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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

lundi 2 avril 2012

L'Autre Monde 2 avril 2012 : L'humanité menacée


L'Autre Monde 2 avril 2012 : L'humanité menacée
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L'Autre Monde 2 avril 2012

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- Le discours haineux et l'indifférence 

- Actualité mondiale, économie, Moyen-Orient, Fukushima 

C'est en rendez-vous le lundi dès 15h pour l'émission la plus écoutée de CHOQ FM, la radio officielle de l'Université du Québec à Montréal ! 

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The first cracks appear in the massive $1 Trillion of US Student loan debt as a whopping 27% of borrowers are now delinquent on $270 billion in loan repayments.
The Case For The 21 Hour Work Week

The British economist John Maynard Keynes wrote an essay in 1913 in
which he predicted that by this time, we'd work an average of about
15 hours a week and we'd be 4 to 5 times richer.

That famously did not happen. We are working more, earning
less, and the whole culture is greedier, more exhausted,
and much more damaging to the environment.

We are spinning our wheels more than ever, despite technological

Meet some people who say that 21 hours is the ideal work week,
that can reintroduce balance, sanity, health, ecological
benefits, employment for all, and yes even increased prosperity
into the equation.

Video: (4:03)


School kids sent to "alternate locations" during terror drills

More weirdness and psychological conditioning at American schools is
being reported.

All over the United States, school children are being taken out of
their classrooms, put on buses, and sent to "alternate locations"
during terror drills.

Often, parents are told that their children are being taken to an
"undisclosed location" and the children are having their cell
phones confiscated to prevent them from making calls.

They need permission slips for field trips, but they can scare the
crap out of the kids with guns, take their cell phones, and haul
them off to "undisclosed locations" anytime they want?



Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills

Michael Snyder, Contributor
Activist Post
All over the United States, school children are being taken out of their classrooms, put on buses and sent to "alternate locations" during terror drills. These exercises are often called "evacuation drills" or "relocation drills" and they are more than a little disturbing. Sometimes parents are notified in advance where the kids are being taken and sometimes they are only told that the children are being taken to an "undisclosed location".
In the years since 9/11 and the Columbine school shootings, there has been a concerted effort to make school emergency drills much more "realistic" and much more intense...

Congress Decides To Allow Employers To Demand Your Facebook Password

Congress kills a measure that would prevent employers from demanding confidential information, such as Email, Facebook and Twitter passwords from potential employees.


March 31: Operation Global Blackout: Hackers Intend to Shut Down the Internet by Disabling Core DNS Servers

If this latest threat is carried out, it will highlight the significant security risks inherent in the internet as it exists today. Wink! Wink!

Google faces massive fines over alleged 'abuse of its dominance of the internet'

Google faces an inquiry and – potentially – massive fines over allegations it is abusing its dominance of the internet and searches.
European consumer groups have sounded the alarm over concerns that the web giant is manipulating internet search results for its own commercial advantage.


America Ranks 1st Among Western Nations for...Executing its Citizens

Activist Post
It's rare for America to rank number one among Western nations in many categories, but they managed to come out on top as the only Western country to execute its own citizens according to Amnesty International's "Global Execution Scale."...


FBI explanation of missing Oklahoma City bombing tapes not credible, judge says

The three people interviewed agreed John Does 1 and 2 were dry.


New Counterorrism Guidelines Gives Authorities Vast Access to Private Info of Innocent Americans

On Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder signed expansive new guidelines for terrorism analysts, allowing the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) to mirror entire federal databases containing personal information and hold onto the information for an extended period of time—even if the person is not suspected of any involvement in terrorism. (Read the guidelines here).
Journalist Marcy Wheeler summed the new guidelines up nicely saying, “So…the data the government keeps to track our travel, our taxes, our benefits, our identity? It just got transformed from bureaucratic data into national security intelligence.”
Obama must be very proud about this; under his watch, the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, guaranteeing freedom against unreasonable search and seizure, has been unceremoniously thrown under the proverbial bus, with barely a whimper from the general US population.
Courtesy of the Homeland Security Act, the Patriot Act, the signing of the NDAA, and now the guidelines Attorney General Holder has signed into being, the protections which used to be afforded to American citizens by the Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer exist.
We had all better get used to the ugly reality that we now live in a post-Constitutional United States of America, in which the Federal Government has all the power, including the power to abuse it citizens at will, with citizens having absolutely no power of redress against that government.
Wake up, people; and those of you with skills and kids, please get out of this country while you still can; the window for making that move is narrowing by the day.


Get Ready for the Crackdowns

The show of paramilitary force at the national party conventions held since the 9/11 attacks has been nothing less than shocking, though the vast majority of America doesn’t know it because they weren’t there, or they simply don’t care.
Everything in the name of “security” — from shutting down entire towns to tossing people out of presidential events because of their antiwar bumper stickers and T-shirts, no effort seemed too petty or too ludicrous.
This is an horrendous law, but there is one thing the author of this article seemed to have blinked and missed entirely.
In the wake of the Homeland Security Act; the Patriot Act; the signing of the NDAA; the signing by Attorney General Holder of new "guidelines" through which data on perfectly innocent civilians can be stored for 5 years, and the passage of HR 347, US citizens now live in a post-Constitutional America, where none of those protections and guarantees which used to be afforded us through the Constitution and Bill of Rights exist.

The Stunning JFK Airport Baggage Scandal; 200 Thefts Per Day

Think twice before you check your luggage at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
Cash, jewelry, electronics and other valuables are being stolen from passengers’ baggage at a staggering rate.
It’s happening as a result of inside jobs that aren’t being stopped, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports exclusively.

Microsoft censoring Windows Live Messenger chats under guise of fighting piracy

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post
Piracy seems to be the favorite excuse nowadays when it comes to censorship, destroying Internet freedom, and even absurdly large domestic digital surveillance operations.
Now, Microsoft, one of the world’s largest corporations in the technology sector, has been actively monitoring and censoring conversations on their Windows Live Messenger program.
Even more disturbing, Microsoft now admits that they have been censoring conversations between users on Windows Live Messenger for quite a while now...


Financiers and Sex Trafficking

THE biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called Backpage.com.
This emporium for girls and women — some under age or forced into prostitution — is in turn owned by an opaque private company called Village Voice Media. Until now it has been unclear who the ultimate owners are.
That mystery is solved. The owners turn out to include private equity financiers, including Goldman Sachs with a 16 percent stake.
Goldman Sachs was mortified when I began inquiring last week about its stake in America’s leading Web site for prostitution ads. It began working frantically to unload its shares, and on Friday afternoon it called to say that it had just signed an agreement to sell its stake to management.
“We had no influence over operations,” Andrea Raphael, a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman, told me.
Let’s back up for a moment. There’s no doubt that many escort ads on Backpage are placed by consenting adults. But it’s equally clear that Backpage plays a major role in the trafficking of minors or women who are coerced. In one recent case in New York City, prosecutors say that a 15-year-old girl was drugged, tied up, raped and sold to johns through Backpage and other sites.
Backpage has 70 percent of the market for prostitution ads, according to AIM Group, a trade organization.
Village Voice Media makes some effort to screen out ads placed by traffickers and to alert authorities to abuses, but neither law enforcement officials nor antitrafficking organizations are much impressed. As a result, pressure is growing on the company to drop escort ads.
After my last column on this issue, 19 U.S. senators wrote the company, asking it to stop abetting traffickers. On Thursday, antitrafficking campaigners protested outside the Village Voice newspaper (which is owned by Village Voice Media). A petition on Change.org criticizing the company has gathered 220,000 signatures.
In Washington State, the governor signed a bill into law on Thursday that could expose Backpage to criminal sanctions if it advertises under-age girls for sex without verifying their ages. (There’s some uncertainty about the constitutionality of the law.)
Village Voice Media has been able to resist pressure partly because, as a private company, it doesn’t disclose its owners. But I’ve obtained documents that, with some digging, shed light on who’s behind it.
The two biggest owners are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the managers of the company, and they seem to own about half of the shares. The best known of the other owners is Goldman Sachs, which invested in the company in 2000 (before Backpage became a part of Village Voice Media in a 2006 merger).
A Goldman managing director, Scott L. Lebovitz, sat on the Village Voice Media board for many years. Goldman says he stepped down in early 2010.
Let’s be clear: this is a tiny investment by a huge company, and I have no reason to think that Goldman’s top executives knew of its connection to sex trafficking. Goldman prides itself on its work on gender: its 10,000 Women initiative does splendid work supporting women in business around the globe. Full disclosure: Goldman’s foundation was one of about 15 funders of a public television documentary version of a book that my wife and I wrote about the world’s women.
That said, for more than six years Goldman has held a significant stake in a company notorious for ties to sex trafficking, and it sat on the company’s board for four of those years. There’s no indication that Goldman or anyone else ever used its ownership to urge Village Voice Media to drop escort ads or verify ages. Elizabeth L. McDougall, chief counsel for Village Voice Media, told me Friday that she was “unaware of any dissent” from owners.

Prostitution isn't all: Goldman Sachs, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Vericomm, Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group rip off small merchants.

This is a Good Start, wait until Reporter Kristof gets to the consumer and small merchant fraud bundling.... Senators like Kelly Ayotte should be impeached.
Prostitution isn't all: KingCast advises NYTimes writer Nicholas Kristof to delve into Goldman Sachs, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Vericomm, Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group small merchant rip-off schemes.
"I see no evidence that Goldman and other private equity investors ever uttered a whisper of protest internally, even as arrests were made in 22 states for trafficking of under-age girls who had been marketed on Backpage."


Australian Globalist Senator Bob Brown Calls for World Government

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor
Activist Post
The Globalists have officially infiltrated the Australian Government and have now admitted on record that they want Australia to lead the world to introduce global government and the new world order..


World Federalist Movement

Le World Federalist Movement (W.F.M), Mouvement Fédéraliste Mondial, est une organisation internationale qui rassemble des associations et des citoyens.

Définition du mouvement[modifier]

Le siège du WFM est à New York, non loin du siège des Nations unies. Fondé en 1947 à Montreux, en Suisse, l'objectif du mouvement est "un ordre mondial juste à travers des Nations unies renforcées". Elle revendique entre 30000 et 50000 sympathisants. Le WFM demande un gouvernement mondial fédéral, permettant de mener des politiques globales sur le principe de l'État de droit. Il s'agit d'un mouvement promondialiste militant en faveur d'un fédéralisme intégral. Cet objectif pourrait être accompli en renforçant et en démocratisant les institutions internationales existantes en leur conférent une autorité constitutionnelle. Les fédéralistes mondiaux soutiennent la création de structures démocratiques mondiales responsables devant les citoyens.


The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance

The US government is being overrun by the wrong kind of person. A certain class of people – sociopaths – are now fully in control of major American institutions. Their beliefs and attitudes are insinuated throughout the economic, political, intellectual and psychological/spiritual fabric of the US. Sociopaths completely lack a conscience or any capacity for real regret about hurting people. Although they pretend the opposite. Sociopaths consider themselves superior to everyone else, because they aren’t burdened by the emotions and ethics others have – they’re above all that. They’re arrogant. Although they pretend the opposite. All you need is favorable conditions for them to bloom, much as mushrooms do after a rainstorm.


Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance 1/3


For Pennsylvania's Doctors, a Gag Order on Fracking Chemicals

Under a new law, doctors in Pennsylvania can access information about chemicals used in natural gas extraction -- but they won't be able to share it with their patients. A provision buried in a law passed last month is drawing scrutiny from the public health and environmental community, who argue that it will "gag" doctors who want to raise concerns related to oil and gas extraction with the people they treat and the general public.
Apparently, the health of the citizens they allegedly represent is of absolutely no concern to Pennsylvanian legislators. I have to wonder just how they would respond if they themselves, or people they care about, wound up with cancer as a direct result of the fracking process.
OH, silly me, I forgot: Pennsylvanian legislators and their families most likely don't live in areas where this is happening. they do, however, love the contributions from the oil companies practicing this process in their state.
I hope, for the sake of the health of Pennsylvanians, that this law is challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, and is struck down.

Fracking Fluid Soaks Ohio

The preferred way to dispose of the brine and fracking fluid—typically a stew of water and a long list of chemical additives, including rust inhibitors and antibacterial agents—is to pump it out of sight, out of mind into deep, cavernous wells built for the purpose. Ohio’s geological underbelly, composed of permeable rock formations, is ideally suited for such holding tanks. The state is home to 176 of them, operated by more than 80 companies, including an affiliate of Houston-based giant EnerVest and smaller outfits such as BT Energy in Fleming, Ohio. Compare that with just six active wells in neighboring Pennsylvania, where the geology makes drilling less practical. Over the past two decades, Ohio approved an average of four new storage wells a year. Last year, it jumped to 29.


20 000 puits au Québec !


Israelization of Canadian political process

With the election of Thomas Mulcair (born 1954) as the new leader of Canada’s third largest party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), and leader of the Official Opposition in Canada – has completed, like the nextdoor neighbor United States, the Israelization of country’s political process. Canada’s three major political parties; the Progressive Conservative Party, lead by Israel-Firster Zionist prime minister Stephen Joseph Harper (with Jewish family roots); the interim leader of the Liberal Party, lead by Robert Keith Rae (a former leader of NDP with Jewish family roots) is on the board of Jewish National Fund, a criminally racist organization, even Israel wants to stay at a distance from it.


The Zionification of Canada

Mulcair's co-campaign chairman is former MP Lorne Nystrom, now a director of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, the Israel Lobby's main pressure group.


Insane Michigan government announces plan to destroy ranch livestock based on hair color and arrest hundreds of ranchers as felons

The state has said it will "destroy" these pigs beginning in April, potentially by raiding local farms with government-issued rifles, then shooting the pig herds while arresting the members of the family and charging them with the "crime" of raising pigs with the wrong hair color. This may truly be a state-sponsored serial animal killing spree.

An epic battle of truth, freedom and justice is being waged in Michigan

We need your help to defend farm freedom in Michigan and across the country. Here are some actions you can take:

1) SHARE this article.

2) WATCH the video:

3) LISTEN to the interview at:

4) SUPPORT the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund:

4) DONATE to help support the legal fees of the Baker family farm. Their website is at

5) DEMAND farm freedom in your area! No government has the right to tell us what food we can or cannot grow, eat or trade! It's as simple as that, and any government bureaucrat, tyrant or local dictator who thinks they can trample on your God-given right to choose what kind of food you wish to produce or consume is in desperate need of having a boot shoved deeply and forcefully up their rear ends.

Give tyrants the boot! Defend local farms. Even if you don't eat pork (I don't), this is still a farm freedom issue worth fighting for.

Read more at:
Unflipping believable.
A consumer's capability of buying healthier alternatives to corporate-farmed meat appears to be shrinking by the second.
The opportunity to buy healthier food, which is not laced with chemical, pesticides, and other hormones, should be encouraged, because it can prevent the onset of certain health issues as people age.


The North American Leaders Summit and Reviving Trilateral Integration

With the demise of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the U.S. has essentially put Canada and Mexico on separate tracks.
It has pursued dual-bilateralism with both its NAFTA partners as the primary means of advancing continental integration with regards to trade, regulatory and security initiatives.
The upcoming North American Leaders Summit, which will be held in Washington, D.C. on April 2, could be used as a means of reviving the trilateral cooperation model.


NWO Police State Infrastructure Emerging

Under construction, Canada's new $880 million electronic spy HQ in Ottawa, which will spy on Americans and the whole world.
Assume that all your communications are being monitored and we live in a disguised police state already.
Canadians were outraged in February when the government introduced Bill C-30  allowing police to monitor email traffic "in order to protect children from Internet predators." 

Vic Toews, Canada's "Minister of Public Safety," a title originating in the Judeo Masonic French Revolution, caused a firestorm when he said his opponents were "siding with child pornographers."

The backlash took the form of a Twitter campaign in which the nasty details of Toews' affair with a babysitter and subsequent divorce were exposed.

The Tory government, ever mindful of its popularity, has since backed off.

But the controversy was irrelevant since all domestic communications -- phone, email, faxes, mail -- probably have been monitored for a very long time, even though it is against the law.

In fact, Canadians are now spending $880 million dollars to build a new Communications Security Establishment of Canada complex (CSEC) in Ottawa so Big Brother can track their pizza preferences.

Technically, the CSEC is forbidden by law from domestic spying.

But Canada is a member of "Echelon" a five-nation (US,UK,NZ, Canada,Oz) spy consortium which, according to Wikipedia, is "capable of interception of telephone calls, fax, e-mail and other data traffic globally..."

In other words, if necessary, we can spy on Americans and they can spy on us, and exchange the information.

Are we supposed to believe this complex, as big as the whole Dept. of National Defense HQ,  will be confined to signals intelligence and computer security as proclaimed?   (Comparison - Canada's Defense Budget, about $23 B; CSEC budget $300 million.)   

Hardly. It is a part of new infrastructure designed to enforce a world police state.
Just last week, James Bamfort revealed that CSEC's sister agency, the NSA, is building a heavily fortified $2 Billion spy center (left) in Bluffdale, Utah which will open by Sept. 2013:
Returning to Canada, according to the Globe and Mail, "the seven-building CSEC complex will be the equivalent of a 90-storey skyscraper turned on its side - a highly secure compound outfitted with the latest high-tech gear. Two nearby electrical generating stations will power the agency's computers, which suck in millions of conversations from around the world each day and scour them for intelligence information. CSEC's 1,700 staff and $300-million budget are double what they were a decade ago."
According to another source, "the organization has spent most of its history since 1945 essentially as a branch plant of American signals intelligence (the National Security Agency). The government did not acknowledge its existence until the 1970s, and it operated wholly outside Parliamentary law until an enabling act was finally passed in 2001."

The new 20-acre complex is adjacent to CSIS, Canada's CIA, and will be connected by a sky walk. Essentially, we are paying for our own enslavement.


What passes for democracy in the West reminds me of high school. We elect the Student Council which organizes the Prom and publishes the Yearbook. But the important decisions are made by the Principal and Dept of Education.

The same applies to our government where the central bankers call the shots through their corporate and other fronts. Our legislators are highly paid actors who provide an ersatz democracy. The media legitimizes this sham.

For example, for the past two weeks the "robo-call scandal" has dominated political discourse in Canada. 

Just as the predator email bill offended our fine democratic sensibilities, during the last election some 30,000 calls were made harassing people or directing them to the wrong polling station. The media has been full of this scandal. Democracy has been attacked!

Meanwhile, the real government has been secretly erasing the Canada-US border and integrating us into a North American Union, without any meaningful political debate or media attention.
The perimeter security initiative between Canada and the U.S. will integrate Canadian and American law enforcement. Given the recent US law suspending civil rights,  (HR 1540 N.D.A.A.) this is downright scary! Where is democracy when it matters? 

Rather than address substantive issues, our student politicians are presenting an illusion of democracy.


These domestic spying measures are designed for a future day when  widespread discontent is created by financial collapse or war. 


Is this finally proof we're NOT causing global warming? The whole of the Earth heated up in medieval times without human CO2 emissions, says new study

Current theories of the causes and impact of global warming have been thrown into question by a new study which shows that during medieval times the whole of the planet heated up.
It then cooled down naturally and there was even a 'mini ice age'.
A team of scientists led by geochemist Zunli Lu from Syracuse University in New York state, has found that contrary to the ‘consensus’, the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ approximately 500 to 1,000 years ago wasn’t just confined to Europe.
In fact, it extended all the way down to Antarctica – which means that the Earth has already experience global warming without the aid of human CO2 emissions.
When the Carbonazis were caught editing the Wikipedia articles on the Medieval Warming period, they justified the erasures on the claim that the "consensus" was that warming only happened in Europe, therefore it didn't really count as global warming. There was no evidence that the warming was confined only to Europe, but the Carbonazis took the position that until someone could prove the warming was global they assumed that it was not, since such global warming during the Medieval (and Roman) times did not fit in with their theory that humans and humans alone affect the climate. But you know what they say about "Assume", right? And now the actual peer-reviewed evidence is in, and indeed the world was globally much warmer during the Medieval warm period without plastic bags, electrical power stations, automobiles, and laptops.

Norfolk police give indications that Climategate investigation has been shut down.

Norfolk Constabulary have previously released details of their spend on the UEA emails investigation – Operation Cabin. This showed that no money had been spent on the investigation since February 2011, something that strongly suggested that the investigation was in fact closed. Despite this, the Constabulary insisted that the investigation was ongoing.
In order to probe this a little further, I requested details of man-hours spent on the investigation by month. If no man hours had been actually been clocked up over the same period then it would amount to pretty much incontrovertible evidence that everything had ground to a halt.
The United Nations has pretty much admitted that their agenda for a global government partly rests on the reception of a human-caused climate-threat to the entire world. Needless to say, this means a great deal of political and even monetary pressure will be brought to bear on anyone questioning the revealed orthodoxy.


Green Climate Fund Wants Immunity from Any Kind of Prosecution

Activist Post
Fox News is reporting that the Green Climate Fund, created by the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is seeking full diplomatic immunity from "any kind of legal process, including civil and criminal prosecution, in the countries where it operates."
The U.N. enacted the legal framework for the private-public fund at the Copenhagen Accord in 2009, but it was ratified last year during COP-17 in Durban, South Africa. The fund, controlled by a 24-nation board of trustees, received $30 billion in start-up money from U.N. member nations.


Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist

Scepticism regarding the need for immediate and massive action against carbon emissions is a sickness of societies and individuals which needs to be "treated", according to an Oregon-based professor of "sociology and environmental studies". Professor Kari Norgaard compares the struggle against climate scepticism to that against racism and slavery in the US South.
Desperation on the cusp of madness!


Obama Requests $770 Million to Fight Global Warming Overseas

The Obama administration has requested $770 million in federal funds to combat the effects of global warming in developing countries, a new congressional report details, continuing its policy of using foreign aid to combat the effects of global warming in the developing world.
The figure, from a recent report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), shows that continues to pursue its policy of using foreign aid funds for anti-global warming measures – known as the Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI).
According to CRS, the government has spent a total of $2.5 billion on GCCI since 2010 on overseas anti-global warming efforts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.


Victory: Canada Quits Kyoto Protocol aka; Banker’s Global Warming Scheme!!

In a victory for common sense, America’s largest trading partner has become the first country to bail on the Kyoto Protocol before the nearly $7 billion in non-compliance costs comes due next year. Thus ends a pointless and pricey exercise in martyrdom. Environmentalism is all feel-good fun and games until taxpayers get mugged. Times and priorities have changed and scammy, silly nonsense like taxing and trading in plant food credits has lost its luster.


Wikileaks - CIA's tool

BUSTED! WikiLeaks alters digitalized cache to appear to BREAK the NEWS. This is nothing new. Back when the Climategate emails were leaked, Wikileaks tried to claim credit for the story, even though the actual leak had been to a server in Russia, and several websites, including this one, had the story three days before Wikileaks did.


UK queen accused of drug trafficking

Britain’s financial regulator has fined the British queen’s bank for money laundering failures as a French presidential candidate has said part of the queen’s fortune “comes from drug trafficking.”
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined the British queen’s bank, Coutts Bank, 8.75 million pounds for failing to carry out correct checks on “politically exposed persons” and prevent money laundering.

“The failings at Coutts were serious, systemic and were allowed to persist for almost three years. They resulted in an unacceptable risk of Coutts handling the proceeds of crime,” the FSA said in a statement posted on its official website.
And why should we be surprised? Britain once fought a war with China over Britain's "right" to sell opium to the Chinese people.


Rough Justice: UK protester almost killed by cops faces jail

A British student who suffered a near-fatal blow to the head in police clashes during a student demo - is on trial himself for the violence. Alfie Meadows and 50 others ended up in hospital after the fighting during protests over tuition fees. He could be jailed for 5 years if convicted but, as Ivor Bennett explains, his supporters want to see the police face justice over brutality.


Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws

The government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.
Internet firms will be required to give intelligence agency GCHQ access to communications on demand, in real time.

Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet

Scenario: Your government is displeased with the communication going on in your location and pulls the plug on your internet access, most likely by telling the major ISPs to turn off service.
This is what happened in Egypt Jan. 25 prompted by citizen protests, with sources estimating that the Egyptian government cut off approximately 88 percent of the country's internet access. What do you do without internet? Step 1: Stop crying in the corner. Then start taking steps to reconnect with your network. Here’s a list of things you can do to keep the communication flowing.
This article is part of a wiki anyone can edit. If you have advice to add, please log in and contribute.




Gas leak exclusion zone set up as second platform evacuated

A new image of the platform was released 76 hours after the incident was first reported
A flame is still burning in the stack above a North Sea platform from which gas has been leaking for three days.
Experts expressed concern that escaping gas could connect with the naked flame in the flare stack and explode.
Oil company Total said a cloud of escaped gas at sea level was at a much lower height than the flare on the Elgin platform, 150 miles off Aberdeen.
A spokesman said the flare was left burning when the platform was evacuated on Sunday.
A gas cloud has reportedly encircled the platform and can be seen from miles away.
Operator Total E&P UK says it could take up to six months to build a relief well to help stem the leak.


Flare still burning at North Sea gas leak Elgin platform

Another deep sea oil drilling disaster in the making!


Explosive gas cloud spewing from leaking 'well from hell' off British coast is growing and could take six months to stop, experts warn

  A four-mile exclusion zone has been set up around the Elgin Total platform
  Texan 'Hellfighters' who tackled the Deepwater Horizon disaster have reportedly been called in
  Shell has also pulled out workers from nearby rigs
  The leak could take six months to fix because of the huge pressure produced by the well below the North Sea
  Total's share price drops by 5% as they scramble to solve the crisis
The exact source of the leak is still a mystery but it is escaping out of the platform, which has pumped gas and oil to Britain for the past decade.
Total say they are considering a drilling relief well to divert the gas, which would be a safe way to end the crisis, but it could take up to six months.


'One spark and we'll have another Piper Alpha on our hands': Naked flame that threatens repeat of Britain's deadliest rig disaster is still alight on 'well from hell'


Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Contaminated Ocean's Food Chain, Study Finds

A recent study has confirmed that toxic compounds derived from oil that was released in the Deepwater Horizon spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico nearly two years ago has entered the ocean's food chain through microorganisms.
The study, funded by the National Science Foundation and led by a team of researchers from East Carolina University, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Oregon State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the U.S. Geological Survey, detected chemical compounds found in oil called hydrocarbons, some known to be carcinogenic, within the bodies of microscopic crustaceans called zooplankton.
"Well, don't look for any public acts of contrition or meaningful remediation on this from those actually responsible for this mess; it's an election year, for God's sake, and Obama needs the contributions of Big Oil companies to get him re-elected!" - Big Oil company souse.


Oil from gulf disaster found in food chain

CAMBRIDGE, Md., March 20 (UPI) -- Oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster entered the food chain in the Gulf of Mexico through zooplankton, the tiniest of organisms, researchers say.

Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In The Amazon May Solve World’s Waste Problem

A group of students and professors from Yale University have found a fungi in the Amazon rainforest that can degrade and utilize the common plastic polyurethane (PUR). As part of the university’s Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory educational program, designed to engage undergraduate students in discovery-based research, the group searched for plants and cultured the micro-organisms within their tissue.
Several active organisms were identified, including two distinct isolates of Pestalotiopsis microspora with the ability to efficiently degrade and utilize PUR as the sole carbon source when grown anaerobically, a unique observation among reported PUR biodegradation activities.
This sounds like a very promising discovery, and hopefully, if further vetted and deployed, can have a positive effect on polyurethane waste in the future.

Sarkozy compares Toulouse false flag to 9/11

Following a sweep of arrests of suspected Islamic militants, French President Nicolas Sarkozy compared the fatal attack outside a Jewish school in Toulouse to the trauma of 9/11.
The trauma was “very deep in our country,” said Sarkozy, who is facing an uphill reelection battle. He added that it was “a bit like the trauma that followed in the U.S. and New York after 9?11.”
Especially the trauma when we figured out that the crime was actually committed by "friendly" intelligence services.


Merah était-il un informateur des services de renseignements ?

Mohamed Merah était un informateur de la DGSE, affirme Il Foglio. Sans citer ses sources, le quotidien italien pointe des contradictions dans les déclarations des services de renseignements français, israéliens et pakistanais concernant les voyages effectués par le jeune homme.
27.03.2012 | Daniele Raineri | Il Foglio
Correspondant du Foglio au Caire, Daniele Raineri couvre le Moyen-Orient depuis plusieurs années. Il a étudié l'arabe au Yémen puis a travaillé en Afghanistan, en Irak, au Pakistan, au Yémen et dans les territoires palestiniens. Il est l'auteur d'un livre sur le général Petraeus : Le cas Petreaus, le général qui a chassé Al Qaida d'Irak (2008). Son compte twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/danieleraineri
L'affaire Mohammed Merah, ce jeune Français d'origine algérienne qui a revendiqué le massacre de sept personnes à Toulouse et à Montauban au nom d'Al-Qaida, déclenche une guerre entre différents services secrets. D'après des sources des renseignements qui se sont confiées à Il Foglio , la Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE), l'agence française chargée de l'espionnage et de l'antiterrorisme en dehors des frontières nationales, aurait garanti à Merah – en sa qualité d'informateur – un accès en Israël en septembre 2010 par un point de contrôle à la frontière jordanienne. Le Français y serait resté trois jours en "touriste" avant de retourner en Jordanie puis de prendre la direction de l'Afghanistan. Son entrée en Israël, couverte par les services français, devait prouver la capacité du réseau djihadiste à passer facilement les frontières grâce à un passeport européen.

Ces informations n'ont pas été officiellement confirmées, mais
un article paru lundi dans Ha'Aretz , citant des sources du service du renseignement israélien Shin Bet, semble toutefois apporter du crédit à cette thèse. L'article relaie les propos du gouvernement israélien qui confirme l'entrée sur son territoire de Merah, mais le Shin Bet soutient qu'il n'ya aucune trace de l'arrestation du Français à Jérusalem en possession d'un couteau, comme l'a affirmé Bernard Squarcini, chef de la Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur (DCRI) dans Le Monde .

Par ailleurs, des doutes subsistent sur la visite de Merah dans les Territoires occupés. Pour résumer : nous sommes en présence de deux versions contradictoires. On ignore si Merah a effectivement été arrêté et où il s'est précisément rendu, et le Shin Bet contredit son équivalent français. Même confusion du côté du renseignement militaire du Pakistan. La semaine dernière, lorsque les médias français ont écrit que Merah s'était rendu deux fois pour s'entraîner dans des centres au Waziristan [région montagneuse du nord-ouest du Pakistan], le gouvernement pakistanais a nié : "Nous n'avons aucune trace de son entrée dans le pays."

Mais, depuis dimanche [le 25 mars], les services secrets et les talibans pakistanais, dont les liens fondés sur des alliances et des faveurs échangées ont été établis, sont devenus étonnamment loquaces. Un porte-parole des talibans au Waziristan, Ahmed Marwat, a contacté les agences de presse Reuters et Associated Press pour déclarer qu'effectivement Merah s'était entraîné chez eux, contredisant ainsi le gouvernement français qui soutient officiellement que le Toulousain "ne s'est pas entraîné et n'a pas été en contact avec des groupes djihadistes". Marwat a cependant ajouté : "Nous ne savons rien des attaques en France. Cela n'a rien à voir avec nous."

Le même jour, deux responsables des services pakistanais ont contacté Ishtiaq Mahsud, correspondant de l'Associated Press à Dera Ismaïl Khan, une petite ville [à la frontière avec la province du Pendjab] du Waziristan, pour expliquer pourquoi la France tenait tellement à former et à infiltrer des informateurs du même profil que Merah : au moins 85 jeunes Français se sont entraînés – ou s'entraînent encore – dans le Nord-Waziristan depuis ces trois dernières années. Ce sont en majorité des Français d'origine arabe qui ont formé un groupe dénommé Djihad-e-Islami. Leur commandant français se fait appeler Abou Tarek et cinq d'entre eux sont rentrés en France en janvier 2011 pour chercher de nouvelles recrues. "Ce n'est pas sûr" que Merah se trouvait parmi les cinq apprentis terroristes en question, ajoutent les deux responsables – une confirmation à demi-mot de sa présence au Pakistan. Le tueur s'est rendu au moins deux fois au Pakistan et deux fois en Afghanistan.

Les sources d' Il Foglio préviennent que, là encore, il y avait une entente : il pouvait circuler librement en échange d'informations précieuses. Bernard Squarcini soutient que Mohamed Merah, lorsqu'il était assiégé dans son appartement [de Toulouse], aurait avoué avoir été entraîné "par une seule personne" et pas dans un centre d'entraînement, afin de "ne pas se faire remarquer au milieu des autres en parlant français".

Le lundi 26 mars, son frère Abdelkader a été mis en examen pour complicité d'assassinats et association de malfaiteurs. Il est soupçonné d'avoir fourni des armes à Mohamed et d'avoir financé ses voyages en Afghanistan. Cette procédure laisse également aux magistrats plus de temps pour mener l'enquête. Le gouvernement français avait, dans un premier temps, déclaré que le frère n'était pas impliqué.


France attemps to cover up Mohammed Merah identity

How could an unemployed auto body worker who was on welfare have paid for the guns, much less a 2010 trip that saw him visit Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and possibly other Middle Eastern nations? Even for the petty criminal Merah appears to have been, plane tickets, housing and food would have been a small fortune. France’s newspaper of record, Le Monde, has called this a “gray area” which needs further investigation.
How could the brother of a man accused in 2007 of smuggling Islamic jihadists into Iraq get the necessary visas to visit these hotspots? Merah was even on the FBI’s no-fly list in the United States.


French 'Al Qaeda' Killer: Intelligence Asset With An Israeli Connection

Further evidence has emerged this week which suggests that Mohamed Merah, the Frenchman shot dead on March 22nd whilst accused of murdering seven in the name of Al Qaeda, was an intelligence asset and informant.

Resistance Radio
reported on Merah's extensive links to the intelligence services on the day he was shot dead by special forces, following a 32-hour standoff. This Tuesday March 27th, Yves Bonnet, former head of France's counter-espionage service Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire (DST) added his expert voice to those questioning the official narrative -- which is that Merah was a "lone wolf" operative who somehow "slipped through the net". Speaking to La Dépêche, translated into English in The Independent, Bonnet said:
"It was 'striking' that Merah seemed to have a DCRI 'handler'. Having a handler, that is not an innocent thing,' he said. 'I don't know how far his relationship, or collaboration, with the service went but it is a question worth raising.'"
Bonnet's reference to "a handler" follows a statement by the head of the French internal security service, Bernard Squarcini, who earlier revealed that during the siege Merah had asked to speak to a Toulouse-based intelligence officer. This unnamed "young woman of North African origin" was the same agent who had interviewed Merah upon his return to France from a two-month trip to Pakistan in late 2011 -- an interview after which he was mystifyingly allowed to leave without suspicion, having produced tourist photos that apparently convinced his interrogator that he had merely been on an innocent holiday trip.
Squarcini said that when Merah spoke to the agent during the siege, he told her that prior to his apprehension he had made plans to kill her. The Independent article speculates that Merah's familiar form of French suggests a friendly relationship with the agent -- though others have said that his use of "tu" rather than "vous" actually indicates disdain.


CONFIRMED: Mohammed Merah was an ASSET of the French SECRET SERVICE

Information CONFIRMED by the former head of the French intelligence office for Territorial Surveillance, Yves Bonett, who spilled the beans to a newspaper of Toulouse, about Mohammed Merah has been an asset for the French Secret Service. The smoking gun whistle blower who confirms my suspicions that the murderous events in Montauban and Toulouse were an Illuminati inside job.



UK Threatens To Seize Press TV Property

In an obvious censorship ploy to shut down news coming out of Iran, Britain is threatening to seize equipment which would shut down the Iranian news website.
This is what happens when you air TV footage showing corporate media is lying about 'peaceful protestors'


Widespread GOP Caucus Fraud: Full Scale Effort to Steal Ron Paul Delegates Exposed

Doug Wead, a senior adviser to the Ron Paul Campaign, has exposed the fact that a GOP establishment director in Washington State has publicly made the claim that the Romney-Gingrich-Santorum campaigns have united to steal delegates from Ron Paul.
“Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones you will hear Alex Hayes, director of mainstream Republicans of Washington State, making the claim that the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns have united behind a common slate of candidates in Washington State to block the Ron Paul machine from winning the delegates.
The apparent move on the part of the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns is to block citizens favoring Ron Paul from taking over the Washington State delegation to Tampa,” wrote Wead.
The American people now have been completely dispossessed in terms of actually choosing the candidates they would like to see running for President; it is only the candidates who can prove that they are the biggest "friends" of major corporations, and of Israel, who actually get to run.
At this moment, I see absolutely no candidate running for President who I believe cares at all about the real needs and concerns of the American people at heart; we have become irrelevant, and completely expendable to the process.
This is a really lousy place for the American people to have to be, in an election year, when the stakes, historically, have rarely been higher.


Negative 16,022 Votes For Ron Paul In Florida? Stolen Democracy!

Ron Paul Stolen Democracy (this may be one of the most important election fraud videos ever!)
Exhibit 1) Ron Paul received negative 16,022 votes in Florida. Please explain how someone gets a negative number of votes.


Programmer admits to creating vote rigging software in 2000's US election.


U.S. PutsBoots on the Ground Across Africa

Secretly, the objective has been to wage war against a range of perceived enemies, with fewer boots on the ground and less accountability to the American electorate. Uganda is not the only East African nation where there is a growing U.S. military presence. Others include Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan and Somalia. Some of these nations are not merely hosting U.S. military trainers but have secret bases from which Special Forces can be dispatched to hit targets across the region. The largest base is Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, but there are other U.S. sites in Ethiopia, which have been designed as launch pads for attacks on groups in Somalia and Yemen and for covert operations against Iran.

UGANDA OIL: US Africa Command, a tool to Recolonize the African Continent

Source: InformAfrica
It seems that even in this 21st century the United States of America government does not respect the sovereignty of African states and the territorial integrity of the continent.
The US government never approached Uganda or the African Union or its predecessor, the Organisation of African Unity, to ask how the United States could help. Now there is discovery of oil in Uganda. Almost immediately, there are reports that US government has sent an army to Uganda to find Joseph Kony and rescue Uganda’s children. Why did America not make this offer long before Uganda discovered this oil wealth? Acquisition of Africa’s resources is the chief purpose of Africom, not the development of Africa.
As usual, the alleged "war on terror" is, in essence and in fact, a war against the people with the temerity to live over or adjacent to, natural resources the US government claims for itself.


All U.S. Elite Commandos in Mali 'Accounted For'

The Pentagon confirmed Friday that all U.S. special operations forces in Mali are safe amid an attempt by rogue military forces to topple the east African nation’s civilian government.
“We do have SOF personnel in country and they’ve ceased all activity,” says a senior Pentagon official. “I don’t know if they’ve departed, but as of [Thursday], they had not. Additionally, all were accounted for.”
The Pentagon official did not disclose the number of SOF personnel in Mali, but special operations deployments typically include small numbers of troops.
IF stabilizing the pre-coup government of Mali was the objective of having US troops in that country, it is painfully obvious that the US government and military have failed utterly in this attempt.

Kenya strikes it lucky with first-ever crude oil discovery

"Al Qaeda! Invade!" - Official White Horse Souce

Colombia’s former president calls America’s drug war a ‘failure’

Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, the former president of Colombia, told a Spanish-language radio station this week that America’s war on drugs has been a disastrous “failure” that the ruling political parties simply refuse to talk about.
“Society does not want to accept that people consume [drugs],” he told RCN Radio in Colombia. “You cannot turn away from reality. We cannot accept that theory. [American politicians] may prefer not to talk about it. We cannot accept it.. We cannot be condemned to live in war because Americans do not want to talk about it. No one speaks in favor of the war on drugs.”
Notice that every time this government declares "war" on something, the problem seems to get worse, rather than better?!?
Portugal has, very intelligently lead the way on decriminalization of drugs, which has been very successful, and is a very viable model to consider following. The Portuguese model encourages treatment, rather than incarceration, which has made this approach work very well for the Portuguese people.
Unfortunately, there are too many people making too much money in this country from illicit for there to ever be a sane drug policy here in the US.

US approves $1.3 billion in military aid to Egyptian military dictatorship

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post
So much for revolution, and so much for the United States being absolutely and completely broke. Since I wrote the article “Egypt: what revolution?” in July of last year, very little progress has been made.
United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that the United States will be giving military aid to Egypt even though there are “concerns that Cairo was not meeting goals in its democratic transition,” according to Azerbaijan’s Trend News Agency.
I believe that this is a bit of an understatement, seeing as the democratic transition has yet to occur and, like Libya, the people of Egypt are in many ways worse off than they were before.

NEW COLD WAR? Russia "Concerned" Over Washington's Plans To Ship Arms To Georgia

Moscow has expressed its concerns to Washington over U.S. plans to ship weapons to the Georgian contingent in the International Assistance Force in Afghanistan, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesmen Alexander Lukashevich said.
Any military cooperation with Georgia may entail serious consequences for the world and for regional security, he said.
"Russia has drawn the attention of the U.S. Department of State on many occasions to the increasingly frequent visits by U.S. warships to Georgian ports, including warships equipped with Aegis combat systems," he said.
Given Saakashvili's penchant for pre-emptive raids against Abkhazia and South Ossetia (during which his troops were squashed like bugs by the Russians), I can understand Moscow being more than a little bit annoyed over this.

China, Russia plan naval war exercises

BEIJING — China says it will join Russia in naval war games starting next month in the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea.
The official Xinhua News Agency quoted Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun as saying Thursday that the exercise will begin in late April and run into May. The specific locations were not disclosed.
Yang says the joint exercise is aimed at improving cooperation and ensuring stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Somalia Better Off Stateless

Could anarchy be good for Somalia's development? If state predation goes unchecked government may not only fail to add to social welfare, but can actually reduce welfare below its level under statelessness. Such was the case with Somalia's government, which did more harm to its citizens than good. The government's collapse and subsequent emergence of statelessness opened the opportunity for Somali progress. This paper uses an event study to investigate the impact of anarchy on Somali development. The data suggest that while the state of this development remains low, on nearly all of 18 key indicators that allow pre- and post-stateless welfare comparisons, Somalis are better off under anarchy than they were under government.

Israel cuts ties with UN human rights body

The UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel's planned construction of new housing units for Jewish settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, saying they undermined the peace process and posed a threat to the two-state solution and the creation of a contiguous and independent Palestinian state.
And so, in typical temper tantrum style, Israel has said it has severed contacts with the UN Human Rights Council after the group's launch last week of an international investigation into Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Gaza Ambulances Stop Responding to Calls as Fuel Reserves Hit Zero

Gaza faces an unprecedented humanitarian situation from a lack of gasoline and electricity due to the Israeli blockade of the nation and political infighting.

Israel Cuts Ties With UN Human Rights Council, Bars Entry into West Bank

Israel has severed working relations with the United Nations Human Rights Council and barred it from entry into Israel or the West Bank after it announced a plan to investigate Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.
Cutting ties and barring entry to the Human Rights Council is a revealing confession by the Israeli government that its policy of settlement expansion in Palestinian territory indeed violates human rights. Otherwise, the council would surely be welcomed to investigate.
Unflipping believable, but perfectly predictable on Israel's part, given the circumstances.

Video: Israeli police water-cannon, tear-gas Palestinians on Land Day RussiaToday

A Gaza youth has reportedly been killed while over 200 people have been wounded throughout the West Bank. The violence comes as clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians protesters marking Land Day rage on.


Breaking: Israeli Tanks Invade Gaza

Israeli tanks have launched an invasion into the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah as Tel Aviv escalates attacks on the besieged Palestinian territory.
This is a breaking news story just being reported on Iranian TV.
Check back for updates.
According to Press TV the invasion has been accompanied not only by a tanks but with air assaults as well.


Israeli Accused of Plot to Sterilize Egyptians With…Shampoo?

It is not unusual to witness Islamists decry being victims of alleged “Zionist plots,” but the paranoia might have reached epic proportions recently as one Israeli man — accused of being a spy for Mossad — is set to be tried in absentia for allegedly trying to sell Egyptians hair care products that would render them infertile.
Ynet reports:
Egypt’s Al-Ahram daily claims Israeli Ofir Harrari accused of spying for Israel, devised to sell Egypt hair products endangering reproductive abilities.
Israeli citizen Ofir Harrari, recently accused by Egypt of spying for Israel, was allegedly involved in a complicated scheme intended to harm Egyptian reproduction abilities, Egypt’s official state paper Al-Ahram has claimed.
I know, first impression is this is silly. Then I did a little more research.
"A common chemical, used in everything from shampoo to plastics, may be causing infertility in boys while they are still in the womb, it has emerged.
Mothers-to-be, simply by washing their hair or using make-up, may unwittingly be increasing the risk of their sons suffering defective sex organs, low sperm counts and even cancer.
Substances called phthalates - found in shampoos, conditioners, skin lotions and make-up, as well as in the environment generally - are linked to a dramatically increased rate of abnormalities and infertility."
"Here’s a list of some the main chemicals found in cosmetics. These contribute to hormonal disruption, which leads to infertility, and reproductive disruption in adults developing embryos, and children. Other health issues are also briefly outlined below."
That rates a 'Hmmmmmmmm!'


Pentagon Pushes for More Military Aid to Israel

Israel’s latest salvo of air strikes into the Gaza Strip may not have amounted to an excuse for a full scale ground invasion, but the Pentagon is looking to use it as justification for yet another increase in military aid for the Israelis.
The funding call centers around the Iron Dome missile defense system, and the Pentagon is pushing for Congress to approve the Iron Dome Support Act, to dramatically increase the funding of the already heavily US-subsidized program.
Once the US started paying for it, Israel declared the program a dramatic success, and it got its first real test this month, when Israeli bombings in Gaza spawned retaliation from militant groups, with exactly the kind of rockets Iron Dome was meant to stop.
Unflipping believable.


US and Australia discuss drone flights over Indian Ocean

The US and Australia are reportedly in talks about basing Global Hawk drones on the Cocos Islands.
The United States and Australia are planning a major expansion of military ties, including possible drone flights from a coral atoll in the Indian Ocean and increased US naval access to Australian ports, as the Pentagon looks to shift its forces closer to Southeast Asia, officials from both countries said.
The moves, which are under discussion but have drawn strong interest from both sides, would come on top of an agreement announced by President Obama and Prime Minister Julia Gillard in November to deploy up to 2500 US Marines to Darwin, on Australia's northern coast.


Drone strikes in Yemen soar as U.S. stokes ‘secret war’

America has dramatically stepped up its “secret war” in Yemen with the U.S. ordering dozens of drone attacks on al-Qaida hotspots, which have also killed scores of civilians.
Research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism at London’s City University has found that as many as 516 people have been killed in the Yemen attacks – mostly suspected members of al-Qaida’s local ally al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). As many as 104 were civilians.
Memo to President Obama: I do believe that you do hold at least some modicum of regard for the late President John F. Kennedy.
Therefore, there is something very profound he said that you, the State Department, and Pentagon need to remember right the hell now within the context of unrest in Yemen, and that is the following: if peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.
The removal of Selah as president of this country has done nothing to ameliorate the poverty and corruption; the lack of governmental transparency; and the lack of any real health and educational opportunities here.
Yemen's current President, one Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi, who took office last month, was voted in in an uncontested election.
I would strongly advise those in the bowels of power in DC that suppression can only last for so long, before people get tired of living in fear; and when people get tired of living in fear, all bets are off.
Perhaps the higher and more efficient use of the US government's aid would be dedicating their efforts toward encouraging Yemen's government to very concretely addressing the real concerns of its citizens which has lead to unrest in the first place.

OF course, THAT would be logical.
But most disturbingly, the only real reason the US government is in Yemen at all is its proximity to Saudi Arabia, where there have been murmurings of unrest as well against a rather slcerotic monarchy, presiding over a country which just happens to sit on a great deal of oil.
And of course, rather than indulge in any meaningful dialogue with those Saudi citizens who might have a different vision of how the oil-rich country could be taking better care of its people, the House of Saud has chosen to suppress any demonstrations with absolute brute force.
It is obvious that the scenario those in the bowels of power in DC fear most is an overthrow of the Saudi government by more non-western-centric elements.
Unfortunately, as in the situation in Yeman, the Obama government is doing just the opposite of what it should be doing to help create lasting stability, which is encouraging a national dialogue, and encouraging both governments to be taking concrete steps to take care of their people.


New 'Drone Studies' Major Has Graduates Starting At $120,000 A Year

The fact that the U.S. is training more pilots to fly drones than it is to fly fighters and bombers is nothing new, but the stress those drone operators are under is only growing, and the need for civilian contractors to ease their burden is great.







Spanish Rampage: General strike erupts in street violence

Riot police took to the streets of Spain as protesters burned bins, vandalized shops and attacked officers during a one day nationwide general strike. Spaniards angry with having the eurozone's highest unemployment rate refused to go to work in protest at further crushing austerity measures being brought in by the new center-right Popular Party government.


Spanish workers hold general strike over labour reforms

Road, rail and air transport were all affected with domestic and European flights cut to a fraction.
Unions claimed strong support at car factories and other industrial sites but Mariano Rajoy's conservative government played down the action.
It plans to unveil measures on Friday to save tens of billions of euros.

Violence on Spain's streets sparks slip in U.S. stock futures... as thousands clash with police in 24-hour general strike

U.S. stock futures slipped today as riot police took to Spain's streets to stop protesters burning bins, vandalizing shops and attacking officers during a one day nationwide general strike.
Dow Jones industrial futures fell 43 points to 13,010 and the Standard & Poor's 500 futures slid 5.5 points to 1,394.7. The NASDAQ composite futures fell 9.25 points to 2,758.75.
Spaniards angry with having the eurozone's highest unemployment rate refused to go to work in protest at further crushing austerity measures being brought in by the new centre-right Popular Party government.
In Madrid more than 1,000 members of the National Police's mobile anti-disturbance units patrolled the streets on foot and in armoured personnel carriers.
We may well be seeing only the tip of the iceberg here, in terms of potential social unrest brought on by austerity measures all over the world.

Global March to Jerusalem Began in Tahrir Square

30 March 2012- the borders of Israel could well be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of NONVIOLENT Arab Springers on their way to UN OCCUPY Jerusalem and unknown hundreds of thousands of Internet activists who will disseminate the facts on the ground as they happen.

Now police force orders petrol stations to CLOSE: Total chaos as ministers tell drivers to top up when their tanks are half full

The fuel panic crisis descended into further chaos today after a police force ordered petrol stations to close because of the huge traffic jams the shortages were causing.
Dorset police ordered a temporary shutdown after dozens of stations ran dry and motorists formed long queues outside those still selling fuel, which they said were dangerous to other drivers.
There are now fears that other forces may follow suit. Petrol stations in Cambridge have already started rationing by limiting customers to £10 worth of petrol or diesel.
*Dorset police closes county's garages due to 'dangerously' long queues
*HUNDREDS of petrol stations remain closed today after stockpiling advice
*Halfords report an incredible 467 per cent rise in demand for jerry cans


Is this the sign of things to come? First petrol stations close as Cabinet minister urges drivers to fill up any spare jerry cans

Forecourts across Britain have started to run dry this morning as motorists rush to the pumps ahead of a possible driver tanker strike.
It comes as a Government minister today suggested people should prepare for a fuel shortage by filling up any spare jerry cans - even though the strike hasn't been called yet.
Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude also condemned the industrial action warning that lives would be at stake if the strike goes ahead.
Queues at the pumps came despite strong warnings from motoring organisations not to panic buy fuel. Drivers were pictured filling their cars up at petrol stations in Liverpool, Preston and Kent, while pumps ran dry at a petrol station in Wilmslow, Cheshire.


UK Slips Back Into Recession

The latest economic data shows the UK has slipped back into recession amongst calls for a greater bailout fund in the midst of greatest economic slump in over 100 years.


UK Unions Mull Massive 1.8m-Strong Anti-Govt Co-Op

Two of the largest British unions are set to further coordinate actions to form a massive 1.8 million-strong anti-government front a step short of merger.


Anarchy in the UK! Brits Declare Official End to Free Speech

(London, UK) -The country that gave the world free speech has decided to take it back.
That, at least, is the implication of two unsettling developments:
  • The arrest of a teenager for posting a Facebook comment “All soldiers should DIE & go to HELL!” in response to the recent massacre of Afghan women and children.
In the first case, the UK government has made it a criminal act to express any negative emotions about the slaughter of innocent women and children by an army of war criminals. (Reality check: According to international law, every NATO soldier in Afghanistan is guilty of aggression, the supreme war crime, and therefore ought to be tried, convicted, and hanged by the neck until dead simply for being there. As for which ones go to hell, God can sort that one out.)
In the second case, the UK government has apparently decided that it is a crime for any media outlet of any size to tell the truth on a regular basis. (Press TV offers a broad array of perspectives, including many that – unlike the systematic lies of the mainstream media – are within hailing distance of reality.)

We can bring the government down': Truckers vow to 'bring UK to a halt' in support of striking tanker drivers by blockading refineries and motorways

Thousands of truckers are preparing to go head to head with the army in support of striking tanker drivers - and have warned they will 'bring Britain to a halt'.
They plan to blockade refineries and cause gridlock on motorways to stop soldiers moving fuel around the UK in the event of a strike.
Fuel Lobby leaders who are concerned at rocketing prices have formed an alliance with the tanker drivers, whose union bosses will begin talks this week to try to prevent strike action.
It follows a disastrous week for the Government after ministers faced intense criticism for urging motorists to keep their petrol tanks topped up - prompting a wave of panic-buying at filling stations across the country.






Turkey Suspends Embassy Services In Syria, Orders Evacuation

In an apparent sign an attack is about to be launched in the Syria capital of Damascus, Turkey suspends embassy activities and personnel following a meeting between the US president and the Turkish prime minister.

Opposition says Syrian rebel fighters to get salaries

Rebels fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria will be paid salaries, the opposition Syrian National Council has announced.
Money will also be given to soldiers who defect from the government's army, the SNC added, after a "Friends of the Syrian people" summit in Turkey.
So this is not a popular uprising but a coup fought by paid mercenaries.

Syria Accepts Peace Plan Offered By U.N. Envoy Kofi Annan

Syria has accepted a peace plan by U.N. envoy Kofi Annan that includes a cease-fire by the Syrian government, but the bloodshed persisted Tuesday as intense clashes between government troops and rebels spilled across the border into Lebanon, officials said.
Now, as the conflict spirals toward civil war, there are concerns that the violence could cause a regional conflagration by pulling in neighboring countries.
A diplomatic push to end the crisis has largely failed, but Ahmad Fawzi, a spokesman for Annan, said Tuesday that the Syrian government has accepted the envoy's six-point plan to end the bloodshed. The plan includes a cease-fire and inclusive talks about a political solution.
Were I a betting woman, I would not bet that any kind of truce will be allowed to hold by those "elements" in the west who want Assad out.
If, with this coming meeting on Sunday, the backers of the opposition claim that the SNC and affiliated groups should be declared "as the sole, legitimate representative of the Syrian people, this will usher in a complete delegitimization of the entire Assad government.
Should such a declaration be forthcoming, it will be in complete contravention of any UN mandate for peaceful, self-determination by people who live in any country on the face of the world.. Should such a declaration be made on the 1st of April, the citizens of Syria will get absolutely no choice in the matter of the governance of their country.

At that point, look for targeted assassinations, and explosions knocking down large government buildings, to escalate intensely.

SYRIA PEACE PLAN: West Moves To Kill Off "Important First Step" To End Violence

No sooner had Kofi Annan, the special United Nations envoy to Syria, announced scoring “an important first step” towards implementing a peace plan in the war-torn country, the US and Western powers were scrambling to scupper the goalposts.
US secretary of state Hillary Clinton led Western efforts to undermine the peace bid by appearing to abandon recently agreed terms for a ceasefire that would have included all parties in Syria.

Alain Juppe accused by his own administration of falsifying reports on Syria

Allan Juppe is the ' John McCain of France..'
He loves wars against Arabs and Mulsims..even if he had to fabricate stories to start one.

US Lawmakers Urge Arming Syrian Government Opposition

U.S. lawmakers are urging a more active U.S. role to topple Syria’s dictatorship, including arming opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.
Republican Senator John McCain said the United States must not remain on the sidelines while thousands of Syrian civilians are killed.
“How many [Syrians] have to die before the United States will take a leadership role in trying to end the mass slaughter that is taking place in Syria?”
McCain and five other senators introduced a congressional resolution decrying bloodshed in Syria and urging the United States to help create safe havens for civilians and to arm opponents of the Assad government. Joining McCain was independent Senator Joe Lieberman, who derided suggestions that President Assad’s downfall is inevitable
With the BRIC nations moving away from the dollar, I have to wonder just how long it will be before NATO and/or American troops will be on the ground in Syria.
And the terrible massacres are not coming from the side of the Assad government; they are coming from the alleged "Syrian Rebels" (read: Western-hired mercenaries).
The Obama administration desperately needs a war right now to distract from a very possible US dollar implosion, which will have devastating effects on an already fragile US economy.
But the unasked question, which no one in the bowels of power in DC wants to answer is the following; if the US and/or NATO invades Syria, what will Russia, a firm ally of the Syrian regime, do to counter such an invasion?
It is a question which I would hope that every reasonable, and sober, member of Congress is contemplating right now.




Halliburton charged with selling nuclear technology to Iran in 2009

France to aid Jordan in realizing 'nuclear ambitions'

Visiting French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Sunday his country will help Jordan realize its nuclear ambitions with the signing of an agreement Sunday to mine its uranium reserves.
Jordan's peaceful nuclear development - backed by the United States - will generate electricity and desalinate water.

Gaddafi says JFK was Assassinated by Israel

@4:33 mark: "Kennedy was killed because he insisted on the monitoring of the Dimona plant."

Revealing secrets, military bases, and the coming attack on Iran

Foreign Policy magazine says that Israel has a secret deal to use
Azerbaijan military bases from which to launch an attack on Iran,
CNN says it's all speculation, and FOX News says that it's  all a
plan by the Obama Administration to stab Israel in the back by
revealing their secrets.

I don't have a lot of trust in ANY of these outlets, so personally,
I have no idea what to make of it all.

Though clearly, there's some maneuvering going on here and it's all
just bad.

Bad bad bad...


US gears up for land operation in Persian Gulf?

The US is sending an amphibious assault group and a couple of thousand US Marines to the Persian Gulf. With another US carrier making its way to Iran’s doorstep, US military still insist that this is a “regularly scheduled deployment”.
­The Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group is comprised of amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima, amphibious transport dock USS New York, and amphibious dock landing ship USS Gunston Hall. It is also reinforced with an atomic submarine and a marine helicopter squadron.
The group, which is “a versatile sea-based force that can be tailored to a variety of missions,” left port on Tuesday and is heading to the Gulf, the US Navy says.

USS Enterprise Prepares To Cross Suez Canal, Days Away From Anchor In Arabian Sea

Yet as we have been claiming for the past two weeks, ever since the launch of CVN-65 on its last tour of duty, the true catalyst, if any, will be the arrival of the USS Enterprise at what may well be its last place of anchor – somewhere in the Arabian Sea, just off the side of CVN 70 and CVN 72 both of which are patrolling the Straits of Hormuz. And as the map from Stratfor below shows, the Enterprise is about to cross the Suez Canal, from which point it will be at most days from entering its catalyst location, namely supporting the Israel air force. Just because the US has never had 3 concurrent aircraft carriers in proximity to Iran before.
Were I a betting person, I would bet that the Israeli government, which has absolutely no love for President Obama, will time such an attack based upon two factors; the first is selecting a time when they believe they have their best chance for such an attack to be successful, and the second is when they believe they can create as much critical damage to Obama's re-election campaign as humanly possible, as a "lesson" for future US presidents.

Senate to Soon Consider New Iran Sanctions

There is a consensus in the U.S. military and intelligence community that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and has demonstrated no intention of doing so. Still, aggressive foreign policy postures and harsh economic sanctions which severely harm the Iranian people continue, primarily for domestic political reasons and to pacify Israel.
Columbia University Professor Gary Sick has called the sanctions effort “the equivalent of a blockade. It’s an act of war.” Trita Parsi, of the National Iranian American Council, wrote last week that “the sanctions strategy on Iran will very soon reach [the] point” of escalating the situation with Iran to one of “two policies: Regime change or war. Or Both.”
Sanctions are most generally a prelude to war.
And unfortunately, however, unless this war is an absolutely blitzkrieg, executed with deadly precision, the real problem is that this could be a very protracted military engagement, and one in which the US military may well not be successful, and for the following reasons: the US government doesn't have the troop strength, the manufacturing, or the money to pursue a long, drawn-out military campaign to a conclusive victory.
And also, some world leaders of nuclear-armed countries (Russia, China, and Pakistan, to be specific) have had the audacity to suggest that should either Israel or the US attack Iran, they will come to Iran's aid militarily.
So what we have here is a scenario for a global thermonuclear war, over an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program which cannot, to date, be proven to exist!!

Hillary Clinton: Time running out for diplomacy with Iran

She also expressed doubt about whether Iran has any intention of negotiating a solution that satisfies the U.S., Israel and other countries that believe Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons.

USAF takes delivery of the GBU-57A/B Penetrator - now there's nowhere to hide

The U.S. Air Force has just taken delivery of the first GBU-57A/B (Massive Ordnance Penetrator). It weighs 30,000 lb and will penetrate 200 ft of hardened concrete BEFORE it goes off.
I have my doubts about this. I am starting to think this is a cover story for the use of nuclear weapons.

After all, how deep this bomb penetrates is dependent on how fast it is falling, so why would you put those spoilers on the back that slow it down?

Obama says enough world oil to crack down on Iran

President Barack Obama vowed on Friday to forge ahead with tough sanctions on Iran, saying there was enough oil in the world market - including emergency stockpiles - to allow countries to cut Iranian imports.
The calculation is simple. Estimate how long it will take to conquer Iran and bring their oil wells back to production under new ownership. Then figure out how much extra oil will be need from reserves to cover that period when the Iranian wells are offline.
Simple, right?
Well, not really.
When was the last time the United States government accurately predicted the duration of one of their wars of conquest? Never. Which means the US will reach the end of the extra reserves with more war left to fight, creating global oil shortages and wrecking what remains of the western economy.




NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS: The Very Real Possibility of A Global Nuclear Catastrophe

In the past 152 years, Earth has been struck by roughly 100 solar storms, causing significant geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), two of which were powerful enough to rank as “extreme GMDs.” If an extreme GMD of such magnitude were to occur today, in all likelihood, it would initiate a chain of events leading to catastrophic failures at the vast majority of our world’s nuclear reactors, similar to but over 100 times worse than, the disasters at both Chernobyl and Fukushima.
Nasa scientists are predicting that a solar storm will knock out most of the electrical power grid in many countries worldwide, perhaps for months. See this, this, this, this, this, this and this.
Indeed, the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the sun’s most violent radiation, and yet the magnetic field fluctuates over time. As the Telegraph reported in 2008:
Large hole in magnetic field that protects Earth from sun’s rays … Recent satellite observations have revealed the largest breach yet seen in the magnetic field that protects Earth from most of the sun’s violent blasts.

Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors - the safe future of nuclear power?

"But, but, but ... that's SILLY! You can't make bombs from that crap! Why would I spend money on something that only makes electricity for people but not bombs for me?" -- Official White Horse Souse

California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation

The Journal Environmental Science and Technology reports in a new study that the Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California “with greatest exposure in central and southern California”, and that Southern California’s seaweed tested over 500% higher for radioactive iodine-131 than anywhere else in the U.S. and Canada:

Effacer Fukushima


Les faits présentés ci-dessous sont réels. Ils ont servi et servent à atténuer l’impact d’informations dramatiques sur l’industrie nucléaire, voire à faire oublier aux hommes qu’une catastrophe de grande ampleur a lieu sur la terre, celle qui a commencé il y a un an à Fukushima.

Toutes les astuces utilisées pour cacher les données, pour minimiser les dangers, pour éviter de reconnaître les responsabilités seront évidemment réutilisables pour la prochaine catastrophe qui ne manquera pas d’arriver bientôt, selon les lois statistiques, à l’un des 440 réacteurs répartis tout autour de la planète.


Alors voyons, quelles sont ces astuces ?

1) Effacer les données

Au Japon, les données de contamination obtenues via Speedi entre le 11 mars et le 15 mars ont été effacées « par mégarde ». Le système Speedi était sensé alerter la population rapidement en cas de pollution radioactive. Il n’a pas été utilisé, car les données recueillies ont été estimées « surréalistes ».

2) Etre frappé d’amnésie

« Je n’ai pas dormi pendant plus d’une semaine, et je ne me souviens de presque rien », a déclaré M. Haruki Madarame, directeur de la NISA (agence japonaise de sûreté nucléaire). Quand on est directeur de la sécurité nucléaire, il n’y a pas besoin d’assumer, il suffit d’être amnésique.


3) Ne pas communiquer les informations sensibles

Si toutefois on ne peut pas faire autrement, attendre plusieurs mois, par exemple avant d’annoncer la fonte des cœurs des réacteurs.


Si par hasard un organisme de sécurité vous demande la copie d’un rapport, il suffit de le caviarder pour éviter d’être reconnu responsable.


4) Une fois les cœurs fondus, ne jamais utiliser le mot « corium » et ne jamais parler de reprise de criticité.

Si on en parle par mégarde, se rétracter immédiatement.


5) Surtout, ne pas diffuser les images des explosions !

La vidéo de l’explosion de l’unité 4 n’a jamais été rendue publique.

La vidéo de l’explosion de l’unité 3 ne doit plus être diffusée.

Exemples :

- Le documentaire « Fukushima » (Thierry Lefranc) ne montre aucune explosion. Pourtant cette vidéo est censée expliquer les circonstances de la catastrophe.


- « Le déroulement de l’accident de Fukushima Daiichi » (IRSN) ne montre pas l’explosion de l’unité 3. Pourtant, ce film est censé détailler le déroulement de l’accident de la centrale de Fukushima Daiichi.


Et bien sûr, si une explosion dont on a malencontreusement diffusé la vidéo a une allure bizarre, a un panache noir ou est trop puissante, surtout marteler qu’il s’agit d’une explosion d’hydrogène. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’en dire plus, les gens n’y connaissent rien en explosion nucléaire.

6) Nier une explosion si elle n’est pas visible

Tepco a modifié sa position sur l’existence d’une explosion dans le réacteur 2 et a conclu, 7 mois après les faits, qu’elle n’a pas eu lieu. Il est en effet préférable de nier ce qui ne se voit pas. 3 explosions au lieu de 4, c’est toujours ça de pris.



La suite sur  fukushima.over-blog


Et rappelez-vous ce qu’à dit Sarkozy…selon lui, on serait tous des gens sectaires qui profitent de ce qui s’est produit à Fukushima, pour jouer sur les peurs et pour casser le nucléaire français.

Fear Of Radiation Treated as “Psychiatric Disorder” In Fukushima

Despite the fact that the Japanese government and TEPCO were caught red-handed underplaying the severity of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, a study has found that almost a quarter of Fukushima residents hospitalized in the aftermath of last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami were treated as having a “psychiatric disorder” because of their concerns over radiation.
The phenomenon of authorities underplaying the threat posed by radiation or even characterizing concerns over it as a mental illness has become a dominant theme since the catastrophe just over a year ago. This is despite the fact that Japanese authorities were caught over and over again lying to cover-up the true scale of the disaster.
Unflipping believable.

Fukushima reactor shows radiation levels much higher than thought

Tuesday's examination, with an industrial endoscope, detected radiation levels up to 10 times the fatal dose inside the chamber.
Plant officials previously said more than half of the melted fuel had breached the core and dropped to the floor of the primary containment vessel, some of it splashing against the wall or the floor.
The probe also found that the containment vessel – a beaker-shaped container enclosing the core – had cooling water up to only 60cms (24ins) from the bottom, far below the 10 metres estimated when the government declared the plant stable in December. The plant is continuing to pump water into the reactor.

Reactor 2 radiation too high for access

73 sieverts laid to low water; level will even cripple robots


Radiation blowback: 10 times lethal level registered at Fukushima

A recent examination at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant has revealed radiation levels up to ten times the fatal dose. The news alarmed thousands of people who have been living in constant fear of radiation exposure for over a year.
­On Tuesday, Fukushima workers inserted a remotely controlled probe into Reactor Two to assess the damage. The device is equipped with a video camera, a thermometer, and a dosimeter – which registered radiation levels much higher than expected.
The probe also discovered that the level of cooling water in the reactor is significantly lower than expected.

Radiation levels in the Fukushima nuclear reactor 2 containment vessel spike to 73 SV/HR and are calculated to be over 1000 SV/HRr at the source of the exposed fuel.

TEPCO announced plans to perform an endoscope operation inside the Fukushima Reactor 2 on March 26th during which they discovered the water level had dropped to only 60 centimeters from the bottom
The operation continued into its second day on March 27th and the data released is absolutely shocking during which radiation levels in the reactor’s containment vessels were measured at 73 sieverts per hour.
Even more alarming is TEPCO is radiation levels inside the actual reactor are so high that TEPCO was prevented from even attempting to get video of the the exposed nuclear fuel inside.
According to a Fukushima worker, TEPCO calculates the radiation being emitted from the exposed fuel to be far in excess of 1000 sieverts per hour that the endoscope is rated to handle.
If there is any good news in this  it is, according to TEPCO, while the level inside the reactor is extremely high it is resulting in an atmospheric dose of only 6.1 Sieverts per hour.
That shouldn’t be taken lightly however, that just means instead of being lethal in just 15 seconds near the pedestal or 2 to 3 minutes where the 73 sieverts per hour, it would take an hour to kill be lethal to 100% of the population in the location the measured the atmospheric dose.
Prior to the endoscopy operation, TEPCO had estimated that the water levels inside the reactor to be 10 feet deep.
With water levels now being less than 2 feet from the bottom the Fukushima worker reports that TEPCO’s plan to remove the nuclear fuel from the reactors will now take longer than the 10 years originally planned.
Videos and graphs are posted below.
Fukushima Dairy reports:

73Sv/h in container vessel

During the endoscope operation of 3/26/2012, Tepco measured the radiation level of inside of container vessel. Tepco published the data the next day, 3/27/2012.
It was measured at 8 points, 50~100cm away from the wall.
The highest reading was 73Sv/h.(100,000 times higher than the radiation level of the container vessel in periodic checkup) Other readings were 31.1~57.4 Sv/h.
In this level of radiation, human starts vomiting within a minute and dies within 8 minutes. It is impossible to have human work inside of container vessel.
Actually, Tepco did not intend to watch the fuel debris in this endoscope operation. Tepco is assuming that the fuel is in pedestal, which is separated from where they checked with endoscope this time with concrete wall. (Like this picture below.)

To see where Tepco assumes the fuel debris is, they have to put the camera under the pressure vessel, surrounded by the concrete of pedestal. About this potential attempt, [an] actual Fukushima worker tweeted [...].
(@Happy11311) March 27, 2012 -The highest reading of 73 Sv/h was lower than I thought, but no one can get close to there. Probably it is higher than 1000Sv/h  inside or in front of the entrance of the pedestal. The endoscope used this time can’t resist the radiation of  higher than 1000Sv/h so it would be over scale 
(@Happy11311) March 27, 2012 – The fuel debris has not been checked yet, but this operation made it clear that it would take considerable amount of time to fill container vessel with water as Tepco is planning, or it would be simply impossible. and they are planning to take out the fuel in 10 years but it would take way more than 10 years. I don’t know how long it takes.

The Fukushima Diary reports further:

 Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor 2

Tepco announced the endoscope (20m long) operation on 3/26/2012.
They found out the water level was only 60cm above from the bottom of container vessel in reactor2. Probably the bottom of container vessel is damaged.
The atmospheric temperature was 44.5~44.9, temperature of the water was 48.5~50.0. Atmospheric dose was 6.1 Sv/h.
The exposure dose of the workers were 5.29mSv/ manday.

Graphs of Reactor 2Radiation Readings

 Videos of the Operation:

Just In: Suppression chamber “may have been destroyed” at Reactor No. 2 -NHK (VIDEO)

Japanese Experts: Melted fuel may not be covered in water — Far shallower than assumed — Tepco still claiming Fukushima Daiichi in state of ‘cold shutdown’

Onagawa nuke plant saved from tsunami by one man's strength, determination

The breakwater that proved so inadequate to the task of protecting the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant from the ocean was 10 meters high. The one defending the Onagawa nuclear plant is 14.8 meters tall, and it turns out Hirai had to fight a one-man war to get it built.
Hirai was apparently the only person on the entire project to push for the 14.8-meter breakwater, while many of his colleagues said that 12 meters would be sufficient and derided Hirai's proposal as excessive. Hirai's authority and drive, however, eventually prevailed, and Tohoku Electric spent the extra money to build the 14.8-meter-tall shield. Some 40 years later, on March 11, 2011, a 13-meter-high tsunami slammed into the coast at Onagawa.
Fukushima's shorter seawall can be likened to the Titanic's inadequate supply of lifeboats; in both cases money took precedence over safety and common sense.

Japan Being Pushed Into Revolt Over Fukushima Radiation

Japanese citizens are left with no further possible recourse beside a revolt to end the gross human rights abuses being committed by the government of Japan

Japan Gov't: Fukushima monthly fallout total higher now than 9 months ago in June

Source: MEXT
Date: March 2012
Reading of radioactivity level in fallout by prefecture
January 2012 (Total cesium = 19,120 MBq/km2):

December 2011 (Total cesium = 20,670 MBq/km2):

November 2011 (Total cesium = 4,150 MBq/km2):

October 2011 (Total cesium = 2,890 MBq/km2):

September 2011 (Total cesium = 3,520 MBq/km2):

Monthly totals not available for July, August

June 2011 (Total cesium = 15,250 MBq/km2):

May 2011 (Total cesium = 189,100 MBq/km2):


High Levels Of Fukushima Cesium Radiation Found In Pacific Fish

Partials results of a marine study released by TEPCO shows high levels of cesium radiation in Pacific fish and shellfish from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.

Scientists say up to 1 Billion Bq/kg of iodine-131 was in seaweed near Fukushima reactors

Gaye Levy, Contributor
Activist Post
As a baby boomer, I grew up in the shadow the Cold War along with the proliferation of nuclear power. Back in the day, we called this the onset of the “Atomic Age” and it was something to be heralded with anticipation for a better world. But something happened along the way...

Feds Say Troubled San Onofre Nuclear Plant will Remain Shut Until Tubing Probe Completed

LOS ANGELES — The troubled San Onofre nuclear plant in Southern California will remain shut down until federal regulators can determine why tubes carrying radioactive water in the plant’s massive generators are rapidly decaying.


Just down the coast from the ruined Fukushima reactors.

April 1st, 2012 | Leave a comment

NEW: Fukushima monthly fallout now 10 times higher than last September

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Local Official: Japan gov’t did not reveal plutonium-241 detection — Radiation dose was 50 times higher than total of other three plutonium isotopes that were mentioned (VIDEO)

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40,000,000 Bq of iodine-131 in a single bed of kelp off Southern California — Amount most likely larger

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Forbes: Nuclear power is no longer a viable source of new energy in US, says Excelon CEO who retired just days earlier

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US News and World Report: Nuclear Power Is On Its Deathbed, Says Expert — Public is riveted on the issue of nuclear safety — Scrutiny is so intense

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Mainichi: Highest radiation level yet — 37 times gov’t limit detected in river trout caught 40km from meltdowns

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UPI: Fukushima at risk of a new meltdown — Level of cooling water 29 feet lower than estimated

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Magnitude 5.0 hits Fukushima — Multiple other quakes of similar strength in northeast Japan

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NYT on Reactor No. 4: “Risk of another colossal radiation leak” if cooling problems arise, experts say — “Tepco has been racing to fortify crumpled outer shell”

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Southern California had 2,500 Bq/kg of iodine-131 in seaweed — Over 500% higher than other tests in U.S., Canada

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Up to 1 billion Bq/kg of iodine-131 was estimated in seaweed near Fukushima reactors -Study

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Study: Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California ‘with greatest exposure in central and southern California’

March 29th, 2012 | 20 comments

*Developing* New University Study: Fukushima release estimates should be increased, especially for cesium-137

07:37 PM EST on March 29th, 2012 | 29 comments

NYTimes: Core damage at No. 2 worse than thought? Reactor water could be flowing directly into ocean or under plant — Risk of fuel melting again, says nuclear engineering professor

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Doctor: More and more often children complain of circulatory disturbances, tiredness, dizziness after Fukushima (VIDEO)

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New Analysis: Large amount of radioactive materials had discharged through breach in primary containment at Reactor No. 2

05:28 AM EST on March 29th, 2012 | 22 comments

Asahi: Cesium started spiking in Chernobyl wildlife during recent years — “Researchers don’t really understand”

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Possible smoke at Fukushima Daiichi? (VIDEOS)

09:48 PM EST on March 28th, 2012 | 26 comments

Nuclear Consultant: Damage to base of Reactor No. 2 is ‘so severe’

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Fukushima monthly fallout higher now than 8 months ago in June

04:15 PM EST on March 28th, 2012 | 30 comments

TV: Radiation levels 10 times higher than experts hoped at Reactor No. 2 — No. 1 and 3 even worse (VIDEO)

10:13 AM EST on March 28th, 2012 | 49 comments

Asahi: High radiation means delays in decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi — 30-year roadmap will likely now have to be revised

07:42 AM EST on March 28th, 2012 | 79 comments

Japan Radiation Professor: “Fukushima City needs to be evacuated”

05:04 AM EST on March 28th, 2012 | 23 comments

NHK: Suppression chamber “may have been destroyed” at Reactor No. 2 (VIDEO)

03:48 AM EST on March 28th, 2012 | 8 comments

Kyodo hints Tepco’s long-term plan to decommission Fukushima may be in jeopardy

12:05 AM EST on March 28th, 2012 | 34 comments

*Yomiuri* Experts: Melted fuel may not be covered in water — Far shallower than assumed — Tepco still claiming Fukushima Daiichi in state of ‘cold shutdown’

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AFP Headline: ‘Fukushima reactor in crisis again’ — Renewed concerns about plant’s stability

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NHK: Whitish floating matter in Reactor No. 2 said to be rust, not melted fuel — No endoscopy for Reactors No. 1 or 3, radiation too high (VIDEO)

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Radiation spikes in Tokyo at Shinjuku detector — Up to triple normal levels

01:28 PM EST on March 27th, 2012 | 24 comments

Mother: School had children clean up highly contaminated area and relocate dirt — Without telling parents (VIDEO)

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AP: “Hardly any cooling water inside one of the reactors” — Water level only 6% of estimate — Radiation at 10 times fatal dose

09:19 AM EST on March 27th, 2012 | 21 comments

73 sieverts per hour detected at Reactor No. 2 — Measured 4 meters from bottom

March 27th, 2012 | 33 comments

Intense M5.1 hits northeast Japan just after M6.4 — At nearly identical depth and location

07:26 AM EST on March 27th, 2012 | 11 comments

Kyodo News Advisory: M6.4 quake jolts northeast Japan — Intensity 5- of 7 (MAP)

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*AP Headline* ‘Gundersen: Tokyo soil would be nuclear waste in US’

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Radiation spiked near Fukushima — Highest in months for Iwate, double normal levels

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Minamisoma Official: “The children are the sacrifices” — “The businesses forced the mayor to keep the children here” 25km from Fukushima Daiichi (VIDEO)

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Former Fukushima Governor who took on Tepco: My friends committed suicide — One still in coma (VIDEO)

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Hydrogen levels quintuple at Reactor No. 2 in last two weeks

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New Tepco Survey: Most contaminated location is near Fukushima Daini, not Daiichi (MAP)

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Atlantic: Japan in Uproar Over Censorship of Emperor’s Anti-Nuclear Speech — “Seemed to suggest that the nuclear crisis is not over” — Left out of all major evening news programs (VIDEO)

01:34 PM EST on March 26th, 2012 | 36 comments

SICK: Fear of radiation a “psychiatric disorder” in Japan — The Cure? Have them work at decontaminating radiation, says doctor -Mainichi


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