984. He is now churning his profits into many Jewish causes, Israeli interests in particular.

SAUNDERS. Boston. The Saunders Real Estate Corp. of Donald Saunders owns the Park Plaza hotel in Boston, along with a host of other commercial properties in the Bay State. His daughters Lisa and Pamela are seen as heirs to the fortune. Saunders is married to actress Liv Ullman.

SCHEUER.New York. A gas and coal company and New York real estate provided the foundation for this family’s wealth. One family member, James, served in Congress. Walter is an investment manager and documentary producer. Steven is a media critic. Amy is a psychotherapist. Richard has chaired the board of governors of Hebrew Union College and finances archeological digs in Palestine.

SCHOTTENSTEIN. Columbus, Ohio. This retail and real estate empire is known for Schottenstein Stores Corporation, Value City Department Stores, Value City Furniture and American Eagle Outfitters. Jay Schottenstein is now head of the family’s empire.

SCHUSTERMAN. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Charles Schusterman heads up Samson Investment Company, the largest independent gas producer, headquartered in Oklahoma. Daughter Stacy is involved in the family business. Son Jay lives in Colorado. Son Hal lives in Israel.

SELIG. Atlanta. Heir to Ben Massell, a real estate developer, S. Stephen Selig is a major Atlanta developer in his own right, through Selig Enterprises. His daughter is Mindy Selig Shoulberg, a major player in the city’s Jewish community.

SILVERSTEIN. New York. The son of a real estate broker who rose to become a major high-rise office building developer, Larry Silverstein is probably best known today as the Jewish operator who gained control of the leases of the World Trade Center shortly before the 9-11 tragedy, a subject that has been covered in some detail by AmericanFree Press, the national populist newsweekly based in Washington, D.C. Rumors connecting Silverstein to both the CIA and organized crime activities have circulated for some time.

SIMON. Indianapolis. One of the five biggest shopping mall empires in the country —the second largest, in fact— is the basis of the fortune of brothers Melvin and Howard Simon who developed 62 malls and 55 shopping centers. In 1996 their holdings grew even larger when they merged with the (non-Jewish) DeBartolo Realty Corp. Mel co-owns the Pacers basketball team and has produced “trash” films such as Porky’s. His son David, who had been an investment banker at CS First Boston and Wasserstein, Perella, is now assuming a role in the family business which includes the famous Mall of America in Minneapolis, at one time certainly the largest mall in America.

SKIRBALL. Los Angeles. Jack Skirball was a rabbi, a real estate developer and a film producer —three professions of interest to all good Jewish boys, it seems. His wealthy family remains active in Jewish affairs in California.

SLIFKA. New York. The Halcyon/Alan B. Slifka Management Company provides this family the money they need to remain active in Jewish affairs in New York.

CHARLES E. SMITH. Washington, D.C. Don’t be fooled by the name. He’s Jewish and he was one of the biggest real estate developers in Washington, D.C. Robert Smith and brother-in-law Robert Kogod now run the empire which includes the Crystal City apartment complex in Arlington, Virginia, and Skyline City in Virginia.

RICHARD SMITH. Boston. Based in New England, the General Cinema movie chain expanded to take control of Neiman-Marcus (the Dallas-based department store) along with Harcourt Brace Publishing (now Harcourt General). General Cinema is now known as GC Cos. Robert Smith, son of Richard, has taken over the family’s affairs. The family is described as “very low profile”.

SONNABEND. Boston. Robert, Paul and Stephanie Sonnabend are the principals in the Sonesta International Hotels Corporation. They have some 19 properties, including in Cairo, Egypt.

SPERTUS. Chicago. Picture-framemanufacturing — through Metalcraft Corporation (later Intercraft Industries Corporation) — made the family fortune.

SPIELBERG. Los Angeles. Everyone knows the name of Stephen Spielberg, the movie legend responsible for a wide array of popular films, not to mention Schindler’s List. His primary company is Dreamworks SKG. Amblin Entertainment is another part of the Spielberg empire.

MARY ANN STEIN. Indianapolis. Mary Ann Stein, heir to bankers and businessmen, is active in liberal causes to the point that she become president of the New Israel Fund, an organization devoted to promoting “liberalism” in Israeli society, a cause that inflames hard-line Zionists to a certain extent, considering the New Israel Fund’s friendly gestures toward native Palestinians. (See also FRIEDMAN.)

SAM STEIN. Jacksonville, Florida. Sam Stein started the Steinmart Store in Mississippi and his son Jay developed a chain of 150 stores specializing in “upscale off-price merchandise” in 21 states. Jay’s wife Cynthia is an art teacher active in Jewish affairs in Jacksonville.

STEINBERG. New York. Saul Steinberg made a fortune through Leasco, a computer leasing firm, and then went big time with Reliance Insurance, which he purchased in 1968. His brother Robert and brother-in-law Bruce Sokoloff were heavily involved in family affairs. His daughter Laura is married to Jonathan Tisch of the powerful Tisch media empire (See TISCH.) His son Jonathan is owner of Financial Data which publishes Individual Investor magazine.

STEINHARDT. New York. Hedge-fund manager/tycoon Michael Steinhardt has a “passion”, it is said: that being “Jewish continuity”. Even though he “an avowed atheist” according to Avenue magazine, Steinhardt is still “yet one of America’s biggest supporters of Jewish and Israel causes”. He is a financier behind Forward, the influential New York-based Jewish weekly.

STERN & LINDENBAUM. New York. Heir to the Hartz Mountain (pet supplies) fortune, Leonard Stern owns the “liberal” Village Voice newspaper and is engaged in a variety of real estate ventures. His son Emanuel operates the SoHo Grand Hotel and is married into the influential Peck family (See PECK). The wealth of Leonard’s stepmother, Ghity Amiel Lindenbaum, also contributes to the family fortune.

STONE. Cleveland. Irving, Morris and Harry Stone were heirs to the American Greetings (card) Corporation. The cartoon figure “Ziggy” is one of their contributions to popular culture.

STONEMAN. Boston. Samuel Stoneman was vice chairman of the board of General Cinema Corporation. His daughters are Jane Stein and Elizabeth Deknatel. They run the family’s foundation.

AARON STRAUS. Baltimore. The family fortune was based on the nationwide Reliable Stores Corporation. They are major contributors to “good” causes in the Baltimore region.

NATHAN & OSCAR STRAUS. New York. Heirs to the R. H. Macy and Abraham & Straus department store fortunes. Oscar Straus II and Oscar Straus III are key family figures today.

STRAUSS. Dallas. Former Democratic Party National Chairman and U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Robert Strauss is a high-powered lawyer with the firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld. The son of Charles, a merchant, Robert Strauss was a key player in the rise of Lyndon Johnson to the presidency. His brother Ted’s wife Annette formerly served as mayor of Dallas.

STRELITZ. Norfolk, Virginia. The Haynes home furnishing chain, based in Virginia, is the source of this family’s wealth. E. J. Strelitz is CEO of the company.

SWIG. San Francisco. This family owns the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and other Fairmonts across the country. The Plaza Hotel is one of their crown jewels. Benjamin Swig and his son Melvin opened up the first shopping mall in the United States. Ben was partnered with Jack Weiler (See ARNOW-WEILER) in the commercial real estate business. Ben’s brother Richard, and Ben’s sons Kent, Robert and Steven, are involved in family foundation activities along with an in-law, Richard Dinner.

SYMS. New York. Sy Syms, head of the Syms Corp., which has a chain of 40 stores selling designer labels at discount prices, has brought his son Robert and daughter Marcy into the family business. Marcy has been a vice president of the American Jewish Congress. The family has also branched out into real estate.

TAUBER. Detroit. Joel Tauber made his fortune in manufacturing: Key Fasteners, Key Plastics (automotive parts) Keywell Corporation (scrap metal) and Complex Tooling & Molding (computer parts). Son Brian is involved in the family business. Daughter Ellen Horing is a money manager in New York. Another daughter, Julie McMahon, works with disadvantaged children.

TAUBMAN. New York. Developer of major shopping malls nationwide, Taubman had early business dealings with Max Fisher of Detroit (See MAX FISHER) and has been closely associated with Leslie Wexner (See WEXNER) of The Limited stores. Taubman was involved in the purchase and sale of the Irvine Ranch in Southern California. Taubman bought the Sotheby’s auction house and ended up being sentenced to a year in jail for price fixing. Vanity Fair reported in late 2002 that Taubman was a popular figure among his fellow inmates. His sons William and Robert are big players in the family empire.

TISCH. New York. Leading supporters of Israel, best known today for their control of the CBS broadcasting empire, Lawrence and Preston Tisch were among the most powerful Jews in America, although Lawrence recently died. Loews, CAN Financial, Lorillard and Bulova are all part of the Tisch empire. Lawrence had sons James, Daniel, Tom and Andrew, the latter involved in the executive committee of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Preston, who owns the Giants team, served as postmaster general of the United States. His son Steve is a filmmaker and his son Jonathan is the president of Loew’s hotels.

TISHMAN. New York. This construction family includes David, Norman, Paul, Louis and Alex. Numerous family members are highly active in Jewish affairs. Nina Tishman Alexander and her husband Richard Alexander and Bruce Diker, another family heir, are among the family members engaged in a variety of causes.

WASSERMAN. Los Angeles. The late Lou Wasserman, longtime head of MCA, the entertainment conglomerate, was —along with his partner, Jules Stein— a sponsor of the rise to fame (in films and in politics) of Ronald Reagan. He has been called the “king” of Hollywood.

WEILL. New York. As chairman and CEO of the Travelers Group, Sanford Weill is one of America’s wealthiest Jewish tycoons. His son Marc is ensconced at Travelers. His daughter Jessica Bibliowicz runs Smith Barney Mutual Funds.

WEINBERG. Baltimore-Hawaii. Harry Weinberg started off in the transit business in Baltimore and then branched out to Hawaii where he became a major player in the real estate business during the 1950s when air tourism to the islands boomed.

WEINER. New York. Chairman and CEO of Republic National Bank of New York and Republic New York Corporation—founded by Edmond Safra (See SAFRA) —Walter Weiner was a founding partner of Kronish, Lieb, Weiner & Hellman. His sons are John and Tom.

WEXNER. New York-Columbus, Ohio . Leslie Wexner owns it all: The Limited, Express, Lerners, Victoria’s Secret, Henry Bendel, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath and Body Works, and Lane Bryant. He is particularly concerned with educating future Jewish leaders.

WINIK. NewYork. Elaine Winik was the first female president of the United Jewish Appeal-Federation and chair of the United Jewish Appeal. Her daughter Penny Goldsmith is a major figure in AIPAC and in the ADL. The Winik fortune was made in the production of handbags.

WINTER. Milwaukee. Elmer Winter started Manpower, the temporary employment agency that has 1,000 offices in some 32 countries. He’s also been active in expanding business between the United States and Israel and served as national director of the American Jewish Committee.

WOLFENSOHN. New York. Born in Australia and trained as a merchant banker in London, James Wolfensohn became an executive partner at Salomon Brothers in New York. In 1995 he was appointed head of the World Bank —truly a one-man Jewish powerhouse.

WOLFSON. Miami. The Wolfson-Meyer Theater Company became Wometco and in 1984 was acquired by Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Company after having established itself as a pioneer in motion picture and television broadcasting in the 1920s. The investment firms Wolfson Initiative Corporation and the Novecentro Corporation are parts of the family empire. Family members include Louis III and Mitchell. The best known Wolfson was the infamous Louis who became entangled in an unpleasant scandal involving former U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas who was taking money from the Wolfson family foundation.

ZABAN. Atlanta. Based on a janitorial supply firm, Mandle Zaban and his brother Sam and his son Erwin established Zep Manufacturing that ultimately evolved into National Service Industries, now ruled by Erwin who has been a director of the Anti-Defamation League.

ZALE. Texas. Morris Zale established one of the world’s largest jewelry chains, but the company was sold in 1987. Heirs David, Marjory, Stanley and Janet are active in Jewish affairs. The two sons still work in the jewelry business.

ZARROW. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Henry and Jack Zarrow produce oil rigging parts and supplies through the Sooner Pipe and Supply Corporation.

ZILKHA. Truly a “global” Jewish family, the Zilkhas are heirs to the international Banque Zilkha which had been the largest privately-owned commercial bank in—get this—the Arab world. After the founding of Israel, the Baghdad-based French-speaking family moved west. Family chief Ezra has son Elias and daughters Donna Zilkha Krisel and BettinaLouise. Major players in the small Sephardic Jewish elite in America and active in Israel. They have also branched out into arms manufacturing.

ZIMMERMAN. Boston-Atlanta-Palm Beach. Harriet Morse Zimmerman, the daughter of a Boston shoe manufacturer, was a vice president of AIPAC and once arrogantly bragged that “the biggest donor to Israel in the world is the U.S. Congress.” Her son Robert is active in Westport, Connecticut. Her daughter Claire Marx and her son-in-law, Mark O’Leary, are also heavily involved in Jewish affairs.

So there we have it—a grand overview of what are undoubtedly the most powerful Jewish families in America. By no means, as we have said, is the list complete. There are many other names that could be added to the list, usually “lesser fry” (so to speak) in some of the smaller cities and locales around the country. In addition, there are an increasing number of powerful and wealthy foreign Jewish families —from Israel, Iran, Russia and elsewhere— establishing their positions on American shores.

Michael Colins Piper, The New Jerusalem, 2005

How Big A Threat Is Iran? - Neocon Warmonger Destroyed by MSNBC Dylan Ratigan

EXPOSED This is how Israel controls your media EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS

Refroidissement climatique:

U.S. Could Learn from U.K.’s Global Warming Reversal

Great Britain’s most prominent scientific body significantly softened its position on global warming after 43 of its members complained that the previous position did not take into account dissenting evidence.

Although the Royal Society’s climate change guide still asserts that greenhouse gas gases resulting from human activity contributes to warming, it does so more prudently:

There is very strong evidence to indicate that climate change has occurred on a wide range of different timescales from decades to many millions of years; human activity is a relatively recent addition to the list of potential causes of climate change. It is not possible to determine exactly how much the Earth will warm or exactly how the climate will change in the future, but careful estimates of potential changes and associated uncertainties have been made. Scientists continue to work to narrow these areas of uncertainty. Uncertainty can work both ways, since the changes and their impacts may be either smaller or larger than those projected.

White House solves the problem of global warming overnight... by officially changing the phrase to 'global climate disruption'


Global warming could be a thing of the past, thanks to the Barack Obama administration.

No, the White House has not single-handedly managed to stop the apparent rising temperature – but it does think the terminology oversimplifies the problem.

According to U.S. science adviser John Holdren, the public should start using the phrase ‘global climate disruption’ because it makes the situation sound more dangerous.

Meaningless data

Posted by Richard Friday, September 17, 2010 climate change

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, arctic sea ice appears to have reached its annual minimum extent on 10 September. The minimum ice extent was the third-lowest in the satellite record, after 2007 and 2008, the Center says, "and continues the trend of decreasing summer sea ice."

The big joke, of course, if you are into these things, is that arctic ice extent seems to run on a seventy year cycle, as well as being affected by short-term cycles which have more to do with wind patterns than they do temperature. Thus, a declining trend since the beginning of satellite data – which started in 1979 – is actually meaningless. Unless you know what happened in the previous cycle, you have no comparative base, and therefore you are just producing figures in isolation.

The very latest figure might tell us that the cycle is on the turn, and there is some slight evidence that we have passed the bottom end. We are, after all, just past the 70th anniversary of the surface raider Komet traversing the ice-bound northeast passage, on her way to the Pacific to sink Allied shipping.

As we recalled earlier, she left Germany on 3 July 1940 with a crew of 270, sailed up the Norwegian coast and then, with the assistance of the Soviets, navigated the northern route, crossing the Bering Straits into the Pacific Ocean in early September. She returned safely to Germany on 30 November 1941, after sinking seven ships, only in 1942 to be sunk by British motor torpedo boats near the Cap de la Hague, with no survivors.

If seventy years ago, we'd been spending the time monitoring arctic ice instead of indulging in an orgy of killing, we might all be better off. But, since we did not, we don't have the information – and guessing isn't good enough.

The Russians though, who live with the ice - and suffer from the vagaries of the climate far more than we ever have - have collected a huge amount of data and are convinced (warning mega PDF) that there are long-period fluctuations in climatic conditions, and have evidence to demonstrate the existence of an approximately 60-year repeating pattern in the circumpolar Arctic zone.

Needless to say though, that doesn't stop the little boys and girls in NSIDC knowing better and making stupid statements. Why should they listen to the people who know what they are talking about when they can make complete idiots of themselves unaided? But I guess they are no more stupid than the people who listen to them.

Sea Level Falling In 2010

Only problem is, since the start of the hottest year ever, sea level has fallen 10 mm. The most recent data from The University Of Colorado is shown below.

We can conclude that the oceans are neither heating nor are the polar ice caps melting at a rapid rate. As usual, Hansen’s theory does not match observations on the ground.

Record Cold in Alaska – updated

Get a load of these low temperatures in September: -11°F near Beaver Village, -10° near Chalkyitsik. Chicken, Alaska was -5°. Bettles reached ZERO on Monday, tying the coldest temperature ever recorded there in September. Eielson AFB near Fairbanks was +3°, and that was the coldest temperature they have ever had in any September (the average low for Fairbanks now is 28°). Daily records were set at Eagle (0°), Gulkana (3°), King Salmon (17°) and Cold Bay (31°).

Winter could be a whopper, forecasters say

The most intense La Niña conditions since 1955 are brewing near the equator, raising the odds of a wild winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Meteorologists say more rain, colder temperatures and bigger snowstorms are likely.

"There's the potential for whoppers — but no guarantees," Washington state Climatologist Nick Bond said Thursday at a National Weather Service briefing.

The snow that paralyzed much of the Puget Sound region during the winter of 2008-2009 is one example of what a La Niña pattern can produce.

"La Niña winters are snowy winters," said Brad Colman, National Weather Service meteorologist-in-charge for Seattle. "Skiers and departments of transportation should be paying attention."

The flip side of the more-famous El Niño pattern, La Niñas occur when the ocean near the equator becomes colder than usual. Current temperatures are the coldest for this time of year since the Eisenhower administration.

Children perish in Peru big freeze

Children aged under five have made up most of the hundreds of victims of a severe snap of cold weather sweeping southern Peru.

So far this year at least 409 people have died of pneumonia and illnesses triggered by the cold weather.

Cold Wave Kills 6 Million Fish in Eastern Bolivia

Authorities in the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz declared an alert following the death of 6 million fish from the unusually cold weather gripping the country in recent weeks.

Record snow fall for Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham has recorded its highest August snowfalls in almost a decade.

Up To 45cm Fresh August Snow In 24 Hours on Swiss Glaciers

Saas Fee has reported half-a-metre of fresh powder falling on its glacier in the past few days and neighbouring resorts Zermatt and, over in Italy, Cervinia, have also seen big snowfalls setting off Skiinfo powder alarms.

Adelaide's coldest winter in 13 years

A 20-degree day is finally in sight for Adelaide, whose residents are enduring their coldest winter in 13 years, according to weatherzone.com.au.

Early snowfalls arrive in Xinjiang

The start of winter might be several months away, but northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has already experienced its first early snowfall of the year, with up to 10 centimeters falling across the region.

Birmingham suffers coldest August in 23 years

BIRMINGHAM was the centre of the coldest August for more than 23 years, it has emerged.

Hot it was not... farewell to coldest August for 17 years

It should have been the height of summer, but was notable only for its low temperatures.

The UK has just endured its coldest August for 17 years, which was marked, say forecasters, by a complete absence of 'hot days'.

Huge Snowfalls in New Zealand

It may be coming to the end of the southern hemisphere's ski season but most of the country's resorts are in the middle of by far the biggest storm cycle of the winter.

Big September Snowfalls in Canada

Canada's most elevated ski area, Jasper's Marmot Basin in Alberta, received over 10 cm of snow on 20th September with considerably more accumulation at higher elevations.

Heavy snow across the world

New Zealand has been hit by extreme weather and though it has led to big problems for many people the ski resorts have had more snow.

Record low temp tied

It was so cold at the Santa Monica Pier Monday that the temperature tied a record low of 55 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

The old record was set in 1949.

Record low temperatures for the day were tied at other coastal locations in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

The temperature hit a low of 66 in Newport Beach, which tied a record set in 1934. At Oceanside Harbor, the temperature was also 66, tying a record set in 1953, according to the weather service.

'Global climate disruption'

Record Lows - 2010

Record Low Temperatures in the United States

Southern California's summer to end with a chill: It was the coldest in decades

Farewell summer, we hardly knew ye!

The last day of summer is Wednesday, but meteorologists say the season barely bothered to show up in the region this year. So cooler fall will make an almost noiseless entrance Thursday, hardly indistinguishable from the summer Southern Californians just experienced.

“Summer played hooky on us. It never really showed up,” said Bill Patzert, a climatologist for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada Flintridge. “We leaped from spring to fall.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Look, just because it was cold in London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Madrid, Moscow, Seoul, Toronto, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Chicago, Warsaw, São Paulo, Zürich, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Jakarta, Dublin, Bangkok, Taipei, Istanbul, Rome, Lisbon, Frankfurt am Main, Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Athens, Caracas, Los Angeles, Auckland, Santiago, Washington, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Barcelona, San Francisco, Manila, Bogotá, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Dubai, Bucharest, Oslo, Berlin, Helsinki, Geneva, Copenhagen, Riyadh, Hamburg, Cairo, Luxembourg, Bangalore, Dallas, Kuwait City, Boston, Munich, Jeddah, Miami, Lima, Kiev, Houston, Guangzhou, Beirut, Karachi, Düsseldorf, Sofia, Montevideo, Nicosia, Rio de Janeiro, Ho Chi Minh City, Montreal, Nairobi, Bratislava, Panama City, Chennai, Brisbane, Casablanca, Denver, Quito, Stuttgart, Vancouver, Zagreb, Manama, Guatemala City, Cape Town, San José, Minneapolis, Santo Domingo, Seattle, Ljubljana, Shenzhen, Perth, Kolkata, Guadalajara, Antwerp, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Amman, Portland, Lagos, Detroit, Manchester, Wellington, Riga, Guayaquil, Edinburgh, Porto, San Salvador, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Port Louis, San Diego, Islamabad, Birmingham, Doha, Calgary, Almaty, and Columbus doesn't mean anything, Those were just regional variations! That's it, regional variations! Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure! Regional variations! We have this here graph we made up at huge expense PROVING the Earth is getting warmer, you are to blame, and you MUST atone by paying us a carbon tax!" -- Official White Horse Souse

First snowmen of the season spotted as surprise cold snap sweeps across Britain


Britain has received its first autumn snowfalls for the year as a surprise cold snap sent millions reaching for the central heating controls this weekend.

Summer made a particularly swift exit from the Highlands as the first sprinklings of snow paid an early visit to the north of Scotland.

The last time Britain saw a September cold snap as severe as this current one was in 2003, when much of northern England was below freezing.

Stadium lies in ruins after record snow caves in roof

Television New Zealand

"We've never had a snow fall this big before, in our history. We've been going ten years and unfortunately in this instant it just hasn't been able to sustain it.

Awful August: A Record-Breaking Cold Month

Last month was the coldest August for 17 years, with a complete absence of "hot days", weather experts have said.

'Global climate disruption'

Record cold, wet month in central Australia

MUCH of central Australia, including Uluru, is in the midst of its coldest and wettest Septembers on record.

This week has been particularly cold and wet.

Rain on Wednesday brought 20 millimetres to Uluru and kept the temperature below 13 degrees all day, making it the coldest September day on record. It's more than four degrees colder than the previous record, set a little over a week ago.

'Global climate disruption'

Calgarians make the best of it as snow - yes, snow - clouds forecast

Fewer than 10 days remain in summer, and most Calgarians have been left wondering if it ever really began.

One year ago Thursday, the temperature soared to just over a blistering hot 30 C.

On the same day this year, meteorologists are forecasting a high of 5 C and a chance of snow.

Frost is a possibility later this week, snow could fall as early as Thursday and more probably on Sunday.

Monster cold snap hits state

STRONG winds, heavy snow and record cold resulted in blackouts and road closures across the state yesterday.

Snowfall was reported in several areas and weather bureau records indicated it was the coldest September day Hobart had experienced since 1985.

Gusting winds brought down trees and spread debris, affecting traffic and power lines statewide.

More than 12,000 Tasmanians experienced interruptions to their power as a result of the weather chaos.

Global Cooling and the New World Order

The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations.

Yep, that’s right. Global Cooling.

Which means one of two things.

Either it was a printing error.

Or the global elite is perfectly well aware that global cooling represents a far more serious and imminent threat to the world than global warming, but is so far unwilling to admit it except behind closed doors.

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