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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Le H1N1 et les vaccins reviennent, le faux terrorisme du paquet du Yémen, la super fraude des reprises immobilières aux USA


L'Autre Monde 4 novembre 2010: Le H1N1 et les vaccins reviennent, le faux terrorisme du paquet du Yémen, la super fraude des reprises immobilières aux USA

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L'Autre Monde 4 novembre 2010

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Au programme cette semaine, 4 novembre 2010:

Actualité mondiale, le faux terrorisme pour épeurer les gens, santé, vaccination & H1N1, l'incroyable fraude des reprises de finance aux États-Unis - apprenez toute la vérité et non pas la version incomplète que les grands médias vous servent et encore plus!

Soyez de la partie les jeudis dès 11h sur les ondes de CHOQ FM, la radio officielle de l'UQÀM, l'alternative à Montréal et dans le monde!

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Le record du monde de vitesse sur rail est détenu par Alstom avec
son TGV et avec une vitesse de 574,4 Km/h (sans voyageurs).
Les chinois ont juste battu le record de vitesse commerciale, c'est-à-dire
qu'ils ont le record de la vitesse pour emmener des voyageurs d'un point A
vers un point B. Et là tu va me dire que c'est bien cela le plus important
pour les voyageurs et tu auras raison ! lol
Dans l'article sur la chine il est question de 320 Km/h sur 200km, ce qui
est en effet le nouveau record.
Mais l'ancien records était quand même de 1 067,2 km entre Calais et
Marseille en 3h29, à la vitesse moyenne de 306,37 km/h.
Si les TGV ne circulent pas aussi vite en France (plutôt entre 270 et 300
Km/h sur des tronçons aménagés pour ce type de vitesse) c'est uniquement
pour des raisons de sécurité, comme par exemple le fait qu'au dessus de 300
Km/h il devient difficile pour le conducteur (machiniste) de pouvoir réagir
à un signal visuel ou sonore à temps. Je pense que les chinois sont juste
moins draconien de ce côté, en tous cas une chose est sur c'est qu'ils ont
encore du travail pour battre la vitesse de pointe !

China makes world's fastest supercomputer

A Chinese scientific research centre has built the fastest supercomputer ever made, replacing the US as maker of the swiftest machine, a media report said Thursday.

The Chinese made Tianhe-1A system has 1.4 times the horsepower of the current top computer, which is at a national laboratory in Tennessee, the US, a newspaper reported.

Youtube busted down playing numbers for political videos

Youtube freezes all my vids at 300 then 800 and after a couple a days starts to count hits AFTER major linkers have moved on. I witness this as I am on a 13 hour time zone different from the east coast US in japan and I release my vids on purpose at night here to be on in the morning for US news. A commenter also noticed the 300 mark and posted that on 2 vids. The past 4 videos or so are all over 1900 and yet I know it was really more than that. They are lying about the numbers.
My other name can get 2k easily just from this site and my facebook without any special links.

Ohio McDonald's employees get voting instructions with their paychecks

Former Manitoba AG on secret internment list

A former provincial attorney general was among thousands of Communists and sympathizers from across Canada slated to be watched and even detained at internment camps under a Cold War-era plan, a joint CBC/Radio-Canada investigation found.

The CBC's The Fifth Estate and Radio-Canada's Enquete investigative programs unearthed troubling details about the three-decades-long secret government contingency plan dubbed PROFUNC, which stands for PROminent FUNCtionaries of the Communist Party.

At the plan's outset in 1950, about 16,000 suspected Communists and 50,000 sympathizers were listed as PROFUNC targets to be monitored and possibly interned in the event of a national security threat.

The PROFUNC files were regularly updated until the program's demise in 1983, prompted by administrative changes introduced by Robert Kaplan, Canada's solicitor general at the time.

In the advent of a national security crisis, RCMP detachments across the country would begin a massive roundup they referred to as M-Day, or Mobilization Day. Police commanders were secretly briefed on preparations for the day.

Special uniformed teams were to be deployed in residential neighbourhoods, taking up tactical positions and rounding up the targets. Those arrested would then be transported to temporary "reception centres."

Early lists suggested reception centres be set up in locations across the country, including Toronto's historic Casa Loma, a country club in Port Arthur, Ont., and Grandstand Exhibition Grounds in Regina.

Internees would later be transferred to more formal detention facilities such as penitentiaries.

Men would be kept at camps across the country, women would be sent to one of two facilities in the Niagara Peninsula or Kelowna, B.C. Children would either be sent to relatives or interned with parents.

An 11-page document outlines the harsh rules for internees at the camps. Internees could be held indefinitely and shot if caught trying to escape.

Harsh punishment

Internees also faced harsh punishment if they broke the strict rules of the camps, such as the following: "No internee shall converse with any person, other than an officer guard or staff member, unless he is permitted to do so under these regulations or is given special permission to do so by an officer."

Kaplan said he was appalled to hear that the Canadian government had been involved in such a plan: "I just can’t believe it had any government authorization behind it."

Total U.S. intelligence bill revealed for first time


The annual cost of U.S. intelligence is public for the first time: just over $80 billion for 2010.

Figures released by the government Thursday show $27 billion goes to military intelligence and $53.1 billion covers the CIA and some of the other 16 intelligence agencies.

Awww, forget about the bank fraud that crashed the housing markets, we got BOOGA BOOGA for you today!

Test results for explosives were negative, one law enforcement official told the Associated Press, but officials remained concerned. The flight had been bound for Chicago but was at a British airport when the cartridge was spotted.

The Transportation Security Administration earlier said that cargo flights that landed safely at Newark and Philadelphia airports were being searched after "reports of potentially suspicious items onboard."

Webmaster's Commentary:

As of this moment, planes are being searched at four different airports. However, the original cause for the alert, a "suspicious" toner cartridge, has been found to be non-explosive. Yet the TV news is talking about nothing but this latest "terror" threat, apparently grateful they have an excuse not to talk about the massive mortgage-backed security fraud by the major banks that plunged this nation into depression! But after all the media sturm und drang, absolutely nothing has been found, No bombs, no drugs, no illegal immigrants... This is a non-story in which nothing has actually happened, hyped to attract attention away from the banking scandal that has ruined all of our lives. If ABCNNBBCBSFOX wants to know why their viewership is in decline relative to the alternative media, this is a classic example.

Authorities in Britain are now saying that the "device" is non-explosive. Which means it is a media-diverting hoax intended to wave terrorists at stupid Americans to keep them from realizing that the mortgage-backed securities fraud has wrecked this nation far more thoroughly than Osama could ever dream of, even if he hadn't died in 2001! White powder and wires? That's a stage prop-not a bomb. If there was no explosive, how was it found or detected? No bomb sniffing dog would have bothered with it. How did the authorities know to open up that particular box? Anonymous phone tip?

This is a setup, and a rather obvious one.

Cargo plane bomb alert: 'ink cartridge bomb' found on plane in London

The device, which it has been claimed was made from a manipulated ink cartridge, was found aboard a United Parcel Service (UPS) flight at East Midlands airport, en route from Yemen to Chicago.

It reportedly had wires and white powder attached to it.

Osama bin Toner-cartridge also had a circuit board attached!

The package had white powder on it as well as wires and a circuit board, a law-enforcement source said; someone shipped it from Sana, Yemen to Chicago, Illinois.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The card, clearly absent the ribbon cable the foil indicates must be there, looks like the tuner card from an 80s vintage TV.

I've had prop people fired for better fakes than this!

Suspicious Items Were Headed For Chicago Synagogues

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Hey, look at me! Look at ME! I'm a suspicious package! I don't actually do anything, don't actually contain any explosive or anything dangerous, certainly nothing that would attract the attention of the sniffer dogs, but I have this great coating of fake spray-on Christmas tree snow and a dead tuner circuit board from an old TV set to make me look really scary to the idiots at ABCNNBBCBSFOX who have been paid by Israel to report without question the booga booga the way Israel wants it reported! And if you don't think Israel is behind this, check out all the comments about nuking Mecca that have been added to the story.

Suspicious Package to U.S. not from Yemen; Yemenia Air Cargo Director


Mohammed al-Shaibah, Air Cargo Director for Yemenia Airways said to Yemen Post, "No UPS cargo plane left Yemeni lands over the land 48 hours. These accusations are false and baseless."
He added, "No UPS or DHL cargo packages heading to Chicago through Yemen took place in the last 48 hours as well."

Yemen says UPS planes never take off or land in it

No UPS cargo planes left Yemen to other countries in the last days and there are no direct flights from Yemen to the United Kingdom or the United States, a Yemeni official said, after allegations that British and U.S. officials had found suspicious packages on planes that originated in Yemen.

The official wondered how the media mentioned the name of Yemen reporting that an explosive device was found onboard a cargo plane that landed in London coming from Yemen.

UPS planes never land or take off in Yemen, the official made clear.



Webmaster's Commentary:

Post this link to the UPS website everywhere so people can see for themselves that the claim of a terror bomb on a UPS flight from Yemen is a total hoax!


No U.S. Commercial or Private Plane left Yemen to the U.S. over last 48 hours; Yemeni Official


A Yemeni official told Yemen Post that no U.S. cargo aircraft of any American company flew out of Yemen over the last 48 hours. "Whether UPS, Fed Ex, DHL or any other U.S. cargo company left Yemen over the last 48 hours."

Propagandists still trying to recover from "Yemen UPS plane" gaff!

The explosive found hidden in a package on a plane in the United Arab Emirates on Friday may have traveled on passenger planes to get there, airline officials said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"May have" means they don't actually have any information. They are guessing; trying to come up with a new cover story that the blog-o-sphere won't hand back to them in a body bag!

Yemeni Government Arrest Two Females for Sending Suspicious packages to U.S.

According to a senior governmental official who spoke to Yemen Post on anonymity, Yemeni security forces arrested two Yemeni women under suspicion of sending the packages to the United States.
The Yemeni official claims that the two women sent the packages in order to damage the reputation of Yemen and not on links of Al-Qaeda. He denied that Al-Qaeda had links to the packages that were sent.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Other stories indicate that these women were arrested purely on the basis of suspected associations with Al Qaeda. There is no actual evidence of involvement in the toner cartridge hoax.

Yemeni Suspect Is 'Innocent' Say Legal Team

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said the US and United Arab Emirates provided him with information that identified her as a suspect.

Webmaster's Commentary:

In other words, another frame-up. Saleh doesn't seem to understand he is about to get the Saddam treatment by going along with this hoax.

Hanan al Samawi, woman busted in Yemen for role in cargo plane bomb plot, was 'set up': lawyer

According to NBC News, Hanan al Samawi's lawyer claims she was nabbed by authorities because her telephone number was on the packages loaded with explosives.

However, the attorney argues that the fifth-year computer science student was not involved and the phone number was intentionally left to make her a suspect.

Webmaster's Commentary:

What is really insulting is that whoever set up this hoax really thought that it would never occur to us that an intelligent woman, sharp enough to be a medical student, would probably not put her own phone number on such a package. They really did think you were that dumb!


Saleh said that Yemeni security authorities received a letter from Washington includes a telephone No. to a woman and that she allegedly who had sent the two parcels to two mail services companies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

In other words, the Yemeni have no evidence against this woman other than an accusation sent from Washington DC!

Yemen bomb suspect released, says lawyer


The attorney for a 23-year-old Sana engineering student who was arrested Saturday in connection with the cargo bomb plot says she is no longer being held by the Yemeni authorities.

Yemen authorities on Sunday released a 23-year-old engineering student who had been arrested a day earlier for her alleged connection to Al Qaeda and the foiled plot to mail packages of concealed explosives to the U.S., her lawyer said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The frame-up craters!

Student Tricked Into Yemen Bomb Plot


SANA'A // The Yemeni woman arrested in the investigation into mail bombs found in Dubai and England has nothing to do with the terror plot, her lawyer said yesterday

"We believe she is innocent and has been tricked," said Abdulrehman Barman, a lawyer at the National Organisation for Defending Rights and Freedoms, in Sana'a.

Last night Yemen authorities released Hanan Mohammed al Samawi, a 22-year-old University of Sana'a student. She agreed to make herself available for further questioning.

Police had arrested Ms al Samawi after her mobile phone number was found on a receipt linked to the packages dropped at FedEx and UPS offices in Sana'a and found on planes in Dubai and England after a tip-off from intelligence officials in Saudi Arabia.

Investigation falters as female bomber suspect is released

Yesterday Yemeni officials said that a shipping agent called in to identify her said that she was not the person who signed the form. The authorities now say she was the victim of identity theft.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The obvious conclusion is that this woman's identity was stolen to lay a false trail to Yemen, to justify the invasion and murder of more of Israel's enemies and guarantee US military control of the Gulf of Aden.

Foiled Bomb Plot Sparks Calls for Expanded Military Presence in Yemen

The U.S. is seriously considering sending elite "hunter-killer" teams to Yemen following the foiled mail bombing plot by militants in Yemen.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Ignoring the fact that the entire hoax is already dead on arrival

CIA Covert Role Pushed in Yemen After Thwarted Attack

The Wall Street Journal

Editor's Note: Wait for it, wait for it; yes, there it is: problem-reaction-solution. Never mind the fact that the CIA has been in Yemen for quite some time. It must be announced publicly that death squads will be sent in to yet another country, to be followed by expanded drone strikes to kill more civilians. The Nobel Peace Prize winner does it again. Nice job.

Allowing the U.S. military's Special Operations Command units to operate under the CIA would give the U.S. greater leeway to strike at militants even without the explicit blessing of the Yemeni government. In addition to streamlining the launching of strikes, it would provide deniability to the Yemeni government because the CIA operations would be covert. The White House is already considering adding armed CIA drones to the arsenal against militants in Yemen, mirroring the agency's Pakistan campaign.

UAE rejects US claims on Flight 201

The United Arab Emirates’ Civil Aviation Authority has rejected claims that a US-bound Emirates’ flight from Dubai contained “suspicious” parcels from Yemen.

Fighter jets were scrambled on Friday to accompany an Emirates plane into New York’s JFK airport after a security alert, US media reported.

Emirati authorities, however, said flight 201 carried no ’suspicious’ cargo from Yemen as claimed by US-Canadian military agency NORAD.

UAE officials rejected the claim and said the plane was not a source of threat.

Bomb in U.K. Strong Enough to Bring Down Plane


How stories morph.

From yesterday:


Earlier today, police bomb technicians examined a suspicious package flown in from Yemen to a regional British airport, but they reported the object was not a bomb although it appeared “sinister.”

Obviously “sinister” wasn't scary enough.

Bomb Scare is BS

Webmaster's Commentary:

"It is too explosive! I am the @#$%ing President and if I say it's explosive, it damn well better be explosive!" -- Official White Horse Souse

PRESTO! Toner Cartridge of Death story magically changes

DOHA, Oct 31, 2010 (AFP) - Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways confirmed on Sunday that a suspected Al-Qaeda package intercepted in Dubai was flown on one of its aircraft and only discovered after an intelligence tip-off.

"Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways can confirm that a recent courier consignment was carried aboard one of its aircraft from Sanaa to Dubai via Doha International Airport," it said in a statement.

"The explosives discovered were of a sophisticated nature whereby they could not be detected by x-ray screening or trained sniffer dogs. The explosives were only discovered after an intelligence tip-off," the airline added.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Okay, you caught me. There are no UPS flights from Yemen to Great Britain. So the package came, ummm, ahhh, the package went ... by camel. No, wait; by rocket. No. Carrier Pigeon? No, that won't work. Guitar? How do you send a phony bomb inside a guitar? Oh, Qatar! I see. (clears throat) The bombs were sent from Yemen hidden inside a Qatar! ... Stop kicking me. What? A country? You're kidding! Well, why wasn't I told? Okay, shut up already. (clears throat again) The suspicious toner cartridge was sent from Qatar. Wait a second... How do we justify invading Yemen if the toner cartridge came from Qatar?!? You better start sweating, boy! This is really getting #$&^ed up! Look, you make it work; I gotta go campaign for the Democrats and wave dangerous Yemeni or Qatari or Mexicans at the voters between now and Tuesday." -- Official White Horse Souse

US 'intercepted mail bomb dry run'

They removed "papers, books and other materials" that now appear to have been sent by the Yemeni militant group al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap) to test logistics of the air cargo system, the official said.

"We received information several weeks ago that potentially connected these packages to Aqap. The boxes were stopped in transit and searched. They contained papers, books, and other materials, but no explosives," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

If you believe this then I've got a watch to sell you.

Yemen hoax - CEO of UPS is former Director of the Federal Reserve!


D. Scott Davis has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Parcel Service, Inc. since January 1, 2008. Mr. Davis served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of United Parcel Service Inc. from January 8, 2001 to January 1, 2008 and also served as its Senior Vice President from January 8, 2001 to 2007 and Principal Accounting Officer until January 1, 2008. He was responsible for all activities related to accounting, auditing, finance, financial planning,


Soldiers encircle shipment company’s offices in Yemen Photo: AFP

Notice the sign above the door? FEDEX!
BUT, BUT, BUT the ‘bombs’ were sent via UPS which does not operate in Yemen!
BUT…. we already knew that from previous reports so the text had to be changed from UPS to FEDEX…

American intelligence officials in September intercepted several packages containing books, papers, CDs and other household items shipped to Chicago from Yemen and considered the possibility that the parcels might be a test run for a terrorist attack, two officials said Monday night.

Never in the history of False Flags has the falsehoods been so obvious.

Part One of the BS theory can be seen HERE

Part Two HERE

Yemen hunts bomb suspect

The official also disclosed that both mail bombs, one recovered in Dubai and the other in Britain on Friday, were wired to detonators that used cell phone technology.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The hoaxsters are just digging themselves in deeper. Yes, in the years since 9-11 repeaters have been installed on passenger aircraft to allow you to use a cell phone on the plane, but you have to enter your credit card information into the system via the phone before it will work!

Intercepted device likely a cell phone, photo analysis shows

The electronic component visible in a law enforcement image of an intercepted suspicious shipment from Yemen appears to be a printed circuit board from a disassembled cell phone, an engineer told CNN Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

With that itty-bitty battery seen right above the RF cage? Hardly. However, let us for the purpose of kicking CNN in the gonads stipulate that this is a circuit card from a cell phone that still manages to operate despite the removal of the screen, keypad, etc. etc. etc.

It is true that in the years since 9-11 repeaters have been installed on passenger aircraft to allow you to make or receive calls using a cell phone on a plane, but you have to enter your credit card information into the system via the phonebefore it will work!

Packages With Explosive Material Targeted Chicago Jewish Institutions

In summation, here's what we know:

Two packages were discovered, in Dubai and the UK, that were sent from Yemen. Those packages included explosive material, according to the President.

In response to that threat, the U.S. government stepped up surveillance on packages from Yemen coming to the U.S. That resulted in flights being stopped and checked today.

According to NBC's Richard Engel, packages were bound from Yemen for Chicago synagogues that were intercepted. Those packages contained explosive materials.

BOOGA BOOGA REPORT.. Oh my.. The terrorists were going to pick on those nice Jewish people.

Plane searches a pathetic bid to re-sell Jewish victimhood

In Chicago, synagogues were warned to be on security alert Friday as a result of the investigation.

The packages, addressed to Jewish institutions in Chicago, were found in Britain and Dubai on Thursday night.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This non-story of the plane searches is starting to come into focus. We now know that the "suspicious" toner cartridge found with white powder and wires sticking out of it is a hoax, as there was no explosive involved. So how was this "device" found?

Obviously bomb sniffing dogs would not have indicated a problem, and we know that the authorities are not in the habit of opening up every single package on every single UPS cargo flight every single day at every single airport.

So, someone put the British authorities onto this package. It was INTENDED to be found.

This is just another fake terror/hate crime for Israel to wave around at those who wonder just why it is that Israel can attack and kill Americans in international waters with impunity.

Yemen toner-cartridge hoax solved: Israel "knew" of plot day before it happened!


Israel News

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz hinted Monday that Israel received warning of the intent to send bombs to US synagogues on Thursday, before the plot was revealed to the public on the following day.

"Since Thursday Israeli representatives have been on location in sensitive airports around the world, securing shipments to Israel," he said ahead of a large-scale drill at Ben Gurion International Airport.

Mail bombers "would not have known where device would explode"

The terrorists behind the cargo bomb plot would not have known exactly where the deadly device was to strike, UK Home Secretary Theresa May said Sunday, according to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

The unpredictable routes taken by freight planes meant it was "difficult" to say even now whether the explosions would have happened over Britain or America.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Which means Synagogues were NOT the targets, if you believe this latest spin!

Yemen threat prompts Cobra meeting

The prime minister will chair a meeting of Cobra later today, the government's planning committee for emergencies, in response to the Yemeni bomb plot over the weekend.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So, last week the heads of the British Airlines were calling for an end to American style intrusive (and very expensive) security, most of which is provided by Israeli companies, and all of a sudden, just when those security companies are facing major financial losses, Obama's desperate attempt to save the Dempocrats with a phony terror attack just happens to include a flight from Yemen to Britain (which didn't actually happen), a toner cartridge that wasn't actually a bomb, somehow "discovered" at a British airport, and today the British government scurries back to the waiting and greedy arms of the security-industrial complex!


Webmaster's Commentary:

This toner-cartridge-of-mass-destruction may be nothing more than a play for pity by Israel, or the much expected pre-election Scare-orrism by a White House looking at major congressional losses next week. But given the media focus on Yemen as the culprit, and Yemen's strategic position relative to military control of the Gulf of Aden, this is possibly another "Gliewitz" to kick off yet another war of conquest.

Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama

Webmaster's Commentary:

And sure enough; we got one!

Tom Ridge Confirms That Terror Threat Warnings Were Used For Political Purposes

Remember all the times we wondered if the Bush Administration was using the color-coded terrorism threat level indicator for political gain? Remember the number of times the Justice Department and not the Department of Homeland Security was hyping a terror threat beyond what the CIA or FBI said the intelligence warranted? And we questioned whether or not the terror-threat level was nothing more than a political tool?

It was. Who says so?

Obama Issues Fake Terror Alert On Eve Of Elections

As we predicted on four separate occasions would happen, the Obama White House has deliberately contrived a fake terror scare on the eve of the mid-term elections in an effort to subdue the rampaging political appetite for anti-big government candidates that threatens to sweep aside establishment incumbents next week.

TSA to phase in new pat-down procedures at airports nationwide

- Airline passengers can expect to see as well as feel new pat-down procedures at U.S. airports over the coming weeks in an effort to provide another layer of security for travelers, the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This new set of procedures has absolutely nothing to do with real security, and everything to do with getting Americans cowed, scared, and accept authority , no matter how dead wrong it might be, unquestioningly and obediently.

The foreplay search: Outrage at new airport security check so invasive it will 'become a moral issue'


The technique, described as 'horribly invasive' by a passengers rights group, involves security staff sliding their hand over passengers bodies, rather than patting them down, if they object to going through full-body imaging scanners.

One shell-shocked female passenger who was subjected to the measures after her underwire bra set off metal detecting scanners in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday said the experience left her in tears.

Rosemary Fitzpatrick, who works for news channel CNN, said a female screener ran her hands around her breasts, over her stomach, buttocks and her inner thighs, and briefly touched her crotch.

'I felt helpless, I felt violated, and I felt humiliated,' said Fitzpatrick.

New pat-downs in airport security lines drawing ire

The Transportation Security Administration rolled out a new pat-down technique Friday aimed at boosting security, but it is drawing criticism already for being too intrusive.

Screeners now use the fronts of their hands, instead of the backs, and use a sliding motion along a person's body. In some cases, security workers are now allowed to touch body parts that were previously off-limits.

Ouais, c’est ça, ils vont écoeurer les gens en les fouillant/touchant de façon indescente pour humilier les gens et les pousser à penser que les scanneurs corporels (pornographiques) sont une meileure option!


PETN is interesting stuff. It is actually a heart drug. There are more than a few ways to detect it, certainly those airport swabs can pick it up, sniffers and the newer scanners. It doesn’t hold together well so you can’t shape it as with other explosives unless you mix it with something else. It also requires a trigger of some kind, another explosive device, something that makes it even easier to detect. Ah, but the press doesn’t care about any of this, they are willing to fabricate stories about the new “magic” undetectable explosive, one that requires that airports, post offices, courier companies, all buy new inspection equipment.

Airport body scanners 'could give you cancer', warns expert


Full body scanners at airports could increase your risk of skin cancer, experts warn.

The X-ray machines have been brought in at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow.

But scientists say radiation from the scanners has been underestimated and could be particularly risky for children.

They say that the low level beam does deliver a small dose of radiation to the body but because the beam concentrates on the skin - one of the most radiation-sensitive organs of the human body - that dose may be up to 20 times higher than first estimated.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Cancer is a small price to pay to be safe from Osama bin Laden!"-- Official White Horse Souse

Turkey's intel severs ties with Mossad

Turkey's intelligence establishment has severed working ties with Israel's Mossad, further proof of strained relations between the countries, officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So, of course, a bomb goes off in Istanbul!

32 injured in apparent suicide bombing in Turkey


By the CNN Wire Staff

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- At least 32 people were wounded, five seriously, in an apparent suicide bombing in the center of Istanbul on Sunday, police said.

Those injured in the attack in Taksim Square included 15 police officers and 17 civilians, said Istanbul Gov. Huseyin Azni Mutlu. The five people in serious condition were all police officers, he said.

NSA’s Newest Recruiters: Teaching Kids to Be East German Stasi


From Cyber/Space/War: Danger Room reports newest recruiters for NSA reside on their kids page. Yes, there exists a kids page. The article "NSA's Newest Recruiters: Cartoon-Leopard Twins," relates how the "...surveillance and cryptology crew at NSA has the right online companions for you: Cy and Cyndi, a pair of anthropomorphic snow leopards now kickin' it with the CryptoKids, the Puzzle Palace's team of cartoon animal hackers...". Cy and Cyndi are known as the Cybertwins wear gaming headgear, talk into hands-free mobile devices and teach youth about proper online hygiene. This would just seem squirrelly if this kind of youth campaign weren't so scary?

Breaking: ‘Global Governance 2025? by US & EU Intelligence Agencies

Yes, it is true. You may read this September 2010 report, courtesy of our Freedom of Information Act, at cia.gov. Since the bulk of what this report discusses apparently has to do with international cooperation, why then, did they not choose that apparently appropriate phrase, instead of “Global Governance?”

“Global Governance” – in case you need to recheck your eyes and mind.

Here is an interesting and self-conflicted disclaimer, from its “Introduction,” page 1:

The term “global governance” as used in this paper includes all the institutions, regimes, processes, partnerships, and networks that contribute to collective action and problem solving at the international level. This definition subsumes formal and informal arrangements as well as the role of nonstate actors in transnational settings. Regional cooperation may also be regarded as an element of global governance insofar as it contributes to broader efforts. Governance differs from government, which implies sovereign prerogatives and hierarchical authority. Global governance does not equate to world government, which would be virtually impossible for the foreseeable future, if ever.

Are you saying, under your breath, “‘Governance differs from government…. Global governance does not equate to world government….’ Who are they trying to kid?”

Red Cross Now Working Hand and Hand With FEMA?

What role will the Red Cross play in the event of a martial law type scenario?

FEMA'S Puppet:

Could we expect anything less? Elements of our government are actively setting themselves up to take on the American people in the event of some sort of collapse. The Red Cross and its shady group of board members are merely pawns of the globalists or actual globalists themselves.

Towards Martial Law in America: Authority to Deploy Troops Domestically during 'National Emergencies'


For those who understand how the United States military has been set up, and the laws and prohibitions against military personnel engaging in the policing of civilians, the fact that the Coast Guard wants to act as a maritime police agency at the same time as it declares itself a branch of the military is a clear indication that the United States is now officially under martial law.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the United States Coast Guard has been attempting to 'cross the Rubicon' for decades, and actually achieved that goal in a silent coup in 2003 when it was moved from the Department of Transportation into the newly-created Department of Homeland Security. This change was not merely bureaucratic; it allows the Coast Guard to now openly declare itself "one of the five armed forces of the United States and the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security." The problem is that the Coast Guard is now attempting to straddle the line between a civil service agency (as it was set up to be and indeed has always been, except during times when it was specifically placed in the service of the Navy) and a branch of the military, conforming to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

In 1878, Congress passed a law known as Posse Comitatus that prohibited the use of military personnel or assets in domestic law enforcement. At the time, it was clear that the act was an attempt to prohibit the military from policing civilians on U.S. soil, as happened in the South under Reconstruction. What has been taking place in earnest since 9/11, however, is an attempt to erode the spirit and the substance of Posse Comitatus so that the Executive branch can effectively 'cross the rubicon' and use military personnel in domestic policing operations.

In September 2008, the Army Times reported that the 3rd Infantry Division's Brigade Combat Team had been reassigned to NORTHCOM to patrol the "homeland" in crowd control and civil unrest situations.

In December of 2008, the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Support Group dispatched uniformed troops to aid police checkpoints in California.

In September of 2009, the Army and Air Force provided assistance to the National Guard for security at the G20 in Pittsburgh.

Also in September of 2009, the Assistant Secretary of Defense in Obama's Defense Department requested authorization to deploy 379,000 troops inside the U.S.

But this issue is not merely an American one. There is currently a coordinated agenda across the Western world to harmonize these types of rubicon-crossing moves toward outright martial law across borders.

In March 2009, the Canadian military—which began a formal merger with the American military in February 2008 that would see American troops deployed on the streets of Canada and Canadian troops in America during 'national emergency'—announced that it, too was preparing special reserve units to provide for 'domestic security' during times of civil unrest. The troops are being trained in various crowd control and emergency measures, such as how to set up and maintain internment camps for Canadian citizens in the event of such things as enforced quarantines after a bioterror attack.

Also in March 2009 it was revealed that the British Army was being readied to deal with Brits should rioting break out in the UK.

What all of this case history reveals is that there is a coordinated agenda to knock down any remaining walls separating the general population of America, Canada and the UK from their own militaries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way the Coast Guard has quietly shifted from a federal policing agency into a self-declared branch of the military.

And perhaps the most important question of all: When will the American public, and the peoples of the other Western powers, realize that the Rubicon has long since been crossed and that they are already living in a military dictatorship?

Webmaster's Commentary:

Looking at the unfolding of these very troubling events, it is very clear that those in the bowels of power in Washington are definitely expecting unrest as a direct result of the policies they have put into place.

Blackwater firm partners with State Dept., CIA insiders


Nothing like a new suit of clothes -- and a good tailor -- for a fresh start.

So it seems for the firm formerly known as Blackwater, which has won yet another government security contract, despite its long and continuing trail of legal problems.

Bidding under a new name, Xe Services won a share this week of a $10 billion State Department deal to provide protective services for American embassies abroad.

Two months ago a Xe affiliate, U.S. Training Center, won a $100 million security contract from the CIA. But at least it used its own name for that.

Blackwater’s Black Ops: Sought to Become Monsanto’s “Intel Arm”

Editors Note: Wayne Madsen is reporting that Blackwater is involved in staged terror attacks in Pakistan!

Over the past several years, entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron, the Walt Disney Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays, according to documents obtained by The Nation.Blackwater’s work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies owned by Blackwater’s owner and founder, Erik Prince: Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center (TRC)

Monsanto, Blackwater and GM crop saboteurs

Agribusiness giant Monsanto, which genetically modifies plants to excude or tolerate pesticide or to produce nonviable seeds, hired the services of the mercenary firm Blackwater to spy on activists, Jeremy Scahill reports. A death-tech firm weds a hit squad.

This is no doubt in response to a decade of GM crop sabotage efforts around the globe. Since the publicly-announced introduction of GM crops in 1996, concerned citizens have vandalized such crops every single year somewhere on the planet. Several thousand GM plants have been partially or wholly destroyed. (See brief history below.)

Blackwater is most notorious for its Nisour Square Massacre in 2007. Seventeen innocent civilians died when Blackwater goons opened fire in a busy market square. The hit team was later acquitted.

Scahill reports that through its web of companies, Blackwater (now Xe Services) spied on and/or infilitrated groups opposing Monsanto in 2008 thru earily 2010. He writes:

GM Crop Sabotage in Defense of Biodiversity

But it isn’t just public opinion that concerns Monsanto. Monsanto didn’t hire assassins to sway public opinion. GM crop sabotage, which originated in Europe, has been an ongoing global effort since at least 1997.

In 1999, Andrew Hund compiled several reports of GM crop sabotage around the world, some of which are included in the timeline below.

Just focusing on the U.S., Gordon Rausser documented thousands of GM plant destructions in 1999 alone. Citizens targeted GM corn, sugar beets, sunflowers, melons, tomatoes, walnuts, and strawberries. The attacks occurred in Maine, Vermont, Minnesota, New York, and California.

Kathryn Brown reported in Scientific American that in 2000, “in Maine, midnight raiders hacked down more than 3,000 experimental poplar trees. And in San Diego, protesters smashed sorghum and sprayed paint over greenhouse walls.”

This year, Marcel Kuntz described 70 instances of GM crop sabotage in England, Switzerland, France and Germany from 1999 thru 2010.

The timeline below is but a brief sampling of such actions. It shows a wide variety of crops on several continents. And, it shows unending interest in ridding the planet of this technology. (Too numerous to list, the cases of GM crop sabotage in the US are not included. See sources above.)

1997 Irish destroy GM sugar beets
1998 Irish destroy GM sugar beets
1998 French destroy GM corn
1998 Brits destroy GM crops on over 40 separate plots
1999 Indian farmers burn GM cotton
1999 New Zealanders destroy GM potato
1999 Canadians destroy GM trees
1999 Brits destroy GM corn
2000 Brits destroy GM corn
2001 Brits destroy GM corn
2001 Brazilians destroy GM corn and soy
2001 Brits destroy six separate fields of GM corn and rapeseed
2002 Indian farmers destroy GM cotton
2003 French destroy GM rapeseed (canola)
2004 French Guiana activists destroy GM coffee
2005 French destroy 50 acres of GM corn
2006 Germans destroy GM corn in several attacks
2006 French destroy GM corn
2007 Brits destroy GM potatoes
2008 Brazilians destroy GM corn
2008 Swiss destroy GM wheat
2009 Swiss destroy GM wheat
2009 Icelanders destroy GM barley
2009 Brits destroy GM potatoes
2009 Brits destroy GM apple trees
2010 Swiss destroy GM wheat
2010 Spaniards destroy GM corn
2010 Italians destroy GM corn
2010 French destroy GM grapes

Not everyone has the luxury of destroying GM crops. In India, under a new biotech bill known as BRAI, people can be imprisoned and fined simply for “misleading” others about GMOs. Since the entire biotech industry is based on “misleading” information (e.g. one protein-one gene, or that GMOs are substantially equivalent to normal food), one has to wonder if Monsanto executives will get a pass, while only those who disparage the technology become the law’s target.

Elsewhere, dissent has been met with violence.

Last month in La Leonesa, Argentina, 100 thugs attacked local farmers who gathered to hear a scientific presentation on the toxicity of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup. The Chaco provincial government had previously reported a tripling of childhood cancers and a quadrupling of birth defects in the area in the ten years since “the expansion of glyphosate and other agrochemical spraying in the province.”

Monsanto, by hiring a mercenary army and former CIA field agents, is deadly serious about protecting its deadly products. Yet, this contract further discredits the company. The public can now paint an even bleaker picture of the firm that brought us Agent Orange, PCBs, rBST, DDT, aspartame and, now, hitmen.

People Power! October 16th: International Day of Action Against Agribusiness and Monsanto

Since 1900, approximately 90% of the genetic diversity of agricultural crops has been lost from farmer's fields. Biodiversity is also endangered by land-grabbing and the displacement of communities who are actually protecting biodiversity.

Agribusiness corporations are attempting to monopolize seeds through the use of hybrid seeds, patents and laws that make farmers' seeds illegal. Intellectual property rights systems that are upheld or enforced by institutions such as WTO or TRIPS are putting nature into private hands. Monsanto has become a true giant - the company owns almost a quarter of the patented seed market worldwide, and keeps taking over seeds companies particularly in Europe.

The top ten biggest companies control almost 70% of the world's seeds. The company is now entering the "aid business", selling its seeds in Africa with the Bill Gates Foundation through the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).


McDonald's Happy Meal shows no sign of decomposing after SIX MONTHS


Tasty: Looking a little dry and with an 'acrylic sheen', but the burger has no signs of mould - not even on the bun

Looking almost as fresh as the day it was bought, this McDonald's Happy Meal is in fact a staggering six months old.

Photographed every day for the past half a year by Manhattan artist Sally Davies the kids meal of fries and burger is without a hint of mould or decay.

In a work entitled The Happy Meal Project, Mrs Davies, 54, has charted the seemingly indestructible fast food meals progress as it refuses to yield to the forces of nature.


One of the comments under this article was doubt that this study was real, well it is one study that is easily replicated. Take the McDonald's challenge, pick up a plain burger happy meal, put it in a place that will not be disturbed, and photograph it over a six month period. Place a piece of paper next to the dish with the day number on it, before you photograph. -- kdtroxel

Video. NZ Hospital administered IV Vit C (under protest) & cures swine flu victim on "brink of death."

The 18-minute long New Zealand News3 video report shows the compelling story of Allan Smith, a man conventional doctors claimed "could not survive," after contracting a severe case of swine flu in June of last year.

But they were wrong.

Allan's family refused to accept the hospital's hopeless prognosis and the subsequent decision to turn off his life support. Instead, his family insisted the hospital try high dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C.

You'd think the hospital would have willingly agreed. After all, none of their conventional treatment methods had worked. The entire intensive care unit staff declared he was beyond hope.

Bisphenol A (BPA) found in virtually all canned foods

Bisphenol A (BPA), the endocrine-disrupting plastics compound that has garnered much attention for its prevalence in infant- and water bottles, is far more common in an even more widely used family of products: canned foods and beverages.

Almost 100 percent of canned food and beverage products on the market are lined with a resin made from BPA, and have been since the 1940s. BPA is known to leach from cans into food, the chemical is used in nearly all canned products, and nearly everyone consumes such products regularly.

BPA is known to mimic estrogen and otherwise interfere with the hormonal system, and studies have linked it to elevated risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In January, the FDA admitted for the first time that "some concern" exists over the chemical's effects.


Any compound in a product, known to induce cancer in people (without a warning label), should be considered crimes vs humanity. -- kdtroxel

Bisphenol A Officially Declared Toxic By Canada

Canada became the first country in the world yesterday to declare bisphenol A (BPA) to be a toxic substance that poses risks to human health and the environment.

The announcement by the Canadian Health and Environment Ministries confirmed the chemical had formally been added Schedule 1 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999).

Drivers distracted by cell phones kill 16,000 in U.S.

(Reuters) - Drivers distracted by talking or texting on cell phones killed an estimated 16,000 people from 2001 to 2007, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

The estimate, one of the first scientific attempts to quantify how many people have died in accidents caused specifically by mobile telephone distractions, also suggests a growing number of these drivers are under 30.


"In 2008, approximately 1 in 6 fatal vehicle collisions resulted from a driver being distracted while driving," the report said. It found 5,870 people died in accidents attributed to distracted driving.



je viens d'apprendre que les patients cancéreux traités avec des radiations (radiothérapie) sont libérés alors qu'ils sont encore fortement radioactifs, et ce pendant environ une semaine ! Par le fait même, ils représentent un danger pour les enfants, femmes enceinte et tout leur entourage.

Ils sont radioactifs, tout simplement parce que nos bons docteurs leurs demandent de boire des liquides hautement radioactifs afin de traiter leur cancer, comme de l'iode 131 radioactif.

Le but ici n'est pas de critiquer les personnes souffrant du cancer, mais de dénoncer des pratiques actuelles absurdes de la médecine dite ''moderne''.

Étonnement, ce que les terroristes ne peuvent pas faire, soit de lâcher des bombes sales au coeur des villes, les autorités de santé, elles, peuvent le faire légalement. Une bombe sale, est un dispositif qui libère des radiations, tout simplement. En fait, des milliers de patients radioactifs sont relâchés dans les villes chaque année

Si vous croyez que ce qui vient d'être dit est exagéré, prenez note du fait que des patients traités par radiothérapie ont déclenché à plusieurs reprises des alarmes de radiation et ceci est bien documenté, même dans un rapport du Congrès des États-Unis. Par exemple, selon l'enquête du Congrès, des patients ont déclenché des alarmes de radiation dans les conditions suivantes:

- dans un autobus circulant dans un tunnel équipé de détecteurs de radiation, au bord duquel se trouvait un patient traité par radiothérapie;

- par des travailleurs, dans leur lieu de travail équipé de détecteurs de radiation, parce que la veille ils avaient dormi dans un hôtel dans lequel un patient traité par radiothérapie avait séjourné;

- dans un dépotoir équipé de détecteurs de radiations; les déchets provenaient de la maison d'un patient traité par radiothérapie.

Pour plus d'informations, voir :

Thyroid cancer patients turned into walking dirty bombs after drinking radioactive poison as cancer therapy


Alarms over radiation from thyroid cancer patients


Congressman Ed Markey's letter to the NRC (and other documents)


Le nouveau paradigme nucléaire

FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report

Intel Hub – The FDA is actively working with corporations such as Monsanto to essentially poison the food supply. The FDA is crawling with former Monsanto execs, the same company that brought us the infamous agent orange toxin and who controls the vast majority of the American food supply. We live in a country where our government BANS companies from labeling their products GMO free!

By Raw Story

'Extra labeling only confuses the consumer,' biotech spokesman says

That the Food and Drug Administration is opposed to labeling foods that are genetically modified is no surprise anymore, but a report in the Washington Post indicates the FDA won't even allow food producers to label their foods as being free of genetic modification.

In reporting that the FDA will likely not require the labeling of genetically modified salmon if it approves the food product for consumption, the Post's Lyndsey Layton notes that the federal agency "won't let conventional food makers trumpet the fact that their products don't contain genetically modified ingredients."

The agency warned the dairy industry in 1994 that it could not use "Hormone Free" labeling on milk from cows that are not given engineered hormones, because all milk contains some hormones.

It has sent a flurry of enforcement letters to food makers, including B&G Foods, which was told it could not use the phrase "GMO-free" on its Polaner All Fruit strawberry spread label because GMO refers to genetically modified organisms and strawberries are produce, not organisms.

It told the maker of Spectrum Canola Oil that it could not use a label that included a red circle with a line through it and the words "GMO," saying the symbol suggested that there was something wrong with genetically engineered food.

"This to me raises questions about whose interest the FDA is protecting," House Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) told the Post. Kucinich has repeatedly introduced bills in the House that would require the labeling of genetically modified foods.

David Edwards, director of animal biotechnology at the Biotechnology Industry Organization, told the Post that "extra labeling only confuses the consumer. ... It differentiates products that are not different. As we stick more labels on products that don't really tell us anything more, it makes it harder for consumers to make their choices."

The Post notes that the debate over genetically modified salmon, which will be decided at an FDA advisory panel meeting this week, "comes at a time when Americans seem to want to know more about their food - where it is grown, how it is produced and what it contains."

"The public wants to know and the public has a right to know," New York University nutrition professor Marion Nestle told the Post. "I think the agency has discretion, but it's under enormous political pressure to approve [the salmon] without labeling."

Big Ag lobbyists wrote UK government's report on GM foods

Agribusiness lobbyists took an active role in writing a U.K. government report on genetically modified (GM) foods, two former members of the Food Standards Agency's (FSA's) steering group have revealed.

Leaked emails between the Agricultural Biotechnology Council (ABC) and then-FSA head of novel foods Clair Baynton "expose how the Food Standards Agency is acting as a puppet of the GM industry, by colluding with foreign GM companies to undermine people's access to GM-free food supplies in Britain," Wallace said.

"The report fails to represent the vast majority of GM-free farmers, who will have to pay a heavy price if their crops or seed are allowed to become contaminated with GM crops or seed," Wallace said.

Monsanto's Many Attempts to Destroy All Seeds but Their Own

There is a reason why I believe Monsanto to be one of the most evil companies on the planet, and this is in large part due to its activities relating to controlling food production through controlling the seeds to produce it.

For nearly all of its history the United States Patent and Trademark Office refused to grant patents on seeds, viewing them as life-forms with too many variables to be patented. But in 1980 the U.S. Supreme Court allowed for seed patents in a five-to-four decision, laying the groundwork for a handful of corporations to begin taking control of the world’s food supply.

Since the 1980s, Monsanto has become the world leader in genetic modification of seeds and has won at least 674 biotechnology patents, more than any other company.

Got Thyroid Problems? Then Stop Consuming This "Healthy" Food

I recently interviewed GMO expert Jeffrey Smith about the latest findings by Russian scientists, who discovered that GM soy effectively sterilized the third generation of hamsters...
One group of hamsters was fed a normal diet without any soy whatsoever, a second group was fed non-GMO soy, a third ate GM soy, and a fourth group ate an even higher amount of GM soy than the third.
Using the same GM soy produced in the US, the hamsters and their offspring were fed their respective diets over a period of two years, during which time the researchers evaluated three generations of hamsters.

Latest GMO fiasco: Mad Soy Disease Strikes Brazil

They call it “mad soy disease” in Brazil, where it has been spreading from the north, causing yield losses of up to 40 percent, most notably in the states of Mato Grosso, Tocantins and Goias.
Like its namesake, mad cow disease, it is incurable [1, 2, 3].

This is the latest GMO fiasco to surface since our report on the meltdown in the USA [4] (GM Crops Facing Meltdown in the USA, SiS 46), China [5] (GM-Spin Meltdown in China, SiS 47), and Argentina [6] (Argentina’s Roundup Human Tragedy, SiS 48).

The disease delays the maturation of infected plants indefinitely; the plants remain green until they eventually rot in the field. The top leaves thin out, and the stems thicken and become deformed. The leaves also darken compared to healthy plants; the pods, when formed, are abnormal with fewer beans.

Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics

This is the data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here 2 centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

The main advances in combating disease over 200 years have been better food and clean drinking water. Improved sanitation, less overcrowded and better living conditions also contribute. This is also borne out in published peer reviewed research:

New strain of swine flu emerges


The H1N1 swine flu virus may be starting to mutate, and a slightly new form has begun to predominate in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, researchers reported on Thursday.

More study is needed to tell whether the new strain is more likely to kill patients and whether the current vaccine can protect against it completely, said Ian Barr of the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza in Melbourne, Australia and colleagues.

"However, it may represent the start of more dramatic antigenic drift of the pandemic influenza A(H1N1) viruses that may require a vaccine update sooner than might have been expected," they wrote in the online publication Eurosurveillance.

It is possible it is both more deadly and also able to infect people who have been vaccinated, they said.

Quadruple-dose seasonal flu "super" vaccine now being aggressively pushed onto senior citizens

(NaturalNews) The vaccine industry has now decided that injecting senior citizens with the "standard" vaccine dose just isn't working. (Gee, really?) So now they've decided the way to make it work better is to offer a quadruple viral potency vaccine that packs 400% more viral fragments into one toxic shot.

The target for this quadruple vaccine injection? Senior citizens, of course -- the very people most likely to suffer the most serious side effects from a vaccine overdose. The FDA reportedly approved the new vaccine in April even though no scientific tests have ever been done to show it reduces flu symptoms. Then again, since when did vaccines have anything to do with real science in the first place?

Of course, flu shots have never been about what works in the first place. They're about what makes the most money. This new quadruple flu shot is being sold at about twice the price of a regular flu shot.

Meanwhile, there have been absolutely no scientific studies demonstrating that the new quadruple vaccine is any more effective than the single-dose vaccine. Come to think of it, there aren't any scientific studies that prove this year's seasonal flu vaccine is effective in any way whatsoever at preventing the flu. The science has simply never been done. It's all just based on "wishful thinking" combined with massive flu shot propaganda. (http://www.naturalnews.com/029641_v...)

Seasonal flu death estimates grossly overestimated

(NaturalNews) Every year as flu season approaches, health authorities begin their chorus of warnings about the dangers of getting the flu. As part of their campaign to drum up support for the annual flu vaccine, it is common to hear about the 36,000 people who die every year from flu-related illness. But is this statistic even accurate? According to a recent announcement from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), no.

According to the CDC, there is no average number of people who die from the flu because the actual count varies significantly from year to year. Published in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC announcement explains that the actual death count from flu-related illness has been as low as 3,300 in some years, which is far lower than the statistics used in media talking points.

The vast majority of flu-related deaths occur in people over the age of 65. Typically it is not even the flu that kills them, but other illnesses that result at some point after having the flu. But this fact has not stopped the CDC from now recommending that every person over the age of six months get a flu vaccine.

But do flu vaccines even work in the first place? According to two reviews recently published by the Cochrane Foundation, flu vaccinations are not effective at preventing the flu. In fact, they do virtually nothing to prevent the flu-related illnesses that are actually responsible for causing death primarily in the elderly.

According to Dr. Tom Jefferson from the Cochrane Vaccines Field, flu vaccines "show only modest or no effect against influenza and hospitalization from pneumonia." He goes on to say in a podcast that "we have no reliable evidence on the effects of influenza vaccines on the elderly and health care workers who work with the elderly. What we do have evidence of is widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies."

So in summary, all the hoopla over flu deaths and the need for a flu vaccine are grounded in junk science and faulty statistics.

Sources for this story include:


Plusieurs pays interdisent les vaccins contre la grippe pour les bébés

Cet été, après qu’une petite fille soit morte et que plus de 250 autres enfants aient été hospitalisés avec des convulsions et de fortes fièvres après leurs vaccins contre la grippe saisonnière, les officiels de la santé australiens ont interdit les vaccins pour tous les enfants de moins de cinq ans.

Un peu plus tard, la Finlande a également suspendu les vaccins contre le H1N1 en raison de six rapports de narcolepsie chez des enfants et des adolescents suivant immédiatement la vaccination. Selon The Helsinki Times, « Les rapports médicaux indiquent que plus de 750 de ceux qui ont été vaccinés ont éprouvé des effets nocifs. »

En Suède, une enquête a été lancée après que des cas de narcolepsies immédiatement après les vaccinations soient apparus chez des enfants de ce pays.

« Les vaccins semblent être à l’origine d’un ensemble de troubles neurologiques qui affectent les enfants et les adolescents à travers la planète », a déclaré un rapport dans Bharat Chronicle de l’Inde.

Un tollé a été soulevé après qu’il fut révélé que les officiels australiens étant apparemment au courant du problème depuis plusieurs semaines aient pourtant retenu l’information et aient continué à encourager les parents à faire vacciner les bébés, les enfants et les adolescents contre le virus H1N1.

Au début, les officiels de la santé ont essayé de convaincre le public qu’il n’y avait pas de « causalité » entre le vaccin et les effets secondaires, mais même le coroner australien a dû admettre qu’il ne pouvait pas exclure que le vaccin contre la grippe ait été responsable de la mort d’un bambin de deux ans de Brisbane, Ashley Jade Epapara.

Ensuite, la faute a été mise sur un « mauvais lot » de vaccins fabriqués par la société biopharmaceutique CSL de l’Australie sous le nom de Fluvax. « Il n’y a aucun problème de sécurité à long terme avec des vaccins », a dit à WAToday le professeur Peter Richmond, de l’École de Pédiatrie et associé de la Santé Infantile de l’Université Western Australia.

Aux États-Unis, le Comité consultatif sur les pratiques d’immunisation (ACIP) a annoncé en août que « Afluria [la version du Fluvax approuvée par la FDA pour une utilisation en Amérique du Nord] ne devait pas être utilisée chez les enfants âgés de 6 mois jusqu’à 8 ans. »

Bien que les autorités sanitaires du monde entier aient tenté de calmer les parents en suggérant que ces réactions aient été relativement rares et qu’elles n’étaient pas le résultat du vaccin lui-même (que des « lots voyous »), les parents n’étaient pas rassurés.

« Mes six enfants ont tous été vaccinés contre la grippe le 21 avril. Dans les heures qui ont suivies, ils ont tous été violemment malades. Des fièvres de plus de 39c et des vomissements. Nous en sommes maintenant au jour trois, et ils ont tous des maux de tête, des fièvres, des douleurs et des diarrhées. C’est terrible, les gens étaient au courant de tout ça depuis des semaines. Le Ministère de la Santé nous considère comme des moins que rien. Je voudrais savoir s’il y aura des problèmes de santé à long terme pour ma famille. Je suis certaine qu’il y a plus que 22 enfants malades. Eh bien, j’ai six d’entre eux. Et je veux des réponses », a déclaré une femme dans la section des commentaires de WAToday qui accompagne l’article.

Experts admit swine flu jab 'may cause' deadly nerve disease

Health chiefs have for the first time acknowledged that the swine flu jab may be linked to an increased risk of developing a deadly nerve condition.

Experts are examining a pos­sible association between the controversial jab and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, according to a report from official watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Previously, the Government has always stressed there is no evidence to link the paralysing condition to the H1N1 vaccine.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Well, that's tough. Really tough,. I mean, we feel bad about it. But our donors in the pharmaceuticals corporations are happy about all the tax money we gave them and that's what really matters!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Vaccine Damages Are No One’s Illusion

India has seen three vaccine disasters in 2010, resulting in four deaths after the measles vaccine and six deaths after the HPV vaccine, so is it any wonder that the citizens of India are wary of having the H1N1 vaccine? The Indian public is not alone in refusing the vaccine, as Finland and Sweden have suspended the H1N1 vaccine by Glaxo Smith Kline, Pandermix, linking it to the sudden rise in the numbers of cases of the sleep disorder, narcolepsy. Finland reported that they have seen a staggering 300 percent rise in the cases of this extremely rare disorder in children who have had the vaccine.

Nurse Exposes Toxic Flu Vaccine, Manufacturer Did NOT Research Side Effects

Last year thousands of people stood up against Big Pharma and refused to get the toxic swine flu vaccine. Activists around the world stood up in mass to expose this open eugenics operation.

Since then multiple nations, in one way or another, have declared the swine flu vaccine toxic. In August, a minister in Finland demanded an investigation into the link between H1N1 and Narcolepsy.

Luckily, a patriot nurse has taken video of the actual package insert. What she found is horrific but should be no surprise to anyone reading this or the plethora of other alternative news outlets. No clinical tests, decreased fertility, and over 20 deaths.

That’s right, no clinical tests have been evaluated in regards to Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and decreased fertility.

HMV voucher bribe for teenage girls to have cervical jabs: Fury at ‘promiscuity scheme’ as NHS faces cuts

Teenage girls are being bribed with high street shopping vouchers to receive a highly controversial vaccine.

A health trust is promising them £45 in tokens for stores such as HMV, Argos and Debenhams if they agree to the cervical cancer jab, which protects against a sexually-transmitted virus that can cause tumours.

See also: Two thousand schoolgirls suffer suspected ill-effects from cervical cancer vaccine

Patients' anger after they are unable to opt out of swine flu vaccine despite fears of side effects

Patients' groups have expressed anger over this year's seasonal flu jab programme because people are unable to opt out of having the swine flu vaccine.

The H1N1 vaccine will be the dominant of three flu strains included in the shot, meaning millions of elderly and vulnerable patients will get it automatically.

Yet many people refused to have the swine flu vaccine when it was offered last year because of fears it may cause serious side effects.

The Mail on Sunday revealed last week that Government experts are examining a possible association between the H1N1 swine flu jab and the paralysing nerve disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Webmaster's Commentary:

As reported on 5 June, 2010 at:


"World Health Organization Scientists Linked to Swine Flu Vaccine Makers"

"Scientists who advised the World Health Organization on its influenza policies and recommendations—including the decision to proclaim the so-called swine flu a "pandemic" had close ties to companies that manufacture vaccines and antiviral medicines like Tamiflu, a fact that WHO did not publicly disclose."

This is all about drug company profits, and has nothing to do with patient wellness.

Also, as reported at:


"The vaccine industry is a $20 billion dollar industry and now in the United States, NO drug company, NO doctor can be sued if a person is damaged by any vaccine."

"The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) was enacted in the United States to reduce the potential financial liability of vaccine makers due to vaccine injury claims, so we are told. I find it astonishing that pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and health professionals keep promoting the idea that vaccines are safe and, yet, if they were really safe, why did we need to pass a law protecting doctors and the companies manufacturing vaccines from being sued as a result of vaccines damaging people? The information circulars that come with the vaccine packages sent to doctors clearly state warnings in regard to safety of the vaccine by every manufacturer of those vaccines, such as the flu vaccine produced by Novartis, has listed on its product information circular that NO testing has been done on pregnant women, young children, and the elderly."

British health care recipients have every right to be skeptical about the safety of these jabs, and in light of the above information, I don't blame them at all.

Active and reserve Marines ordered to get flu shot

All Marines, active and reserve, are due for a flu shot unless they are medically exempt, according to new Defense Department guidelines. The [deadly] shot includes vaccine for the 2009 H1N1 pandemic strain as one of three seasonal influenza components. "Delinquent active and reserve personnel shall be identified and promptly immunized at earliest opportunity," the order states. "Vaccination of unimmunized personnel will continue until vaccine supply is exhausted or the vaccine expiration date is reached."

Twins Die Minutes after Measles Vaccination

Nine-month-old twins in Ghaziabad, India reportedly died within minutes of receiving a measles vaccine.

Avika and Anika Sharma were given the vaccinations at a private nursing home by Dr. Satyaveer Singh. Within about 15 minutes, both little girls were dead.

Un vaccin anti-H1N1 favoriserait la narcolepsie

Une enquête a été ouverte en Suède, où six cas ont été rapportés.

REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

18 millions de doses de Pandemrix avait été commandées par la Suède.

Un effet secondaire indésirable. L'Agence suédoise des produits médicaux a ouvert une enquête sur l'éventuelle propension d'un des vaccins contre la grippe H1N1, le Pandemrix, à provoquer la narcolepsie, maladie qui provoque des crises de sommeil irrépressibles.

Six notifications de professionnels de la santé on été reçus par l'Agence, suggérant la narcolepsie comme un possible effet secondaire d'une vaccination contre la grippe H1N1 avec le Pandemrix. L'Agence va "évaluer le possible lien entre la vaccination et les réactions rapportées", annonce-t-elle dans un communiqué.

Concernent des adolescents de 12 à 16 ans, les rapports indiquent que ceux-ci ont développé "des symptômes compatibles avec la narcolepsie" un à deux mois après l'injection du vaccin, souligne l'Agence. A l'heure actuelle il n'y a cependant pas suffisamment d'informations prouvant un lien de cause à effet entre le vaccin et la maladie provoquant des accès irrésistibles de sommeil.

Une augmentation des cas en Finlande

L'Agence suédoise dit par ailleurs être en contact avec d'autres pays de l'Union européenne, afin de savoir si d'autres cas ont été rapportés. En Finlande, l'Institut national pour la santé (THL) étudie également le risque de lien entre la maladie du sommeil et le vaccin contre le virus H1N1, en particulier le Pandemrix. Une augmentation de cas de narcolepsie a en effet été constatée ce printemps chez les enfants, rapportait ce mercredi l'agence finlandaise STT.

Environ 30 millions d'individus ont été vaccinés dans l'Union européenne avec le Pandemrix, produit par le groupe pharmaceutique britannique GlaxoSmithKline, précise la Läkemedelsverket. Avec 60% de sa population vaccinée contre la grippe H1N1, la Suède présente le plus fort taux au monde. Elle avait acheté 18 millions de doses de Pandemrix, suffisamment pour offrir deux injections à ses 9,3 millions d'habitants.

Six cas de narcolepsie aprs vaccination contre la grippe A

Narcolepsie: une enqute europenne sur le vaccin anti-H1N1

Avant que la France ne soit touchée, plusieurs cas avaient déjà été signalés en Suède et en Finlande.

Le vaccin Pandemrix est celui qui a été associé avec le plus grand nombre de cas.

Six cas de narcolepsie chez des personnes vaccinées contre la grippe A ont été signalés en France depuis ce lundi 23 août. C'est ce qu'indique l'Agence française de sécurité sanitaire (Afssaps) ce jeudi 26 août.

La narcolepsie est une maladie rare caractérisée par des accès de sommeil irrépressibles associés à des "attaques de cataplexie", de brusques relâchements du tonus musculaire, déclenchées par une forte émotion.

Cinq de ces cas sont survenus après l'administration du vaccin Pandemrix, produit par le laboratoire pharmaceutique britannique GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Le sixième après l'administration du Panenza de Sanofi-Pasteur.

"A ce stade, un lien entre la vaccination contre la grippe A/H1N1 et la survenue de narcolepsie n'a pas été établi", indique l'Afssaps, précisant que les cas français sont survenus chez trois enfants et trois adultes.

5 cas sur les 6 nouveaux cas de narcolepsie en France sont des gens qui ont été vaccinés contre le H1N1. si ma mémoire est bonne, 7% des français ont été vaccinés. Si le vaccin ne cause pas de narcolepsie, il est logique de penser à première vue que le pourcentage des gens qui ont été vaccinés contre le H1N1 parmi les nouveaux cas de narcolepsie devraient représenter 7% de ces 6 nouveaux cas, soit 0 ou 1 (0.42). Mas ils représentes 5 des 6 nouveaux cas, soit 83% des nouveaux cas.

Grippe A : des cas de narcolepsie identifiés chez plusieurs patients vaccinés en France - Yahoo! Act

C’est tout de même un phénomène rare, la narcolepsie, vaccin ou pas. Si les effets secondaires du vaccin h1n1 se limitaient qu’à ça et qu’en plus, le vaccin aurait sauvé des milliers de vies, ce serait tout à fait acceptable, plus qu’acceptable….. Mais ce n’est pas le cas et chaque nouveau effet secondaire ou même le seul soupçon est dur à tolérer, étant donné qu’il n’y a pas eu de pandémie . Il n’y a pas eu moins de décès liés au h1n1 dans les pays qui ont été fortement vaccinés (québec) que dans les pays à faible taux de vaccination (France). En fait, si on compare le québec (57% de la population vaccinée)et la France (7%), il y a eu beaucoup plus de décès liés au h1n1 par millions d’habitant au Québec (10.5) qu’en France (4.5).

Reportage sur la narcolepsie en Europe sur la chaine de télé RTBF

Un petit rappel, selon cet article du journal le figaro, le vaccin h1n1 en France a causé 21 décès.


Finland suspends H1N1 vaccines after children suffer narcolepsy from vaccinations

Shortly after Australia banned flu vaccines in children due to an alarming increase in vomiting, fevers and seizures caused by the vaccines, Finland has now suspended H1N1 vaccines due to increased reports of narcolepsy in children and teens. Narcolepsy is a nervous system disorder characterized by extreme fatigue and daytime sleepiness. It indicates a serious malfunction of the brain and nervous system.

India halt vaccine programmes after the deaths of four children

Vaccine programmes grind to a halt in India once more, when four children died after they received the measles vaccination in Lucknow. The four children were reported to have fainted soon after they were vaccinated and witnesses reported seeing the children's eyes roll back as they began to have seizures. All of the children were under the age of two years of age, with the youngest being just six months. Sadly the children died before medical aid workers could reach them.

THL Recommends Suspension of H1N1 Vaccinations

Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has recommended that vaccination against the H1N1 swine flu virus with the Pandemrix vaccine be suspended. The vaccine is not to be used until it is determined if it is linked to an increase in the number of cases of narcolepsy in the country.

Utah Vaccine Suspension due to rampant neurological complications in children

Last year's pandemic influenza made a lot of people sick, but many kids got really sick.

New research released Sunday by the University of Utah shows the H1N1 virus apparently triggered a higher rate of neurological complication

Dr. Josh Bonkowsky with the University of Utah Clinical Neurosciences Center said, "I've been working as a physician for approximately 10 years and had never seen so many kids with flu and neurological problems."

Aimé Laliberté
26 août 2010 à 08:35

Bonjour à tous,

La Finlande vient de suspendre l’utilisation du vaccin H1N1, suite à une l’augmentation récente de cas de maladies neurologiques chez les enfants finlandais et le lien possible avec l’utilisation du vaccin H1N1.


Le ministèrede la santé finlandais reproche également à des médecins d’avoir tenter de dissimuler les effets secondaires dommageables du vaccin chez leurs patients.


Sophie Guillot
30 août 2010 à 07:03

Je pourrais vous retrouver ( avec quelques recherches ) les liens qui disent la même chose à propos de l’Australie, pour laquelle les autorités sanitaires ont pour le moment suspendu la vaccination contre la grippe 2010, au vu de plusieurs décès d’enfants et d’accidents post vaccination. Le vaccin contre la grippe 2010, contient, sur les recommandations de l’OMS la souche AH1N1 … alors que d’une autre main, l’OMS a déclaré officiellement la fin de la « pandémie » de AH1N1 … ! Faut pas chercher à comprendre hein ?
Je vous reviens avec ce lien sur l’Australie plus tard.

Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures

(NaturalNews) Although it's still summer in North America, it is of course winter in Australia, and the flu season is well under way there. As usual, Australian health authorities have been urging parents there to vaccinate their children against the flu, propagating the mythology that flu vaccines are both safe and effective. But this time around, many Australian parents found out the hard way that they were being lied to.

It didn't take long to realize the truth after their children start going into convulsions following the flu vaccine injections. Other children began vomiting or exhibiting dangerously high levels of fever. One child has gone into a coma and may never recover.

As reported in WA Today (http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/f...)

"Perth mother of two Bea Flint said her 11-month-old boy Avery had a seizure after receiving the first dose of the two-dose flu vaccination on Saturday. Mrs Flint said that after the 9am vaccination she noticed Avery had a minor temperature about 2pm. At 7.45pm, Avery started whimpering and moaning. When Mrs Flint got to his cot the baby had vomited and was lying on his side having a seizure. 'He couldn't cry - his head was hanging down in the car seat and he couldn't move. I was petrified - it was one of the worst experiences of my life."

The story goes on to say, "The doctor who treated Avery told Mrs Flint her baby was the fifth child with similar symptoms admitted to the hospital that day."

In other words, this was no rare event. Vaccinated children suffering severe convulsions were piling up in hospital emergency rooms across the country.

The real kicker, though, is that children started having convulsions two weeks ago but Australian health authorities ignored them, insisting that the vaccine was safe and causing it to be injected in yet more babies. Two weeks later, with dozens more children experiencing convulsions (and who knows how many thousands actually being harmed in less obvious ways), Commonwealth chief health officer Professor Jim Bishop finally announced the vaccination ban.

Remember: Health authorities in Australia, UK, the United States and everywhere else have relentlessly insisted that flu vaccines are perfectly safe and can't possibly harm anyone. In the U.S., the FDA has given its approval to the very same flu vaccine that's harming children in Australia, and the CDC has insisted that all children in the USA -- regardless of age -- should now be injected with this very same flu vaccine.

Chemically induced convulsions

As you're reading this, you may find yourself wonder, "Well, what could cause such convulsions in children?"

The answer is more terrifying than you might think, because it's not "weakened flu viruses" that vaccine manufacturer claim they put into the vaccines. A weakened flu virus doesn't send children into convulsions. Only a chemical can do that.

The chemical in question is one that's routinely added to most vaccines as a way to aggravate the immune system to respond to the presence of the weakened virus. It's called an "adjuvant" and consists of a highly inflammatory chemical that we now know may damage brain tissues and the nervous system. It is this adjuvant that most likely caused the convulsions in children.

Even in children who don't experience convulsions, there is speculation that this adjuvant may lead to future Alzheimer's disease or other neurological disorders. Vaccine manufacturers always attempt to downplay their use of adjuvant chemicals, and few media outlets focus on this important point, but it is the adjuvant that is most likely responsible for sending these Australian children into hospitals with convulsions.

CDC allegedly falsifies reports--ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine

Downloadable version [PDF 123K]

A shocking report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths. A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases. NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming data of the reports of suspected H1N1 vaccine related fetal demise.

Flashback: H1N1 vaccine safe for pregnant women

Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vaccines = Infertility In Humans


Perhaps you think that linking the swine flu vaccine with infertility is quite a stretch. Well, let's take this one step at a time.

#1) Polysorbate 80 is in the Fluarix swine flu vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline according to the CDC. This is confirmed by the CDC in the document below.....


Latest Report on Flu Fatalities: A Shocking Fabrication

For years, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been citing an annual estimate of 36,000 deaths from flu. That figure has been used to justify mandatory flu vaccination for children and has been parroted the world over by news organizations that never question its validity. Last week the CDC released new figures: rather than 36,000, the three-decade average is actually 23,607 deaths, a full one-third fewer people than previously cited.


La « crise des saisies immobilières » : Ce que personne n’ose vous dire


Webmaster's Commentary:

45 Trillion dollars (that is a 45 with twelve zeroes after it) comes to over $135,000 dollars for every living American, from the tiniest newborn baby to the oldest retiree. $135,000 plus accruing interest, because the government borrowed this money to pout onto this mess, against your permission, pledging your future indentured servitude in repayment! And that is the real story of this disaster. The US Government allowed this mess to happen, starting all the way back in 1999 when land-flipping drove home prices sky-high and triggered the house-mania that fed the mortgage-backed-securities bubble. But experts both within and without government knew it was a bubble, and knew it could not be sustained, and as was the case with Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot and British Petroleum, did nothing to stop the disaster.


Wall Street did this to you. DC let them do it, then poured your money all over Wall Street against your permission in a failed attempt to try to fix the mess.

Are you angry yet?

Because if you are not, there is something wrong with you!

The Single Truest Political Rant Ever to Appear on Morning Television

On Morning Joe today, MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan gave a phenomenally, remarkably, uncommonly honest and incisive rant about the fallacy of America's "War with Islam," calling it "an extraordinary failure of our politicians and our media." It is well worth watching.

INSIDE JOB - Dylan Ratigan Interviews Director Charles Ferguson - How Wall Street Took Over Government

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Video: Ratigan with Charles Ferguson - The first 2 minutes are scorching -- Ratigan absolutely annihilates the Wall Street-Washington Banking Oligarchy.

Included is an editorial from Ferguson submitted to us this morning:

"Why economists are part of the problem"

This is a GREAT CLIP!

Did you see that 80% of Citigroups's mortgages originated in 2008 were DEFECTIVE!!


Unbelievable. And still no handcuffs or orange jumpsuits for the guilty parties.

VIDEO -- Is The Stock Market Rigged? -- Dylan Ratigan Investigates High-Frequency Trading

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Video: Ratigan interviews Senator Ted Kaufman -- Oct. 18, 2010

Details On Head FED Trader Brian Sack are included. He might have a story to tell you about buying S&P 500 futures when things are looking dicey.

Includes a link to the 60 Minutes segment on High-Frequency Trading from last week.

And don't miss this clip -- Alan Grayson asking the Federal Reserve general counsel if the FED manipulates the stock market:


HILARIOUS!!! All Hail the PPT!

Chris Whalen Explains Everything You Need To Know About Foreclosures, Loan Put Backs & Bank Risk (New Video)

Getting Medieval On Your Assets: Four Reasons Foreclosure Fraud Really, Really Matters

Here's the bottom line: More than one in ten mortgages is in bad trouble. What's more, one in four mortgages is underwater, which means there's not enough collateral to cover billions of dollars in loans. The generous explanation for the banking industry is that they're completely incompetent at what they do. A huge chunk of the loans they've written are bad. Forgive the language here, but the bank-friendliest explanation for this systemwide breakdown is that bankers suck at what they do.

But the real explanation is that they knew these loans were bad -- and wrote them anyway.

Why? Because they intended to make quick and easy money by pumping up housing values, churning loans to customers who they knew couldn't pay. (The customers didn't know that, but the banks did.) They thought they could float this crap game forever, riding an ever-growing bubble and tossing the defaulting homeowners away when they couldn't pay the nut. But the bubble burst and the crap game got shut down.

How Wall Street Shafted Main Street

Webmaster's Commentary:

The next domino to fall; Foreclosuregate rips open the original fraudulent mortgages, which screwed the taxpayers out of trillions in bailout money, and pensioners out of their retirement!

These Snidelys took the food out of the mouths of your family to put in their own pockets!


RULING BY THE LAW! SUPREME COURT Judge In New York, Dismisses WACHOVIA BANK Foreclosure Attempt with Prejudice! No Right to Foreclose - No Note or Debt - Lacks Standing to Foreclose!

The SUPREME COURT OF New York ruled Wachovia Bank has NO Standing Nor Right to Foreclose, did not Provide Note nor Debt to the judge! He dismissed it with prejudice!

Index No. 23255/09

Honorable Karen V Murphy
Justice of the Supreme Court

3476 Stateview Boulevard
Ft. Mil, SC 29715



Plaintiff has not provided a copy of an alleged servicing agreement between Plaintiff and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. A vice president of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. has provided what purports to be an affidavit of facts, however it is not clear that they are authorized to do so.

Additionally the subject mortgage was allegedly modified by Defendant Vargas and yet another entity known as Americas Servicing Company (“Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. doing business as America’s Servicing Company).

The Plaintiff herein lacks standing to bring this action. The purported assignment assigned the mortgage but makes no mention of the debt or note. (Kluge v. Fugazy, 145 2d 537, 536 N. 2d 92 (2d Dept., 1988); U.S. Bank, N.A. v. Collymore 68 A.D.3d 752, 890 N. 2d 578 [2d Dept., 2009]).

Under the circumstances Plaintiff has failed to establish that it is entitled to the relief sought and the complaint is dismissed with prejudice.

NEW Restrictions Taking Affect Immediately in New York State For Foreclosures - Lawyers Wanting to Foreclose For Banks, Have To Take PERSONAL LIABILITY That all Paperwork is Legal and Correct! That should STOP Foreclosures there!

MUST READ: 2 Law Professors Are Scaring The Shite Out Of Wall Street Saying Millions Of Mortgages Could Be Rendered INVALID Due To Securitization Errors

The worst outcome would be a conclusion that errors by financial institutions had decoupled the payment promises made by borrowers from the mortgages they signed. In that case, the mortgages would be invalid. Homes could be sold without paying off lenders. There also could be heavy tax consequences for lenders, both in terms of federal income taxes and in payment of back fees for mortgage registrations to local governments across the country.


Includes video -- Erin Burnett CNBC interview with Industry hack, Tom Deutsch of the American Securitization Forum.

He says nothing is wrong, please don't look over here, everything is legal, would you like a slice of pie?

"The Largest Financial Swindle in World History". "Counterfeit" Mortgages "Laundered" by the Banks

A "false front" building from the Old West. Towns built false fronts to make the town look more substantial and prosperous than it really was.

The tidal wave of evidence showing that the giant banks have engaged in fraudulent foreclosure practices is so large that the attorneys general of up to 40 states are launching investigations.

People's homes are being taken when they didn't even hold a mortgage, and the big banks have been using "robo signers" to forge mortgage related documents. Indeed, even president Obama has been hit by robo signers (see this and this).

Mortgages Were Fraudulently Pledged to Multiple Buyers at the Same Time

April Charney - a consumer lawyer with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid - and CNBC's Dennis Kneale noted in February 2009 that courts have found that some mortgages have been sold again and again to different trusts, when they should have only been sold once.

Kneale explained that that is the reason that two different banks sometimes try to simultaneously foreclose on the same home:

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is a clear case of fraud. Mortgages that in theory should only have been sold to a CDO just one time were in fact being sold over and over again. This means the exact same mortgage was in the portfolios of multiple banks, pension funds, and so forth. Obviously payments on the mortgage can only be applied to one of those copies, which means the others appear to default, which triggers foreclosure and the collapse of the mortgage-backed security built on the extra copies of the mortgage! The packagers of these CDOs knew they were committing fraud. And the government allowed it to happen. Worse, the government was baiting people into the scheme with that $8000 home buyer tax credit!

FLASHBACK - Chris Whalen told CNBC's Larry Kudlow that Bear Stearns will be exposed as having sold the same loan to different investors on numerous occasions.

The implications are staggering! It means that a sizeable portion of the remaining mortgage-backed securities sitting in pension funds must collapse eventually, because only one of those copied mortgages can actually generate a return. Is this what the Federal Reserve gave out those trillions of untracked dollars to cover? Did we the American people get soaked to make good on the bankers' frauds?

Foreclosure Mess Scares Away Investors as 'Fear Has Taken Hold'

Investors who have been snapping up foreclosed homes are backing off in the wake of the U.S. foreclosure fiasco, driven off by sagging inventory and fears over legal title. Some economists say the trend could hurt the overall housing market.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The financial media is staying away from the third rail on this story, which is that the main players in this fiasco over-subscribed those mortgage-backed securities. What that means is simple. The same mortgages were pledged as collateral on multiple investment bundles. So even if a home is paid off to one lender, there may be others out there who also think they have a clear title to the property! This is why investors are steering clear of foreclosed homes and why the executives at the main players like Countrywide/BofA, Bear Sterns, Goldman Sachs, etc. et. al. are looking at major jail time.


Webmaster's Commentary:

This is the scene in the show "The Producers" in which the accountant tells the producer that it might be possible to make more money by over-subscribing a show designed to fail then by actually working to produce a hit. All very funny in the stage play and the film until you realize that this is exactly what the nation's financial corporations have done to us all! They over-subscribed the mortgage backed securities, making billions by re-selling the same mortgages over and over again up to 20 times, then foreclosed on the properties to cover the over-subscription!

And Congress, themselves invested in the firms that owned those mortgage backed securities, went along with the scam!

The housing market is being intentionally crashed by the banks and the US Government!

Bank Holding Companies



Most U.S. banks are owned by bank holding companies (BHCs). The Federal Reserve supervises all BHCs whether the bank subsidiary is a state member, state nonmember, or national bank. This section provides information to assist in deciding whether and when to form a BHC.

Bank Ownership by BHCs

Currently, about 84 percent of commercial banks in the U.S. are part of a BHC structure. Relatively few BHCs, however, are formed by banks while the bank itself is in the organizational phase. Typically, the formation of a BHC is made at some future point in the bank's operations.

The following charts demonstrate the prevalence of BHC ownership of banks in the U.S.:

More than 75 percent of small banks with assets of less than $100 million are owned by BHCs, while this percentage increases to 100 percent for large banks with more than $10 billion in assets. About 60 percent of minority-owned banks are owned by BHCs.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So, the Federal Reserve supervises all the bank holding companies which includes the banks that oversold the mortgages into multiple mortgage-backed securities. This means the Fed is neck deep in the fraud, which explains why some $9 trillion dollars ("Borrowed" and to be repaid by the taxpayers eventually) was handed out by the fed to buy back the bad paper without telling the public who the money went to.

Foreclosuregate Goes Beyond the Banks

According to realtytrac data cited in a recent AP article, 24% of nationwide second-quarter sales were foreclosures. In Nevada, it was 56% of sales. In Arizona and California, it was more than 40%, and in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, and Michigan, foreclosure sales amount to more than a third of total sales.

With some companies either extending closing dates or suspending foreclosure sales outright, and with buyers now increasingly wary of foreclosed properties -- and who will have more difficulty finding title insurance -- home sales should fall significantly in the next month or two.

Do the math, and it's ugly, and not just for real estate professionals.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Who it NEEDS to be ugly for are those banks that sold the same mortgages over and over again into different mortgage-backed securities, creating a situation in which forced foreclosure was the only way to conceal the evidence of fraud that could send the bankers to jail. And since, as we note below, those top banks are owned by bank holding companies, and the Federal Reserve has supervision over BHCs, then this criminal fraud goes right to the top.

Beware The Second Real Estate Collapse is Coming

Bombshell: Industry Price Guide for Fabricated Foreclosure Documents

A foreclosure lawyer sent sent this little beauty by email last night. I had no idea the market was so robust for missing mortgage documents. And apparently there is inflation within the foreclosure fabrication circles. Prices to replace missing documents keep going up…;-)

This is more proof of widespread mortgage fraud. There is actually a market for companies in the business of finding/replacing missing mortgage documents! As we reported on October 16th, Congress has already passed a bill that would sanction bank fraud and the only reason that it is not law as of this moment is because Obama refused to sign it until the lame duck session.

Lawyer: Finance industry hired hair stylists, Walmart workers to approve foreclosures

In an effort to rush through thousands of home foreclosures since 2007, financial institutions and their mortgage servicing departments hired hair stylists, Walmart floor workers and people who had worked on assembly lines and installed them in "foreclosure expert" jobs with no formal training, a Florida lawyer says.

In depositions released Tuesday, many of those workers testified that they barely knew what a mortgage was. Some couldn't define the word "affidavit." Others didn't know what a complaint was, or even what was meant by personal property. Most troubling, several said they knew they were lying when they signed the foreclosure affidavits and that they agreed with the defense lawyers' accusations about document fraud.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Unflipping believable!

Obama will not ban home repossessions 'fraud'

The White House has ruled out a temporary ban on the repossession of homes, despite a growing row over alleged malpractice.

Some US banks have already imposed their own moratorium on foreclosures while they investigate possible legal flaws in the eviction process.

Amid claims that shoddy paperwork led to wrongful repossessions, calls have grown for a nationwide moratorium.
Continue reading the main story

But a White House spokesman said this could have "unintended consequences".



I am calming myself as I write this! BUT, CNBC has an article saying the Congress, U.S. Government WILL PASS A LAW TO SANCTION THE FRAUD! As CNBC puts it.....

Because the politicians will not let the financial stability of the largest bank in the nation be threatened by contractual rights. Not when there’s an easy fix available that won’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Here’s what is going to happen: Congress will pass a law called something like “The Financial Modernization and Stability Act of 2010” that will retroactively grant mortgage pools the rights in the underlying mortgages that people are worried about. All the screwed up paperwork, lost notes, unassigned security interests will be forgiven by a legislative act.

I can tell you right now! IF Congress Does pass something like this.... That then means LAWLESSNESS IS ALLOWED! That means ALL LEGAL CONTRACT CAN BE REWRITTEN AT ANY TIME TO FIT THOSE IN POWER!

I can not believe that this could be done! How could anyone have ANY Faith in ANY Legal Contract, due to the Government being able to Change that contract in the future, with Legislation?

How could FRAUD for over a decade be sanctioned? How could this government CONTINUALLY SCREW THE PEOPLE AND STAND BY THE BANKS?
Webmaster's Commentary:

"I hate being right all the time!" -- Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

I hate to say I told you so (actually, I rather like it), but I did predict at this site and on the radio show that the US Government would respond to this gang-bang of the people by the bankers by legalizing gang-rape if the rapists have a net worth above a hundred million dollars. Just one of the perks of living in a fascist economy, you know!

The Mortgage Morass: Obama Opposes Any Action That May Upset the Banks


Now an awful truth is becoming apparent: In many cases, the documentation doesn’t exist. In the frenzy of the bubble, much home lending was undertaken by fly-by-night companies trying to generate as much volume as possible. These loans were sold off to mortgage “trusts,” which, in turn, sliced and diced them into mortgage-backed securities. The trusts were legally required to obtain and hold the mortgage notes that specified the borrowers’ obligations. But it’s now apparent that such niceties were frequently neglected. And this means that many of the foreclosures now taking place are, in fact, illegal.

This is very, very bad. For one thing, it’s a near certainty that significant numbers of borrowers are being defrauded — charged fees they don’t actually owe, declared in default when, by the terms of their loan agreements, they aren’t.

Beyond that, if trusts can’t produce proof that they actually own the mortgages against which they have been selling claims, the sponsors of these trusts will face lawsuits from investors who bought these claims — claims that are now, in many cases, worth only a small fraction of their face value.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I know a member already posted this story below but I wanted to bump it to the top and add this comment; Right now on CNN, Ali Veschi is selling the idea that perusing any of the allegations of massive fraud both in the foreclosures and in the original mortgage-backed securities will "slow the recovery". In other words, if we don't forgive and forget Wall Street's gang-rape of the American Middle Class over the last ten years, Wall Street and the Federal Government will make us poorer still. This is thuggery of the lowest order, no better than a man who robs a store and warns the store keeper that if he complains, he will just come back and rob the store again!

Two Front Crisis Of Foreclosure Fraud for Banks - Fraud Committed by Foreclosing on Homeowner Illegally AND Most Investors of Mortgage Securities are DEMANDING Their Money BACK!

First the Fraudulent Paperwork of Illegally Foreclosing on Homeowners! BUT, NOW the BIG story is becoming ALL THE INVESTORS WANTING THEIR MONEY BACK - OUT OF MORTGAGE SECURITIES! Already Billions Are being Demanded Back from Investors!

Webmaster's Commentary:

The reason investors are demanding their money back is that the bankers OVER-SOLD THOSE MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES, pledging the same home-loan as collateral as many as 20 times. Of course, the only way that scheme can work for the crooks is for the homes to be foreclosed so that the over-subscribed investors stop asking where their money is.

The corporate media doesn't want the public to understand the depths of the criminality at the very heights of the banking industry. Their goal is a limited hangout, to make it appear that only the foreclosures were fraudulent and only a few of those.

But here is a step-by-step set of instructions for what really went down, starting in 1999 after Congress repealed Glass-Steagall.

1. Pour money into real estate to trigger an upward movement in prices.

2. Start selling mortgages to anyone, even unqualified buyers, using teaser rates and an $8000 tax credit by the Federal Government who are in on the scam.

3. Bundle the mortgages up into "Mortgage-Backed Securities" and "Collateralized Debt Obligations" and sell them as investments.

3a. Re-bundle and re-sell the same mortgages to other investors, as many as 20 times!

4. Since you can never pay off the 2000% over-subscribed MBS and CDO you sold, intentionally crash the housing market at the same time your co-conspirators in the Federal Government send all the high paying jobs to other countries, so you can foreclose all those homes and end those pesky investors' constant whining about when will they get their profits.

5. When the fraud is uncovered, as it was starting in mid 2008, rename those fraudulent mortgage-backed securities as "Toxic Assets" and demand Congress pass TARP and use taxpayer money to buy back all the bad paper to stay out of jail.

Any questions?

"The Fraud Perpetrated upon Investors and Insurers Due to Multiple Pledges of Collateral Could Be Massive"

Is it just possible that creative Florida bankers discovered they could "sell" mortgages many times by conveniently delivering a "copy" of the electronic note for each subsequent sale? By delivering a "good" electronic note to each purchaser, the seller/servicer could kite the Ponzi scheme to the sky -- using the proceeds from each sale to pay interest to each new group of investors. As we told [Washington's Blog] in the failure of First National Bank of Keystone , management hid a Ponzi scheme in the loan servicing area for years, fooling regulators and internal auditors.

Webmaster's Commentary:

It isn't the foreclosures, it's the fraud!

The entire mortgage-backed-securities scam was a Ponzi scheme, and the US Governmnent is working hard to stick YOU with the losses!

"The Fraud Perpetrated Upon Investors and Insurers Due to Multiple Pledges of Collateral Could Be Massive"

Christopher Whalen previously explained how the banks got away with pledging mortgages to multiple buyers.

Today, Whalen provides further details:

The short answer is "innovation." In her column, "One Mess That Can't Be Papered Over," Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times reveals the practice in FL and other jurisdictions of destroying the physical note. We really like the 4th from last paragraph, the one about the standard practice of Florida bankers to destroy the original note when an electronic form was created, to "avoid confusion." If you know anything about the checkered history of FL real estate over the past century, this one bites you in the leg.

Max Keiser: Interview with Ellen Brown on Foreclosuregate

Interview with Ellen Brown starts at 13:17, where she explains Foreclosuregate.


HUD Secretary Shuan Donovan has come out Speaking for the White House has said that the administration is focused on ensuring future compliance, rather than on looking back to make sure homeowners and investors weren't harmed during the reckless boom years.

Exact Quote:

"Where any homeowner has been defrauded or denied the basic protections or rights they have under law, we will take actions to make sure the banks make them whole, and their rights will be protected and defended,"

Seems to me, with the banks being mentioned last, his statement of their rights being protected and defended, could mean the Banks will be protected and defended. The clarity of the statement is NOT there, IMHO!

He added, however, that the administration is focused on ensuring future compliance, rather than on looking back to make sure homeowners and investors weren't harmed during the reckless boom years. The administration is "committed to forcing institutions to change the way that they conduct business," Obama's top housing official said, "to make sure these problems don't happen again."

Donovan says:

"we have not found any evidence at this point of systemic issues in the underlying legal or other documents that have been reviewed."

Really? No legal issues found by HUD regarding the foreclosure papers filed? Gosh, darn..... Why are all the Judges finding Issues with the paperwork? Why have the banks admitted Paperwork "irregularities"? Why have 150 depositions of people who work in the foreclosure business admitted to not reviewing the paperwork? OH, and WHY are signatures different on a lot of paperwork for foreclosures and EVEN ON Obama's release of Mortgage signature of the bank official?

Let's face the facts, the Banks started the Fraud with bundling and selling the mortgage securities many times over in different funds through MERS. They have defrauded the States by getting around registration fees required for changing of assignment of the mortgage. They have now defrauded the courts by creating fraudulent paperwork to be able to foreclose. The servicers are the ones foreclosing on the houses on behalf of the owners of the mortgage - uh.... in laws ONLY the owner can foreclose on someone.

Let me give you the most simple scenario in showing the fraud of a servicer foreclosing on a mortgaged house through MERS.

Webmaster's Commentary:

In other words, the White House says they will end the fraud (like they said they would end the wars) but will do nothing about the trillions in dollars in debt dumped on the people to buy up the fraudulent over-subscribed mortgage-backed securities!

This is like a cop standing in your looted home saying they won;t make the robbers put the furniture back, but they will ask them nicely not to do it again! It makes you wonder who the cop is really working for.

In this case, since the United States Government helped bait the sub-prime borrowers into the scam with that $8000 tax credit, the government was (and remains) working firmly on the side of the crooked bankers.

Banks unlikely to quell foreclosure-document mess


Big lenders are trying to move past the foreclosure-document mess, saying they're now confident their paperwork is accurate.

Yet they face so much organized resistance that they can't just snap up their briefcases, declare the crisis over and move on.

Yet they face so much organized resistance that they can't just snap up their briefcases, declare the crisis over and move on.

Consider the opposition:

-- Attorneys general in all 50 states are jointly investigating whether lenders violated state laws.

-- Lawyers for evicted homeowners are preparing lawsuits against major lenders.

-- State judges have signaled they will review the banks' foreclosure documents with skepticism.

-- Lawmakers on Capitol Hill plan to hold hearings.

The document crisis, in other words, appears far from over.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The fraudulent foreclosure paperwork is just the tip of the iceberg. The real scandal, and you need to make this clear to everyone you know, is that the original mortgage-backed securities were a fraud, which re-sold the same mortgages as much as 20 times. The only way that scheme can work is for the mortgages to fail, to end investor demands for repayment, while the cash from the extra sales goes into their pockets. In other words, just like the plot-line from the film "The Producers", the banks sold %1000 of those mortgage-backed securities, and need them to fail, intentional set them up to fail, to cover their tracks! That millions of Americans were set up to lose their homes was apparently a small price to pay for their thirty pieces of silver! The Foreclosures are a limited hangout, and we should not allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking that is the only crime here!

Fed boss: Regulators looking into foreclosure mess

Federal banking regulators are examining whether mortgage companies cut corners on their own procedures when they moved to foreclose on people's homes, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Charlie Manson investigates death of actress Sharon Tate, concludes it was a tragic suicide!

And again, the foreclosures are not the scandal; the over-subscribed mortgage-backed securities are the scandal, which made the bankers instantly rich, and triggered the flood of foreclosures in order to cover their track.

The foreclosures are only a symptom; the fraud is the disease!

Regulator for Fannie Set to Get Litigious

The federal regulator overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hired a law firm specializing in litigation as the agency considers how to move forward with efforts to recoup billions of dollars on soured mortgage-backed securities purchased from banks and Wall Street firms.

Webmaster's Commentary:

They are not 'soured'; they were fraudulent to begin with. As early as 2009 it was being reported that the bankers were re-selling the same mortgages over and over again.

The corporate media has been given their marching orders to throw the foreclosure mills to the wolves but to protect the original fraud by the banks. Just remember, as you share this with your friends and family, that the only way the bankers over-subscription scheme works is if they intentionally crash the housing market and foreclose all the properties to cover their tracks! That is the real scandal that the corporate media is desperate to keep you from thinking about!

Foreclosuregate Fallout: How Bad Can It Get For Wall Street?

Foreclosure fraud is ruffling a lot of feathers on Wall Street, and while the full scope of losses remains unclear, even major banks are now acknowledging that this is a multi-billion-dollar disaster, not just a set of minor paperwork headaches.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Here we see again the media going for a limited hangout by focusing on the foreclosure fraud while burying the real heart of the monster, which is the fraudulent over-subscription of the mortgage-backed securities and the use of TARP to try to redeem that bad paper at taxpayer expense!

Please push that original fraud everywhere you see news stories trying to limit the scandal to the foreclosures alone.

Guest Post: Mortgages Were Pledged to Multiple Buyers at the Same Time

It appears as though many loans and other mortgage-related assets have been double and even triple-pledged to various constituencies

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is the heart of the fraud, not the foreclosures. The bankers over-subscribed the mortgage-backed securities, making billions in instant profits, then went on a foreclosure rampage to cover up their tracks by ending all demands by investors for profits on those mortgages.

Morgan Stanley Sued for Fraud by China Development Industrial Bank

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is the fraud behind the foreclosure fraud.

Foreclosure Freeze Could Drag Down Property Values, Housing Chief Warns

Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan said Sunday that a national freeze on foreclosures would "do far more harm than good," pushing back against those calling for a blanket moratorium following claims that lenders may have used faulty paperwork to evict homeowners.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The Wall Street and DC crooks have agreed on a story; if we don't stay obediently silent and let them continue with the financial gang-bang they have committed for the last ten years, they'll just screw us all worse.

Note the displayed priority. They are not worried about Americans, it is the property values they worship, the property values that must be protected, at all costs! All hail the money! The money is God! The money is the master before whom all must grovel and abase themselves!

The people? Screw them! (No, wait, we did that already. Aw heck, let's do it again!)

WELL, THAT DIDN;T TAKE LONG! Bank of America starts thaw in foreclosure freeze

Bank of America said Monday that it plans to resume seizing more than 100,000 homes in 23 states next week. It said it has a legal right to foreclose despite accusations that documents used in the process were flawed.

Breaking! 49 STATES - OFFICIALS - Joint Investigation into FORECLOSURE FRAUD! 49!! What State is Holding Out?

UPDATE I CALLED - the Attorney General's office - when I said WHY - they put me to voice mail! I LEFT A Message Asking WHY Alabama is the ONLY State the Attorney General is NOT joining in an Investigation into the Foreclosure Fraud and said - They NEEDED TO JOIN ALSO!

***note*** the woman who answered the phone seemed exasperated about WHY I was calling!**

U.S. Home Seizures Reach Record Amid Foreclosure Review


More than 100,000 U.S. homes were seized by lenders in September, a record number that probably will decline in coming months as major banks halt repossessions and review their foreclosure practices.

Wall St. pins foreclosure fiasco on homeowners


Wall Street's reaction to the allegations that some banks cut corners while foreclosing on 3 million homes since 2007: Pay your mortgage in the first place.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Wall Street's "Let Them Eat Cake" moment. No mention of the people who were foreclosed on that did not even HAVE mortgages!

This kind of arrogance and insensitivity towards a populace that understands Wall Street's greed created the conditions by which Americans are unable to pay their mortgages will only fuel the popular anger.

Second autopsy suggests banker was executed

Examiner: Bullet hole in back of victim's skull can't be self-inflicted.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Well, an executed bank President bobbing to the top of a lake over the weekend may cheer up some of the many homeless people shivering in the early winter, but the nature of the killing does not suggest an irate customer but the silencing of a whistle blower by organized crime (i.e. the other banks) as well as a warning to other potential whistle blowers that there is a nasty case of "Vince Foster" disease making the rounds, and the best way to avoid a lethal infection is keeping the mouth clamped tightly shut!

BANKERS GONE WILD! - THE DIRECTOR'S CUT! (New info added to fraud section)


Webmaster's Commentary:

New info added to fraud section

"Ihre Papiere, Bitte" ("Papers, Please") = The New Cash

"The U.S. dollar is dead. There ... I've said it." -- Christopher Barker

"To put it bluntly, the dollar's days are numbered and its demise is inevitable." -- Vasko Kohlmayer

"This summer a major point happened in the history of money. The first concrete sign was seen, that the end is coming to actual coins and cash." -- Tomi Ahonen

With economists, political pundits, free thinkers and, oh heck, anyone with half a brain not tied behind their back declaring and decrying the certain death of the dollar ...

And with some even saying that money itself is dead ...

What, oh what, are we to do?

Any President that Would Dare Oppose The Federal Reserve Gets Assassinated

Any President that Would Dare Oppose The Federal Reserve Gets Assassinated:
History Lesson & JP Morgan Buyout of Bear Stearns
by Sygnus Centauri

It was 248 years ago, in 1760 that Mayer Amschel Rothschild created the House of Rothschild that was to pave the way for international banking and control of the world’s resources on a scale unparalleled and somewhat mysterious to this date. He disbursed his five sons to set up banking operations throughout Europe and the various European empires.

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