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lundi 10 octobre 2011

L'Autre Monde 10 octobre 2011: Tout est prêt pour que tout le Moyen-Orient s'enflamme...


L'Autre Monde 10 octobre 2011: Tout est prêt pour que tout le Moyen-Orient s'enflamme...

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L'Autre Monde 10 octobre 2011

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Actualités mondiales, Libye, 10e anniversaire de l'occupation militaire de l'Afghanistan, Irak, la prochaine cible de l'OTAN et des États-Unis: la Syrie, conflit régional majeur sur le point de s'enflammer, provocations de la Turquie et d'Israël...

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Flu Vaccine Pushed Despite Nerve Disease Link

The push for the H1N1-loaded 2011 flu vaccine has begun, with the CDC calling on healthcare workers and citizens around the world to become vaccinated. The call comes almost a full year after government health chiefs confirmed a link between the H1N1-containing seasonal flu vaccination and the killer nerve disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Here is the report that I wrote on October 18, 2010 warning readers about the link between the flu shot and Guillain-Barre Syndrome:

Flu Shots Contain More than 250 Times the EPA’s Safety Limit for Mercury

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Thimerosal is a widely used vaccine preservative that is present in the majority of flu shots and other vaccines. Thimerosal is 49% mercury by volume, an extremely toxic chemical element that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, neurological function, and overall biological function [1]. Each dose of flu vaccine contains around 25 micrograms of thimerosal, over 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit of exposure.

In addition to mercury, vaccines also contain other toxic fillers and preservatives that have been linked to health conditions such as cancer:

  • Aluminum: Also a neurotoxin, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease [5] and other cognitive diseases [6].
  • Antibiotics: Various forms include neomycin, streptomycin, and gentamicin.
  • Triton X-100: A detergent that should not be injected into the human bloodstream.

Crumbling Canadian Sovereignty

Amir Alwani, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

I’m sick of people thinking politics is some sort of hobby, like we can just choose to decide it doesn’t have to do with our life, death, happiness and freedom. Looking at the mechanics that underlie our world is not something I do out of boredom. To me, it seems self-evident that we’re on this earth to learn. Learning and gaining experience seems to be what being human is all about. I don’t like reading words on a page/screen. I’d much rather create music or learn to paint, bu,t unfortunately, sometimes missing a week’s worth of news is like missing a month. Missing a month is often missing a year.

Few Canadians are aware of the
true scope of the horrific G-20 event in Toronto last year. This event got very little coverage during the recent elections despite many calling it “Torontonamo”. There were agent provocateurs (cops dressed up as anarchists), $5 million spent on a fence, $1.2 billion spent on paying two- or three-thousand cops overtime so they could arrest and brutalize 1000 innocent people, many of whom were not even taking part in the protest. I even hesitate to say $1.2 billion. Who knows how much of our tax money was actually spent for security. If memory serves me well, it was originally stated it would only be around $170 million, then $300 something million, then $600 million-ish, then $900 million-ish, then finally $1.2 billion. For all we know, it could have been $10 billion.

It’s worthwhile to note that back when the H1N1 scare was happening the government gave dozens of body bags to some native communities. Why body bags? Equally disturbing and strange, it was found that the H1N1 shot caused a 300% increase in narcolepsy in children and this prompted some countries to ban it. Canada went a different route and introduced this mercury-laced H1N1-vaccine into the trivalent seasonal flu shot.

On September 29, 2009, an article came out from SkyWatch Canada titled
Forced Vaccination and Quarantine Laws in Canada. That article outlined some shocking laws we have here:

In 1996 Ontario passed the Health Care Consent Act, which allows treatment such as vaccination to be administered without consent of the individual in the case of a loosely defined “Emergency”. In Quebec the Public Health Act clearly states: “Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, while the public health emergency is in effect, the Government or the Minister, if he or she has been so empowered, may, without delay and without further formality, to protect the health of the population, (1) order compulsory vaccination of the entire population or any part of it against smallpox or any other contagious disease seriously threatening the health of the population and, if necessary, prepare a list of persons or groups who require priority vaccination. ”

In 2005 a new
Quarantine Act was passed to deal with the transmission of communicable diseases by travelers entering or leaving Canada. Powers are awarded under this act to a Quarantine Officer to issue an order for a traveler who may have come in contact with someone with a communicable disease, to comply with treatment (ie. vaccination) or any other preventative measure (Section 26). If the traveler refuses to comply with the order he or she may face detention at a quarantine facility, until they decide to comply with treatment (ie. vaccination) or no longer pose a risk (Section 28). The threat posed by this act is diminished by the fact that it only applies to people leaving or entering Canada. Unfortunately there is a real possibility that the definition of a traveler may be expanded to include internal travelers (ie. everyone). The 2004 Public Safety Act (Bill C-7 (2004) formerly Bill C-42 (2002)) amends the Quarantine Act , and in doing so grants powers to the Minister of Health to make an interim order without Parliamentary oversight, to expand the definition of a traveler to include anyone residing in Canada.

The moral of the story is that our government doesn’t care about us, and our government is clearly not under our control. Canada’s sovereignty is being insulted at breakneck speed. The corporate oligarchy is what is inevitably responsible for forced inoculation legislation in our country, and maybe our complacency is also to blame. These insane laws, by the way, never come as a shock to those who are aware of the efforts that have been made to combine Canada, USA, and Mexico into one country and that agenda’s underlying motivation to further consolidate power into one global government. Dana Gabriel recently wrote about Canada’s degenerating sovereignty, noting a “U.S.-Canada perimeter security agreement” that would expand “collaboration in areas of law enforcement and intelligence sharing”.

To further illustrate sovereignty’s disintegration, as it has been repeatedly pointed out, Obama launched the war on Libya without congressional approval. For Obama,
the UN’s approval was enough. No citizens in the US voted for the UN to make decisions for them. I never voted for Canada to be involved in bombing innocent Libyans. Recently, Ahmadinejad had the balls to point out the inherent flaws of the United Nations, and many soon walked out of his speech. His talk of 9/11-truth also may have contributed. In addition, US presidential candidate Ron Paul has already talked about getting out of the UN as he sees it to be a threat to the US’s sovereignty and economic well-being. I want to preserve Canada’s national sovereignty. One threat to our sovereignty might be that we have a Prime Minister that goes to secret elite meetings. For the record, I wouldn’t mind if Canada left the UN too.

The so-called Canadian military is already
integrated with the so-called US military, such that if a “terrorist attack” or “natural disaster” happens in the US, we could face U.S. military “helping” us out here and vice versa. This information slightly disturbs many of us who know that governments can now cause natural disasters and indeed do engage in false flag terrorism.

F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency), an entity that Ron Paul wishes to
abolish, has proven itself to be completely mad, recently, when it turned down volunteer firefighters during one of the largest wildfires in Texas history. Rewinding a few years, back when Hurricane Katrina happened, the area was locked down and guns were taken away from law-abiding citizens. Eventually F.E.M.A. workers admitted to how they had ambulances constantly coming to the work site just because they were so overworked and pressured to make these trailers on time. In the end, the trailers ended up being loaded with formaldehyde. F.E.M.A. also has set up concentration camps in many places in North America.

I feel sorry for anyone who proudly celebrates Canada day. There was a time in Ottawa, when you could legally spit on the sidewalk. Now that is not the case. There was a time when I could go for a bike ride without a helmet. Now, even in Halifax, I get threatened with a large fine for that. There was a time when people who smoked cigarettes could legally smoke outside at a bus-stop. Not anymore. The wind isn’t enough. A year ago I read an
article that said that we have no right to have a lawyer present during an interrogation. Now our sorry excuse for a government is proposing draconian laws that say we can be taken for 3 days without even being charged with a crime.

The bill
Here’s what the omnibus bill is expected to do on:


· Allow police to detain terrorism suspects for up to three days without charges.

Source: http://www.metronews.ca/ottawa/local/article/972945--omnibus-tops-commons-agenda

People aren’t even allowed to have chickens in their backyards here in Halifax. This parallels absurd legislation which is assaulting food freedoms in the United States. A year ago, legislation was passed in the US making it illegal for people to make jam and give it to their neighbors. They would have been fined thousands of dollars if they didn’t fill out the proper paperwork to account for this food “preparation”. Even after doing it their way, with the paperwork, a farmer is still limited to $500,000 a year, for some strange reason.

Do you think that sounds a little weird? Would you believe there was talk of fining a US citizen
$15 million for having a garage sale? Would you believe people are actually taken away by Child Protective Services for having their clothes in boxes or simply being vegetarians? Children all over the US are being arrested for selling lemonade . Cops ride horses inside a pub just to show you who’s boss. People are arrested and charged with life-sentences for video-taping police officers in public. People are being arrested for dancing. One woman was arrested and charged with 93 days of jail time for growing vegetables in her front garden. To be fair, the dancing thing pissed people off and a dance party successfully defied the dance ban. Similarly, grassroots backlash successfully got the charges dropped against the gardener.

It could have gone the other way. The people could have done nothing, left with their tails between their legs, and set the precedent for the taking away even more freedoms. Just because you haven’t yet had the tyranny come to your
doorstep, that doesn’t mean that this tug of war isn’t constantly going on in your own backyards. People in Canada better educate themselves about what’s been going on south of the “border” because it’s a wonder that anyone, anywhere, would even think of arresting a person for dancing or for growing tomatoes or videotaping a cop. That, in and of itself, is a big statement. If you have that happening south of your border, and at the same time you’re seeing the borders being destroyed, you should be asking questions. In Halifax, every bus has a sign on it proudly saying that there “may” be audio recording for our “safety”. One police officer at the G-20 in Toronto actually told a protestor, “This ain’t Canada right now”.

There is hope, but not without awareness of the true magnitude of our dire situation. We still have a few crucial freedoms, but we must be vigilant. We have become spoiled and we must reclaim our ability to perceive reality. We must pick our battles, go with the line of least resistance, take it one day at a time and act from the heart.

Adrian Salbuchi has a concise video expanding on strategies to combat this dehumanizing system.

Anak Krakatau raised to highest alert status- quakes are now continous, warn officials

- Indonesian officials have raised the status of one of its most dangerous volcanoes, Anak Krakatau, to a “standby” or level IV- the highest level.


Je voulais revenir brièvement sur le présumé terroriste à l'avion radiocommandé, car comme je l'avais évoqué une fois, je pratique l'aéromodélisme depuis presque dix ans, donc j'avais envie de partager mon point de vue.

En regardant la photo, on voit que l'avion est un F-86 Sabre dans les 1.5m d'envergure, construit en Elapor (30% de polypropylène et 70% de polystyrène). Il doit peser je pense dans les 4 à 5kg en ordre de vol, sans la charge explosive. A l'intérieur il y a une petite turbine électrique. Cette turbine, de faible diamètre comparé à une hélice externe classique, contraint l'avion à des démarrages lents sur la piste et à un roulage assez long avant de pouvoir prendre assez de vitesse pour décoller. Impossible ou presque de décoller sur une piste en herbe qui ne soit pas comme un terrain de golf plat, la piste en dur (béton) est obligatoire. De plus, ce type d'avion n'est pas du tout conseillé pour l'emport de charges (comme vous l'avez évoqué), c'est un avion de vitesse à faible surface à l'air.

Ce n'est pas le type d'avion facile à piloter, généralement il faut au moins 3 à 4 ans pour les meilleurs pour qu'un pilote de model réduit se lance sur un tel type d'avion à aile basse. L'autonomie de vol n'excède guère 8 minutes avec ce type d'avion car la turbine aillant un faible rendement consomme énormément.

Donc dans tous les cas sa aurait été très difficile même pour un pilote expert. Alors soit ils n'y connaissent rien en attaque aérienne soit ils se foutent de nous!

Romney Calls for a Century of American Dominance

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made his first major foreign policy speech Friday at The Citadel, a military college in the important primary state of South Carolina. Full of pomp and belligerence, he called for a century of American dominance.

“This century must be an American century. In an American century, America has the strongest economy and the strongest military in the world,” Romney said. “God did not create this country to be a nation of followers. America is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers. America must lead the world, or someone else will.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

Memo to Mitt Romney: with this country broke, to the tune of trillions in debt and climbing, sir, how do you intend to fund "...the strongest military in the world."?

THAT is something I would really like answered.

Romney would up defense aid to Israel, and raise the U.S. military profile near Iran

Mitt Romney said he would increase defense assistance to Israel, raise the U.S. military profile near Iran and recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"I can suck up to Israel better than any other Presidential candidate!" -- Romknee

US plotted to change world political map

According to the document, former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said ahead of the 2001 US-led Afghan war that Washington should think more broadly instead of focusing on al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

"If the war does not significantly change the world's political map, the US will not achieve its aim," the memo on US strategy, dated September 30, 2001, from Rumsfeld to former President George W. Bush read.

"There is value in being clear on the order of magnitude of the necessary change. The USG [US Government] should envision a goal along these lines: New regimes in Afghanistan and another key State (or two) that supports terrorism," the memo added.

Webmaster's Commentary:

It strikes me as painfully ironic that today in the US, highly placed warmongers literally get away with murder, with utterly no consequences, while peaceful protestors can get maced for engaging in their allegedly Constitutionally protected right to free speech.

Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong in this country, and those demonstrating in the huge and growing protests against a truly broken system understand this full well.

One-in-three vets say Iraq, Afghan wars were not worth it

One in three U.S. veterans of the post-9/11 military believes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting, and a majority think that after 10 years of combat America should be focusing less on foreign affairs and more on its own problems, according to an opinion survey released Wednesday.

The findings highlight a dilemma for the Obama administration and Congress as they struggle to shrink the government's huge budget deficits and reconsider defense priorities while trying to keep public support for remaining involved in Iraq and Afghanistan for the longer term.

Webmaster's Commentary:


Lower court’s ruling stands: Downloading music is not a crime

The Supreme Court let stand on Monday a ruling that a traditional Internet download of sound recording does not constitute a public performance of the recorded musical work under federal copyright law.

The justices refused to review a ruling by an appeals court in New York that the download itself of a musical work does not fall within the law’s definition of a public performance of that work.

The not-for-profit American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) appealed to the Supreme Court. It said the ruling has profound implications for the nation’s music industry, costing its members tens of millions of dollars in potential royalties each year.

Chaos Computer Club: German gov't software can spy on citizens

The program is capable of logging keystrokes, activating Webcams, monitoring Web users' activities and sending mountains of data to government officials, the club said.

To cover its tracks, the data is routed through rented servers located in the United States, the club alleges.

"To avoid revealing the location of the command and control server, all data is redirected through a rented dedicated server in a data center in the USA," the Club said on its website.

The German government has yet to comment on the findings, but already, antivirus companies are reacting to them. Security firm F-Secure will detect and disable the alleged government monitoring software if found on clients' computers, it announced on Saturday.

A well-regarded Germany-based hacker group claims a German government-created Trojan horse program is capable of secretly spying on Web users without their consent.

The group says on its website that it obtained and analyzed a piece of software that is supposed to be a "lawful interception" program designed to listen in on Internet-based phone calls as part of a legal wiretap, but its capabilities go far beyond legal bounds.

Government use of voice-over-IP monitoring software first came to light in 2006 when the Swiss government announced it was considering software written by Swiss-based ERA IT Solutions. At the time, Switzerland said the program's use would require a court order.

Antivirus companies have long held that they would detect and disable any such government-monitoring software found on users' machines. That public stance dates from 2001, when an msnbc.com report revealed that the FBI had developed a Trojan called Magic Lantern, which had capabilities similar to Bundestrojan. F-Secure's policy statement on Bundestrojan references Magic Lantern.

Still, the firm said it has not yet faced a direct confrontation with a government agency over the policy.

5 Sci-Fi Ad Techniques That Are About to Make Life Creepier

Then your roommate walks in and says, "You know what I wish I had? A blanket for my face." Just as you are about to turn around and tell him that he is too stoned for conversation, a pop-up ad appears on your computer, inviting you to buy a Face Blanket at Getyourfaceblankethere.com.

What's going on is your computer's microphone has been listening all along. And it's not a thing of the distant future, nor necessarily even of tomorrow: Google has already developed the technology to listen in on ambient sounds around your house, then fire off relevant ads to your Web browser. It can even keep up with your TV while you're channel surfing.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Have you noticed that webcams no longer come with those flip-down privacy shields any more?

Finland vows care for narcolepsy kids who had swine flu shot


The Finnish government and major insurance companies announced Wednesday they will pay for lifetime medical care for children diagnosed with narcolepsy after receiving the swine flu vaccine.

"The compensation will provide much-needed financial assistance for the families, although it cannot take away the emotional distress caused by this condition," Social Services and Health Minister Paula Risikko said in a statement.

Finnish and international researchers recently found a conclusive link between the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine and new cases of narcolepsy, a chronic nervous system disorder which causes people to often uncontrollably fall asleep.

War drones keep flying despite computer virus

The U.S. government's unmanned Predator and Reaper drones are continuing to fly remote missions overseas despite a computer virus that has infected the plane's U.S.-based cockpits, according to one source familiar with the infection.

Government officials are still investigating whether the virus is benign, and how it managed to infect the heavily protected computer systems at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, where U.S. pilots remotely fly the planes on their missions over Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet

A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America’s Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots’ every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over Afghanistan and other warzones.

The virus, first detected nearly two weeks ago by the military’s Host-Based Security System, has not prevented pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada from flying their missions overseas. Nor have there been any confirmed incidents of classified information being lost or sent to an outside source. But the virus has resisted multiple efforts to remove it from Creech’s computers, network security specialists say. And the infection underscores the ongoing security risks in what has become the U.S. military’s most important weapons system.

Webmaster's Commentary:

It isn't benign or it wouldn't be there at all, and most likely it is Israeli. Don't be surprised when a drone "wanders off by itself" and hits a target that kicks off war with Iran!

Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran

There are mounting signs that the right-wing Israeli government may think the timing is right for an attack on Iran, with growing alarms inside Israel about alleged Iranian progress on building a nuclear bomb — and with President Barack Obama fearing loss of key Jewish political support in 2012 if he doesn’t go along.

The key factor in any Israeli decision to send its aircraft and missiles to Iran is the degree to which Netanyahu and other hard-line Likud leaders believe that President Obama is locked into giving blanket support to Israel — particularly as election 2012 draws near.

If Israel translates this into a green light to attack Iran, the rest of the world — even Washington — may get little or no warning.

Egypt to substantially raise price of gas to Israel: report

Egypt will substantially raise the price of its gas exports to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel will either order the United States to declare war on Egypt, or simply to force the US taxpayer to cover the extra costs and/or shortfall.

U.S. Defense Secretary arrives in Egypt in bid to free accused Israeli spy

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, America's former top spymaster, is meeting with Egyptian leaders on Monday to urge them to release a U.S.-born man being held for allegedly being an Israeli spy.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Let's see, right now the United States is in the middle of overtly invading and conquering Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, plus covert wars in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia ... hell, I've lost count! Yet despite this almost Hitlerian work load, the United States Secretary of Defense drops everything to rush over to Egypt to held Israel get their spy back!

Yep. Israel controls the US Government!

Israel doubles rate of Palestinian home demolitions and plans to uproot 30,000 Bedouin. Clinton says Palestinians need to be more flexible.

While attention is focused on the Palestinian Authority’s UN recognition initiative, Israel is quietly taking hugely significant steps to transfer 30,000 Palestinian Bedouin in the Naqab (Negev) desert from their ancestral lands.

Clinton says Palestinians must be willing to negotiate, show flexibility

The Palestinians need to show flexibility and get back to the negotiating table, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said in an interview with Egypt’s Al-Hayat TV released Saturday. Asked about the Palestinians’ quest for full recognition at the United Nations, the top U.S. diplomat appeared to try to downplay the importance of the ongoing effort, which Washington opposes and has promised to veto. She said the U.S. concern was not what happened or did not happen there –but the need for negotiations to resume for real progress to be made.

US urges no vote on Palestine UNESCO membership

PARIS (AFP) - The United States on Wednesday called on UNESCO members to vote against the cultural body accepting Palestine as a member with the rights of a state...


Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria

Russia and China have vetoed the UN resolution on Syria, urging political dialogue instead of proposed tough sanctions on Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The move caused outrage from the US.

Members of the UN Security Council have voted on a draft resolution on Syria on Tuesday. The resolution was not passed with nine votes in favor, two against, and four abstentions, with Russia and China voting against the proposed resolution.

Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said that Russia did not support the resolution because it was based on a totally different philosophy, “a philosophy of confrontation,” and contained “an ultimatum of sanctions.”

'They'd rather sell arms than stand with the Syrian people': U.S. envoy storms out after Russia and China veto U.N resolution

America's ambassador to the U.N. stormed out of a security council meeting after China and Russia vetoed a resolution condemning Syria's crackdown on anti-government protests.

Furious Susan Rice claimed Washington was 'outraged' by opposition to the resolution describing it as a 'cheap ruse by those who would rather sell arms to the Syrian regime than stand with the Syrian people'.

Webmaster's Commentary:

A memo to Ambassador Rice: your faux outrage over this incident really needs to be focused on an arms sale infinitely closer to home.

I would like to remind you, Madam Ambassador, that the US government, just last month, decided to sell 53 million dollars' worth of arms to the brutal, human rights and democracy-averse Bahraini government for the suppression of their own people. Less than three months after including Bahrain on a list of human rights offenders requiring the United Nations' attention, the Obama administration seems to have changed its mind. The US now believes Bahrain is "an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East," according to a statement from the Defense Department, which intends to sell $53 million worth of military equipment and support to the Gulf state, including bunker buster missiles and armored vehicles.

The contempt the Sunni royal family for their Shiite subjects could be no better demonstrated than through the current allegations of torture by a Bahraini princess, accused of torturing detainees. A number of the medical professionals sentenced last week to lengthy jail time for treating injured protesters as patients have alleged that the princess, Sheikha Noora bint Ibrahim al-Khalifa, beat them with sticks and a rubber hose, and gave electric shocks to the face with a cable.

So, if this is the US's idea of "democracy" in the Middle East, we are not standing with the Bahraini people at all.

And lastly, Madam Secretary, you had to know these vetoes were coming, particularly after the charlie-foxtrot the US and NATO have made of the Libyan invasion and occupation, prefaced by the UN resolution which Russia and China both backed last spring.

'If NATO attacks Syria, we'll fire missiles at Tel Aviv'

FARS news agency reports that Syrian president Assad says Damascus can call on Hezbollah to launch intensive rocket attack on Israel if western countries take "crazy measures".

Hackers hit Syrian government websites

“These were beautifully done, skillful hacks,” Jillian C. York, director for international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told The Washington Times.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Translation: Israel did it, to bring down Syria.

U.S. urges citizens to leave Syria immediately

The United States on Thursday urged U.S. citizens to leave Syria immediately, saying the government's violent crackdown on peaceful protests had led to an uncertain and volatile situation.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Translation: "Our agents provocateurs aren't doing very well and we're gonna have to bomb the place or Israel won't let me be President for four more years!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Syria: Obama Threatens U.S. Military Intervention

"Let's crank up a war in, someplace, wherever, Syria; yeah that'll do. I need to distract the voters from the Charlie Foxtrot in Libya!" -- Official White Horse Souse

General Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To Invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran

General Wesley Clark reveals the US plan to invade and take over 7 countries, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran, before we even invaded Afghanistan. The first part of the plan was revealed 10 days after 9/11 and was expanded to included the other nations. Clark is quoted as saying the invasion wasn't based on links to Al-Queda or any other intelligence reports but just because the US has an army that is great at taking over other nations.

Israel to Assad: We Will Bomb Gaza, Whole of Lebanon if Tel Aviv Attacked

Israel has warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that should Tel Aviv be attacked, then it will retaliate by bombing the Gaza Strip and the whole of Lebanon.

Israel’s NFC website reported that the Jewish state’s government relayed this message to the Syrian president through European intelligence circles.

These sources said that seeing as Tel Aviv is Israel’s economic and financial hub, a retaliation for an attack against it, by Hizbullah, Hamas, or Syria, will not be limited to Syria, but all of Lebanon and Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Now, remind me again who is the threat to Mideast peace?

Russia Defends Its Veto of U.N. Resolution on Syria

The resolution threatened sanctions against Syria if it did not halt its brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. But Medvedev said in televised remarks that the authors of the resolution had refused to include a Russia-proposed provision saying there should be no foreign military interference in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Which means they are going to use force and repeat the same thing they did to Libya.

Woman says she's runaway, wasn't killed in Syrian custody

Zainab Alhusni, the young woman reportedly slain and mutilated while in Syrian custody, appears to be very much alive.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The US was using Zainab to sell war with Syria, so now that it turns out her story of mutilation was as much a fantasy as Kuwaiti incubators and Saddam's nuclear weapons, Russia and China are the international heroes for blocking the US Syrian resolution at the UNSC!

SYRIE – Mensonges et manipulations

L’Affaire de Hama » ou comment 10.000 manifestants se multiplient en 500.000 dans les dépêches de l’AFP

'Hidden agenda in Syria to show itself after Bilderberg meeting'

Tensions are peaking in Syria, government troops have stormed the rebel northern border town of Jisr Al-Shugour with tanks and military helicopters. The army has entered the city in order to "cleanse it" from rebellious armed groups, which killed at least 120 police officers last week. Meanwhile, Britain and France are still pushing for a UN resolution, condemning the brutal crackdown against anti-government activists in Syria. Russia, which opposes any attempts to intervene in the Syrian conflict, said it won't back the move.

Nuclear report on Syria may augur punitive action

The United Nations' nuclear watchdog released a detailed report saying Syria "very likely" pursued a clandestine nuclear program, an assertion that is expected to add pressure on a regime already reeling from protests at home and sanctions imposed abroad.

A confidential report published Tuesday by the International Atomic Energy Agency said Syria was building a nuclear reactor at a site in Dair Alzour that was bombed by Israel in September 2007 and had not declared the project to international inspectors, as required by Syria's international treaty obligations.

"...very likely pursued a clandestine nuclear program..."??!?!?

The facility was bombed to the ground by Israel in September of 2007: would someone please tell me where the hard evidence is, 4 full years after the fact?!?

Libyan Scenario For Syria: Towards A US-NATO "Humanitarian Intervention" directed against Syria?

On April 29 the White House issued an executive order to enforce new and more stringent sanctions against Syria and appealed to European North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies to follow suit.

Immediately afterward a White House official threatened that President Assad himself could be sanctioned next.

On February 25 Obama issued a comparable - in fact an almost identical - order against Libya, only ten days after anti-government protests began in the nation and three weeks before U.S. cruise missiles and bombs landed on its soil.

Anyone who doesn't believe the US is going into Syria has got to be completely out of touch with realty; a war against Syria will mean a war with Iran, because Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact.

And it's Iran, on Israel's marching orders, with which the US government wants a fight.

However, those in the bowels of power in DC had better consider one very important factor. All these "pre-emptive/humanitarian wars" have got China and Russia wondering at what point they are going to have to join the fray, and in this case, may be joining against the US on the side of Iran.

Both countries are nuclear armed, and draft conscripts into their armies.

The US no longer has the the troop strength, borrowing power, or domestic manufacturing with which to endure a prolonged conflict against Iran, Russia and China.

US Intervention in Syria

Despite genuine popular Middle East/North Africa uprisings, Washington’s dirty hands orchestrated regime change plans in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, and Syria as part of its “New Middle East” project.

Stephan Lendman

On November 18, 2006, Middle East analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya’s Global Research article headlined, “Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a ‘New Middle East,’ ” saying:

In June 2006 in Tel Aviv, “US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice (first) coin(ed) the term” in place of the former “Greater Middle East” project, a shift in rhetoric only for Washington’s longstanding imperial aims.

The new terminology “coincided with the inauguration of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean.” During Israel’s summer 2006 Lebanon war, “Prime Minister Olmert and (Rice) informed the international media that a project for a ‘New Middle East’ was being launched in Lebanon,” a plan in the works for years to “creat(e) an arc of instability, chaos, and violence extending from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and the borders of NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan.”

In other words, “constructive chaos” would be used to redraw the region according to US-Israeli “geo-strategic needs and objectives.” The strategy is currently playing out violently in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria, and may erupt anywhere in the region to solidify Washington’s aim for unchallengeable dominance from Morocco to Oman to Syria.

Partnered with Israel, it’s to assure only leaders fully “with the program” are in place. Mostly isn’t good enough, so ones like Mubarak, Gaddafi, Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir, likely Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh (now damaged goods), and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad are targeted for removal by methods ranging from uprisings to coups, assassinations, or war, perhaps in that order.

Nazemroaya now says Syrian “protesters are being armed and funded by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states via Jordan and Saad Hariri in Lebanon,” besides US and Israeli involvement.

U.S. imposes sanctions on Syrian figures after more bloodshed

Security forces killed more than 60 people across Syria on Friday during demonstrations demanding the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad, and the United States imposed new sanctions on key figures.

A medical source told Reuters soldiers in Deraa killed 19 people when they fired on thousands of protesters descending from nearby villages in a show of solidarity with the southern city where Syria's uprising broke out six weeks ago.

Syrian human rights group Sawasiah said it had the names of a total of 62 people killed during protests in Deraa, Rustun, Latakia, Homs and the town of Qadam, near Damascus. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave a similar death toll.

Although the US government has not yet withdrawn its ambassador, these sanctions put the US on yet another war footing for yet another pre-emptive war with a country which, although acting barbarically against its own people (as in Bahrain and Libya), has not attacked the US or American interests.

Any military attack against Syria will be construed as a military attack against Iran, with which Syria has a mutual defense pact. So consider any US/NATO military confrontation with Syria to be a "back-door" strategy toward a military conflict against Iran.

The larger-picture question in this has to do with China (which lost billions of dollars in Libyan construction projects this year which had to be abandoned) and Russia. One has to wonder just how long the Duma and the Chinese central government will tolerate the continuation of these US/NATO-driven pre-emptive wars on end before they feel compelled to join the fray, perhaps on the side of Iran, should the US attack it.

Both countries are nuclear armed.

The US has neither the troop or manufacturing strength at this time to pursue any further sustained conflicts than those in which it s already embroiled, all of which are going catastrophically badly.

Unfortunately, there are many in the bowels of power in DC whose collective failure of imagination leads them to believe that a major world war is the only way to get the US out of its economic blight (as happened during World War 1 and World War II); they further believe that such a war will distract the American people from the unrelenting miseries their domestic and foreign policies have created.

The US may well lose this next war, and the American people are not going to be distracted, but absolutely furious, with those in charge who thought that such a war would be a great idea.

US evacuating Syria embassy, Issues travel warning

The United States has ordered embassy family members and some non-emergency personnel to leave Syria, citing the “uncertainty and volatility” of a crackdown on protesters there.

The State Department’s directive early Tuesday, along with a travel warning telling US citizens to leave the country, followed another day of violent attacks on protesters by Syrian security forces. At least 26 people in Deraa were reported killed on Monday in assaults by Syrian tanks and troops.

Israel threatens to kill Bashar Al-Assad

Israel has threatened Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad with death following deployment of Syrian troops close to the border of the Jewish state, reported Arabic daily Al-Jarida of Kuwait.

According to the paper, a letter with threats was passed to Syria through pro-Israel Middle East state. This decision was taken when the Israeli reconnaissance groups spotted the redeployment of troops in southern Syria.

The Israelis fear that Assad would start attack on the Israeli positions in occupied Golan Heights in an attempt to mobilize the Syrians and the Arabs to support Damascus in the present critical phase.

lsrael warns Assad: Attack us, we'll hit you personally'

The government sent a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent days, warning him that if he started a war with the Jewish state in order to divert attention from domestic problems, Israel will target him personally, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the personal warning was sent through Turkey following intelligence reports of unusual Syrian troop movements, including the moving of long-range ballistic missiles that could be used to attack Israel.

What Israel has just telegraphed to Syria and the world is that they are planning a false flag operation to blame on Syria as their "excuse" for military conflict. Please remember: Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact. Iran is the real target here, and if Israel starts this war, the US has committed to defend Israel.

Combine that with the timing of the UN indictments of the alleged accused Hezbullah members for the murder of Rafik Harari, which may well destabilize Lebanon, and it looks as though Israel is ready to start a full-scale regional war, most likely paid for in blood and money by the US

Turkey sends helicopter over Syrian airspace

Syrian troops remove Turkish flag near border

A large Turkish flag placed on top of an abandoned building on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey was removed Thursday by President Bashar Assad's troops and replaced with a Syrian flag.

This is the classic pattern when Israeli wants to start a war, minor provocations until the target reacts, then denounce the reaction as the initiating event and (have the dumb Americans ) attack!


State Department prepares for Iraq operation

The State Department is racing against an end-of-year deadline to take over Iraq operations from the U.S. military, throwing up buildings and marshalling contractors in its biggest overseas operation since the effort to rebuild Europe after World War II.

While attention has centered on the number of U.S. troops that may remain in Iraq, they will be dwarfed by an estimated 16,000 civilians under the American ambassador, the size of an Army division.

Webmaster's Commentary:

A permanent garrison.

Surprise! Troops to stay in Iraq

WASHINGTON — Iraq has agreed to keep American troops in Iraq beyond a year-end deadline for their withdrawal, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday.

"My view is that they finally did say, ?Yes,'" Panetta said in an interview with Stars and Stripes and the Military Times.

Iraqi political leaders announced on August 3 that they would open talks with the United States over a possible training mission after 2011 but have yet to say definitively if some American troops would remain.

All of the 46,000 US troops still in Iraq must pull out by the end of the year under the terms of a 2008 security agreement.

Private Contractors To Replace Many Of The Troops Being Pulled Out Of Iraq


US troops in Iraq after 2011 need 'immunity': Panetta

BRUSSELS (AFP) - Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday any US forces that remain in Iraq beyond a year-end deadline would require legal "immunity," despite calls from Iraqi leaders to end the protection...

What is the US up to in Iraq?

Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, a certified Iraqi nationalist leader and the country's de facto kingmaker, has just called for the end of any "armed resistance" against US "invader" forces before a full US withdrawal in December 2011 - as established by the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) signed by the Iraqi parliament and the Bush administration in late 2008.

There's an important "but": If the US does not completely withdraw, and if what is widely regarded by a majority of Iraqis as "the occupation" continues, armed operations will resume "with new means".

Webmaster's Commentary:

The US is apt not to get the client state it would like in Iraq, because of the strong ties Iraq's government has with Iran.

In fact, the greatest beneficiary of the US's invasion and occupation of Iraq appears to be Iran.

If the US government doesn't take Muqtada al-Sadr's demands seriously, and decides to stay in Iraq after the December deadline agreed to in the SOFA agreement, we may well see our troops here in a massive amount of harm.

But perhaps, this has been factored into Washington's calculus about staying, using whatever violence may result from the US's not leaving in December as the "excuse" to stay indefinitely.

Study: Invasion led to spike in Iraq widows

By my math this would come to about 900,000 married Iraqi men slaughtered by U.S. forces. This doesn't include unmarried men, children and women killed by our military. Pretty sad!

BAGHDAD (AP) -- A study released Sunday by a global humanitarian aid organization concluded that three out of every five widows in Iraq lost their husbands in the years of violence that followed the 2003 invasion.
The study by Los Angeles-based Relief International found that about 10 percent of the estimated 15 million women who live in Iraq are widows. Among them, 59 percent have lost their husbands during the U.S.-led war.

US, Australia inch towards troops, military deal

The ramping up of co-operation “should present no difficulty at all” for regional players, the foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, assured reporters at a joint news conference, citing America's stabilising influence in the region and the fact the US had been invited to join the East Asia Summit.

Newly confirmed US defence secretary Leon Panetta was more blunt: “Our goal is basically to build on a very strong relationship … as best we can so that we can send a clear signal to the Asia Pacific region that the United States and Australia are going to continue to work together to make very clear to those that would threaten us that we're going to stick together.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

Although it carefully avoided in these statements by diplomats of both countries, China is the real target of this newly-minted Australian/US military cooperation.

Adm. Mike Mullen demands that American troops must be given immunity from prosecution to keep them in Iraq

as part of any agreement to keep them in Iraq beyond the end of the year and that this protection must be approved by Iraq's parliament.

US review finds Iraq deadlier now than a year ago

BAGHDAD (AP) — Frequent bombings, assassinations and a resurgence in violence by Shiite militias have made Iraq more dangerous now than it was just a year ago, a U.S. government watchdog concludes in a report released Saturday.

The findings come during what U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart W. Bowen Jr. called "a summer of uncertainty" in Baghdad over whether American forces will stay past a year-end withdrawal deadline and continue military aid for the unstable nation.

Iraq - A New Scandal

107 billion dollars spent on restoring electricty in Iraq since 2003 war and most people are still without electricity.
This could happen to Libya too..!!

Iraq's Treasury minister Rafie Al Esawy said :
"The money spent on restructuring the electric grid since 2003 is enough to buy each Iraqi family a furnished apartmant in the most luxurious European resort"

he also said:" With this money Iraq could own several companies: (Siemens Electronic,Mitsubishi Power and General Elecric company)

To Track Militants, U.S. Has System That Never Forgets a Face
July 14, 2011, New York Times

With little notice and only occasional complaints, the American military and local authorities have been engaged in an ambitious effort to record biometric identifying information on a remarkable number of people in Afghanistan and Iraq, particularly men of fighting age. Information about more than 1.5 million Afghans has been put in databases operated by American, NATO and local forces. In Iraq, an even larger number of people, and a larger percentage of the population, have been registered. Data have been gathered on roughly 2.2 million Iraqis. A citizen in Afghanistan or Iraq would almost have to spend every minute in a home village and never seek government services to avoid ever crossing paths with a biometric system. What is different from traditional fingerprinting is that the government can scan through millions of digital files in a matter of seconds. While the systems are attractive to American law enforcement agencies, there is serious legal and political opposition to imposing routine collection on American citizens. Various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have discussed biometric scanning, and many have even spent money on hand-held devices. But the proposed uses are much more limited, with questions being raised about constitutional rights of privacy and protection from warrantless searches.

Note: Many new technologies for domestic population control are developed, deployed, and tested by the US military in war theaters abroad, and then shared with police agencies in the US. For many examples see our "Non-lethal" Weapons article archive available here.


Longest War In US History Hits 10 Year Mark!

Afghanistan marks 10 years of war

KABUL (AFP) - Afghans on Friday marked 10 years since US warplanes began bombing the Taliban out of power, looking back on a decade of war that has cost thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars...

So-Called Changes in Afghan War Strategy Denote More of the Same

Even as the Obama administration promises to end the Afghan war in 2014, their plans to shift the war from one of military occupation to one of targeted violence by CIA and Joint Special Operations forces note a continuing military presence in Afghanistan that could stretch another decade.

But these vague, technocratic iterations of US military strategy in Afghanistan will not seem different to the Afghan civilians who have borne the brunt of the military occupation and brutal war. Nor will it calm the violent insurgency which aims to oust their aggressive occupiers and has only been strengthened by the continuing foreign presence these last ten years.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The only people "winning" in Afghanistan are the drug lords, and the large defense contractors providing mercenaries and materials for the war.

The US and NATO may never actually leave Afghanistan, because, after a failed decade of occupation, the leadership of both entities cannot admit defeat.

That means, unless there is an unstoppable, groundswell of opposition in this country against this and the other wars, which are bankrupting this country morally and fiscally, we can expect more horrific costs, in blood and money, invested in a war which cannot be won militarily.

Afghanistan is losing time for a peaceful solution – and the Taliban know it

Amid the confusion, the one sure thing is that, by the end of 2014, the US and Britain will have withdrawn most of their troops. Talk of an "endgame" may be premature: informed officials say that between 10,000 and 20,000 US soldiers will remain behind to support Karzai's government.

But will it survive? The prospect of talks with the Taliban has already resurrected old ethnic tensions; grave talk of civil war runs quietly in the corridors of diplomacy. Karzai periodically says he would like to sit down with the Taliban leaders, as he once did 10 years ago. The question now is whether that would solve Afghanistan's conflict, or propel it into a new phase.

Webmaster's Commentary:

After a decade of occupation, and all the blood and money spent, the Taliban understand completely that, just as with the Russian occupation, all they have to do is wait, to become successful in either integrating with the current US/NATO backed government, or overthrowing it completely.

And the US and NATO will have no other option, ultimately, except to leave and - just as they were doing as late as August of 2001 - negotiate with whatever government is left standing regarding fees for those pipeline rights with which to link Turkmenistan's natural gas pipelines through Afghanistan, and ultimately into Pakistan.

There was never a true military victory possible here, and the only people "winning" in Afghanistan have been the drug lords, those corporate banks laundering the drug money, and the huge military contractors providing mercenaries and materials for this war.

Ultimately, this has been a very publicly funded war, ultimately for private profit.

Of course, US politicians, generally so crooked they have to screw their socks on in the morning, will never have the guts to tell bereaved families, or friends, that those brave young American men and women who have been killed, or maimed for life, were ultimately expendable toward the accomplishment of these private, corporate financial goals.

BILLIONS Of U.S. Dollars Funding The Opposition In Afghanistan!

Breaking: Karzai blocking probe of missing U.S. $billions in Afghanistan

Imagine my shock.

Hamid Karzai Bans U.S. Treasury Officials From Afghan National Bank

Amid a growing financial scandal, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has banned U.S. Treasury officials from his country's central bank, hampering work to fight the flow of money to insurgents, a report revealed Wednesday.

Maybe he just wants to avoid having his nation's bank looted.

Afghanistan facing insolvency within a month, say officials

IMF rejection of proposals over Kabul Bank crisis, $820m bailout debts and suspension of aid leaves country in deepening crisis

CNN: Karzai Assassin Was U.S. Ally!

Bodyguard who killed Karzai's brother was trusted CIA contact

The bodyguard who assassinated President Hamid Karzai's brother had been working closely with US Special Forces and the CIA before he was recruited by the Taliban, raising fears over the Islamist movement's increasingly sophisticated intelligence apparatus which has managed to threaten the inner circles of power in Afghanistan.

Security analysts say that, if true, it shows not only the problems facing the Afghan army and police as they start taking control of the country from Nato, but also how sophisticated Taliban intelligence operations have become.

More "progress" in Afghanistan, I see.

Adviser to Afghan president murdered: official

A senior adviser to Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been murdered at his home near the parliament in Kabul, a senior government official told AFP on Sunday.

Jan Mohammad Khan, former governor of southern Uruzgan province and a key ally of the embattled president, was killed in an attack that was still ongoing, according to Afghan news channel Tolo TV.

Wedded to the warlords: NATO’s unholy Afghan alliance

A strongman dies and another rises. The bloody politics of Afghanistan travelled full circle with the death of General Daud Daud in the north and the promotion of Brigadier-General Abdul Razik in the south. The fall of one mirrored the rise of the other, marking the loss of an older generation of warlords and the birth of a new class of often brutal allies to whom NATO intends to start transferring power this summer.

Having failed to establish a working government in many parts of Afghanistan, NATO is increasingly dependent on so-called strongmen, commanders whose power comes not only from their affiliation with Kabul but from militias, tribes and, often, the narcotics trade.

Welcome to what "democracy" looks like, 10 years on, in Afghanistan!

UN 2011 mid-year report on Afghanistan reveals alarming new trend in war propaganda

As the first half of 2011 sees record civilian deaths in occupied Afghanistan, the UN is today continuing its disgusting attempts to whitewash the US/NATO role. With stunning audacity, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan’s 11 June press release attempted to absolve the US-NATO occupiers of any role in the record level of civilian deaths in May 2011.

Today’s 2011 Mid-year Report continues the same contemptuous apologist tactics, but it also reveals an alarming new trend in war propaganda. By reporting on civilian killings perpetrated by US, NATO and ISAF forces as being carried out by ‘Pro-Government Forces’, the UN is attempting to blame Afghans for their own civilian deaths, thus absolving the occupiers of any guilt.

The report finds that Afghanistan experienced a 15 per cent increase in conflict-related civilian deaths in the first six months of 2011, and this increase is mainly attributed to IEDs deployed by ‘Anti-Government Elements’ (read ‘Anti-Occupation Elements’). The same lies from the 11 June press release are echoed in this report, with everybody but the occupiers being blamed (emphases added):

“UNAMA documented 1,462 civilian deaths in the period, with 80 per cent attributed to Anti-Government Elements, an increase of 28 percent in civilian deaths linked to AGEs from the same period in 2010. A further 14 per cent of civilian deaths were attributed to Pro-Government Forces (PGF), down nine per cent from the same span in 2010, while six per cent of civilian deaths were not attributed to any party to the conflict.

Notice the conspicuous absence of the terms ‘US’, ‘NATO’, or ‘ISAF’; the UN is moderating and sanitising its language in order to shield the occupiers from blame. By using the term ‘Pro-Government Forces’, the UN is suggesting that these killings have been carried out by Afghan soldiers.

Reading on through the paper, we see a clue as to the real meaning of this ‘Pro-Government Forces’ terminology. The report elaborates on the role that air strikes by ‘Pro-Government Forces’ have played in the civilian deaths (emphases added):

Air strikes remained the leading cause of Afghan civilian deaths by Pro-Government Forces, with an increasing proportion resulting from attacks by helicopters. In the first six months of 2011, 79 Afghan civilians were killed by air strikes, a 14 per cent increase in civilian deaths from air strikes compared to the same period in 2010. Forty-four of the total 79 civilian deaths from air strikes were from helicopter attacks (56 per cent). All aerial attacks in Afghanistan are carried out by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

This deliberately misleading use of language in its mid-year report is an attempt to propagandize for NATO and blame the victim for the victimiser’s crimes. The ‘Pro-Government Forces’ terminology enters today’s Orwellian lexicon alongside the ‘no-fly zone’ and ‘democracy promotion’. It is an attempt to deny reality, and to temper opposition to the wars of aggression being waged under the auspices of the UN’s fraudulent, contrived authority.

Increasingly the United Nations is exposing itself as the illegitimate tool of empire that it is. Its rulings, decrees and diktats have no legitimacy and should be ignored alongside those of the aggressive imperialists and liars whom it serves.

'Deadly drones a video game for CIA officers'

Human rights lawyers are seeking an arrest warrant against a former CIA legal director who allegedly approved drone attacks in Pakistan that killed hundreds.
It's claimed John Rizzo agreed on a list of people to be targeted by drone strikes - a practice which started in 2004 under the Bush administration.

Afghanistan civilian death toll has risen sharply, says United Nations

From April to July this year – according to a briefing given to the Associated Press – 2,832 special forces raids have led to the deaths of 834 insurgents, while another 2,941 have been captured.

Because of this, according to Petraeus himself, violent attacks have fallen by 14% in 12 months.

"The [Taliban] have less capacity, they have been degraded somewhat," he told the New York Times. "This is the first real indicator – for the first time since 2006 – compared with the previous year, insurgent attack numbers are lower."

These would be impressive figures and claims except for one problem: the US military's figures are starkly contradicted by other sources.

Afghan civilians pay lethal price for new policy on air strikes

Civilians are bearing the brunt of the international forces' onslaught against the Taliban as the coalition rushes to pacify Afghanistan before pulling out its troops, it was claimed last night.

Human rights groups warned that civilians are paying an increasingly high price for "reckless" coalition attacks, particularly aerial ones. The Ministry of Defence confirmed last week that five Afghan children were injured in an air strike carried out by a British Apache attack helicopter.

US-led troops kill more Afghan civilians

At least three Afghan civilians have been killed in an attack by US-led foreign forces in troubled northeastern Afghanistan, local authorities say.

The incident happened as US-led French troops opened fire on a vehicle in the Nijrab district of Afghanistan's Kapisa Province, a Press TV correspondent reported on Wednesday.

Najrab District Chief, Sultan Mohammad Safi, said a woman and a child were among the victims.

So far, US-led French troops have remained silent on the shooting which also injured several individuals.

Record Number Of Americans Want Troops Out Of Afghanistan

One day ahead of an address to the nation in which President Obama will announce his plans for the nation's future involvement in Afghanistan, a Pew survey finds that a record high level of Americans now support an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.

In the survey, 56% of respondents said they thought troops should come home "as soon as possible." At the same time, 39% said the military should remain until the situation in Afghanistan has stabilized, a record low in Pew's surveys.

White phosphorus used in Afghan war: Report

Military lawyer Rolf Verge at the Danish Army's Operational High Command (HOK) has confirmed that the Danish forces have been using white phosphorus, but he stressed that the WP is used only in a lawful manner.

Take a look at those pictures at the top of this article, and please tell me how "lawful" this horrendous damage was to these surviving kids whose lives are now completely ruined by this?!?!?

Imagine, for one second, that these were your kids.

The Afghan people don't "hate us because we are free"; they hate us for killing and maiming their moms, dads, sisters, and children.

Obama Leaves Door Open to Long-Term US Afghan Combat

Gates has explicitly argued that failure in Afghanistan is unacceptable, regardless of the costs of the war. Visiting Kabul in early June, he said, "The most costly thing of all would be to fail."

For officials like Gates and Petraeus, the idea that considerations of cost should play a role in war policy is so unfamiliar as to make it nearly impossible to accept. Gates told Newsweek last weekend, "I’ve spent my entire adult life with the United States as a superpower, and one that had no compunction about spending what it took to sustain that position."

Memo to soon-retiring Sec-Def Gates: this hideous, publicly-funded war ultimately for private profit can never be won militarily: it never could. The last person to actually control this area was Alexander the Great of Macedonia, and that was only for three years.

The possibility that the Taliban are going to change their military tactics into political tactics are entertained only by people heavily invested in intense "magical thinking".

What Bush and company should have done was accept whatever terms the Taliban were giving the US government as late as August of 2001, even if they considered the terms "high" for pipeline routes. However, to the Bush Administration, the cost was "way to high", but the ultimate cost of blood and money in a war, somehow, wasn't "too high" for them; so, 9/11 happens,the US government and NATO invade, and occupy, Afghanistan.

10 years on, we are only at a "draw" with the Taliban. Were US leadership wise, it would immediately leave Afghanistan, and negotiate with whatever government was left standing for the pipeline routes.

The old Soviet Union was ultimately undone economically by its invasion and occupation of Afghanistan: the same may well be true for the US, even if we do leave now, with the US government reeling under the weight of its moral and fiscal bankruptcy.

Secretary Gates, the US and NATO has been absolutely on the wrong side of history with this military misadventure; and being on the wrong side of history generally produces its own ugly set of unintended consequences, as we are seeing with the continued occupation of Afghanistan.

As Afghanistan Rises in Revolt, America Sinks Further into Grave of Empires

Public anger in Afghanistan will be the death of the occupation, since it is public anger – over the murder of civilians, over the obliteration of villages by US air power, over the occupation itself – that drives the insurgency.

The United States is not winning the battle for “hearts and minds,” that much is clear. In addition, the hearts and minds of the military occupying Afghanistan are being lost as well.

As the Taliban’s spring offensive heats up, we will see more of the same: more killings by NATO, more riots, and the US sinking deeper into the grave of empires.

Although the writer of this article appears to have "drunk the Koolaid" on the alleged Bin Laden hit earlier this month, everything else he says is, horrifically and sadly, accurate.

There never was a military potential to "win" this war, and the veterans of the old Soviet Union's attempt to occupy Afghanistan are laughing their heads off at the US.

Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld were in negotiations with the Taliban about the costs of pipeline routes through the country as late as August 2001. They rejected the Taliban's offer as "too expensive". Then, suddenly, 9/11 happened, and that became the "excuse du jour" to use for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

Apparently, this unholy trinity believed that the cost in blood and money to be sacrificed would be "acceptably lower" than continued negotiation with the Taliban.

Of course, it was never going to be their kids, or their friends or families on the front lines; it would always be the kids of other people's children fighting, getting maimed for life, and dying so that the drug lords and the banks which launder their money and defense industry companies could make their profits.

And if you are wondering why Obama & Company refuse to pull out now, declare "victory" and go home, let me share with you the next money-making scheme for which our soldiers are dying; it's called the Turkmenistan/Afghanistan/Pakistan pipeline.

Financed by the Asian Development Bank,


this pipeline calls for the construction of a pipeline for natural gas which runs from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan, and ultimately into Pakistan.

Who will be making the money here?

* Asian Development Bank
* The consortium which designs the project
* The consortium which builds the project
* The consortium which administers the day-to-day operation of the project
* Turkmenistan

This is why the "goal posts" for the US and NATO keep moving in terms of their leaving Afghanistan, because the project isn't supposed to be completed until 2014.

This is why Americans will keep getting maimed for life and dying in Afghanistan.

Huge NATO cargo plane avoids Taliban by crashing into mountain

A cargo plane has crashed in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least nine crew members and causing a major fire on a mountain top. The aircraft hit a mountain peak some 50 km north of the Afghan capital of Kabul late Tuesday.

Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, has claimed responsibility for the incident, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Other great battles where doomed armies were air supplied.

1. Nazis at Stalingrad

2. French at Dien Bien Phu

3. NATO defending Europe in Afghanistan

U.S. turns to other routes to supply Afghan war as relations with Pakistan fray

The U.S. military is rapidly expanding its aerial and Central Asian supply routes to the war in Afghanistan, fearing that Pakistan could cut off the main means of providing American and NATO forces with fuel, food and equipment.

Memories are fresh of Pakistan’s temporary closure of a major crossing into Afghanistan in September, resulting in a logjam of hundreds of supply trucks and fuel tankers, dozens of which were destroyed in attacks by insurgents.

It is the US which has chosen to jeopardize its relationship with Pakistan by the phony Ben Laden "hit" in May; by continuing to launch drone attacks against alleged militant targets which inevitably wind up killing scores of non-combatants, and by refusing to vacate an airbase well inside Pakistani sovereign territory.

If the roads into Afghanistan from Pakistan suddenly become closed to US military traffic, the US government will have no one but itself to blame.

I get the sense that the US/Pakistani relationship in this alleged "war on terror" (which appears to be war on any people sitting on - or adjacent to - resources the US wants for itself) is morphing from "friend" to "frenemy" to "enemy" faster than the speed of light.

To the civilian and military leadership of Pakistan, please do not be surprised if your government and country wind up on the US's "to do" list of invasions, occupations, or military coups.

Turning Circles In Afghanistan.. War Costs Hit $400 Billion

The only people "winning" in Afghanistan are the drug dealers and the defense contractors, providing mercenaries and material support.

This is a very publicly funded war, ultimately for private profit.

This has absolutely nothing to do with American security at all.

Afghanistan: US troops to remain for decades

American and Afghan officials are locked in increasingly acrimonious secret talks about a long-term security agreement which is likely to see US troops, spies and air power based in the troubled country for decades.

The Taliban had all but eradicated the opium growers before the US invasion. So why is cheap Afghani heroin flooding into the United States?


24,682 Humanitarian NATO Strike Sorties in Libya


Libya : The destruction of 35 tanks and armored personnel carriers By Tuareg warriors, who are experts in desert stealth guerrilla warfare.

Intelligence close to the TNC reports that the Transitional National Counsel is in utter chaos. This morning at a press conference, Abdelhakim Belhadj “pleaded” to the population in Tripoli to help establish “stability, law and order” and give back their arms to the Tripoli Military Counsel.

Libyan conflict lurches out of NATO control

At Ras Lanuf the US 82 Airborne detachment suffered heavy losses (there are not supposed to be boots on the ground...US breach of UNSC Resolutions) and an AC-130 Hercules transport aircraft was torched.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"At Ras Lanuf the US 82 Airborne detachment suffered heavy losses (there are not supposed to be boots on the ground...US breach of UNSC Resolutions)"

How many times must you be lied to before you understand that the government lies to you about everything?

Libya Rebels Announce Another ‘Final Assault’ on Sirte

Webmaster's Commentary:

"And this time, we really, really, really, really, really mean it!"

Pentagon chief hails 'effective' Libya air war

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta hailed NATO's air campaign in Libya Friday as he met US Navy personnel involved in operations at the allied joint force command base in Naples.

Panetta thanked personnel for their role in "what has proven to be a very effective air operation."

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Forgive me, but has the US S.O.D. gone absolutely, completely barking mad, to make this statement?!?

Since Spring, when this invasion began, it has proven an absolute stalemate on the ground, with rebels ill-equipped and ill-managed in terms of holding territory.

Ghadaffi has been wily, and still has a large number of troops very loyal to him, as well as Libyan civilians, who still see him as their head of state. The National Transitional Council is unelected, and many Libyans do not recognise their mandate to rule Libya in any way. In fact, many Libyans see this invasion as the beginning of a Western recolonization of Africa.

Ultimately, what NATO and the US are probably going to be forced to do to acheive their "victory" is to send a huge contingent of ground forces into Libya, that one thing Obama promised US citizens he wouldn't do here.

But of course, this President's consistency in breaking his promises to the American people has been a hugely disappointing hallmark of his term in office so far; so why should his breaking of his promise about Libya be any different?!?

German General Says NATO Mission Has 'Failed'

A top German general who was instrumental in planning the Bundeswehr's mission in Afghanistan has said that the intervention has failed and the Taliban will regain power within months of withdrawal. Ten years after the invasion, he is far from alone with his critique.

NATO Suffers Heavy Losses in Sirte, Libya

Lybie : La Croix rouge chassée de Syrte par le CNT

Tony Blair 'visited Libya to lobby for JP Morgan'

Tony Blair used visits to Libya after he left office to lobby for business for the American investment bank JP Morgan, The Daily Telegraph has been told.

Libyans with no leadership quit Bani Walid front

More like no ammo which I think has something to do with the big blast in Tripoli's harbor. A lot of ships were damaged or sunk by those exploding paint cans!

WADI DINAR, Libya (AP) — Many revolutionary fighters are abandoning one of the main fronts in the battle to rout Moammar Gadhafi's loyalists, saying they're not afraid of dying in the face of heavy resistance but are tired of the disorganization and lack of ammunition among their own ranks.
Bani Walid has proven impenetrable in part because of its daunting natural defenses — the town of 100,000 is strung along mountain ravines where loyalists hold the high ground.

Gadhafi aide: NATO airstrike hits residential area, kills 354 civilians

More war crimes!
Muammar Gadhafi's spokesman told Reuters on Saturday that NATO air strikes on Sirte overnight had hit a residential building and a hotel, killing 354 people.

Planned Peacekeeper Occupation Of Libya

The peacekeepers are coming! The peacekeepers are coming! War, mass killing and destruction continue, but they're coming!

In fact, paramilitaries are coming to kill and terrorize Libyans wanting liberation, not occupation.

A blind eye won't notice mass rapes and sex trafficking, as well as other atrocities and crimes. They're commonplace, in fact, when Blue Helmets show up, operating as they please with impunity.

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The so-called "peacekeeper" operations, courtesy of the UN, are generally everything except keepers of the peace.

And the deployments are always placed for the benefit of the occupying powers; never on the side of the people they are allegedly supposed to protect.

Pentagon finally admits there are American troops on the ground in Libya

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Well, there you have it folks, in spite of Obama’s hollow promises of no boots on the ground in Libya, Pentagon spokesman Captain John Kirby finally confirmed that there are U.S. troops present in the still war-torn North African nation...

Allegedly there are only four troops present working under the auspices of the State Department to help in the reconstruction of the American Embassy to Libya.

However, those of us who are informed know that there have been Western troops on the ground in Libya long before the United Nations Security Council even put the resolution to “protect civilians” on the table.

This fact was
reported by the Daily Mail and was quickly ignored by the mainstream Western media.

Then, just last month,
the Daily Mail once again revealed that there was a strong British military presence (disguised as Arabs) on the ground assisting in the search for Qaddafi.

Later, Al Jazeera published visual evidence of other Western troops present in Libya as you can see in the following video.

U.S. military boots ARE on the ground in Libya, Pentagon admits

Four U.S. service members arrived on the ground in Tripoli over the weekend.

The move comes despite assurances from military leaders and President Obama that the U.S. would not be sending uniformed military personnel into Libya.

The four troops are in Tripoli working under the State Department's chief of mission to assist in rebuilding the badly damaged U.S. Embassy.

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Oh, these people are there to help with the "rebuilding" of the US embassy?!?

Are they architects, engineers, or contractors,whose skills would be desperately needed for such a task? Please: the American public is dying to know.

And of course, NATO leadership has declared that it will keep a war footing in Libya "...until Ghaddafi regime smashed." Nato will remain on a war footing in the skies over Libya until the last remnants of the Gaddafi regime have been defeated, European diplomats have said.

Evidence Grows of Libyan Rebel Regime’s Torture of Prisoners


Libya: V Day + 3 Weeks

Genocide, rebel infighting, failed offensives mark 3 weeks after NATO's "victory" in Libya

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Desperate to declare NATO's mission in Libya a victory ahead of the September 19, 2011 deadline on their contrived UN Security Council resolution, already violated in every conceivable manner possible, NATO planes in tandem with NATO special forces obliterated Tripoli ahead of swarms of Libyan rebel troops led by notorious Al Qaeda thug Abdulhakim Hasadi(aka Balhaj)...

Libya's new leaders bask in Western support

TRIPOLI (AFP) - Libya's new rulers basked in a wave of international support Wednesday, as they awaited a visit by the leaders of Britain and France, and Washington pledged to respect the right of Libyans to decide their own future. (yeah right)...

NATO's "Victory" in Libya Genocide and Rebel Infighting

Desperate to declare NATO's mission in Libya a victory ahead of the September 19, 2011 deadline on their contrived UN Security Council resolution, already violated in every conceivable manner possible, NATO planes in tandem with NATO special forces obliterated Tripoli ahead of swarms of Libyan rebel troops led by notorious Al Qaeda thug Abdulhakim Hasadi (aka Balhaj.) Three weeks later, NATO's proxy Libyan representative, long-time globalist and servant of the West Mahmoud Gibril Elwarfally, touched down at Tripoli's airport, one of the few enclaves held by rebels in the city, to give the impression that his "National Transitional Council" (NTC) actually controls the capital and therefore the country.

Obama to meet Libya's interim leader in New York

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President Barack Obama will meet Libya's interim leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, the White House said Friday...

Sarkozy and Cameron in Tripoli: Scramble for Libya is on

With their surprise visit to Tripoli Thursday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron signaled that the scramble by the major powers for control of Libya’s oil wealth is in full swing.

Former Congressman: ‘I Saw NATO Troops Behead Libyans’

Former U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who recently returned from a self-sanctioned peace mission to Libya, said he went into hiding for about a month in Libya after witnessing horrifying events in Libya's bloody civil war -- a war that Fauntroy claims is backed by European forces.

Fauntroy's sudden disappearance prompted rumors and news reports that he had been killed.

In an interview inside his Northwest D.C. home last week, the noted civil rights leader, told the Afro that he watched French and Danish troops storm small villages late at night beheading, maiming and killing rebels and loyalists to show them who was in control.

"'What the hell' I'm thinking to myself. I'm getting out of here. So I went in hiding," Fauntroy said.

The rebels told Fauntroy they had been told by the European forces to stay inside. According to Fauntroy, the European forces would tell the rebels, "'Look at what you did.' In other words, the French and Danish were ordering the bombings and killings, and giving credit to the rebels.

"The truth about all this will come out later," Fauntroy said.

While in Libya, the former congressman also said he sat down with Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi for a one-on-one conversation. Gaddafi has ruled Libya since 1969, when he seized power in a military coup.

Fauntroy said he spoke with Gaddafi in person and that Gaddafi assured him that if he survived these attacks, the mission to unite African countries would continue.

"Contrary to what is being reported in the press, from what I heard and observed, more than 90 percent of the Libyan people love Gaddafi," Fauntroy said. "We believe the true mission of the attacks on Gaddafi is to prevent all efforts by African leaders to stop the recolonization of Africa."

War Games And Psy Ops In Libya: NATO Gunship Fires On Unarmed Civilians In Zawia Square

On August 18, 201, Tribal Chief Dr. Moussa Ibrahim’s younger brother was killed in Zawia by NATO. An Apache gunship fired on innocent civilians in the Square at Zaia City– killing many unarmed civilians.

The people of Zawia were celebrating the route of NATO rebels from their city by the Libyan army, contradicting mainstream media reports that NATO controls the city.

Libyans are angry about NATO’s bombing of electric power stations. They were all talking about it today. “How is NATO protecting innocent people by bombing power stations?” This is the desert, many people in the suburban areas of Tripoli suffered from noon until night without electricity.

European Commission head calls NATO bombing of Libyans a “moral duty”

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

For weeks the mainstream media has been calling the uprising in Libya a success, despite any support for their position.

Despite this false narrative, which included the capture of Tripoli from loyalists long before any such thing could be claimed, NATO is saying that they must continue to destroy what’s left of the Libyan infrastructure through their over-the-top bombing campaign...

NATO, Rebels Accused of War Crimes in Libya

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is being heavily criticized for civilian casualties and a series of bombings apparently targeting essential non-military infrastructure in Libya, with some observers calling the actions war crimes. The Libyan rebels being supported by coalition forces have also been accused of wanton savagery and even crimes against humanity.

Most recently, a NATO bombing campaign near the Libyan city of Zlitan earlier this month reportedly killed almost 100 civilians — more than half of them women and children. The attack sparked a new wave of outrage worldwide as journalists and activists called for investigations.

Looming Tragedy: Vision of the “New Libya”: Visit the “New Iraq.” Another “Liberation”, another Unimaginable International Criminal Tragedy

As Eid, the great post Ramadan celebration of that month of abstinence, self sacrifice and reflection, dawned on Libya, marked there this year on August 31st, the NATO “liberated” country, after seven months, looks a lot like “liberated” Iraq after eight years.

Queues of cars now wait for petrol in another oil rich country; other queues form, carrying containers for water. The multibillion dollar development of Libya’s vast underground aquifers had been dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world. Libya`s water supply infrastructure has been been systematically bombed throught the country.

Shops are without food.

The all is: “absolute disaster”, according to an eminent legal observer, very familiar with the country.

20,000 Shoulder-Fired Surface To Air Missiles Go Missing In Libya!

Obama to Approve ‘Al-Qaeda Embassy’ in Washington

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Obama administration is preparing to follow Britain in recognizing the rebel National Transitional Council as the official government of Libya by approving an embassy in Washington DC, which given the fact that the rebel army is spearheaded by Al-Qaeda militants who have killed U.S. troops would equate to Obama handing terrorists a diplomatic outpost on U.S. soil.

“The United States said Wednesday it was reviewing a request by Libya’s rebels to open an embassy in Washington, following Britain which expelled diplomats from Moamer Kadhafi’s regime,” reports AFP.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters that the U.S. would be “sympathetic” to the request, after which rebel supporters unfurled their flag outside the embassy where Gaddafi’s regime is still in control.

The United States formally recognized the rebel council as the country’s legitimate g... earlier this month, despite the fact that the rebel army is spearheaded by Al-Qaeda terrorists who are supposedly the target of a multi-decade “war on terror” that is now in its tenth year and has cost the U.S. a staggering $5.4 trillion since 9/11.

Shortly after the start of the conflict in March, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the leader of the anti-Gaddafi rebel army, admitted that the rebel ranks include Al-Qaeda terrorists who have killed U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Al-Hasidi described the fighters as “patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” adding that “members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader”.

The Telegraph confirmed that Al-Qaeda fighters had joined with anti-Gaddafi rebels in a story entitled, Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side, in which Richard Spencer writes how, “WikiLeaks cables, independent analysts and reporters have all identified supporters of Islamist causes among the opposition to Col Gaddafi’s regime, particularly in the towns of Benghazi and Dernah.”

Although NATO and the U.S. admit that “flickers” of Al-Qaeda members have infiltrated rebel ranks, in reality, they are leading the anti-Gaddafi forces in several areas of the country. As the Wall Street Journal reported in a piece entitled, Ex-Mujahedeen Help Lead Libyan Rebels, Al-Qaeda terrorists who worked directly for Bin Laden are recruiting, training and acting as front line field commanders for the rebel army.

Abdel Hakim al-Hasady, an influential Islamic preacher and high-school teacher who spent five years at a training camp in eastern Afghanistan, oversees the recruitment, training and deployment of about 300 rebel fighters from Darna.

Mr. Hasady’s field commander on the front lines is Salah al-Barrani, a former fighter from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG, which was formed in the 1990s by Libyan mujahedeen returning home after helping to drive the Soviets from Afghanistan and dedicated to ousting Mr. Gadhafi from power.

Sufyan Ben Qumu, a Libyan army veteran who worked for Osama bin Laden’s holding company in Sudan and later for an al Qaeda-linked charity in Afghanistan, is training many of the city’s rebel recruits.

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Former jihadist Noman Benotman, who renounced his al Qaeda affiliation in 2000, said in an interview with the Washington Times that he estimates 1,000 jihadists are in Libya.

Referring to the fighters as “freelance jihadists”, Benotman said that the men were part of a North African terror cell known as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb (AQIM), and have completely infiltrated the rebel army.

A 2007 West Point report indicated that the Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk area of Libya is a world capital for Al-Qaeda or mujahideen suicide bomber recruitment. Author Webster Tarpley details this intelligence in his excellent analysis piece, The CIA’s Libya Rebels: The Same Terrorists who Killed US, NATO Troops in Iraq.

Western intelligence agencies have also utilized their links with Libyan Al-Qaeda cells to target Gaddafi in recent history.

In 2002, French intelligence experts revealed how western intelligence agencies bankrolled a Libyan Al-Qaeda cell controlled directly by Osama Bin Laden to hatch a plot to kill Gaddafi that was foiled in March 1996. The cell was led by Anas al-Liby, who was with Bin Laden in Sudan before Bin Laden returned to Afghanistan.

Indeed, it was Gaddafi’s Libya who put out the first Interpol warrant for Bin Lade.... Western intelligence agencies blocked the warrant from being pursued, allowing Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda to go on and kill more than 200 people in the truck bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Some of the very rebels now being funded, trained, and offered embassies by Britain and the U.S. were part of the Al-Qaeda cell that tried to kill Gaddafi on behalf of the United States and Britain 15 years ago.

On Wednesday, Britain expelled Gaddafi’s diplomats and announced that it would be unfreezing $150 million dollars in Libyan oil revenue that would be used to directly fund the rebel army, abandoning any pretense that the intervention of NATO powers had anything to do with “humanitarianism,” which was the reason provided for the war back in March.

In recognizing Al-Qaeda led Libyan rebels who don’t even control the majority of Libya, and have virtually no control over key areas, as the official government, both Britain and the US are completely rewriting hundreds of years of diplomatic protocol.

While producing fearmongering videos which characterize white middle class American..., the federal government is simultaneously about to hand an organization infiltrated and in some cases led by Al-Qaeda terrorists its own embassy inside the United States.

Having violated the constitution by ignoring his own lawyers in launching the war without congressional..., Barack Obama is now directly aiding and abetting Islamic terrorists, breaking his oath to protect America against foreign belligerents by literally inviting the enemy within the gates.

If this isn’t a solid case for the impeachment of Barack Obama, then nothing is.

'Braindead' West wants Jihadists to rule Libya - ex-CIA officer

A suicide attack on a government compound in southern Afghanistan has left at least 19 dead and over 35 injured. It follows a string attacks and the killing of President Karzai's half-brother and comes as the U.S. withdraws its forces.

Rebel Militias Include the Human Traffickers of Benghazi

Thomas C Mountain relates the importance of Benghazi as having been the epicentre of the once Billion dollar a year industry of Trafficking Africans to Europe.
These people have formed part of the Rebel militias

After Britain, US considers Libya rebel embassy

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States said Wednesday it was reviewing a request by Libya's rebels to open an embassy in Washington, following Britain which expelled diplomats from Moamer Kadhafi's regime...

Libyan rebels’ military chief shot dead

The head of the Libyan rebel’s armed forces and two of his aides were killed by gunmen Thursday, the head of the rebel leadership said.

BREAKING NEWS: Libyan Transitional Council Rebels in Total Disarray

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has seen no end to fighting inside Libya. NATO has intensified its bombardment of Tripoli and other major cities. Tens of thousands of fliers have been dropped by NATO from the skies asking the Libyan military to surrender.

The social momentum in Libya against NATO and its illegitimate Transitional Council has been picking up speed. Mass opposition to the rebels is building up in rebels’ stronghold Benghazi

Following the assassination of General Abdel Fattah Al-Younes, the commander of the Transitional Council’s armed forces, further divisions within the rebellion have unfolded; the tide has changed dramatically in Benghazi.

The War on Libya: Divisions within The Transitional Council and Rebel Forces

The death of General Abdel Fattah Al-Younes, Commander in Chief of Rebel Forces was announced on July 28. Younes was Colonel Qaddafi’s former interior minister who defected to the rebels. Younes was also key leader of the Transitional Council based in Benghazi.

His death has created a vacuum in the military command structure, which will inevitably contribute in the short-run to weakening the military capabilities of the insurgency. It will also have repercussions on the timing of NATO operations.

Norway Withdraws Jets from Libya Ops: Military

OSLO - Norway on Aug. 1 withdrew as planned its final four F-16 fighter jets that have been taking part in the NATO-led mission over Libya, the Norwegian military said.

Norway to fly last Libya mission

Norway will fly its last combat mission in Libya on Saturday, two days before the official end of its role in the Nato-led air war, an alliance official told AFP.

Norway, one of eight Nato members that have conducted air strikes in the four-month-old operation, was the first to set an end-date for its participation when it decided last month to withdraw on August 01.

"The last day Norwegian aircraft will fly on July 30," the Nato official said.

Libyan rebels can't win, Fox admits, so we need a traitor in Gaddafi's circle

Liam Fox conceded yesterday that Libyan rebels were unlikely to muster the forces to topple Muammar Gaddafi, and the Defence Secretary admitted that the best chance of ousting him was a palace coup.

Libya - What America's Media Won't Report

America's media staunchly back all US imperial wars, regurgitating officials lies as truths. Moreover, they never explain their illegality or daily crimes of war and against humanity against civilians, as well as non-military related infrastructure and other sites.

Nor do they report how NATO bombing prevents targeted nations (including Libya) from providing essential public services, including enough food, medical care, electricity, fuel, and clean water.

The Middle East Revolution: The Empire Strikes Back: Libya Attacked by the US and NATO

No sooner had the popular revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia overthrown corrupt and repressive U.S.-backed dictatorships than Washington and NATO (led by a Canadian general) attacked Libya on March 19 with jet fighters and hundreds of missiles and bombs. The reason given by this coalition of the U.S., Britain, France, Italy and Canada (among others) for the attack was that they were protecting civilians from Libya's leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Considering that the U.S. has killed two million civilians in Iraq, 70,000 in Afghanistan, and about 2,000 in Pakistan, it strains credulity to believe that this was the real reason for its intervention in Libya.

Yet another potential reason for NATO's and the US's war against Libya.

But here's the kicker: US/NATO forces have been bombarding Libya from the air for precisely two months, and now the situation on the ground is a complete stalemate. The only way to change this is with a ground invasion.

One has to wonder just how long it will be before American troops, which Obama vowed never would be fighting on the ground in Libya, will be a part of a forthcoming ground invasion.

Globalist Imperial Network As Explained by a Globalist

The mechanics of world empire, in particular the current corporate-financier oligarchy has been examined in great detail. The US State Department, supporting NGOs funded directly by both US taxpayers' money as well as funds from the Fortune 500 corporations they serve, alone constitute a global spanning, incessantly meddling homogeneous network working to undermine both personal and national sovereignty while replacing national governments around the world.

By social movements, Slaughter cites and apparently is referring to the "Arab Spring" which is on record the result of US meddling and organizing, and nothing close to resembling true grassroots activism. It is merely the latest trick out of the social engineering, human exploitation, propagandist playbook.

Losing in Libya

Gaddafi now controls 20% more territory than he did before we started this odious bombing campaign. He has been able to hold more and better attended rallies of more genuine supporters in recent days than he ever could before we started bombing. Exactly as I predicted, the effect of NATO bombing has been to rally nationalist support around Gaddafi, whom we have stupidly put in a much stronger position than he was when he only faced genuine internal rebellion.

Although the alleged "hit" on Osama bin Laden was simply some very ugly geopolitical street theatre, used as a distraction in the US away from the glaring economic mess we face, courtesy of the previous and present administrations, the US and NATO may well not be able to assassinate Ghadaffi.

The only other ploy possible, in light of the fact that the current situation is a military stalemate, is a ground offensive in Libya.

NATO Vows Continued Bombing in Libya

NATO promised to continue bombing Libya, and that the country’s leader, Moammar Gadhafi, cannot “wait us out.” Spokeswoman Carmen Romero said Tuesday that airstrikes will continue until Gadhafi gives up.

NATO has conducted over 6,000 strike sorties since the start of the operation in March, many on civilian areas like the hospital that was struck on Monday, which resulted in the death of at least 7 civilians. But announcements from the Western powers have maintained that they have the intentions and the resources to perpetuate the bombing at their current levels until Gadhafi surrenders.

Memo to NATO Spokesperson Carmen Romero: forgive me, my dear lady, but it appears that Gaddafi is "waiting you out", and has been, rather successfully for the last 5 months.

The people of Libya will not be happy to see him go, because they have a pretty reasonable expectation of what will follow.

The bombings continue to not work, in terms of removing Gaddafi from power; they have, however, killed a couple of his grandkids and his son, not to mention scores or more of those very innocent civilians your organization keeps screaming about wanting to protect.

This is as close to geopolitical insanity as it gets; doing the same thing over and over, then expecting a different result. It will not.

You know, and those in the bowels of power in DC and Brussels understand that in order to break the stalemate, ground troops will have to be sent in; the very ground troops Obama swore to the American people he would never have fighting on the ground in Libya. In fact, one of the most consistent elements of Obama's presidency is his breaking of his word to the American people.

The question is not if, but when. Next Monday is 1 August, and if NATO troops do not begin a ground invasion in August, September of this year is when it may well happen on some kind of trumped-up excuse.

NATO Incorporates Libyan Experience For Global War Template

As the West’s war against Libya has entered its fourth month and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has flown more than 11,000 missions, including 4,300 strike sorties, over the small nation, the world’s only military bloc is already integrating lessons learned from the conflict into its international model of military intervention based on earlier wars in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

What NATO refers to as Operation Unified Protector has provided the Alliance the framework in which to continue recruiting Partnership for Peace adjuncts like Sweden and Malta, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative affiliates Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and Mediterranean Dialogue partnership members Jordan and Morocco into the bloc’s worldwide warfighting network. Sweden, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates also have military personnel assigned to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in the nearly ten-year-long war in Afghanistan. In the first case, troops from the Scandinavian nation has been engaged in their first combat role, killing and being killed, in two centuries in Afghanistan and has provided eight warplanes for the attack on Libya, with marine forces to soon follow.

The military conflicts waged and other interventions conducted by the United States and its NATO allies over the past twelve years – in and against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan and Libya – have contributed to the American military budget more than doubling in the past decade and U.S. arms exports almost quintupling in the same period.

FLASHBACK - Libyan aid and investment projects in Africa

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said earlier this year he was offering to invest $97 billion in the continent to free it from Western influence...

And therein lies a real motive for a Coup d'état disguised as a popular revolution.

Civil lawsuit filed against NATO in Belgium regarding bombing in Libya

Attorneys have filed a civil lawsuit in Belgium accusing NATO of killing 13 civilians, including 3 children, by bombing a residential compound of a former government official in Libya.
Marcel Ceccaldi, a Paris-based lawyer, said Thursday he also has asked the Brussels District Court to send two experts to Libya to assess physical and psychological damage from the attack near Tripoli in June so that he can determine what monetary compensation to seek from NATO.

Blair demands more allied military action


Britain and its allies should be ready to mount Libya-style interventions in other Arab countries, Tony Blair declares today.

The former Prime Minister, who committed British troops to military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, says that Europe and the United States must draw up a proper plan to support the so-called Arab Spring.

The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya EXPOSED

Why is the West at War with Libya?

The short answer is that Western powers are waging war in Libya to keep control over the world’s reserve currency, and China poses a challenge in that regard through its alliances with Libya.

U.S. Fears of Economic Collapse Prompted NATO War of Aggression

Why did the U.S. and E.U. steal around $200,000 Million ($200 billion) from Libya after launching an attack on that country under false pretext?

Gold, Oil, Africa and Why the West Wants Gadhafi Dead

Muammar Gadhafi's decision to pursue gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments may have sealed his fate.

“Gadhafi's creation of the African Investment Bank in Sirte (Libya) and the African Monetary Fund to be based in Cameroon will supplant the IMF and undermine Western economic hegemony in Africa.” —Gerald Pereira, an executive board member of the former Tripoli-based World Mathaba

“The US, the other G-8 countries, the World Bank, IMF, BIS (Bank for International Settlements), and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets.” —John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Your children are dying to make the world safe for private central banking and debt-based currencies.

Are you not proud?

Is it not worth the sacrifice?

War on Libya planned to control strategic interests

Libya: The True Costs of War
The invasion was planned. In the case of the US involvement, as far back as George Bush Junior's 'war on the axis of evil'. In the case of the French, active planning may have been since October 2010. The planning most likely included ensuring that weapons and forces were ready in Benghazi when the moment came. This is why the civil protest in Benghazi, which started in a similar manner as the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings of unarmed civilians, turned into an armed rebellion in two days, and in less than a month, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)/French invasion had began. This incredible speed of events is far from spontaneous."

Goldman investigated over £31m Libyan 'bribe'

Goldman Sachs' dealings with Muammar Gaddafi's regime have come under scrutiny from US regulators investigating whether they broke anti-bribery laws.

The investment banking giant made the offer of a $50m (£31m) payment, which would have gone to the son-in-law of the state oil company boss, according to reports last week. Now it has emerged that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking over documents related to the plan.

Reminder about the real reasons for the attack on Libya.

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Gaddafi's real 'crime' Unlike Tunisia or Egypt where a halfway credible argument could be made that the population was suffering from exploding food prices and a vast wealth gap, Gaddafi's Libya, officially called Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, is very different. There, according to Africans I have spoken to with direct knowledge, Libyans enjoyed the highest living standard on the Continent. Gaddafi did not stay on top for 42 years without ensuring that his population had little room to complain. Most health services, education and fuel was state-subsidized. Gaddafi's Libya had the lowest infant mortality rate and highest life expectancy of all Africa. When he siezed power from ailing King Idris four decades ago literacy was below 10% of the population.

The West does not understand Libya after Gaddafi

The situation in Libya has been a central topic for the world media for several months. What is happening in this country? Why is Gaddafi still in power? How did he manage to win the confidence of his people?

Fresh water, a value-based currency, and no central bank. That is why the Libyan people love him and why the western banking cartels hate him. The same reason we were led into WW2; the greed of the money-junkies.

Libyan rebel group sells first oil to U.S.

Jamie Crawford

Washington (CNN) -- The rebel government in control of the eastern part of Libya has made its first sale of oil from territory it controls, the State Department confirmed Wednesday.

Tesoro, a U.S. oil refiner, entered into a deal May 25 with the Transitional National Council based in Benghazi, Libya for 1.2 million barrels of Libyan crude oil, the State Department said in a written statement. The shipment was scheduled to arrive aboard the MT Equator, a Liberian-flagged tanker, at the Single Point Mooring in Hawaii on Wednesday. The dollar value of the deal is not known.

U.S. support for additional oil sales with the TNC will continue as a means to support additional revenue streams for the Libyan people, the statement said.

The sale was made possible following an April announcement by the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the Treasury Department that established a new licensing policy with Libya. That action was taken to ease barriers to certain oil related transactions with the TNC, in place because of wider U.S. sanctions on Libya.
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Mideast Uprising Outcome: CIA Gets the Libyan Rebel Terrorists to Ship oil to USA

America has got a part of what it wanted from "uprisings" in Mideast and "noflyzone" fascism over sovereign Libya: high standard Libyan oil, and the terrorist rebels have helped the NATO rogues to transport Libyan energy resources into USA- the nation of their real bosses. Will any American or Britisher do such sacrifices against their country for Libya or any other Arab nations? The CIA-pre-paid Libyan rebel terrorists are traitors for Libya but for the NATO terror syndicate nations, they are the true patriots!

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